Braves 8, DBacks 1

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – August 20, 2011 – ESPN.

That was surprisingly easy, considering that the Braves were facing a rookie lefthander in his first major league start. He didn’t get an out in the fifth.

The Dbacks jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the first with a pair of two-out hits, a single and a double, off of Brandon Beachy. Beachy allowed only two other hits, and one walk, in six innings, while striking out seven. He was pretty much in control the whole time. He got the lead when Dan Uggla hit a two-run homer in the first.

Beachy added to the lead, singling in Jose Constanza in the second. Chipper Jones singled in Michael Bourn in the fifth, followed by a Freddie Freeman sac fly to score Martin Prado. In the sixth, Prado’s second double of the night scored Bourn, and in the seventh Uggla and Freeman hit back-to-back homers. (Uggla now has 29 homers, just one off the league lead.)

Fredi was able to use the back of the bullpen — George Sherrill and Cristhian Martinez — and the seedy underbelly of the bullpen — Scott Proctor Linebrink (same difference) — to finish things off. The Lisp was particularly effective, needing only ten pitches to retire four hitters, even though he struck one out.

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  1. Linebrink, not Proctor in the last paragraph. Proctor’s gone. The bad man won’t scare us any more…

  2. Regarding the ROTY ballots from the previous, Vance Worley is 8-1 with a 2.76 and 91ip/ERA+ 140. We may not talk about him here much, but he’s had a great year for a very high profile team.

  3. Spike @ 2, I was just about to mention Worley. He’s the obvious competition at this point.

  4. A few observations:

    • Chipper moves past Ernie Banks and ties Reggie Jackson for 82nd on the all-time hits list. Two more and he ties Julio Franco for 81st. Hey, I dig this stuff.

    • C-Mart looked great tonight. Hopefully will see him in more high-leverage situations down the stretch.

    • With Aroldys and some of our more talented September callups, our bullpen is going to be insane. Our bullpen of Kimbrel, Venters, EOF, Sherryl, C-Mart and Aroldys is great, and I hope that Varvarro, Minor and/or Delgado make things really difficult to hold onto Linebrink going into the postseason.

  5. How the hell does Julio Franco have more career hits than Ernie Banks?

    Looking at Baseball…Julio’s career was a bit heftier than I remembered, despite Tony LaRussa baseball for Sega Genesis.

  6. 6- Persistence, persistence, persistence. And a somewhat higher general offense level during his career.

  7. If Uggla had a decent first half and turned it on like he has in the second half, he would get votes for MVP.

  8. Report from Rome…
    “Evan Gattis hit his 22nd homer of the year, part of a 4 hit day that extended his hitting streak to 9 games. During that streak he’s gone 18-36 with 4 doubles, a triple, 4 homers, and 16 RBI, and has upped his season OPS to 1.004, which leads the league.”

    Old or not, it’s time for Evan to receive some attention.

  9. Probably deserves attention, but also probably requires some careful observation to make sure he’s not going to get sick of baseball again and pull another Alex Supertramp.

  10. We have lineup:

    1. Bourn CF
    2. Prado 3B
    3. McCann C
    4. Uggla 2B
    5. Freeman 1B
    6. Heyward RF
    7. Gonzalez SS
    8. Constanza LF
    9. Hudson P

  11. I don’t know what the Braves are going to do come September, but if they call up Delgado and Teheran and are willing to use them out of the pen (or move a current starter to the pen..) along with Vizcaino, Venters, O’Flaherty, and Kimbrel, the Braves could be playing 5 inning games.

    This may not be a sound management strategy (and seeing as how I’m not paid millions of dollars to do it and it’s not conventional baseball strategy, I’m sure Sam at least will find it the most utterly moronic thing ever), but Fredi (and seeing as how it’s not conventional baseball strategy I’m sure it will never cross his mind) could really afford to rest his current starters for the post-season while getting his future starters multiple innings at the major league level.

    Keep going with the current rotation as starters, but be willing to pull them around the 5th inning and put in Vizcaino/Delgado/Teheran for an inning or three before turning it over to Moylan/O’Flaherty/Venters/Kimbrel or even one of the other two out of Viz/Delgado/Teheran. Everybody who needs it can get rest, and everybody who needs it can get work.

    Just an idea.


    Never seen the movie actually, but I’ve read the book.

  12. Heads up: The ATL game today is the free MLB one. Which means I’ll get to watch. Which means today’s game will be frustrating, because every game I get to see winds up being very frustrating. You can’t say you weren’t warned. :)

  13. If UGA isn’t careful, they’ll rival UK’s “Fighting Blueberries” look for worst uniforms in the conference.

    NIKE must really, really enjoy themselves.

  14. @20, @16 – I don’t know about free games, but with a paid subscription, you click the link, and it checks your login/password, and then determines your location to see if you are blacked out.

    So, @20, I don’t think you’ll know until you click the link. And I don’t know if it will work until game time.

    And @16, there’s a good chance they’ll still black you out. Which ought to be a crime.

    EDIT: Link to watch works for me already, but like I said, I’m not doing the free thing. But it did do it’s little “Blackout Check” on me, and now is giving me the “Your Game Will Begin Shortly” screen.

  15. @17

    A couple of times in the last ten years Tennessee has switched up unis for a game. Once they brought back the orange yolks on the shoulders, which was cool and they should do more.

    Of course there was the black jersey game against Carolina a few years ago, which was ugly, but for a one time deal was cool. It was the loudest I had ever heard the stadium.

    However, if you are going to wear different uniforms, you had better win.

  16. 5: True, I forgot to mention Moylan. He begins a rehab assignment in Gwinnett today, btw. I’m hoping he’s effective after so much time off.

  17. Yeah, I’m blacked out, too. Wow. What a promotion! Free game to try out their product and I’m blacked out. Way to go.

    Bethany, aren’t you in Maryland? What the hell is up with that? At least I’m in Macon, GA. God forbid anyone in Macon or Maryland would want to watch a Braves game.

  18. @29 Yes, I’m in Baltimore, which apparently is still within the blackout zone, even though mlb’s website says I should only be blacked out of Orioles and Nationals games.

  19. @33 I guess I should give it a shot. If we make the playoffs and I can’t watch the games I might cry.

    I have to use a 4g to wifi modem to get internet here because there’s no cable or dsl in this apartment (slack-ass landlord) and maybe that is messing things up.

  20. I normally listen to games on the radio, every now and then watching select games at friend’s houses or local sports bars. I had thought about buying the package for September’s games but am I correct in assuming that’s pointless because games will be blacked out?

  21. Seriously? Why do we argue about whether Fredi is competent or not?

    Get the guy a f***ing muzzle. Put him in a straight jacket.

    Just make him stop.

  22. @32 I don’t think you should be blacked out, Bethany. I’m in MD, not too far from Baltimore, and it’s working for me. So definitely try and contact them and see what’s up.

  23. So as a dedicated Braves fan who doesn’t own a TV I need to move to Wyoming to access the Braves on

    Oh, hey. A-Gon! Cool!

  24. If it weren’t illegal, I’d use a proxy sever to work around an mlb black out issue. I’d find a working proxy that wasn’t in my team’s blackout area, punch the proxy ip into my browser’s settings, and then head on over to

    Unfortunately, that would be illegal.. So using a proxy server wouldn’t be an option for a law abiding citizen such as myself.

  25. @55 Since it is, in fact, illegal, I wouldn’t know anything about spending hours trying to find one that was fast enough, and not having any luck. That would be a terrible experience.

  26. 46 – We probably played the Astros both times.

    Was that when we used to win playoff series?

  27. Yeah, so far today AAG has been the entire offense, and the entire defense.


  28. @56

    That does sound like a terrible experience.

    I know if I was to experience something extremely similar to that, I’d probably give up on it for a few days. But I have a feeling that I’d eventually find several that work just fine, and forget all about the trouble I went through to get there. Though I’ve never actually tried any of this, so I wouldn’t know if that would be the case or not.

  29. @51, as a Braves fan without cable, it’s annoying enough, but at least I get a few games on PTV. Without a TV at all would be rough.

  30. I just read Sean Burroughs wikipedia page and man I knew he sounded familiar. He’s had an interesting life to say the least.

  31. How… is Heyward unable to catch up with those meaty Collmenter 88-mph fastballs? I don’t understand.

  32. 78- Young hit a foul pop-up behind first base. Freddie made the catch, back to the infield. Johnson tried to tag up and score, but Freddie’s throw to McCann beat him by two steps.

  33. Freeman makes on over the shoulder catch in foul territory near the tarp. Johnson tags and Freeman throws home, it is in the left handed batters box. McCann catches it and dives back home where KJ slides into his tag.

    Great play all around

  34. I don’t know if anyone read Chipper’s comments on Heyward’s swing. Basically, Heyward takes the same swing no matter the location and speed of the pitch (for example, in that last strikeout he swung a good inch or two under a belt-high 88MPH fastball.. basically he’s swinging as if the pitch is a BP fastball down the middle every time)

    Chipper mentioned that Heyward rarely one-hands an offspeed pitch the other way or pulls his hands in to catch up with inside fastballs. Chipper, on the other hand, is willing to take some ugly swings at times and a few of those end up dropping for hits.. while Heyward stays in his comfort zone and takes a two-handed hack off an imaginary tee

    and wow what a double play

  35. I guess you have to be a little aggressive there, but i am surprised they would send KJ in that spot.

  36. So bunt happy Fredi doesn’t bunt the pitcher to second with his good bunting lead off hitter…. WTH?

  37. 83—Freeman was running pretty hard away from the plate, and he was not close to the infield. It was a risk, but I bet the play doesn’t get made more than 1/3 of the time.

    88—No way. You don’t risk sending your pitcher into a play at the plate.

  38. The hit and run wasn’t bad. They need to score runs. Not swinging at at pitch that close with two strikes was stupid.

  39. That last pitch to Heyward was a strike. He still jammed himself and broke his bat. His swing has major flaws.

  40. “Chip Caray Is A Bad Baseball Announcer, Part 452”

    Talking about Georgie, he remarked (paraphrasing): “Constanza has batted all up and down the batting order: 1st, 2nd, 8th…and he’s produced.”

    No mention of batting 9th? Arguably Fredi’s most provocative and creative use of personnel with the 2011 Braves, a fascinating and weird strategy made available to him only because Georgie is in the lineup and producing.

    If you’re trying to enlighten your viewers to the virtues of Georgie’s versatility in the batting order, I don’t know how you forget to bring that up.

  41. Wow. Upton gets a day off resulting in no production from the D’Backs best hitter. Then he comes in as a defensive replacement and, well…

    UPDATE: And it winds up not mattering. Bummer.

  42. Fredi Gonzalez is a great strategerizer.

    As much as the D-Bags have helped us out by “aggressive baserunning,” I guess Fredi felt like he wasn’t doing enough to “help the team win.”

  43. Why the hell force the issue? Geez. Runner at third, one out, why get clever? I mean, I know we don’t hit sac flies, but damn…

    UPDATE: Nice warning track fly ball, Prado!

  44. Oh, so Prado’s flyball to right field would have scored the run? You don’t say…

    I don’t understand Fredi’s line of thinking…

  45. If AAG was up, then maybe. Prado is pretty good about putting the ball in play there. Plus you have McCann and Uggla coming up.

  46. I had to say Yes- he hasn’t done everything wrong. Just a lot of things relating to bunts and baserunning, and the back end of the bullpen.

  47. Fredi fails to bunt with Bourn with Hudson on first earlier, thus costing the team a run when he can’t score on the double. Then he tries the squeeze right there, thus costing another run after the fly ball would have scored it. Please, someone defend these decisions and tell us all “those were the right moves” and how “by the book” they were. They win in spite of this clown

  48. It’s amazing how Fredi continues to lower the bar. Assuming this team hangs on to make the playoffs, I expect him to have Freeman bunt with the bases empty by October.

  49. This seems a bit obvious after Fredi just pissed away good fortune. Hope Kimbrel works some magic here.


  50. That extra run would have been nice.

    And this felt assured when Simpson was jinxing him with all the talk about scoreless innings and consecutive saves.

  51. Great job by Kimbrel. Unfortunately, that might empower Fredi into more bunting idiocy, but I’ll take the W.

  52. Well, that was almost very frustrating. Thankfully, our three best pitchers were able to hold on.

  53. @164 And McCann, for stabbing that 100-mph fastball with the tying run on 3rd…plus his diving tag on KJ earlier.

  54. Well now, you can’t get too sore about the Bourn non-bunt, when we have all said that bunts are bad and the Braves should take advantage of Bourn’s BA/OBP and speed and let him swing.

  55. Does anyone around here still believe that Tim Hudson isn’t our best starter? I don’t care what anyone says about a healthy Tommy Hanson’s peripherals, I don’t want him anywhere near a game 7 at this stage in his career.

  56. I will never criticize Fredi for not bunting.

    But MORE hit-and-runs with slow runners and high-strikeout hitters..

    And 1-out SUICIDE squeezes with the fastest man in the league, and 2, 3 and 4 due up…

    He needs to be euthanized. Whatever it takes to stop him.

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