Brewers 1, Braves 0

Atlanta Braves vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Box Score – April 05, 2011 – ESPN.

Well, that was sad. The Braves were completely stymied by Yovani Gallardo, getting a hit in the first by Nate McLouth (erased on a GIDP by Chipper), a walk by Martin Prado leading off the fourth (erased on a GIDP by McLouth), a walk by Jason Heyward in the sixth (Alex Gonzalez would have grounded into a double play but there were two out) and a single by Dan Uggla in the eighth (erased on a caught stealing when he overslid the bag). They didn’t even strike out that much, just twice. It’s only that everything was hit softly.

Derek Lowe deserved better, getting the loss for six innings of five-hit baseball, allowing a run in the third after some sloppy defense, a two out single by Ryan Braun scoring Gallardo. Other than that, the Brewers didn’t do much against him, but it was enough. Some nice defense in the eighth (two runners gunned down at the plate) kept it close, but not close enough. They might never have scored at that rate.

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  1. Pete Orr is on a major league roster, with the Phillies no less? How did that happen?

  2. Yuck, but it looks like the pitching matchups favor us in the next two games. Looking forward to watching Minor pitch again with a rested arm.

  3. BTW, Andruw hit a HR in his first Yankee AB tonight.

    Slightly off-topic, but I must say it again: the Yankees’ John Sterling is the worst radio announcer in the history of baseball.

    If he could just tell me what’s actually happening with any accuracy, I could put up with his general obnoxiousness. But…

    OK, an example: I’m driving home tonight, got the Braves game on my iPhone app. Inning ends, so I think, “Let me see what the Yankees are doing.” I flip on WCBS & it’s 4-1 Yanks, Top 8, bases loaded, 2 outs & Delmon Young at bat.

    I know this, not because Sterling is telling me, but because I have to look at the MLB app at a stoplight. So, I’ll approximate what came next: “The pitch to Young… popped up…”

    Sterling offers this in matter-of-fact manner with a long pause, leading me to believe that this is a can of corn somewhere, perhaps on the infield (because, of course, he doesn’t tell me where it’s actually popped up), the inning is over & the Yanks have escaped, so I actually reach to flip off the car radio & go back to the Braves game. But no… there’s more.

    “Swisher can’t make the play!” (Um, why is Swisher even attempting to make a play?) “Cano makes the throw!” (Cano? Huh?) “Three runs are gonna score.” (What the hell just happened?) “And we’re tied!” (OK, he got that one right.)

    I had to come home, fire up & watch the replay, which was a Texas Leaguer into RF that Swisher played like a hand grenade. It got by him & Cano went into short RF to retrieve the ball.

    I never complain about TV announcers. I don’t need them. Ever. But I need a radio announcer for basic facts and, after all these years, John Sterling remains the very worst.

  4. @8, that’s a good story. It makes me love Powell all the more.

    “Swisher can’t make the play. Cano makes the throw. Three runs are gonna score.”

    Is he watching the game, or is he making the call off the MLB Gameday play description?

  5. The braves should just dub the radio call during the TV broadcast like the Dodgers to with Vin Scully.

    Powell and Sutton are some of the best in the business.

  6. I listened to Uecker on the radio last night. He doesn’t do too well at describing what’s on the field, but he’s a fun listen. On a Braves vs. Brewers call last year he gave a “juuuust a bit outside” that had me laughing.

  7. Anyone know if it’s possible to sync the radio broadcast, played through the At Bat app, with the TV broadcast?

    Tried toggling the pause/play button on the app last night, but it actually stops the stream instead of pausing it.

  8. Someone the other day mentioned being able to use the radio broadcast (synched) on the PS3 app. Don’t know about the At Bat app, though.

  9. Put Chip Carey and John Sterling together on a game and broadcast it to Libya. Quaddaffi will leave screaming for mercy.

  10. @14,

    ” I don’t know Monte, it looks like Vaughn is carrying his left a little low. This could hurt him in the later rounds.”

  11. @ Vulcan Change
    I found and posted about an excellent method of syncing radio broadcasts to TV the other day. It can be found here (

    I used it to great effect last night, but when I went downstairs to watch the game with my roommate, I had to endure a few innings of Chip anyway. Next step – wiring speakers in the living room from my sync-ed setup in the bedroom.

  12. @14 despite charlie sheen and his antics. he walked on stage in cleveland with a #99 jersey. And that is awseome.

  13. @PeteOrr
    Thanks for the link! $30 for VAC on top of the $15 already paid for the app? You’re right; totally worth getting rid of Chip.

    I agree with csg about Uggla’s defense. Last night’s cutdown at the plate was a nice makegood for the sliding miscue.

  14. @27 Thus ends my continued support for Freeman. I need another team’s first baseman to pull for now. Is Casey Kotchman still alive?

  15. Kudos to Freeman for owning up to his… interesting musical tastes. Better than that some kid going on about his new Kings of Leon cd.

  16. We face Marco Estrada tonight. He’s a very average Minor League pitcher, so we’ll obviously have a hard time.

  17. So thet are Red Sox fnas calling for Francona’s head.

    I liked them better when they were losers. Now they have offically become douches.

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