Braves 4, Giants 1

Atlanta Braves vs. San Francisco Giants – Box Score – April 22, 2011 – ESPN.

Thanks to an appearance by the Good Tommy Hanson, the Braves got some measure of revenge. (Posey was out four more times.) Hanson had command of all his pitches, for perhaps the first time all year, and allowed just three hits and one walk while striking out seven in seven innings. The Giants’ lone run came in the seventh, scoring on a groundout after a leadoff double and a wild pitch.

The Braves led 4-0 at the time, having chased Madison Bumgarner in the third, when they scored all their runs. McLouth led off by working a walk, and after a Hanson bunt Prado also walked. Jason Heyward‘s second hit of the night (hopefully that’s it for his slump) brought home McLouth to make it 1-0. Chipper doubled off the wall, Commmando Cody Ross somehow not making the game-saving play, scoring both runners. Freddie Franchise‘s single capped the Braves’ scoring. The team more or less went into Hibernation Mode from there, garnering only three more baserunners — two of them Freeman, who is just on a tear.

After Hanson left, Venters, whose availability was in doubt, pitched the eighth, getting a strikeout and two groundouts as is his wont. After pitching two innings yesterday, Kimbrel was not as dominant as usual and got three ball-in-play outs for the easy save.

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  1. From DOB’s blog, quoting Fredi:

    On taking advantage of two walks in the four-run third inning

    “That’s the new thing we’re going to try to do is walk, so we can catch up to last year’s team at this time.” [sarcasm]

    Remember when a big deal was made about how Fredi knows some advanced stats, and even went to the SABR convention? Well, I’m starting to wish he didn’t. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. He seems to be reading the blog criticisms, but all it’s doing is pissing him off.

  2. This Gearrin kid that got called up is from near where I live. In fact, my wife teaches in the same school system as his dad, they are on a committee together.

    So I will be pulling for the kid.

  3. Freeman hitting 3rd today while Chipper sits with right (non-operative) knee soreness. Says it’s been going on for the past week and a half. Get healthy, old man, we need you.

  4. Is that really a quote from Fredi? What a pompous fucking asshole. Does this moron really think he can come over and after not accomplishing shit but a losing record, start insulting anybody in the fanbase who dares to question his unbelievably stupid “tactics”?

    And to think everybody was on this guy’s side when the Marlins fired him over Hanley. I bet Hanley got paid to go through all that drama, just to give Loria a reason to justify firing this clown.

  5. This is what happens when a team coronates a manager like the Braves did with Fredi Gonzalez instead of making a real effort. Competition is healthy.

  6. How long does the organization give Fredi? Two years? This team is too talented not to be winning more.

  7. Wow, he really got you guys’ panties in a wad, huh? Where does he get off not pandering to the whims of the fanbase masses? Ya know, because Bobby was always concerned with what fans thought of his decisions too. Come to think of it, Connie Mack, Tug McGraw, Tony LaRussa, and Sparky Anderson weren’t exactly PR darlings.

    21 games. Let’s give it some time. When we’re playing baseball in October, I don’t think we’ll be worried about our first 30 games. Go read the comments during the 9 game losing streak last year if you don’t believe me.

  8. I don’t live in Atlanta or San Francisco and the game is blacked out. Thanks, MLB.

  9. If we’re playing baseball in October, it won’t be because of Fredi and his tactical brilliance.

    Fredi can be smug when he’s accomplished something other than being the beneficiary of nepotism.

  10. Downeaster, what in heaven’s name are you talking about? In 2008, Fredi’s Marlins were 84-77 and finished third; in 2009, they were 87-75 and finished second. Yes, they finished ahead of us in both seasons, despite the fact that their payroll was far, far below ours.

    Seriously, dude.

  11. I don’t mind stealing some bases, but that might not have been the best situation. I wonder if someone missed a sign.

  12. I hate the way Nate holds onto the ball every time he fields a ball in play instead of getting it back in. It’s like he has to take time to assess his options… “do I throw it to Freddy? Maybe Uggla? Hmmmm, decisions, decisions…” Get the freaking ball back in!

    I think Fredi will be a fine manager and he just has a bit more colorful personality than we have grown used to over the years.

  13. Downeaster, can you describe this nepotism? He did a good job in Atlanta, which he leveraged into a major league manager job. Then when he did well in Florida, he leveraged that into a job that he probably wanted to begin with. Sounds like your run-at-the-mill success story, not nepotism.

  14. The fans right behind homeplate are heckling our batters. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Kinda tacky…

  15. I’m not sure if Freddie will get real consideration for a gold glove as a mostly unknown rookie, but holy smokes he’s almost made a season’s worth of great plays already.

  16. I just tuned into the radio feed… what the hell is wrong with Sutton’s voice? My goodness he sounds bad.

  17. Really? With 2 meaningless runs on the field? And Kimbrel pitching 3 innings the past 2 days?

  18. Hudson didn’t have anything left. If there was a mistake – and it’s debatable – it was letting Hudson start the 9th. They could have used one of the other arms there, but clearly they wanted to give Hudson a chance to save the whole pen.

    Venters could be the 9th inning guy tomorrow if necessary.

  19. I think guys like Hudson have earned the right to tell the manager he’s good for one more inning, especially with a four run lead. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with what went down today.

    My dad and buddy were at the game; wish I was with them.

  20. Kimbrel’s on pace for 44 saves and Freddie’s on pace for 22 home runs. Pretty good chance that the ROY could be a Brave.

  21. It was clear from the 8th inning that Hudson didn’t really have anything left. I really didn’t like seeing him bat for himself or start the 9th. It was fortunate that Fredi had a relatively quick hook, but I was sorry that Kimbrel had to go for the 3rd night in a row — I wished it could have been O’Flaherty. (Or, hell, Gearrin.) After all, if a pitcher can’t get three outs before giving up four runs, he shouldn’t be in the pen. But, hell, a win’s a win.

    I’m going to renew my request that we stop complaining about Prado — who only went 2-4 with a walk and three RBIs (one of those RBIs was garbage, because the bases-loaded groundout should have been called an error, but still).

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