SEC Picks, Week 2. Also game thread

Home teams in Italics.

Alabama 23, Penn St 6
South Carolina 28, Georgia 23
Kentucky 17, Cent. Michigan 12
Auburn 45, Miss. St. 43
Ole Miss 14, So. Illinois 13
Arkansas 77, New Mexico 16
Florida 55, UAB 0
UConn 13, Vandy 12
LSU 45, NW St 0
Cincinnati 3, Tennessee 2

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  1. JC’d –

    Of all major league SS’s – only Betancourt walks less and only Desmond strikes out more than AAG. He’s got the 4th lowest WAR of all SS also. You know Wren/Fredi will keep him around because they love cheap options.

    However, if we are going to win this year Fredi has to start hitting for AAG when there is RISP. There’s not much drop off between AAG and Wilson in the field so why worry about it?

    AAG 2011
    RISP – .230/.256/.317
    RISP 2 outs – .151/.194/.269
    Bases loaded – .118/.158/.176

    Pinch hit for him. 64 OPS+?? awful

  2. Speaking of “awful”, isn’t it strange how little has been said of Prado’s season, as a corner outfielder?


    Usually when a player is this bad, you can’t escape the vitriol on DOB’s blog, the posts here, the announcers talking about the player’s struggles, quotes from the manager about needing to step up. And yet, none of that. Prado’s season has been worse than Heyward’s at the plate, but Heyward is the one getting the flack and being benched.

    Prado is having a terrible season and it feels like no one notices.

  3. @1

    It remains my dream that Hinske and Conrad are used as pinch hitters in every meaningful game–one for a pitcher, the other for AAG when he comes up late in the game with men on base. Diaz and Constanza are also better hitters than AAG and could warrant consideration. Just take the bat out of his hands when it matters most.

  4. @1 – I don’t know how many at bats, but how do you hit .118 when they have to throw you a strike?

  5. but how do you hit .118 when they have to throw you a strike?

    Because you don’t have to throw a strike to get Gonzalez to swing at it.

  6. @2 I’m guessing part of it is that most know that Prado is miscast as a corner outfielder because of the budget. The expectations just haven’t been that high. He’s also got a tough job as Chipper’s supersub, often moving from LF to 3B (or vice versa) in the middle of a game. Moreover, while his numbers are down from last year, certainly, they are attributable in part to injuries. That’s my take on why he has gotten a pass from people (as opposed to AAG and others). I am glad that he’s batting lower in the lineup now, though.

  7. Dan said in previous thread: “Amen. Cannot stomach another season of Gonzalez at shortstop. Gonzalez has become probably my least favorite Brave since I started following the team regularly late in the 2004 season. So “congratulations” to former #1: Norton.”

    I remember Andres Thomas. Didn’t get worse than Andres Thomas, I’m tellin’ ya!

    It remains my dream that Hinske and Conrad are used as pinch hitters in every meaningful game–one for a pitcher, the other for AAG when he comes up late in the game with men on base.

    This should be more than a dream, it should be policy. Conrad’s role is not to play defense or (at this point) spot start, it is to hit. Wilson’s role is not to hit, it’s to play defense. There’s no excuse for not exploiting this dynamic at each opportunity. Conrad/Wilson are made to order to pull A-Gon from the lineup late in the game. Start doing it, Fredi.

  8. We have lineup:

    1. Bourn CF
    2. Jones 3B
    3. McCann C
    4. Uggla 2B
    5. Freeman 1B
    6. Prado LF
    7. Heyward RF
    8. Wilson SS
    9. Delgado P

    No, DOB says, A-Gon has not been benched.

  9. csg @ #1

    Chip and Joe were saying that, for some strange reason, AAG hits for a significantly higher average with RISP and one out. Do you have that stat?


  10. Remy, sorry I dont. All of his stat lines are brutal so Im sure it cant be that great. It is typical for Joe and Chip to only talk about batting average though.

    The man has a sub .200OBP with bases loaded and/or with RISP with 2 outs. He should be pinch hit for at every opportunity.

  11. Chip and Joe were saying that, for some strange reason, AAG hits for a significantly higher average with RISP and one out.

    Well next time he comes up with two RISP and nobody out, we need somebody to get picked off so we can play to his strengths!

  12. @2 – Well, for one, Prado’s season at the plate has been slightly better than Heyward’s, by the measures you chose. (Unless 4/1000 of a point is statistically significant.)

    Prado .264/.309/.389
    Heyward .223/.312/.393

    But I agree they are similar enough to group together.

    To me the difference is that Prado has a longer track record of hitting, and an assignable cause why he might not be hitting at the moment, but could work through. (Out 5 weeks with a staph infection.) I believe Prado is going to hit.

    We probably both agree that our only good hope is to run both of them out there and hope they get going.

  13. @9 I’m older than almost all of you. Check out Marty Perez, 1971-1973 if you want to see a pathetic shortstop. And that was 3 YEARS. And PS… his defense wasn’t that good either.

  14. Has anyone else had trouble with MLB.TV lately? It’s been awful this past week. It’s not the browser and it’s not the connection speed, which is plenty fast.

  15. Exactly, ububba. But Robinson only played short for one season, and in that season they actually moved Perez to 2nd where his offensive failings were ven more apparent.

    All I’m saying is that Perez makes AAG and Wilson look like the young Miguel Tejada.

  16. I’m not really digging this “make sure you put Furcal on base for Pujols every time,” strategy.

  17. Wilson just ensured that we’re stuck with a few more weeks of AAG squandering runners on base.

  18. Chipper and Berkman are two of the four active NL switch-hitters who’ve hit 30 homers in a season — who are the other two?

  19. Bourn!

    I know this will sound like second-guessing (thought of it before the AB, I swear!), but shouldn’t we have pinch-hit for Wilson when the bases were loaded? Could have busted it open rather than walking a tightrope all night.

  20. Surely Hinske vs. a RHP? If Fredi had the wherewithal to PH for a position player in the 4th, then surely he’d use a decent option. Total fantasy here to be honest, though.

  21. Theriot was the potential winning run. Pujols was irrelevant. Why was Heyward throwing to second? Nice reaction by Wilson.

  22. Walking two guys to get to Pujols is generally not the best strategy for keeping a scoreless streak alive.

  23. If he’d done that, the Braves would have lost. Theriot would have scored long before Pujols was tagged out.

  24. Got to start scoring some runs and get O’Venterable some rest.

    Cardinals did this to us in Atlanta early in the year, they pinged the back end of the pen to death.

  25. Blown save…and what a game to do it. Just lost some points in the Rolaids Relief Man Award and may cause the dh sweep against the Mets (picked up an entire game on STL) to be erased.

  26. I feel pretty confident that we’re going to lose this. Can we at least make it as undramatic as possible so as to limit the momentum we give the Cards?

    Such as using Linebrink. That would be a great first step. Possibly intentionally walking the first guy and then throwing the ball away and refusing to get it. Or balking three times.

  27. No answer. And now the bullpen situation gets very dicey. EOF is unavailable, Martinez probably unavailable, Varvaro probably unavailable…who’s even left but Linebrink?

  28. 62—No, exactly what happened is what would have happened. It was obvious when Pujols headed for second that they’d either be able to get him or, if Theriot tried to score, get Theriot.

  29. On the bright side, this will keep the fact that Linebrink sucks fresh on Fredi’s mind. We may need a couple more of these before the playoffs, just to be sure he’s left off the roster.

  30. Braves are a terrible baseball team and I hate them and everyone involved with the organization because they’re stupid and incompetent and I hope they cease to exist within the next five years.

  31. Lowe is pitching tomorrow, right? That should keep the back end of the pen out of the game, at least.

    Punto is going to beat us. I feel ill.

  32. What is there to say here, Fredi? “Scott, I wish you were a better pitcher.” (Linebrink nods.) “Me too, skip. Me too.”

  33. You know, that was pathetic. We’ll wind up winning the wc somehow, but we won’t deserve it.

    How can you walk two people in front of Albert Fucking Pujols? Throw the damn ball down the middle of the plate and make them swing the bat.

    I’m just fed up with this team right now.

  34. Linebrink actually did better than I thought there. I figured the game would be over in 3 batters, and it took FIVE whole batters for him to give up a run.

    Walking 2 batters with 2 outs to get to Pujols…freaking ridiculous…

  35. @85 Worry about how poorly the team is playing, insofar as it casts doubt on the team’s chances for future success?

    Personally, I was off doing stuff and turned on the game just in time to see Linebrink give up the walk-off SF. I’m very glad I didn’t invest any time into the classic disappointment that this game turned out to be.

  36. I think they will be fine. Kimbrel was due to blow a game geez. I agree it sucked that he walked two guys in front of Pujols but it happens sometimes. Thats baseball.

  37. Kimbrel blows a save, Mizzou blows a game-winning drive in the final moments and SportsCenter leads with a wall-climbing catch by Jeff Freaking Francoeur.

    For me, at least, this night simply sucks.

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