61 thoughts on “Madoff game thread: June 4, Braves at Mets”

  1. The dream tales from the last thread are just awesome. If I don’t write them down they’re forgotten 30 seconds after I wake.

    Love the video. Those local shows had such great style back then. One of my fave YT finds lately is the “Village Square” show from Charleston. A kickin’ house band that played the hits of the week. Talk about blue-eyed soul…Funky Broadway.

    And oh yeah, Beat The Mutts!!!

  2. Batting Gonzalez 2nd, huh?
    Fredi Gonzalez couldn’t even convince Elmer Fudd that bunting is a good idea.

    Fredi: “Bunt Season!”
    Elmer: “Wabbit Season!”
    Fredi: “Bunt Season!”
    Elmer: “Wabbit Season!”
    Fredi: “Wabbit Season!”
    Elmer: “Gwad you came awound.”
    Fredi: (sigh)

  3. I also had a dream where Pujols had a pedestrian year and the Braves took advantage of it by signing him to a reasonable contract.

  4. I also had a dream where Pujols had a pedestrian year and the Braves took advantage of it by signing him to a reasonable contract.

    And then, with the Braves, he played like Uggla?

  5. Hey guys – for all the heat kimbrel takes, he is on pace for 50 saves. JJ needs another 8 inning performance and let’s waste these turkeys. If i was a guy like jordan schafer, i would have to have a limb cut off to go on DL. When you are right on the cusp, you have to fight through it.

  6. Nice one, Fredi.

    Seriously, hit and run with Gonzalez batting? He wiffs more than a glue addict.

  7. I prefer half-assed undermanaging to half-assed overmanaging.

  8. What most people call undermanaging I call good managing. But what do I know? I don’t taste the players’ sweat and appreciate the finer aspects of baseball locker rooms the way quiet genuises like DOB do.

  9. @18, I’ve heard a lot of them this year. Did they move the mics or what?

  10. I entertain myself wayyy too much looking back at past drafts. I had forgotten the Braves took the immortal Josh Fields seven spots ahead of Giancarlo Stanton in the ’07 draft. That worked out well.

  11. A Coke-marinaded ribeye, fried potatoes, tossed salad, and the Braves. Now if only Heyward gets healthy and Uggla starts hitting and life will be very good.

  12. Ugh, Yahoo told me Uggla had scored.

    Edit: See, they can’t just take it back like that:

    Scoring Summary
    Top 5th: Atlanta
    – J. Jurrjens sacrificed to catcher, D. Uggla scored, J. Mather to second

  13. 22,

    I’ll give the Braves as much crap as possible, but I’m not ready to complain about the 2007 draft just yet. Although, Stanton and Heyward….

    Also, does anybody else miss the days when we had more than two selections in the top 100?

  14. I don’t understand why you don’t bring in Venters or Kimbrel there. Those were probably the most important outs of the game, why not put one of your best relievers out there> EOF would have even made sense, but Porctor? Well atleast now you have venters and Kimbrel for the 8th and 9th (sarcasm).

    Matt Young to the plate, Oh goodie

  15. Whats smart is bringing in a reliever that gives up about 60-65% FB when the bases are loaded with one out. I guess Gearrin with his 62% GB% or Venters with his 83.3 GB% wasnt a better choice.

  16. It’s torture being a Braves fan when you were a statistics major.

  17. He’s just guessing. And he likes roles–Venters and Kimbrel are for the 8th and 9th, respectively.

  18. There is no positive, rational reason to use Proctor in that situation. I don’t think that Fredi is trying to lose, so the only answer is that he is irrational. A second-generation APBA automanaging simulator could do a better job.

  19. Id just like to think we could go in order from most likely to get a ground ball DP to least likely. Fredi obviously thinks its the other way around. Either way, this offense wasnt scoring tonight.

  20. Its funny, My buddy is a baseball coach for one of the best high schools in NJ. HE coaches football with me. He said when Proctor went in, “Not a good spot for him” he also mentioned “Fredi thinks Venters is 8th inning and 8th only” THat was the spot to bring him in, if he can keep it to 1-0, we have a shot. Though, the way the bats were swinging again tonight, it wouldnt have mattered. I feel like a fool for thinking ugla would come around

  21. Mac – I hope you are all good, man. Best wishes to you.

    With the important things said-

    What the hell, Braves? What the hell?

  22. Gartrell is 27. He’s got 2 walks, 36 strikeouts, and 9 home runs in 155 PAs. Our two true outcomes hero.

  23. I’m simply stunned reading Fredi’s explanation in the game story this morning.

    “I didn’t want to have JJ face Reyes the fourth time around.”

    “That’s the match-up we wanted. O’Flaherty’s back is fine.”

    “Yeah, he’s had some pretty good numbers against him, Proctor has. Hey, that’s just the way it goes. Looking at the big screen, I thought it was a decent pitch too that Reyes hit the ball down the line on.”

    That’s Fredi admitting Proctor’s career 1-5 against Reyes between 2005-2007 motivated his decision to go with Proctor. I’d rather he’d just said he went with his gut.

  24. That’s the matchup he wanted? I wouldn’t trust this guy to get me coffee, let alone manage a multi-million dollar baseball team.

  25. @56,

    You sit down at the Waffle House and Fredi brings you a coffee/dishwater mix in a plastic cup about 20 minuets after your ordered it.

    That would be the Fredi – coffee analogy

  26. I agree that Reyes hit a decent pitch, but why settle for decent pitching in the biggest spot of the game when you have Venters at your disposal? Fredi is mindbogglingly stupid.

  27. Correction: The 2011 Braves, with Jason Heyward, Nate McLouth and Jordan Schafer on the DL(ish), and Dan Uggla hitting like McLouth’s lost 2010, look “bad.” And by “bad” we mean 2.5 out of the division.

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