Braves 5, Giants 2

Atlanta Braves vs. San Francisco Giants – Box Score – April 23, 2011 – ESPN.

Nothing like a series on the road against the World Champions to cure what ails you. Wait a minute… Anyway, Tim Hudson rebounded with a strong start, and Fearing the Prado was back in order.

The Giants took the lead in the second when Commando Cody Ross singled in Pat Burrell, but the Braves tied it up in the third when McLouth singled, Hudson drew a walk (TAKE THE OUT, STUPID applies to pitchers who get too fancy in bunt situations) and Prado singled in McLouth. In the fifth, McLouth walked, Hudson did sacrifice him over, and Prado singled him in to make it 2-1.

In the seventh, Gonzalez doubled and McLouth walked again. Hudson bunted again to make it second and third, and Prado hit a grounder; the attempt to gun down the runner failed and it was 3-1. Heyward walked to load the bases and chase Lincecum. After Freeman popped out, McCann singled to score two and make it 5-1.

Hudson was cruising merrily along until the ninth, when he gave up a double, single, and sac fly to make it 5-2. He got the next guy, then when Buster Posey came up to pinch-hit Fredi brought in Craig Kimbrel. Posey, of course, was out.

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  1. JC’ed from the previous thread…

    It was clear from the 8th inning that Hudson didn’t really have anything left. I really didn’t like seeing him bat for himself or start the 9th. It was fortunate that Fredi had a relatively quick hook, but I was sorry that Kimbrel had to go for the 3rd night in a row — I wished it could have been O’Flaherty. (Or, hell, Gearrin.) After all, if a pitcher can’t get three outs before giving up four runs, he shouldn’t be in the pen. But, hell, a win’s a win.

    I’m going to renew my request that we stop complaining about Prado — who only went 2-4 with a walk and three RBIs (one of those RBIs was garbage, because the bases-loaded groundout should have been called an error, but still).

  2. On the West Coast swing, Prado has reached base 12 of the 28 times he has come to bat. Not too shabby, those numbers. Let’s hope it continues. Let’s also hope that Heyward is snapping out of his recent funk. He has had a couple nice games in a row as well.

  3. I think it’s time to give McLouth his due as well. Let’s hope this trend continues.

  4. Uggla always starts slow. I am not too worried. I am never too concerned with the offense as long as everybody is healthy…wait…

  5. Yeah, any word on Chipper or Venters? I know he pitched yesterday, but that was a worrisome report from DOB.

  6. Mike Minor’s line against Lastings Milledge and Charlotte tonight : 6 2/3 IP, 3H, 1ER, 3BB, 8Ks. Marek pitched a scoreless ninth for the save. Diory hit his third home run, which accounted for all three runs.

  7. I don’t know if Parish had an influence on the Braves’ approach tonight towards Lincecum, but I thought it was the best they’ve looked all year. They worked the count and didn’t swing at junk. I hope this is a sign that they’re turning the corner. They actually gave me some hope about the rest of the year, but again, it’s only one game.

  8. Heyward’s been improving his BA, but he still has yet to hit anything but a grounder in the past few games. It’s good to see him hitting it hard and finding holes in the infield, but I’m waiting to see him hit a couple line drives before I declare him “cured”.

    The offense in general has looked good, and I really like the current BA (when Chipper’s in). As long as Freeman continues to hit, it’s a really good lineup.

  9. I am glad that McLouth is beginning to get it done. However, it may be ungenerous of me, but I want to see some extra base hits. Right now, McLouth reminds me of a player who has hit with some power at upper A, gets to AA and then every hit is a single. Its some sort of survival mode against superior pitching. McLouth should be capable of more power than he is showing–but at least he is better than last year….

  10. @18 I am happy that McLouth is now hitting and walking. Hudson gets creditfor getting him to second on all three of his runs.

  11. 18 – Stephen, that’s kind of how I feel about f#*&in’ success this year. Despite the clear OBP approach he is showing, Schafer has to start getting some extra base hits.

    Also, is anyone following Andrelton Simmons this year? He sounds like he could be the best defensive shortstop in the minors, period. I am just hoping the bat develops. His BA is poor, but he has only struck out 4 times in around 50 AB at High-A.

  12. #18 & 19- Mclouth leads the team, along with Prado, in doubles. (6). He’s definitely coming around and its good to see. Last 7 days he’s 7 for 21, .333avg, .462OBP. 3 of those 7 hits were doubles. Gotta give him props.

  13. @17-

    Nope, it was a grounder. Bounced 3 or 4 times before it got to the OF. He’s not driving it at all.

  14. @21

    You know, if Gonzalez was competent, he’d bat McLouth near the top of the lineup….

  15. #20–Definitely. I am a big Andrelton Simmons fan–he just might be my favorite player in the minors….

  16. McLouth may well be coming around–but with a .675 OPS he is not exactly pounding the covers off the ball. That said, I could see him return to the top part of the lineup….

  17. TBH, McLouth is a very solid 8 hitter. He’s willing to take a walk, and his speed is useful for when the pitcher bunts him over (ie, he can score from 2B on a single). Like I said earlier, this lineup should be really good if Freeman hits.

  18. ajcbraves #Braves lineup: 1. Prado LF, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Jones 3B, 4. Uggla 2B, 5. Freeman 1B, 6. Ross C, 7. McLouth 8. Hicks SS, 9. Beachy RH

  19. @23-

    I stand corrected. I didn’t watch the top of the 9th, so I guess I missed it. :-(

    But yeah, that’s the kind of hit he needs to have consistently. It’s really encouraging to see him sting it like that. Hopefully he’ll start elevating the ball a bit more going forward.

  20. What I’m much more encouraged by, actually, is the walks. After walking in the first 8 games of the season, he had something like a 10-game walkless streak. If he’s walking, it means he’s seeing the ball and has a good approach.

  21. 20—I’m almost hoping he fails as a hitter, given what he has out of the ‘pen.

    Happy Easter, everyone.

  22. Mclouth developed an uppercut swing with the idea that he’s a power hitter. He has some pop but not enough to hit the ball out in Atlanta with any frequency. His value for the Braves is to get on base, hit some doubles, the occasional homer, and use his speed to score runs. Forget the uppercut and hit line drives.

  23. Good work by McLouth and Hicks to help Sanchez have a quick inning. Hell of a job, right there.

  24. Well, he didn’t make them hold up. The Braves are actually going to have to score again now.

  25. You can’t get away with too many mistakes up over the middle of the plate like he’s made to the last two hitters.

  26. Those kids chanting, “Extra extra, read all about it” are a nice reminder that I don’t ever want kids.

  27. Time for a hibernation mode power nap.

    If something happens, someone tell Chip to wake me by shouting like a jack ass.

  28. Turns out that Affeldt’s establishment of the curveball was really just Heyward’s sizing up of the curveball.

  29. Heyward lulled him into a false sense of security by pretending not to recognize that first curve-ball. Count it.

  30. My guess is that Fredi is holding Venters back to close in the 9th, even though this might be the real save situation.

  31. This is a different interpretation of Bobby’s “Sunday white flag,” but the net effect might be the same.

  32. I would like to congratulate Fredi Gonzalez for doing everything in his limited ability to lose games this year. I’d say this is three on him, and him alone, so far.

  33. This potential loss will be ENTIRELY ENTIRELY on Fredi Gonzalez who should have pulled that no name pitcher at the first sign of trouble. Unreal.

  34. Why do we do this again and again and again and again???? It’s SO frustrating to be a Braves fan, I’m almost ready to quit. What an idiot manager we have.

  35. Just disgusting. If we walk out of this ballpark with a loss today, its a horrible missed opportunity on Fredi. Getting a sweep at the home of the reigning world series champions would be a HUGE morale booster for the Braves and Fredi’s horrible decision making has possibly cost us this golden opportunity.

  36. I’m so pissed I wasted a Sunday afternoon. If Fredi Gonzalez doesn’t care if the Braves win, I’m not clear why I do.

  37. Fredi Gonzales isn’t smart enough to manage a Foot Locker, let alone a major league team. How do you leave a mop up guy out there for this long??

  38. I’m astonished right now. In any other field/industry, this kind of incompetence wouldn’t be tolerated for 15 minutes.

    This one is on the manager, and it hurts.

  39. C’mon Bravos, let’s actually respond to a challenge and get some runs.

    Right on cue. Nice job Danny Boy

  40. Well, clearly they wanted to know to know what they had in Asencio. Hopefully this answer has been satisfactory so we never have to ask the question again.

    Frankly, I thought he should’ve been out after walking in a run.

  41. Linebrink should have been in four batters ago.

    If this is lost, that’s two games in just this road trip where the loss can be pinned on the manager. I never, ever thought I’d miss Bobby’s tactics, but I do.

  42. I want to have faith in Fredi, but he’s making it difficult. The violations of basic baseball common sense are mounting.

  43. This is the fourth game where Fredi’s in game strategy has blown the game. I am sure the beat writers will continue to ignore it.

  44. What is this, a freak show? But still, who believes we will win this game? I know I don’t.

  45. Sluggla?

    EDIT: Who cares what the beat writers do? The only person who matters is Frank Wren.

  46. Meanwhile, the Marlins are 13-7. Maybe they did know something about good ole Fredi…

    Isn’t Fredi the same guy who said he was going to keep Heyward in the sixth spot?

    Good job Danny…

  47. @127, After that implosion against the Dodgers, I certainly don’t. I’d love to be proven wrong.

  48. Or maybe Fredi lets McDowell pitch and we have to forfeit. Sounds silly, but would it shock anyone?

  49. Why would you put McCann in now? Just wait until the next half inning when you can pinch-hit him with Ross being the better defensive catcher.

  50. If McCann is in the game, wouldn’t Bochy just leave Lopez in to face him? Wouldn’t you want to wait for Wilson to be announced before pinch hitting with McCann?

  51. 142 — I think it’s more that Prado and Heyward are just good and have broken out of slumps. It’s a bonus that Heyward gets more PAs now that he’s batting 2nd.

  52. It still takes the better defensive player out of the game when it’s not necessary yet…ya know, it would be wise to wait until we’re actually on offense.

  53. Did everyone notice the last two pitchers – Linebrink and O’Flaherty? The guys who got through the last inning and a third without giving up a run? I’m guessing either would have been better bets to pitch the 7th, or at least come in to pitch once Asencio ran into trouble.

  54. I would hate Brian Wilson if he pitched for the Braves since he looks like such a douche

  55. @151

    Yeah. That’s kind of his thing.

    It really wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to see a commercial about his stupid beard every time I turned on the TV.

  56. Will Fredi squeeze three times in a row?

    Not unless the bases are loaded, so it’s a force out at home. They’ll never suspect.

  57. WOW. I refreshed Braves Journal right before that hit. There must be a huge delay for my MLB.TV account (I’m watching the high def channel) so it made me smile to know a hit was coming.

    Maybe Fredi will send O’Flaherty out for a third inning and let Kimbrel and Venters sit in the bullpen.

  58. Before 2010, the phrase floating around San Francisco was “fear the bear.”


  59. I really dislike Brian Wilson and the Giants and if we can hold the fort here in the 9th, sweeping them at home (like I said earlier) will be a HUGE morale boost for the Braves.

  60. So we just need a guy or three for the 7th inning as Venters and Kimbrel are almost unreal.

  61. What’s more surprising – that the Braves came back and won the game, completing the sweep? Or that a lefty got a hit off Venters?

  62. Posey was out, again.

    Had a fantastic Easter before the game. This game was like chocolate syrup on a brownie sundae of a day.

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