137 thoughts on “The Radical Innovation Which Is Night Baseball Game Thread: April 5, Braves at Brewers”

  1. From previous thread:
    Fun fact: People who live in town come up with the same lame excuses for not wanting to drive to the suburbs for something, as well.

    For me & many of my friends who live well inside the Perimeter, not venturing to the Atlanta suburbs has never had anything to do with traffic.

  2. I hear that they’ve proposed televising these games!
    You could live over a hundred miles away and see all the action almost live!

    (disgruntled fan who lives outside the Fox Sports South area. And no fair asking why.)

  3. For me & many of my friends who live well inside the Perimeter, not venturing to the Atlanta suburbs has never had anything to do with traffic.

    That’s much nicer than how I was going to put it. Well done.

  4. Been tinkering around with the MLB.TV on the PS3 and the 46″ TV. Fantastic. Much better than last year. One word of advice, if you’re wanting to stream it in HD w/out chopping up, you should probably be streaming at 5-10 Mb/S. MLB’s website says you can get away with 3000 Kb/S, but that wouldn’t have cut it for me. IMO, if your internet connections isn’t up to snuff, the product is a waste of money.

  5. Braves
    Prado 7
    McLouth 8
    Jones 5
    McCann 2
    Uggla 4
    Heyward 9
    Gonzalez 6
    Hinske 3
    Lowe 1

  6. Gallardo is a tough RH to face and Hinske has had some success against him. Freeman is kinda struggling a bit so its probably not a terrible decision.

  7. little tidbit from DOB…

    Folks, this is one of the more remarkable stats I’ve come across recently, and I found it while crunching numbers this morning: In his major league career, hitters are 0-for-20 with 15 strikeouts against the Braves’ Kimbrel in close-and-late situations.

  8. Craig Kimbrel has faced 94 batters in 22 2/3 innings; he has struck out 45 of them and walked 16 of them, and just nine of them have gotten a hit. Of those nine hits, seven were singles and two were doubles. Only once, on June 5 of 2010 — his fifth major league appearance — did he ever give up two hits in a single inning, and that’s the day he gave up his only run. Batters are hitting .115/.266/.141 off him.

    One of the most unhittable pitchers in recent history was Joba Chamberlain in 2007, during which he posted the highest ERA+ of all time. In 2007, Chamberlain faced 91 batters in 24 innings, and he struck out 34 of them and walked six, allowing 12 hits (7 singles, 4 doubles, and one home run); batters hit .145/.211/.229 off him.

    The way he’s going right now, Craig Kimbrel is one of the most unhittable pitchers in recent memory.

  9. I like these games played at 7 p.m. my time. It makes it much easier to get supper taken care of by the time the first pitch is thrown.

    I’m throwing brats on the grill about 5:30, who’s coming over?

  10. Cant blame John Lackey’s suckiness on Salty. Red Sox may have a great lineup, but their expensive rotation isnt impressive.

    Lackey’s belt high, no movement, fastball to Cruz with the bases loaded is his own issue.

  11. 1 –

    I’m not really sure where the city ends and suburbs begin. My sister lives “in town,” per se, but as I see it, she doesn’t live anywhere I would describe as “urban” or city-like. And it’s not like her house is that far from an overwhelming number of chain stores and restaurants.

    I’m just not really a sunbelt kind of guy anymore, I suppose. I do like going back to Atlanta and catching a few ballgames, though, and the traffic doesn’t deter me after years of getting stuck in rush hour around the big cities of the North.

  12. @13
    whether you believe in cera or not, i recall mccann’s minor league cera being 1/2 a run lower than salty’s and they virtually caught the same guys.

  13. I live about 3 hours away from Atlanta and money is tight so I’m only able to go to a game or 2 per year. I wish I could go to more. Also, I get extremely nervous driving through Atlanta traffic…I like to think I’m a safe/good driver, but there are always idiots out there who don’t look where they’re going.

  14. Jackass of a comment from Fredi: “This guy [Proctor] is a professional. He’ll help us before this year is over with. I’m glad he signed with us.

  15. I have a hard time imagining DOB “crunching numbers.” I imagine it’s more like “screwing up my face while someone looks at BREF for me.”

  16. @1,3

    I am aware of that, but then the real reason people who live in the suburbs don’t want to go into the city isn’t traffic, either. Traffic is always just the excuse for both sides.

    EDIT: @20, This always happened with Bobby, too. Everyone jumped on him when he didn’t tell the media that so-and-so sucked out loud. I really don’t know what you expect Fredi to say when asked directly about Proctor. “Well, I saw that guy pitch in spring training, and he is truly awful. I really have no idea why we signed him again. I will personally have myself shot before ever using him in a meaningful situation”??? He’s not going to freaking say that…ever. Even if that is what he thinks.

  17. I asked Bill James (on Hey Bill) a few days ago what the optimal strategy was, if you should sit all your sittable regulars at once or spread them out as Fredi seems to be doing…

    I don’t know that resting everybody at the same time is a realistic option, because you don’t have enough bench players to do that. Otherwise. . .from a strictly mathematical standpoint, in a way that probably has little or nothing to do with real-life decisions.. ..I think the answer depends on whether you have a good team or a poor one. If you have a good team, the optimal resting pattern is one player at a time; if you have a poor team, perhaps everybody at once.

    Not SURE that is the right answer. The answer depends on where you are with regard to the probability curves. If you’re in the area where you have an 80% chance to win a game (which does happen in real life, given pitching matchups) then resting one player probably does very little to change your chance of winning that game, whereas resting four players at once would have MORE THAN 4X the impact. On the other hand, if you have a poor team and a starting a pitcher with a 6.00 ERA against the Twins, let us say, then your chance of winning that game is so low that resting everybody in sight probably has minimal impact.

  18. Bethany, we need to leverage your Braves fandom. Hows abouts some Eephus League stickers for the team? Ones that say “Braves,” ones that say “Turner Field,” and ones for each member of the team. They would help make the Braves appropriately special in a filled scorebook more than any number of smiley faces and exclamation marks ever could.

  19. On today’s fantasy baseball podcast on espn.com Matthew Berry raved about both Beachy and Kimbrel. But, talking about damning with faint praise, he went on to say that Beachy is nothing more than a spot-starter, and that he would much rather have Huston Street (Rockies) or Joel Hanrahan (Pirates) than Kimbrel as a fantasy closer. Sure, take a guy in Street (who has missed a lot of time in the last 4 seasons, or a guy closing for the Pirates) over someone who k’s two batters per inning, while saving games for what looks to be an outstanding team.

  20. Joey, that is a great idea until I get sued into the ground by the Braves. Someday I’ll have licensing and the Braves will be the first team specific scorebook I make.

  21. Don’t know if any of you guys already saw this:

    I knew Melky loves to eat, but this is ridiculous.

  22. No real mystery to intown vs. suburbs. Intown is a great place for unencumbered renters who value nightlife. Suburbs are great for homeowners with families who value schools. There are lots of people with cars in both places. Copy and paste for the metropolitan area of your choice.

  23. Hamels doesn’t seem to have it tonight—it’s 4-0 Mets early.

    We’ll see if the Mighty Madoffs can keep it up.

  24. Chris Young pitching for the Madoffs with 2 hits in the inning. Don’t see that every day.

    Mets even squandered a first inning, no outs, runners on second and third chance in the game.

    Hamels finally out of the game.

  25. Yes, but never underestimate the ability of the Mets to blow a lead, especially to the Phillies.

  26. Anyone notice Jo-Jo Reyes pitching tonight?

    3.1IP 9H 3ER so far… 1BB 3K and out of the game.

  27. @23 – Bill James’ reasoning makes sense, but it doesn’t take into account how good your bench is and handedness. Sometimes Cox seemed to put out a lineup that gave us very little chance of winning by making wholesale changes. At other times he started a lot of right handers against lh pitchers. With a good bench and a relatively large difference in splits, this was a decent strategy.

  28. Lowe sure is picking up a lot of swing and misses. Its nice seeing him throw pitches other than his sinker now.

  29. He interpreted people wanting to move McLouth out of the 2 hole as overreacting after a slow 4 game start. It sounded like he hadn’t even considered that people would rather have Heyward second because he’s simply a better hitter.

  30. People live in the suburbs because we subsidize suburban living like a bunch of fools.

  31. I like the CBS Sports Gametracker I guess because of the way it looks, but they all are changed by the same person at the ballpark at the same time.

  32. Anyone going to the games Friday or Saturday night, let me know. I’ll be at both.

  33. I don’t understand why Nyger Morgan wasn’t half way down the baseline with Chipper playing so far over into the whole for that shift. Made no sense to me.

  34. I dislike Fielder more every time I see him. I was pulling hard for Lowe to nail him in the shoulder. I assume he’s always scowling just because he’s in between meals.

  35. McOut evidently can’t bunt, can’t hit, and can’t run. Maybe we should call him McCant, let’s have a recount on that whipping boy election.

  36. Other than the two solos last night the Braves havent had a runner in scoring position

  37. I came in during the fourth; how has Lowe looked? Has he been legitimately as dominant as his line would indicate?

  38. 73 — Yes.

    74 — We have to live with whatever we get because there is no one else. In fairness, he has been good defensively and hasn’t gotten off to a bad start, leaving aside the last PA.

  39. This should be Lowe’s last inning as he’s almost to 100 pitches.

    Freeman makes that play.

  40. wondering how many seconds or minutes behind mlb.tv is. seems like some posts are a little ahead of what im seeing in NJ on my computer….

  41. If Fredi holds to his comment a few days ago about not pitching Venters and Kimbrel more than 2 days in a row, then Venters is unavailable tonight. Looks like we might see Sherrill and/or Linebrink.

    Surprised Lowe is hitting for himself here.

  42. 84- I was thinking the same thing. I will be pissed if Lowe ends up getting pulled next inning.

  43. How were the brats on the grill RJ? Just tuned in. Is Gallardo really pitching as well as the score suggests?

  44. 87 — He has only struck out one but has thrown lots of strikes and nobody has made solid contact. McLouth’s hit was a bloop.

  45. Yunel had his helmet off before he reached 2nd base. I miss his bat and glove, but I don’t miss him.

  46. 103
    Uggla slid way too late.

    No one should ever slide head first. Football players have helmets and pads and dive head first and miss 2 months with a concussion.

  47. In heyward’s defense, mclouth was running hard toward him and we all know what happened last time that happened.

  48. That was an uncharacteristic mistake by Heyward… redeemed by Uggla! And I hate to say it, but unless we actually score in the 9th, an extra run for the Brewers is irrelevant to the W/L.

  49. @103

    It has always seemed to me that guys miss the bag more often when they can’t hold on after a head first slide.

    How often do you see a base runner scoot over the bag the way Uggla did earlier?

  50. Alright! Great job keeping runs off the board there. Now let’s see if the Braves can put a few on themselves….

  51. Wow, what a great defensive inning. Uggla and Prado with great throws, AAG with a nice fake out.

  52. Nice throw Prado!

    You throw 2 runners out at the plate in the 8th. Playoff teams win these games. Get it done, Braves.

  53. I wholeheartedly endorse sliding headfirst, as I’ve mentioned before. You might jam a finger, but it’s better than breaking an ankle, and you’re much more likely to be safe. Learn to slide well and you won’t have problems. Dan, extra base running drills, please.

  54. I must say that I don’t care for this night baseball idea. As a Braves fan, I hope it doesn’t catch on.

  55. Geez. No one could barrel a ball up the whole night. Just a bunch of grounders.

    I think if they’d worked the count a little better earlier, we could’ve gotten Gallardo out of the game, because he certainly wasn’t in the zone the whole time.

    Oh well. Guess you gotta tip your hat. Another great effort by the pitching staff, which is encouraging.

  56. Nyjer Morgan just outhit our team. That isn’t including his slugging prowess, which put our hitters to shame.

  57. If Gallardo only needs to pitch against the Braves, he would be a modern day Cy Young.

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