Braves 6, Mets 4

Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets – Box Score – September 17, 2010 – ESPN.

Just goes to show you. Tommy Hanson has one of his worse outings of recent weeks, and gets the win this time because the Braves put up six runs in one inning — partially due to Hanson himself.

Hanson gave up three runs in the first second, after openly Braves-hating umpire Bill Hohn Hanson walked the second man of the inning then allowed singles to four of the next five batters, including the pitcher. It was just one of those things that happens to him all the time. I think he has a karma issue.

Meanwhile, Derrek Lee had led off the second with a double and never gotten to third, and Omar Infante and Jason Heyward had been stranded at third and second respectively to end the third. So, normal. In the fourth, Lee led off with a single, and after Brian McCann struck out, Matt Diaz reached on a throwing error. Alex Gonzalez popped out, and then, suddenly, the pre-September Braves put in an appearance. Melky Cabrera hit a little flare single to center to score Lee. Hanson worked a walk. Omar hit a double past third to tie the game. And Heyward hit a monster homer off the facing of the second deck in right to make it 6-3.

The Mets got a run back on a solo homer in the fourth, but couldn’t do much with Hanson after that, as he retired the last eight men he faced. Of course, the Mets do things like let Mike Hessman pinch-hit for them, but still. Jonny Venters hung a pitch with one out in the eighth for a double, but got through it. Takashi Saito got the first two men he faced, then left the game with an undisclosed injury, perhaps to his leg, a big blow as he’s been great recently. Peter Moylan got the last man in the eighth, then Billy Wagner closed it out.

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  1. Doomed for sure.

    Did they throw up any distance guess on Heyward’s homer? Because that ball barely had time to start descending before it hit the deck up there.

  2. @2 I am still more concerned about the SF and Colorado outcomes. When it’s all said and done, one of those two wins the West and the other battles us for the Wild Card.

  3. I watched the game on SNY tonight and I really got the feeling that the Met announcers were pulling for the Braves. They kept saying stuff like, “Omar needs to look for an inside pitch here.” It occurred to me that they may hate the Phillies more than they hate us and may actually want us to succeed.


  4. 18- Or perhaps they’ve simply grown to hate the Mets, especially after the events of the last four seasons.

  5. Looking at the schedule for the last 14 games, the Braves have 2 off-days left. That may help to get an extra start for Hanson and Hudson, which might not be a small thing the way Jurrjens and Minor are going right now.


    “It was the last two pitches, and I am concerned because I still don’t know what’s wrong yet.”

    “It’s not on the outside, it’s more inside [the shoulder], so I can’t really say if it’s the front or the back. It’s inside.”

    “The pain isn’t the same [as before this seaon], but it might be related.”

    Around All-Star break it hurt?

    “That was the first time, and there was another time, I can’t remember the exact date.”

    “People said [in past] that not just my shoulder but my elbow was bad, but it didn’t really concern me.”

    “When they did the exam I didn’t feel any pain. I couldn’t feel the same pain I felt on the mound, so it feels strange.”

  7. Id give the ball to Kimbrel

    Yeah between Kimbrel and Farnsworth, give me the kid. He’s looked great the last few times.

    Mike Dunn has to been in the running for craziest line of the year:

    17 G, 14.1 IP, 15 BB, 0.00 ERA

  8. i’d be completely satisfied with a 2011 pen of venters, kimbrel, o’flaherty, moylan, marek, dunn, and beachy.

  9. “I wonder if Wren/FO is thinking abaout Torre now that he’s available for next season.”

    I surely hope not.

  10. #30 – theyll add a vet or two down there…Beachy should stay in the AAA rotation, esp if Meds is out all of 2011

  11. It has reached the point that if Tulo doesn’t hit a home run, it’s an off night. He and Cargo make for an amazing duo in the middle of that order. Hopefully the Braves make the postseason and somehow the Giants or Padres hold off the Rockies.

  12. 34 – Agreed. It wouldn’t be an offseason if the Braves didn’t get a veteran reliever or two.

    The Dodgers just blew their golden opportunity. With losses by SD and SF, it looks like the Rockies will continue their charge.

  13. The Dodgers had a downright Bravesian 7th inning: walk + 2 singles with one out = 0 runs (Blake K, Kemp groundout).

  14. I was at the game tonight. We had seats in the 4th row in right-center field. Melky was close enough to hear me yelling insults at him. The couple with seats next to ours were also Braves fans (recent transplants from Atlanta, they said), so that was nice. Not a very full stadium, either, though I guess with the Mets well out of the race, that’s understandable. Overall I enjoyed the stadium. I got a chance to walk around a bit, and the views were pretty awesome from wherever. The random plans flying by on the way to LaGuardia was an odd sight, but it never impeded my enjoyment of the game. One nice thing was that the beer there was not absurdly priced (for a baseball game) and actually had some quality. Local microbrews were $7.50.

    The game itself was great. From my seats in the OF, I was bitching about those same calls that got Bobby kicked out. I didn’t realize Hohn was calling the game or I’d have been less outraged by the calls. Well, maybe just less surprised. Anyhow, Heyward’s HR was a BOMB. You could tell right off the bat that if it wasn’t going foul it was gone, and after a second, it was clear it wasn’t anywhere near foul. Watching Niese walk Hanson and while the Mets fans slapped their foreheads was almost as fun. Wagner’s 9th was also nice. All the Mets fans booed when he came in, which was funny because the only reason he left was because they wanted to spend money on KRod instead. And then he blew them away, which was great.

    All in all, good times!

  15. Kimbrel = my choice
    Farsworth = FAIL

    Wins always good. Saito down is the suck. With him in the 8 and Wag’s in the 9, unstoppable… now, Just another season of Braves baseball.

    I still hate the rockies.

    -the last optimist bravos fan

  16. Went to the game with an old pal from Georgia (and his dad). It was a long trip for them, so happy to see that they were rewarded. Also, a good amount of Braves fans tonight (as always).

    Dunno what it looked like on TV, but the Heyward HR was a laser.

    Let’s get Huddy on the right track & make it 2 for 2 tomorrow.

  17. @30 Can’t relied on so many young guys in the bullpen. I am sure Wren will sign one or two experienced late inning guys like Wag and Saito to support Venters. I wouldn’t completely rely on Kimbrel yet, but he has shown great improvement on his control this year.

  18. @30 – Venters your closer? I guess we don’t have a choice, but that’s a lot to put on one so young.

    Sat next to a Vandy mom at our high school football game last night. She said that of the 1600 freshmen, 400 were valedictorians. That’s just sick.

  19. @43
    i dont know who’d be my closer, but i’d love to see the organization use their strength and pitch these young, cheap guys, and use that 11 mil or so that they paid saito and billy to get a power outfielder.

  20. @39, It’s a very cool park. Most people i know prefer it to the new Yankee Stadium. The nachos are apparently killer too. I’ll have to try them next time I go, probably next year.

  21. I don’t know if the braves can afford him, but I think Jason Werth would be exactly what the hole in left field needs. RH masher, and if you put Heyward and Werth back to back, starters allover the NL would be grimacing in pain thinking of all those pitches…

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