63 thoughts on “Let’s win the series game thread: April 13, Marlins at Braves”

  1. Sorry, from the last thread…

    re: Nate’s bunt, situation has something to do with it also. I would suggest (without any meaningful statistical analysis) that midway through a 3-0 game, the 4th run is more important to push across than the shot at a 3-4 run inning with the risk of getting nada. How many leadoff doubles did the Marlins strand last night? seemed like a few.

  2. Carlos Delgado announced his retirement today after not playing for over two years. That “cat” was already out of the bag, so to speak.

  3. Hey, Mac, just noticed that the Chipperometer is out of date. Doesn’t he have 2502 hits? (Or maybe it only stays up to date at major milestones?)

  4. Would 500 2B’s be a milestone? He’s got 497. I believe only 51 players have accomplished that number.

  5. Lame fantasy baseball question, but I’m in a quandary. I have Mat Latos coming off the DL and need to drop 1 starter. Who?

    Felix Hernandez
    Jon Lester
    Ricky Romero
    Kyle Drabek
    Michael Pineda
    Matt Garza
    Edison Volquez

  6. Poor Mets, Pt. XVIII

    The oft-injured Chris Young, who’s had 2 great starts, is getting pushed back in the rotation due to “bicep tendonitis.”

  7. No, he couldn’t hold a candle to Bisher. But then, I’m the last Bisher defender, so you can’t go by me.

  8. Then again, unless anyone else has anything to say about it, you sort of have to go by me. A lot of guys can describe the action, the result, and the ramifications. Bisher conveys the experience of attending the event, and there’s a lyrical quality to his writing that I appreciate.

  9. I had a dream last night that Greg Maddux called me and we chatted about the Braves rotation for an hour.

    In the dream I couldn’t remember who the 3rd starter was (Smoltz and Glavine were 1 and 2, Beachy and Minor were 4 and 5).

    Almost as cool as the time I dreamed that Brian McCann and I went on a tour of the Harley factory in Milwaukee. Or the time Chipper was giving me hitting advice in the cages at Turner field.

  10. Ya know, we’re all upset that Heyward bats 6th. It could be worse. We could have Melky batting 2nd and Francoeur batting 5th.

  11. Ages ago, I used to read Bisher’s column, but not always so much Outlar’s.

    Growing up in Columbus & not always seeing the AJC, I never had much of an opinion of Outlar until I went off to school in Athens. By then, the AJC had begun to bring in sports columnists who, IMO, brought a perspective that wasn’t always so provincial, people like Dave Kindred & Mark Bradley.

    I remember Outlar in the Sanford Stadium press box. He always struck me as a real backslapping, good ol’ boy. Seemed like everybody liked him.

    Classic moment on WFAN just now:

    Host: OK, Joey from Massapequa on the line… what’s up?

    JFM: [In thick South Shore LI accent] I just heard that lawyer on your show say that Bonds is gonna go to jail for obstruction of justice. But I’m telling ya, he ain’t never spending a minute behind bars. And I make sandwiches for a living!

  12. Better luck next season, etc.

    Also, Glavine and Joe really isn’t that great of an announcing team either. I’ll give them a break though because it’s two color guys trying to do PBP.

  13. Man. Just tuned in to see we’re down 4, then two hard-hit balls later, it’s 5-0. :-o

  14. If this is to be the pattern of the season, 5-0 shutouts followed by the same in reverse, then Lord make me a soccer fan.

  15. Hey, look a no-hitter. It would be too bad if we broke up this no-hitter with a hit.

    No-hitter, no-hitter, no-hitter.

  16. I see I’ve missed another impressive display. At least we can legitimately blame some of the offensive ineptitude on the opposing pitcher this time.

  17. Tip of the cap. At least only a few thousand are there to suffer through it. They should get free drinks.

  18. I understand that the Braves are facing good pitchers, but I am really tired of the feeble showing they place against them. In other words, it is predictable that they were no-hit through 5 tonight.

    Maybe it wasn’t TP’s fault after all.

  19. 1. I think Joe and Glavine are actually pretty good. Their play-by-play might not be extraordinary, but if you know baseball decently well, then you don’t need the play by play to know what’s happening. But interesting snippets from ex-players are really enlightening.

    2. Rough start for Huddy, but if you’re a pitcher who pitches to contact, games like this will happen every now and then. Unfortunately, this time it happened on a night that the Braves are up against one of the NLs five best starters, which brings us to . . .

    3. Hopefully the Braves will not make getting no hit at home an April tradition. But, as with last year, at least they are getting owned by an excellent, top-tier pitcher. And unlike last year, when Jimenez was really all over the place, Johnson has looked pretty good tonight.

  20. Hey! Is any body watching the game on tv?? Mediacom is not carring Peach TV. Are you using MLB TV anybody?

  21. @43

    It’s not the lack of PBP, it’s just that neither one seems that enthusiastic and their banter is forgettable.


    I’m watching on DirecTV. All of the Peachtree TV games are being broadcast on Fox Sportsouth outside the Atlanta metro.

  22. This is happening.

    Do our fans boo this time, or no? Are there enough there for it to be heard over the broadcast?

  23. Amazing how the Braves could look so good last night and so terrible tonight, right? Fun times.

  24. Maybe Sherrill will get knocked around in this mop up role. Sooner he’s gone the better.

  25. I was thinking Sherrill here, too. Linebrink last night. I may have psychic control over our 9th inning pitchers in 5 run games!

  26. Way to go, Chipper! Also, not that it matters, but it looked to me like the ump was calling a very expansive strike zone (especially down) to McCann there.

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