Pacific northwest game thread: June 27, Braves at Mariners

Thank god for interleague play, so the Braves can face off with such natural rivals.

121 thoughts on “Pacific northwest game thread: June 27, Braves at Mariners”

  1. We get to see Uggla vs. Figgins. Awesome. The two worst regulars in baseball head to head.

  2. FWIW, the Phils get the Sawx this week. Would be nice to win the Seattle series.

    I did better, but that comes with nearly 4 decades of playing APBA, which certainly helps.

  3. My lineup with DH against a LHP would most definitely have David Ross in it. Why have both Bobby and Fredi been blind to this strategy?

  4. 13 – I don’t know, but they are both wrong. I don’t care if I’m just a guy on an Internet message board; they are wrong not to put both McCann and Ross into an AL lineup against a lefty.

  5. My sporkle score was 58 although I claim 59. I couldn’t spell Rodrieguez (not sure I’m still spelling it correctly—-this would have been plus 2), but I’ll admit to not deserving Ted Simmons, because I entered Simmons only for Al, would have never figured Ted to be there. Very interesting!

  6. 87. Best get was probably Bill Dahlen. Worst misses were…Clemente and Rose. Guy I can’t believe made the list — Buddy Bell.

  7. Anson was a very late “duh” moment, and trying to think of Kid Nichols (a Brave!) probably cost me another 5 or so. Thanks for the link — I haven’t been to Sporcle in a few months, so I know how I’ll be wasting time for a few days!

  8. Looking at both teams’ offenses, this game could very easily end 1 to 0. Or perhaps 0 to -1.

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  10. File this under things I didn’t know: that Wilkin Ramirez was on the 25-man roster. So, yeah. Huh.

    On a completely unrelated note, I think it’s kind of hilarious that the Mariners’ broadcast just puts Ichiro’s name up there without his last name. Does the Braves’ broadcast also do that–or is it just how they roll on the hometown broadcast?

  11. @23 If you go to your home folder (little house icon in finder with your user name beside it), your Library folder is in there. If you can’t find it, you can Spotlight it by clicking on the magnifying glass like icon in the top right corner of your menu bar and typing your keyword in. If it’s on your Mac, Spotlight will find it.

  12. Fredi doesn’t even look upset when he’s arguing. It’s like they’re trading recipes. Where’s the fire?

  13. The Braves broadcast listed him as Ichiro Suzuki. Also, Joe Simpson (and this isn’t the first time he’s done this) is insistent on calling him by his last name only.

    Great freaking call there! Glad the umpire could be bothered to haul his ass over to a position where he could actually see the damn play!

  14. 38- Well, he’s tried everything else, so why not do something that makes sense?

  15. Somebody with mlbatbat please go listen to chips call on bmacs hr. It might be the most awkward yet. Man he’s a horrible announcer.

  16. Ramirez looked safe at second to me, but the umpire was in the worst position possible so I guess he has to make the non-controversial call since the ball beat him.

  17. He was trying for a Dave Niehaus homage. Ironically, it would have worked better if he’d just gone all out with it and yelled it at the top of his lungs, but he said it really hesitantly and awkwardly.

  18. so I guess after the lead off double the ballgame is sitting on second base in the 5th inning

  19. Unfortunately seems like Beachy will only go one more inning at he is on 90 pitches now. We are so lucky with Beachy. The guy is really coming out of nowhere.

  20. Is Joe actually whining about Beachy’s mound demeanor? Who cares when he’s getting everyone out and striking people out like Nolan Ryan?

  21. I’ll take Beachy, and tell Joe where he can stick his mound demeanor. Sadly, at 107 pitches, Brandon’s night is done.

  22. I think he’s criticizing Bedard, for which I can’t blame him. He seems like he’d rather be just about anywhere but on the mound.

  23. Bedard is famous for unwilling to pitch over 100 pitches per game. We should have been more patient…wait, this is the Braves we are talking about…never mind.

  24. It’s hard to conceive of any successful path to the playoffs with Heyward and Uggla playing as terrible as they have this season.

  25. 64- And half of both teams’ hits. Other than McCann, our offense has consisted of a Wilkin Ramirez walk (and dubious pickoff).

  26. Hot damn! I think he got all of that one.

    For a moment, I thought Gutierrez was going to bring it back.

  27. “How in the world is that an error? He didn’t touch it.”

    Answered you’re own question there, Joe.

  28. FWIW, it’s this crap that’s why I wanted to see Beachy out there to start the inning.

  29. At least one of O’Flaherty and Venters appears to be unavailable tonight. Let’s hope it’s not both, lest we see Proctor next inning.

  30. If it’s a choice between Linebrink for another inning or Proctor, I choose the former.

  31. As long as Proctor and Two Name stay off the field, we’ll be fine. Every other pitcher is pretty awesome.

  32. The umpire was still in the wrong position for that call. That he got it right that time was pure luck.

  33. Hey, remember that time we got O’Flaherty from the M’s for nothing? That was awesome.

  34. This is probably the inning that decides who “wins” the race to the bottom between Uggla and Chone. Chone is slightly in the lead by striking out once which sucks more than putting the ball in play.

    Strikeout (swinging)
    Foul out
    Ground Out

    Fly Out
    Fly Out
    Ground Out

  35. Uggla did his part. Now, can Kimbrel make Figgins the winner here?

    (And Dan’s now hitting .175. No one’s hit .175 or less in 300 PA since 1974.)

  36. Hmmmm … even though Chone finds a bunch of ways to get out, and Uggla has multiple infield-ish fly balls, 4 outs beats 3. The only way Chone can win this is if Seattle ties the game and loads the bases with two outs, as that’s the only way he gets to the plate.

    Uggla wins this round, but only because he bats higher in the order.

    Why isn’t Uggla batting ninth? Do we really need to give him an extra PA?

  37. Well, look at it this way. We didn’t waste any offense that we might need another day.

  38. In his 2 starts since coming off the DL, Beachy is 2-0 and, in 12 IP, he’s given up 2 ER, 7 H, 3 BB with 20 Ks.

    Nice coupla starts there.

  39. I don’t recall Beachy having all of his velocity when he first came up. Seemed like he was hitting 95 on his fastballs last night with regularity.

    Did he have some super ligament replacement surgery in the offseason, a la The Rookie?

  40. Tiger, according to BrooksBaseball, Beachy’s average velocity on his four-seamer last night was 92.7 miles per hour. That’s a mile an hour faster than his average fastball all year, which Fangraphs lists as 91.7 this year, and 91.1 last year. So you’re right, he has been getting faster.

    I just love the guy. He strikes people out so effortlessly.

  41. Thanks ARR.

    Remember when Beachy first came up & spot started vs Philly (2 years ago, I think)?

    I know 2 years is a long time for development purposes…but what we’ve seen THIS year looks completely different than what I saw in that start.

    Joe had a good point last night about his “mound presence”. Beachy pitches with the confidence & disposition of a 10-year vet, from what I’ve seen.

    That’d help any rookie perform well, much moreso given the great pitches/velocity that Beachy has.

  42. Beachy’s spot start against the Phils was last year.

    For an old fart who has barely mastered the fact that OBP is more important than BA, does a young pitcher usually display an increase in velocity as a natural part of his development?

  43. Oh, and the Bethany Run Chart (Extrapolated)

    Braves 5, Jays 1 – 3 miles away from home

    Braves 5, Jays 1 – 6 miles out

    Padres 11, Braves 2 – 3 miles out

    Braves 10, Padres 1 – back to 6

    Padres 4, Braves 1 – back to 3

    Braves 3, M’s 1 – back to 6

    Am I close, Bethany?

  44. I think Seattle got their radar gun from a Mayberry, RFD surplus sale.

    Beachy was magnificent, but upwards of 95? Eh, maybe.

    I know one thing, I’d trade our old pitchers but our young ones should be untouchable.

    This augurs well.

  45. Two observations from last night.

    1. Beachy throws hard, and it is a sneaky quick too. I just love his delievery, and his bugs bunny like change up. He has a little Hanson in him in the fact he could be more economical with his pitches, but that is not the worst thing in the world.

    2. I noticed on the broadcast that 8/16 is Dan Uggla bobble head day. I wonder if the bobble head is dressed with a mask and gun since that is how Dan Uggla must show up to the office on payday, since he is stealing the braves money.

  46. @115 Very close!

    Braves 5, Jays 1 – 3 miles away from home
    Braves 5, Jays 1 – 6 miles out
    Padres 11, Braves 2 – Too hot!
    Braves 10, Padres 1 – Had to work
    Padres 4, Braves 1 – Had to work
    Braves 3, M’s 1 – 12 miles (ran 3 more during the off day)

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