SEC picks, week 3

Home teams in bold.

Alabama 41, Duke 6
Arkansas 21, Georgia 19
Ole Miss 24, Vandy 14
Kentucky 51, Akron 7
Auburn 27, Clemson 26
South Carolina 72, Furman 0
LSU 12, MSU 10
Florida 63, Tennessee 0

And now, a pig with the face of Bill Hohn:


As a bonus, Melky Cabrera is the Flaming Carrot.


105 thoughts on “SEC picks, week 3”

  1. Does anyone know what kind of raise Jurjjens should get next year? That, plus McLouth’s raise, will probably offset a fair amount the money “gained” from Wagner and Saito coming off the books, though I don’t know for sure.

  2. I really don’t like my Gamecocks being ranked so high this early in the year. It’s going to make the inevitable losses to Auburn, Bama, Florida and, in all likelihood, Vandy, that much more painful.

  3. We can use all the
    Support we can get! This year
    Doesn’t offer hope.

    Next year, though, with an
    Easier schedule and an
    Older team … maybe.

  4. I know! A contest! Whoever answers this question gets to decide my allegiance (note: it must be an SEC team that doesn’t employ an ex-Falcon head coach). Agreed? Good! First, watch this video. Then post the names of the two vocalists. There is also another prize for the incorrect answer that I anticipate. Mac is ineligible for that prize since I’m sending him that answer. He is, of course, eligible to make me root for Bama.

    Game on!

  5. Stu,

    You didn’t phrase that answer in the form of a haiku.

    Not that you had to, I was just pointing that out. In any case, you are eligible to determine whether or not I eat natto next week (as long as you answer no), but you are currently not eligible to name my SEC team. Unless you come up with the correct answer next time.

  6. I’m not sure Werth is really as good as the money he’ll get, especially in Turner Field where it seems like hitters go to become an albatross.

    Still he’s the best RH bat on the market.

    JJ’s upcoming arb raise is another reason I wouldn’t be heartbroken about trading him. I’m at the point where I’d rather see a bad pitcher lose the game than have a good pitcher pitch a great game and still lose because we can’t score more than 3 runs.

  7. @20

    Trust Tech to chew up 11 minutes for three points. Where’s the dang shot clock when you need it?

  8. I will again ask if anybody has a radio link for today. I tried the one from last week and it doesn’t seem to be working today. It appears I have Pads-Cards today on Fox.

  9. You would think that Urban Meyer would come up with the idea of: “Hey, let’s try someone else at center!”

  10. @26

    I live in Clarksville…undisputedly in Braves territory, and yet Fox decided to give me Cards-Padres. Kind of outrageous.

  11. The only reason Bama won’t score 100 points is because they’ll put the third string in before the half is up.

  12. I think that was the only one of my radio links that didn’t have football talk.

    Less Mets on the bases, please.

    Tulo with a homer and a double so far today, he’s just being nuts at the moment.

  13. I’ll take a double with men on plus the out at third over meekly grounding/striking/popping out like we are used to as soon as someone reaches second.

  14. Dotel traded to the Rockies for a PTBNL, 7 weeks after being traded for James McDonald and Andrew Lambo. Sometimes I wish we’d been in position to trade the Dodgers a reliever or two at the deadline in recent years.

  15. I’m probably in the minority, but I hate pitchers bunting with one out and giving the opposing team the free second out. Especially with only one runner on.

  16. “And a good move by Bobby Cox, putting the better glove [Nate McLouth] in left field (as opposed to center).”

  17. @74
    matt diaz was in left. he moved mclouth from center to left. carver is dumb but that wasnt a very stupid quote.

  18. Anyone listening to the radio broadcast? They are saying Chipper is responsible for McLouth’s turnaround. Worked with him on his swing…. Can we fire T.P. yet?

  19. some might disagree with this, but outside of our games with them, as long as we win, i’m ok with the phillies winning. here is my thinking…

    i don’t think we are going to catch the phillies. that being the case, i just assume that when we get to that final series vs the phillies, the division not be in doubt. lets take the wild card and use those three days (or 2, or whatever) to rest up. i think of all the times this team lost to wild cards in the postseason, i’d love to see what happens the one time we are the WC.

    But i think its more to our advantage to have those three days to rest mccann and prado and these guys who are clearly tired, than to play to the death for a, to me, futile attempt at catching the phillies.

    Again, if we were to sweep them in philly next week, that changes things. But this is all assuming everything stays the same…

  20. Glad to see McLouth hitting well – especially after his lack of attitude after being temporarily exiled to AAA.

  21. I’m pleased that this team can win a game where the dominant contributions are from the “weak spots” in the lineup: CF; 1B; and SS.

    I also love how well our ace pair of Hudson and Hanson are pitching lately.

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