J’accuse game thread: June 5, Braves at Mets

I stand accused, on Twitter, of being a bad Braves fan because I am mean to the manager and the second baseman. I am mean to them there because I try to limit myself here to only fair statements, due to the Lockhart Rule.

At any rate, my immediate response was, “Why am I a bad fan for not giving any extra credit to a couple of Marlins who’ve never done anything for the Braves but help them lose?” The way I see it, someone like Chipper or Bobby has a basically inexaustible supply of credit that nothing short of murder could use up. Brian McCann has a lot of credit. A rookie gets a little gift of credit so I give him a little while before I turn on him. A guy from outside the organization, he better be impressive PDQ. The manager and the second baseman have not.

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  1. From the last thread:

    But Sam, they lost yesterday.

    Honestly, I’m shocked yesterday’s results haven’t renewed the “Jurrjens must be traded before he pitches like we think he should, rather than how he does!” chorus. So to that extent, the focus on the decision to go to Proctor seems like a good thing, I suppose.

  2. Chris Resop is blowing the lead versus the Phillies right now.

    And good to have you back, Mac!

  3. So I don’t really know much about twitter. To me it seems to function as a shortcut to troll lots of people without having to sign up and post on a bunch of different forums (fora?). What are it’s good points? And how do you see the back and forth exchange between two people?

  4. @8, Always a good rule of thumb.

    Not that you need reassuring, Mac, but that comment is beyond stupid. Dissent is the highest form of patriotism after all.

  5. So, you have a .211 Uggla Positivity Average? That is actually generous isn’t it?

  6. #Braves lineup: 1. Schafer CF, 2. Gonzalez SS, 3. Prado 3b, 4. McCann C, 5. Freeman 1b, 6. Uggla 2B, 7. Hinske LF, 8. Mather RF, 9. Hudson P

    I sure hope this AAG batting 2nd thing doesn’t become a habit.

  7. So… completely off topic, but I’ve been reading up on Michael Vick’s history. I don’t know how anybody defends/values him in any way. The man used to commit reprehensible crimes that crossed any and all legal and moral lines. Now, he’s supposed to have ‘learned from his mistakes’ and become ‘a normal, functioning human being’. I don’t know how that’s heroic in any way; but, for some reason, we live in a society were becoming a ‘normal’ person from a cruel, immoral, and just plain evil idiot is supposed to be some sort of miracle. The guy can throw a football, and that’s the only thing that separates him from some lawless nut that’s now landscaping your lawn after committing a few felonies.

    Only in Philadelphia, I guess. That city is horrible.

  8. So, someone who has put tremendous amounts of time and effort into running a highly respected and well-visited Braves blog is a bad fan? Makes perfect sense to me.

    @9, Twitter is what you make of it. You can follow and communicate with relatively interesting people and keep up to date on whatever interests you as it unfolds. But it is part of the internet: lots of hoaxes, annoying memes, etc.

  9. @13 Who is calling him heroic? What is worse, letting the weight of his bad deeds drag him down further, or trying to move on from it? You can’t blame the guy for having a skill people value, and he’ll probably never crawl out of the financial hole he dug for himself. He’s making the best of his circumstance, which isn’t heroic, but it’s not reprehensible either.

  10. @15

    There seem to be numerous media outlets that are complementing his actions, the NFL presented him with a ‘Courage’ award, and the city of Dallas presented him with the key to the city. I’m happy for him that he has a skill that society values, and I think it’s great that he’s making the best of his situation. I’m glad that people aren’t vilifying him either. I have no problem with how Michael Vick leads his life nowadays, and I wish him the best.

    I do have a problem with society treating him like he’s done something astounding, though, because he hasn’t. The fact that he’s stopped committing federal felonies doesn’t make him a great person, but our society (lead by a certain media outlet) is making him out to be a lot greater than he is.

  11. @16 I didn’t know that, and I’d agree that he’s not the best person to be giving those accolades to. People love redemption stories almost as much as they love watching people fall on their faces.

  12. @17

    I agree. It wasn’t too bad right after Vick was released from prison, as people didn’t seem to know what to think of him. Since his MVP-level play last year, the media outlets have been jumping aboard the bandwagon. I’ve made many mistakes in my life, and I don’t think redeeming my actions through not committing the mistakes again is worthy of praise. It’s just something that I should do.

  13. Minor carried a perfect game into the 7th today. He gave up a hit and a single in the 7th and that was it.
    His line: 8 IP 1H 1BB 9k

    Gartrell hit his 11th HR of the year and is looking like he deserves a callup soon.
    His line: .289 avg .915 ops 11HR 34rbi
    Also, he’s simply destroying LHP: 1.141 ops.

    Hicks is also hitting well for Gwinnet. He currently sports an .844 ops and has hit 7hr, including 2 today.

    Schafer back in the lineup tonight and Alex “OBP Machine” Gonzalez is still hitting 2nd. Boy, Fredi is some kinda stupid.

    1. Schafer CF, 2. Gonzalez SS, 3. Prado 3b, 4. McCann C, 5. Freeman 1b, 6. Uggla 2B, 7. Hinske LF, 8. Mather RF, 9. Hudson P

  14. Political figures (not naming names or parties) get forgiven for worse stuff all the time. Vick’s public rehabilitation doesn’t bother me in the slightest – at least he actually went to prison for what he did.

  15. I find not watching “sports news” a great antidote to athlete resentment.

  16. @21

    Not condoning what he did, but most people who do what Vick did don’t even go to jail.

    I don’t have a problem with giving him another chance

  17. The wife and I are taking in our first game from Citi Field. We had actually seen all the stadiums until they built new ones in NY (2), DC, and Min. This park is so much better than Shea. Many Braves fans in attendance tonight on NYM helmet night. My wife refused the free helmet, said she had no use for the damn thing, made me so proud.

  18. She’s been my inspiration
    Show Appreciation

    Thanks Mac, for showing that great video of Dan Uggla singing the great r&b song I Was Made to Love Her.

  19. Oh great we get Bobby “I hate the Braves” Valentine and Oral “I created this pitcher” Suckhiser

  20. “We’ll see if the Braves drop down a few bunts to test Dickie’s foot”

    Count on it.

  21. 24- Strikes out enough people to have a chance, but the Braves are pretty much the last team that needs another reliever. He’ll get his chance somewhere, but not in Atlanta.

  22. At the game, sitting by the Braves bullpen.

    Walked into the stadium & they were playing REM’s “Can’t Get There From Here.”

    I took that as a good sign.

  23. Out

    How the lineup looks to me.

  24. 34 – Mather is probably an out too, but he’s still riding high after that road trip a few weeks ago. Give him some more time. He sucks.

    At this point, I’d prefer the Mets’ lineup. In fact, the Mets have hit significantly better than have the Braves this season, so I suppose my preference isn’t surprising.

  25. Someone should call Homeland Security and tell them Uggla a a threat and get him on the no fly list.

  26. Bobby’s point about Prado playing in there was intriguing. Do the Braves not scout opponents well? Or is Fredi just terrible at doing anything with scouted information?

    Also Hudson sucks.

  27. Hudson hasn’t been all that good this year, but he seems particularly bad tonight. That said, McCann should have blocked that ball.

  28. What I dont understand is how BMac can call for a slider and not be prepared to block something in the dirt. He’s always trying to backhand these pitches instead of blocking them. Its a moot point cause this team will get shut out again.

  29. Ok, I’m done for the night. This team has been so frustrating because Fredi finds way to piss me off even when we win, so it makes the losses even less tolerable.

  30. We cant even hit anything more than dribblers. Enjoy the two losses and the off day boys.

  31. Why is Chipper sitting with an off day tomorrow and we just had an off day on Thursday?

  32. Why is Gonzalez hitting 2nd and Hinske 7th? Why is the worst hitter on the team leading off? Why am I still watching?

    All are good questions.

  33. It also looks like Heyward is out for a while. Wren needs to get in the Hunter Pence sweepstakes. We need a bat with some pop.

  34. the braves need to admit they suck as an organization and for once be sellers and try and get a bat or two for the future.

  35. Anybody else feel like they’re watching a Mets home broadcast?

    “Coming up next, an examination of the Mets’ minor-league system!”

  36. Braves have 7 hits, 0 runs in their last 15 innings. Piss poor. Now Fredi comes out for a pointless argument. He’ll say one word and then walk right back to his standing spot looking useless.

  37. Hey espn you think we might get a replay of Prado’s foul /groundout before you resume slobbering over Reyes?

  38. We would be sellers because, as constructed, this team is simply not good enough.

    Honest question, are the braves good enough to win the WC from any of the following (who don’t win their division) …reds, brewers, cardinals, marlins, or either the giants, rockies or the d-backs?

    I don’t, 60 games in, we are what we are. Heyward is too fragile, Freeman is too young, Chipper is too old, Prado is good, but not as good as he was last year, CF is a black hole, the bench is terrible, Uggla has lost whatever skill set he had.

    The braves have hammers in back end of the bullpen, and the best catcher in baseball. That is not enough to win anything.

    Marlins and D-Backs probably fade, but the Central teams get to beat up on the Astros, Cubs, and Pirates all summer. That is an advantage vs. NL East.

    BTW, have we forgotten who our manager is?

  39. 78,

    What? This team, constructed, is amazing. We have:

    A 2010 all-star in LF
    A 2010 Silver Slugger (and multiple all-star) at 2B
    Arguably the best defensive shortstop in the majors
    A 5-time and 2010 all-star at C
    A promising rookie at 1B who OPS’ed .900 at the age of 20 at AAA
    A 6-time all-star at 3B
    A budding MVP candidate that had a historic season at the age of 20 in RF.

    We have 8 viable starting pitchers, with one of the best rotations in all of baseball. We have the best bullpen in baseball. We have the best back-up catcher and left-handed bench hitter in the league.

    There’s no problem with how this team is constructed. At the Braves’ budget, you can’t ask for a better constructed team. There is a problem with how it’s been playing, and there is a much bigger issue with coaching these days.

  40. Honestly, could eight randomly selected members of Braves Journal do worse than this offense? And does anyone in the front office notice?

  41. DIORY?!?! Maybe he just hasn’t been around the rest of the offense long enough to learn how to suck properly.

  42. The idea that we should sell is absolutely absurd. I can only assume such arguments are a form of trolling.

  43. Problem is that anyone we sell will promptly start hitting .350.

    Seriously, these guys can hit. They have in the recent past. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to get them started.

  44. I wonder if its an approach problem or a culture thing or a funk, i am not sure, but this is as bad as i can remember

  45. Uggla has an OPS of .552 … I wonder what the worst regular season ever is for a regular every-day player? This has to be somewhat historic.

  46. Schafer has a .557OPS
    AAG has a .647OPS

    Thats how our manager started our lineup tonight. Alsol, Uggla has a .552OPS. But you have to tip your cap, right?

  47. Last year everyone on the Phillies stopped hitting at once. This is different, but it happens. The main concern is Uggla, and to a lesser extent, Heyward. The former has a mechanical issue and the latter isn’t healthy. If those two figure it out, the Braves can win the wild card. But those are two big Ifs.

    As for selling… Who would the Braves sell? Seriously–is there a single player on the roster who won’t be here next year but would be useful to another team this year? Because the Braves, even if they give up on this season (which would be silly), will contend next season.

  48. The Braves would have to sell young pitching obviously. I wouldn’t do it since I don’t this team is just one or two players away. Half the lineup is completely feeble.

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