Surgical game thread: May 31, Padres at Braves

So anyway, I’m going into the hospital Thursday morning for a procedure. It shouldn’t be anything serious but it will keep me incommunicado or drugged for the next several days. I’ll recap tonight, then Stu has tomorrow night and Cary will handle Friday and Saturday. Needless to say, be nice, I’ll try to check in Friday but will be loopy.

117 thoughts on “Surgical game thread: May 31, Padres at Braves”

  1. Polanco leading Chipper. Seriously. Placido Polanco is in line to start an All-Star game for the first time at 35 years old without particularly awesome numbers.

    And Posey is still leading McCann with Molina really, REALLY close behind. This one shouldn’t be close, but Molina is right there.

  2. Heyward has an oddly high vote total for a second year player putting up mediocre numbers.

  3. You guys are just lucky I’m not responsible for recapping a Minor start.

    “Mike Minor was incredible, as always. Other stuff happened, too.”

  4. C: Buster Posey (785,314)
    1B: Albert Pujols (988,784)
    2B: Brandon Phillips (837,778)
    3B: Placido Polanco (724,724)
    SS: Troy Tulowitzki (975,777)
    OF: Ryan Braun (971,809)
    OF: Lance Berkman (872,434)
    OF: Matt Holliday (927,778)

    Who stands out there? Polanco. He isn’t even having a particularly good year. If you look at something like OPS+, Polanco, an annual empty .300, is at 110 while Chipper, one of the greatest players in the history of baseball, is at 109. Chipper needs to be in that spot. I could even live with Wright in that spot, but Polanco? There is no definition of “star” that fits Polanco.

  5. Ububba, as sorry as I am for your loss (I am old enough to remember how much it sucks losing a franchise) I am sooo jacked that big league hockey is back in the Peg. It will certainly make the NFL strike easier to take.

    Mac, good luck, God bless and get back soon.

    cheers, kp

  6. @20, yeah cuz if there’s one guy who can carry a team….

    c’mon dude, enough already.

  7. Luck, Mac.

    Stu, you’ve been driving the Schafer bandwagon solo for awhile. If he somehow has the same triple slash line in ten days when Louth is ready to come off the DL, what should they do?

  8. our prayers are with you, Mac.

    @30…i have a feeling Mac’s loopy check-in will be more worthwhile than the stalker’s posts.

  9. Platoon McLouth and Uggla, with Martin shifting between left and second. Or just plant something felonious on Uggla, then void his contract and permanently shift Prado to second and Nate to left.

  10. Here’s to ya, Mac, and here’s to a speedy recovery.

    I’m actually a hardcore New Jersey Devils fan. It’s the only NYC-area pro team that I’ve genuinely embraced. And I fell for them before the Thrashers came into being, so…

    But looking at it from the outside, it sucks for the real Thrashers fans and, yes, they do exist. I’ve actually hung out with them when the fan club would take its annual NYC trip for Devils/Rangers/Islanders games—great buncha people.

    (And speaking of the Islanders, they’re probably not long for Nassau County either; in August, the county will have a referendum related to the team’s future & I can’t see it passing.)

    BTW, I definitely agree with you on the part about Winnipeg. Canada should have more NHL teams, not less. Good for them.

  11. heh.

    /edit – and BTW, regarding an earlier question, I’ve always wanted to name this one, but never could think of anything good enough. Brought her out of retirement today for a little jazz trio I am working with.

  12. I tend to think I follow baseball pretty closely, but I really gave no idea who most of the guys are on the Padres roster. What is a Blake Tekotte?

  13. Schafer was robbed! That would have been a homer in his little league park, where he put up the only numbers that should count

  14. @47 – For the win.

    I’m hoping he bunts for a single later so ES can spontaneously combust.

  15. Chipper may have just pulled a groin and his knees are shot.

    Uggla may enter this game pretty quickly

  16. Good luck, Mac. Hope it’s all much ado about nothing.

    Although that loopiness you’ll be feeling this weekend will probably improve the Brave-watching experience.

  17. I’m not saying I’ll take money to block Emma when I have Ultimate Power tomorrow, but I’m also not saying I won’t…

  18. Great job by Minor to get out of that jam. It’s a shame our offense is so depleted that we’re overexposing Hinske.

  19. How many players do the Allstar managers select? It would be nice to see Prado get a selection.

  20. Who has the most extra innings base hits since 1980. No longer active, Chipper is 2nd.

    Barry Bonds? Ken Griffey Jr?

  21. Uggla didn’t agree with Fredi’s decision to sit him today. Can’t say I disagree with him. Even a struggling Uggla is better than Conrad at his “best”

  22. Getting out of my hammock just long enough to wish Mac well and say I am very thankful to Mac as Blogitect and all others who contribute their knowledgeable opinions. I have learned so much more about baseball by reading this blog (and just this blog after seeing other pretenders)over the last 3 years. I don’t contribute much, partly because I am still learning and partly because of beer and sunsets. Go Braves! Go, Mac!

  23. Game ended once Minor gave up the second run. Braves just don’t do three runs. They’re way too cool to score three runs.

  24. There are certain times where AAG just needs to stay in the dugout. That was definitely one of those times.

  25. I’m excited for yet another extra innings affair. This team has become so hard to watch, that I’ve been using this game to kill time while I wait for the NBA Finals to start.

  26. How do you walk someone as crappy as Eric Patterson? Also, why is it in Fredi’s mind that Diory Hernandez should be our number one Pinch Hit option

  27. Glad to see Fredi go get him. I guess he got to a stopping point in Angry Birds.

  28. That would have been a homer in a silo, the only true stat that should be measured on Schafer

  29. A third run! Shame to waste it on this game. We might need to score three runs again soon.

  30. OMG! I come home and turn on the game and see three runs on the scoreboard, what’s with this offensive explosion!!??

  31. No, NOW it’s pathetic because we got the usual number of runs- one fewer than what we need.

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