159 thoughts on “Mets spelled backwards is Stem game thread: June 3, Braves at Mets”

  1. From last thread-

    Stu, there’s an article on the Braves site with some quotes from Tony DeMacio, the Braves scouting director. Said they are looking for position players with power but also lhp’s. Garvin was mentioned (not by him) along with Tyler Anderson from Oregon.

  2. I came to post that every team in the NL East is in violation of MLB’s debt “rules” but the Braves, but I see that it’s already been taken care of. Well done.

    Good old Liberty.

  3. Any Braves fans in NY on your way to Citifield this weekend print out a few of these for our Mets fan friends http://flic.kr/p/9P95Uy

    It really is just that easy! Join the campaign on Twitter @VoteMcCann2011

    And if you haven’t voted for Brian McCann to start the 2011 All Star game at MLB.com then what are you waiting for??? Cards fans are working hard to get Yadier Molina voted in for a third straight year! Don’t let them deny Mac the honor he’s earned by being the best catcher in the NL for nearly 6 years now. #VoteMcCann

  4. From the previous thread –

    Glad you are out, enjoy being stoned if possible.

    There is ample anecdotal evidence to support this outcome.

  5. “I’ll take all the sucking blame anyone wants to hand out” — Terry Collins

    Sure, it rhymes, but that doesn’t make it a direct substitute.

  6. It honestly never occurred to me to try to watch a Braves game under the influence. One day, everyone on here should do it all at once.

  7. Uggla is 6-13 against Niese.

    I’m guessing 0-4.

    Nice job holding Freeman, Snitker. We need as many RBI opportunities for Mather and Lowe as we can get.

  8. Mather made it work anyway. I’m starting to like him, at least as a reserve.

  9. We are the worst baserunning team this side of my daughter’s 8-and-under softball team.

  10. apparently the Mets have a mid-1990s Gold Glove winning Greg Maddux on the mound tonight

  11. That’s Mather’s trap, pretty much like Lockhart. Have a couple nice games and then just hog a roster spot and ABs for 4 years.

    @ 12, I was thinking the odds of Freeman scoring on a bad throw beat out the odds of Mather or Lowe getting him in.

    I guess we found another thing Lowe can’t do.

  12. Haven’t the Mets fans realized that calling Chipper “Larry” is a bad idea?

  13. I assume that Iloveemmastone is going to ask Chip Caray’s daughter for an autograph.

  14. It wouldn’t bother me one bit if Fredi pulled a LaRussa and had Uggla bat ninth.

  15. Oh wow. Fredi has to come and argue. But he won’t. He was so out.

    Our manager is a puss. Bobby would already be at the hotel.

    HOW DO YOU NOT ARGUE THAT PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

  16. Just part of Mather’s plan. He baited Reyes into going for three. And, he drew a walk last inning. Not too shabby so far.

  17. Uggla: .075-1-0-1 since May 16th (53AB)

    For comparison, our starting rotation has hit .076-1-0-1 in 91 AB (Jurrjens/Hudson/Hanson/Lowe/Beachy)

  18. Can someone tell me the last time Fredi came out to argue? That is why we get screwed on close calls. Please, someone answer me!

  19. Peanut answered my tweet and said Fredi did go out there, but didn’t go nuts.

  20. Right after Reyes hit the triple the Mets announcers said Lowes arm slot was much to low and he was about to get in trouble,
    they were right on.

  21. Obviously, the rules need to change and players should have to wear protective face-guards to prevent this sort of senseless injury.

  22. It’s almost (tragically) poetic that somebody has now gotten hurt on a bunt. Of course, that was a bunt for a base hit, but still. Hope he’s fine.

  23. @55, In ten years all major league players will be required to wear those inflatable sumo suits.

  24. Obviously, the rules need to change and players should have to wear protective face-guards to prevent this sort of senseless injury.

    Oh and ban maple bats and change the rules about how catchers block plates.

    How much longer until players are encased entirely in bubble wrap?

  25. Ugh, bad Braves are at it tonight.

    Where’s Jack Kevorkian when you need him?

  26. Lance Barksdale hates us.

    Never mind, they switch places. Ostensibly so they can get a better view of the call, haven’t seen any evidence of that.

  27. CHIPPER! Three things you can count on- death, taxes, and Chipper making Mets fans miserable.

  28. Great move by Collins to pull Niese before he had to face Uggla again. That’s a bad matchup.

    Can we use Ross here? Or is it like the All-Star Game where you can’t use a guy unless it goes to extras?

  29. Did I see Fredi get mad over there? I am glad he put down his Angry Birds game.

  30. Hinske!!!!!

    KRod is a real gamer. I heard he had a cold when he punched his wife’s dad.

  31. Wonder if KRod threw the gopher ball to make extra innings less likely thereby getting him one finished game closer to having his rich option vest.

    Doubtful but …

  32. Yep, K-Rod pitched like K-Rap.

    As for the play at third, now Kimbrel will get another save, which is nice.

  33. Uggla is the happiest guy in the house. To not get up. Though, i still feel by series end he will have snapped out of this.

  34. I hate Francisco Roderiguez for every reason one can hate a ball player. It makes me very happy when he fails.

  35. Good job by Kimbrel not to give in there.

    And a good comeback after going down 3-0.

  36. Man it’s painful to watch Willie Harris in a Mets uniform. Almost as bad as Pete Orr in Philly. Diaz’ and Harris’ dueling .350-.400 averages that year they platooned in left got me through a rough breakup.

  37. Did anyone get the length of the Chipper homer? Absolutely crushed it.

    His righty swing has been money for awhile now.

  38. Braves, in the spirit of utter mediocrity, are just hanging around at two-and-a-half games out. With the exception of a week here and 9 days there, I’d be hard-pressed to claim we’ve seen what they are really capable of this year. Struggla hurting. Heyward out. Beachy out. Management (enough said).

    I’m not all that giddy about what can happen. But it is reassuring to know we can beat the Phils…we haven’t played well…and we’re only 2.5 games out.

  39. Any definitive word on Schaefer? (sp?)

    That reminds me of my favorite beer slogan:

    “Schaeffer’s: the beer to have when you’re having more than one”

  40. So I’m guessing that even if he’s okay, Schafer gets the day off tomorrow. Prado / Mather / Hinske? You can’t actually write Matt Young’s name in the lineup card, can you?

    If he IS hurt, who comes up? Wilkin Ramirez?

  41. Never thought Id be sad to see Schafer out of the lineup. I guess they could call up Constanza or Gartrell but neither are on the 40 man. Im sure Matt Young would clear waivers.

  42. Has anyone checked out the standings this year? Thus far, it doesn’t look like any team is “really good”. The highest win percentage in the majors is 60% by Cleveland. Philly is next with 59.6%. What a crazy year in baseball.

  43. The sad irony is it happened to someone I don’t mind seeing bunt in a situation in which I don’t mind him bunting.

  44. Good news on Schafer via DOB…
    “Braves announced Schafer has a small non-displaced sinus fracture. There won’t be a DL move at this time.”

  45. 148- Wouldn’t be the first time. In 2000, no team finished with a record over .600 or under .400.

  46. I routinely have very strange dreams, usually not about baseball, but last night I dreamed that the Braves gave a spot start to Jon Garland. And I was pissed about it. Then I woke up, and after my brain started working in a couple minutes, realized that, no, Garland is not in the Braves organization. And it was only then that I could go back to sleep.

  47. See, last night I dreamed that Dale Earnhardt came back from the dead and won the Talladega 500. Opiates!

    Also, I dreamed that Kimbrel allowed a one-out single with a three-run lead then went 3-0 on the next batter because he was so busy concentrating on holding the runner. But that’s just nuts and would never happen in real life. I wonder what they put in these pills.

  48. Once I dreamed I was making love to Sarah Michelle Gellar and she turned into a vampire in the middle of the act.

  49. One time I dreamed I was riding a flying ghost over a large city, and everything was black and white except for this enormous red ribbon that was tied around the ghost.

    I still don’t get it.

  50. One time I had a dream that Georgia Tech baseball didn’t choke in the postseason. Crazy right?

  51. No recap? Wasn’t Cary supposed to handle Friday and Saturday while Mac is living the high life? Not that we don’t know what happened, but why miss an opportunity to make fun of the mets?

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