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  1. 1: Yeah, but it’s going to be a game between North Carolina and Michigan State, and those are *never* interesting.

  2. Wow, that sucks. Though I figured he was heading that direction when they discovered a partial tear of his UCL. I almost wished it was a complete tear so he could go ahead and have the surgery instead of just delaying it. (Of course, I say all this without knowing what really happened.)

  3. @5
    Mac, is that confirmed? I checked his line and it wasn’t pretty through 3. Are you sure they just didn’t take him out?

    Teheran is doing his thing again.
    5 IP 3h 1bb 6k 1R

  4. @9, I’d love to. A friend of mine just went. She said the people were nice and everything was dirt cheap.

  5. @10

    It’s funny how friendly a city can become after being bent over by a natural disaster.

  6. 8 — Gondee from Talking Chop retweeted a message saying that a trainer came out on the field and that Vizcaino was taken out during the middle of an at-bat.

    If it was the UCL again, hopefully the Braves’ medical staff will learn their lessons.

  7. Also, they should have to forfeit their 2010 season. So that means the SEC still owns them.

  8. Dustin Moseley 0-3 with a 1.40 ERA over 25 innings before this game. That has to be almost impossible.

    Greeted by Heyward.

  9. That’s how you know the season is still young…well, besides Francoeur’s performance. Moseley had the 2nd lowest ERA in the majors for SP coming into today.

  10. Some fine pitches by Lowe there to get out of the 1st inning. (Thanks, MLB Live Look-In (TM)!)

  11. That was a brutal, inept call on the changeup to Maybin. The double to the wall is the only good contact Lowe’s given up all night. Good process, bad results. Thank you ump and luck.

  12. Fun to see Lowe spit in his glove before he gets a new ball on a 3-2 count. And gets the K, natch.

    Edit: That’s not fun.

  13. Yeah, the double has been the only hard hit ball. The other hits have been pathetic little groundballs.

  14. Yeah, sorry I mentioned it. Still, Lowe looks pretty good. That 7 run (or some ungodly high number) inning against the Mets back in ~August ’09 seems like decades ago.

  15. I think that the builders made Petco too severe of a pitcher’s park. (Just like I think some others are too small.)

  16. Lowe has only allowed 2 homers in 31 innings and has a 31/9 K/BB ratio. He’s actually earning his paycheck this year, at least so far.

  17. It’s really a shame he made that mistake to Ludwick, because his stuff is crazy tonight.

  18. Moseley has walked 10 and struck out 9 on the season. That is what you would call smoke and mirrors.

  19. Mosely’s really liking that off-speed pitch out of the zone when he’s got a full count. Did it twice to McLouth and then again to Prado.

  20. Good thing Uggla took a beat to get himself settled. After such a tough play, he might’ve made a bad throw.

  21. MLB Gameday says Heyward’s hit was quite a bit out of the park… damn.

    Edit: Can’t figure out if there’s a way to post images.

  22. You’d think the umpires could get one of those close calls at second correct this season, even if it’s by accident.

  23. AGony has been absolutely brilliant in the field, this year. He’s like the Freddie Freeman of shortstops.

  24. 85 — No. Even if it is Linebrink. It’s the 4th time through the order and you consider health for future starts.

  25. I love it when a pitcher walks the first batter and then the opposing manager just gives away an out.

  26. Browsing BB-Ref after looking up the trivia question…What is the career record for doubles? I guessed before I looked and was only 20 off. Bonus points if you guess who; I never would’ve come up with it.

  27. In theory, ‘Brink would be better here than anywhere since he’s a flyball pitcher (plus his successful track record with the Pads). Not sure I want to test it though.

  28. If I were a Padres fan I’d be pissed about Hudson hitting 6th while Jason Bartlett hits 2nd.

  29. I was half-right, that’s a homer anywhere else.

    Hopefully the gas can will keep it close enough for Heyward to have a shot to tie it up.

  30. AGHHHHHHH! This is so frustrating. He obviously cannot get major leaguers out, and seems to combine that with a tendency to choke in high leverage situations.

  31. We couldn’t do that, Adam! Then we’d have too many good pitchers in the bullpen. All that winning would bore the fans! Better to make them squirm and to raise sales of Maalox to help the economy.

  32. How much longer are they gonna let this guy pitch in high leverage situations? How much longer until we get somebody who can pitch the 7th?

  33. 3 of Linebrink’s four past appearances have had WPA’s of -0.296; -0.215; & -20.5.

    That means his appearances have routinely been reducing this team’s chance of winning by over 20%. Holy Moly!

    The only *possible* thought I have on Marek is that they are waiting till June to get an extra year of MLB service out of him? Either that or despite his insane ability to get minor leaguers out, they think his stuff just won’t work on MLB hitters.

  34. I am afraid the Braves believe in Marek as much as they did Buddy Hernandez….

  35. Oh, and to top it all off, I have O’Flaherty in my fantasy matchup and my opponent has Linebrink. grrrr….

  36. @127

    I dunno about Linebrink, but I have O’Flaherty b/c it is a deep NL-only league, so you have to take middle relievers and bench player to fill out your roster. Also, we count holds as an incentive to put middle relievers on your roster (making your team more realistic, even if its a crappy stat).

  37. Ideal bullpen: kimbrel, venters, o’flaherty, moylan, marek, Martinez, and I got nothing…

  38. I just hate knowing that the two vets the Braves had to bring in are the two worst relievers we have on the roster.

  39. Good job by Fredi of putting Gearrin in a position to succeed for his debut. Low pressure.

  40. At least Gearrin’s in with the bases empty. This is as relatively low pressure as it could get for a game we need to win.

    AAG clearly took the doghouse comments personally. I want to commend him for doing whatever it took to get out of the Braves Journal doghouse and into our good graces.

  41. Gearrin’s looking good, but he doesn’t seem like he’d be that hard to figure out. And we just got fairly lucky.

  42. Well, since Fredi doesn’t seem to want to use Kimbrel here it’s Gearrin, Asencio (after his horrific last inning), Martinez or, God forbid, Sherrill.

  43. I already have more faith in this kid than I do in Linebrink or Sherrill. Low expectations I guess.

  44. Great debut for Gearrin….It would be nice if the Braves could make it possible for him to get the win….

  45. #160 – it was an awful call. Dont see why the home plate ump gets to make calls on check swings.

  46. He may pitch next inning if nobody scores with the switch-hitting Hudson and the lefty Hawpe.

  47. Is Sherbrink or Lineill the better name? I prefer the latter.

    Fine two innings from Cory Gearrin “of War.”

  48. Does it ever occur to any of you how silly it is to actually type, “nice play, Prado” or “great catch, Nate”. It just did to me.

  49. Pretty awesome to hear the Braves fans tomahawk choppin on the road. Padres Color guy asked if the pinch runner Mark Lemke.

  50. Ernesto Frieri is from the same part of Colombia as Julio Teheran, from the northern Coast, City of Cartagena. He has very good numbers in his very short MLB career, with 57 k’s in 46 innings. He posted good numbers in his minor league career.

    Nice play by the pitcher there. But a homerun here would do the trick

  51. It was probably a long time ago that Hicks actually ran the bases between second and third.

  52. Waste of a promising start there. :-/ I can’t even fault Hicks too much for breaking on that particular hit. Just a really good play by the pitcher.

  53. Well, you really need to be sure the ball gets past the pitcher before you go– if it gets past the pitcher, you still get to 3rd. Hicks is stupid as well as worthless.

  54. Would rather him struck out bunting than that.

    207 — Because Hudson isn’t available to pitch the next inning.

  55. Why not pinch-bunt with Hudson or something? Did we really need to preserve him for the potential next inning?

  56. Well christ.

    ETA: In fairness, the kid probably hasn’t run the basis in a couple years.

    Which makes it even dumber to leave him in.

  57. Let’s be real. There are lots of potential goats from tonight’s game. You can go Linebrink, Hicks, Lisp, any of the tons of guys who struck out with runners on, and there’s certainly a good dose of Gonzalez.

  58. Why would you let Hicks run for Chipper in that situation? Sure his knees hurt, but he doesn’t get thrown out like Hicks did there.

    I nominate Fredi for whipping boy

  59. Fredi Gonzalez – who should just be called Fredo from now on – is really, really bad at managing. He’s awful. Good thing he left his best right-handed bench bat on the bench and best reliever in the bullpen… while forcing the Lisp to bat against the Padres’ left-handed reliever and then pitch a 3rd inning.

    What an idiot.

  60. Fredi has been very bad. And his continued usage of Linebrink is absolutely maddening. But… the team is batting .226. We only scored three runs against Dustin Mosely, a guy with a 4.89 ERA. There’s not much the manager can do about that.

  61. He can still put his team in the best possible position to win, given those struggles, and he’s not coming close to doing that.

  62. Agreed.

    I also wish our 25-man roster reflected the optimal 25 men — so that Linebrink, Sherrill, and Hicks were off the team, replaced by, say, Marek, Todd Redmond, and Diory. Bobby always used to put his worst players in a position to kill the team, too.

  63. Yeah – Clearly, better hitting would cover a lot. But I get the sinking feeling that we’re in a disadvantage when playing close games, and the Braves are going to have to win a few of those to be successful this year. The fact that the Braves have hit so poorly has simply cast into sharper relief just how bad Gonzalez has been; it shouldn’t excuse his bad decision making.

  64. How about Frediot?? Of course if we really had a functioning offense, Frediot’s management wouldn’t be so much of an issue.

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