168 thoughts on “GAEM THRED BRAEVS AT METTS AGUST 7 2011”

  1. He got sick of being ridiculed on the internets, so he took his base-on-balls and went home.

  2. Always nice to hear from Dank Lob again. Not nice enough to offer him a position, but nice.

  3. And the lineup is:

    Bourn cf
    Prado 3b
    Freeman 1b
    Uggla 2b
    Heyward rf
    AAG ss
    Constanza lf
    Boscan “c”
    Minor p

  4. I decided to follow Chip on Twitter. I like him less and less everyday. He is making me miss the days of Bob Rathburn, ugh. I wish we were stuck with Ernie’s kid and not Skip’s.

  5. I told Chip that he needed to stop pushing his political views and focus on baseball. He responded to me something stupid (I won’t repeat it to avoid politics on here) I just retorted “this from the guy who thinks OBP isn’t important.”

    Too easy. Just retort him using baseball logic.

  6. If you hate Chip (and there’s no reason not to hate him professionally) why would you follow him?

  7. Chipper was planning on taking today off the whole time. Said he knew he’d be sore after playing a whole game in the field.

  8. @10,

    I didn’t really hate him all that much. I would like to see a Chop-n-change do and interview/debate with him.

  9. I don’t hate him personally, but he’s really bad at his stated job. My personal pet peeve is that every ball to the outfield is, in Chip-world, a “line drive.” Regardless of whether the ball is hit on a line or not. Little looping Texas leaguer that falls in front of the charging RF, just out of the 2B’s reach? “Line drive to right!”

    I don’t ask for much from an announcer. I don’t ask that they embrace the cutting edge of statistical analysis, or even the established truth of on-base percentage really. I do, however, ask that they be able to describe the game of baseball effectively. Chip can’t seem to do that.

  10. Just checked the Twitter feed. My politics align with Caray’s apparently, but it’s still annoying. There’s only a very few reasons people would ever follow Chip Caray and they all have something to do with baseball. Nobody cares about your political opinion, Chip.

  11. People talking politics on twitter is a huge personal pet peeve for me. I have to take twitter vacations during certain times of the year.

  12. For one swing, J-Hey looks like 2010 J-Hey. Let’s hope that’s the start of something.

  13. Yep, Constanza pulled a Melky, though it appeared he was simply tasting the bat, not actively eating parts of it.

  14. How Fredi can keep letting that worthless hack Agony continue to kill this team with RISP is beyond me. I don’t care if he is Mother Theresa in the clubhouse, the dude flat out can’t hit

  15. Bourn’s speed bails us out. I know analysts don’t think speed is all that important, but I do love having guys on the basepaths that drive defenses bonkers.

  16. The Braves’ second run of the game is brought to you by the letter “S”, as in SPEED.

  17. Apparently Bourn doesn’t understand the team policy yet of not scoring runners from 3rd with less then 2 outs. Although only he or T-Bone could have beat the throw to score the run, so he tried to conform with AAG and the rest of the gang

  18. The SNY guys pointed it out and it’s true: how crazy is it that we went from the slowest team in the league to having two of the fastest guys in a matter of days?

  19. All 4 bases that Constanza advanced to were because of speed; his own speed for the first 3, and then Bourn’s speed allowed him to score.

  20. i’m really disgusted with how good the Braves’ pitching has made opposing pitchers look at the plate in the last week or so.

  21. Wow. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while…but that was a bomb.

  22. 62- Almost; six career home runs in six-plus minor-league seasons.

    If AAG and George take you deep and Boscan gets a hit off of you, the manager needs to bring your suitcase to the mound.

  23. AAG’s HR was a no-doubter. dude needs to just put the ball in play a little more with runners on. no one advances when you strike out all the time.

  24. Who was the little oufielder leadoff hitter for the braves for part of a season who could run like hell but looked kinda portly

  25. Prado swings at a ball a mile outside and grounds out.


  26. Anyone know where to find team stats for getting the runner from 3rd in with less than 2 outs?

  27. He was after Garr and only played part of a season I think. Wasn’t even close to as good a player as Garr. I think he was a lefty.

  28. Anytime you can pull a double-switch to make the defense significantly worse, that’s a move you’ve got to make.

  29. 93 — Go to Baseball-Reference.com and look through the Atlanta Braves Franchise Encyclopedia. You can look at individual seasons and statistics and find the player you’re looking for.

  30. mikemc, yeh, or maybe I’m thinking of Eddie Hall. Thanks braves14, I’ve never been to that part of the bref site, pretty cool!

  31. SNY is ripping apart Georgie for the slide. I mean, it was ugly, but definitely wasn’t intentional… Bad break for Murphy.

  32. Constanza’s looked a lot worse when he folded his leg under him.

    Actually that last replay looked pretty bad on Murphy.

  33. Further proof that this team is weaker with Chipper in the game…If T-Bone is in left he makes that play

  34. So if you’re a self-professed player of hot hands, wouldn’t you just replace Prado with Chipper and leave Constanza and Heyward alone? Would that require too much internal consistency?

  35. Why would you double switch and make your team defensively worse in a stadium that begs for speed and defense?

  36. Relative to Prado’s hand temperature of late, I think pretty much anyone else would qualify as hot handed.

  37. So the last 2 days it seems like Freeman is guessing every time he hits, and guessing wrong for that matter.

  38. This team can’t score with a runner on third with 0-1 outs, why would it with a runner on third and two outs?

  39. So now Venters can’t throw strikes and we are only one more Texas league single from trailing

  40. Am I the only one who would’ve taken Venters out before this RH batter?

    Guess it doesn’t matter. WHEW.

  41. Another multiple hit game for Agony…still not a fan. He will need a lot more of those to make me a believer

  42. To paraphrase a video game, grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and Fredi orders bunts.

  43. The SNY announcers sounded devastated by this one. But hearing Ron Darling say “crushing Mets loss” is music to my ears.

  44. Caray and Simpson were saying before the game that Gee was Freeman/Kimbrel’s threat in the Rookie of the Year race. Now Gee’s ERA is right at four.

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