60 thoughts on “Quick game hopefully game thread: April 9, Braves at Phillies”

  1. I heard Sammy Hagar on the radio this morning, and for some reason, it made me think of Livan Hernandez.

    One foot on the dirt, and one on the grass, hey!
    Well, there’s too many baserunners, I can’t pass.
    So, I tried my best illegal move;
    I’m like Gaylord Perry – you can’t prove a thing.

    So, write me up for 6.25,
    God, I wish Eric Gregg was alive.
    Waive my contract, all that jive,
    I can’t throw 55!

    When I throw that slow, you know it’s hard to miss.
    And I can’t stop a batter past second base.
    What used to take two hours, now takes all day.
    It took me 16 hours to beat Tampa Bay!

    So, write me up for 6.25,
    God, I wish Eric Gregg was alive.
    Waive my contract, all that jive,
    I can’t throw 55!

  2. “It’s not a huge deal. I’m more proud of the fact I’ve got a plus-.400 on-base percentage.” -Chipper Jones, on reaching 2,500 career hits.

    Nice contrast from that other quote about OBP by a (former) Brave.

  3. Prado 7 McLouth 8 Chipper 5 McCann 2 Uggla 4 Heyward 9 Gonzalez 6 Freeman 3 Beachy 1

    Wow, McCann in a day game after a night game. Dawning of a new day.

  4. hey, just wondering if anyone else saw this tweet yesterday by DOB:

    “bbonner71: Tomahawk chop is gayest thing ever. #braves

    DOB: Guess it’s not as cool as projectile vomiting at Philly ballpark? ”

    saw that and couldn’t stop laughing. being from NJ, philly sports fans from any sport are the worst. im a devils fan at hockey and a NYG fan in football, so i have to put up with the unbearable rivalries all year long….

  5. Plus I think Fredi said he was getting the bench some PT in Mil because he was planning on using the full starting lineup against Phi.

  6. Still, the fact that Braves/Phillies fans outside of the blue area, or yankees/redsox fans inside the blue areas, can’t watch their game of choice is really unforgivable. Especially considering some of them pay for mlb.tv/extra innings.

    Serious market failure.

  7. I hate FOX. I’m only about 25 miles above the blue on that map, but still stuck with Buck, McCarver and the Yanks and the Sawx.

  8. im dead in the middle of NYY territory, but this is still crap. i hate my life. mlb radio and mlb.com gameday it is…

  9. I’m told that Ryan Howard can literally put the entire team on his shoulders. The word “figuratively” is literally dressed in rags and standing at an interstate off-ramp.

  10. The first five hitters in the lineup have 6 walks combined. Not a good number after 8 games.

  11. I love this infield defense. Freeman’s fantastic in the field, and Uggla is way, way better than advertised.

  12. Nice barehanded turn for the DP. Uggla flashin’ the D today. (Good efforts from AAG and Freeman on the play, too.)

  13. Seems odd that Sutton just called that Schneider home run the first Beachy has given up in the majors. I seem to recall Weeks hitting one five days ago.

    What are the odds this game ends 3-2?

  14. seems like a-gonzalez had a negative rap for a larger part of last season, what would he have to do to regain the collective love of the braves community this season?

  15. Because he played on the worst infield in the majors. And he had an awful exhibition game that one time… So obviously he had a lead glove.

  16. Really? An awkwardly long shot of slow ninjas inside of Brian Wilson’s beard is an mlb commercial? ok.

  17. Baseball is a crime when people like Linebrink get paid millions to be terrible at their job.

  18. Ugh. Stephen Marek, Jairo Asencio, and Juan Abreu all seem to be MLB ready relievers. I know we want some experience in the bullpen, but not experience that can’t retire opposing hitters.

  19. Fredi made a mistake not pinch hitting for Beachy in the 5th, letting Sherrill face Valdez, and not bringing in Venters to face Ruiz. Bases loaded in the 7th, you need your ace. He wouldn’t have been warm, I guess. That Heyward pop-up was a killer, too.

    Well, damn.

  20. Linebrink and Sherrill need a nick-name. Pair of Despair? Scream Team? Has-Been Twins?

  21. It’s days like this that I think, “gee, wouldn’t it be great to have Tim Collins instead of George Sherrill?” Also, I’m glad that I have tickets for tomorrow’s game instead of today’s.

  22. Well, looks like it was a good thing I had to work and didn’t see today’s atrocity.

    Sherrill for Whipping Boy.

  23. Sherrill and Linebrink (whose salary is mostly payed by the White Sox) wouldn’t really be that expensive to fire. Bring on the AAA relief corps.

    Finding out that Jairo Asencio is younger than we thought he was, but not enough that it really matters, is kind of like getting the Monopoly Card: “Bank Error in Your Favor – Collect $10.”

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