95 thoughts on “Fun Mets fact: Game thread, April 17, Mets at Braves”

  1. Still dead last in OBP, but moving up the ladder in HRs (4th). We’re 3rd in ERA.

    I bet the lineup’s going to be strange today. Fredi said he’s going to get Hinske in the lineup and Chipper is sitting. It will probably be a day of rest for a few guys.

  2. csg, from the last thread, according to gameday, JJ was between 88 and 91 with the fastball all night. Nice to see that performance, though it would be nice to see him take a few ticks off the change.

  3. I bet Heyward will be seventh. Fredi had the opportunity to bat him up in the order last night and he put a pinch hitter there instead. Heyward will never bat higher than fifth barring some sort of injury forcing Fredi’s hand.


    1. Martin Prado 3B
    2. Jason Heyward RF
    3. Brian McCann C
    4. Dan Uggla 2B
    5. Eric Hinkse LF
    6. Freddie Freeman 1B
    7. Alex Gonzalez SS
    8. Matt Young CF
    9. Tommy Hanson

  5. The best thing that could happen is Freeman start hitting well so we can move him to the 6 hole for good.

  6. @4

    Until Heyward steps up to the plate, I’m just expecting Fredi to make a last minute shift and swap Heyward and Freeman.

    Also, I hope it works because if it doesn’t then it’ll be all Fredi needs to say “told you so” for the rest of the season.

  7. i like the lineup…but that could be due to the fact that there is no one named McLouth in it.

  8. I love J-Hey batting second today, but I honestly see him moving back to 6th after the game. And good news that Jordan Schafer tearing it up. I forsee a Nate trade soon. That would make me happy.

  9. Get ready for “Small Sample Size Theatre” no matter what. The way Heyward has been rolling over everything to first, he’ll probably hit into a double play or two, thus “proving” that he belongs down in the 6 hole. Of course, if he breaks out today, it will definitely prove us right. ;)

  10. Maybe, if Heyward sucks enough batting second, it will convince the brass that he should be batting there. That seems to be how McLouth ended up in the spot: by sucking.

  11. Would someone please inform me what happened? I just was able to get the broadcast up after the strikeout.

  12. He hit higher on the radar a few times, but wasn’t controlling it. I think he’s taken a bit off his fastball to get it where he wants.

  13. Hanson never had anything faster than 91 that inning. Breaking stuff looks good. He needs to trust that change up more.

    This team will not take a walk either

  14. “This team will not take a walk either”

    This is particularly true of their leadoff hitter, who has pissed me off all season.

  15. I think I have seen enough ground outs to the right side by Heyward to last the rest of the season

  16. I can’t wait for the Braves to go on the road, if only so when I watch games on mlb.com I don’t have to listen to Chip Carey.

  17. from yesterday’s early game thread…
    Smitty Says:

    Tomorrow we will beat them with triples
    April 16th, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    nice smitty

  18. 27 – Mine is fine right now, though it hasn’t been perfect this season. I actually re-loaded it today after a glitch to start.

    To be honest, I usually assume the problem is with my computer.

  19. Fredi should automatically get whipping boy status for that play. That was breathtakingly stupid.

  20. With two strikes no less! And Hinske on Third!

    Does Fredi know there’s a force out at home there? They never would have seen it coming because, well, it would be incredibly stupid to call it.

  21. Don’t like the call, let Prado hit (if Hanson doesn’t DP)…but that was an easy pitch to bunt. Better execution should have saved Fredi there.

  22. Poor managing. Did fredi do any frickin research on Tommy Hanson? Squeezing with an 0-2 count with the worst bunting pitcher on the team is stupid.

  23. Every time he bats, I’m struck anew by how awkward Hanson is at the plate. Seriously, not everybody can be Hudson, but that was a pathetic bunt attempt.

  24. Not to take away from the ridiculous call, but I’m also getting tired of our pitchers not being able to get bunts down. In this case, however, let’s concentrate on that just being a horrendous call.

  25. even if it had been a successful squeeze, what a dumb move! Bases loaded with Prado up next.. against a pitcher who is struggling with the strike zone. wow.

  26. I really can’t get over what just happened. Forget incompetent as a manager, is Fredi that stupid?

  27. Fredi really wanted to go for the element of surprise there. Bunt with the worst hitter (who already swung and missed twice and will probably strike out) and one of the slowest runners on third with an 0-2 count with one of the best hitters up next followed by the best hitter. hahahaha!

    2011 Braves.. Where anything is possible!

  28. It was a horrible call. If it makes everyone feel better, though, Prado in all likelihood would have just made the third out… you know, since all he does is make outs.

  29. If anyone can do the research, I would like to know how many times heyward has grounded out to 1st or 2nd the past week. I’d say it’s got to be double digits.

  30. And yet, coming into today Heyward’s .368 OBP is 3rd among our regulars. Which just goes to show the value of knowing the strike zone, even if you aren’t hitting anything.

  31. Everything that comes out of Joe Simpson’s mouth is crap. Even when he’s on the right side of an argument, he takes absolutely the wrong tack in making it.

  32. I personally enjoyed the argument that Chipper Jones should have won the Gold Glove in 2007, based on the fact that he made so few errors.

  33. I’m sure there will be an article on the blog tomorrow explaining how that play was supposed to work and that you seamheads just don’t understand baseball

  34. McCann has looked great defensively. He’s made some awesome throws to second already this year.

  35. This game felt over in the third inning. I’m sure they’re tired, but this hasn’t been much fun to watch.

  36. Errors are like balks — plays that are called “errors” and “balks” are such an arbitrary subset of the actual set of defensive miscues and attempts to deceive the pitcher that they are essentially entirely meaningless.

  37. Random question: I’m buying a tv for the first time in eight years. I’d like to get something fairly nice but stay in the $400-750 range. Any brand and/or model recommendations?

  38. 74 — I just got one recently. A friend of mine that calibrates tvs and home theaters on the side suggested these as decent for picture quality. I’m sure individuals will have their own good or bad experiences with each, though.


    I ended up with a refurbished Vizio because I liked the mix of size, inputs, etc. for the price. Now I’m looking for a blu-ray home theater system for a decent price.

  39. 74 – Brands also differ depending on whether you’re getting a plasma, LCD, or LED-LCD. For example, I believe Sony is better at LCD’s than plasmas.

  40. No Panasonic? That’s a brand I actually had my eye on.

    76, Definitely looking at an LCD over LED or plasma.

  41. Those are the ones he mentioned, doesn’t mean that a Panasonic would be bad. I didn’t do a ton of my own research.

  42. Ugly game all around. I’m disgusted. AGon bunting in front of Young and Conrad is unforgivably stupid.

  43. Wow. That maybe the worst managing I have ever seen in a baseball game in my short life.

  44. Why can’t these braves hit? Why can’t this manager manage?
    Even last night’s two wins were frustrating, because a good team would have scored a lot more than 4 runs those games.
    I’m starting to regret my mlb.tv purchase (though I watched these on cable via the NY stations).

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