Braves 4, Mets 2

Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets – Box Score – September 18, 2010 – ESPN.

Nothing like the Mets to get you going.

The Braves took the lead in the second inning when Derrek Lee reached on a one-out infield single and the revitalized Nate McLouth doubled. (The reliably useless Tim McCarver complained that McLouth didn’t get to third. I hate to agree with McCarver, so I won’t.) The Braves left two on after Matt Diaz was intentionally walked and Tim Hudson struck out, but it’s a lead.

Hudson gave up a double and a single with one out in the bottom of the inning, but got out of it with a couple of strikeouts. In the third, he allowed a homer to Jose Reyes to tie it. In general, Hudson pitched around problems; the Mets’ runs came on solo homers. Good timing, I guess.

Alex Gonzalez came through with with the big hit in the fourth, a one-out double to score Brian McCann and Lee, only to be thrown out at third, McCarver. Former Braves farmhand Luis Hernandez hit the Mets’ second solo homer, on a broken foot, in the fifth.

Johnny Venters gave up a leadoff single in the eighth, but got a DP to get out of it. McLouth hit a solo homer in the ninth to make it 4-2, and Billy Wagner struck out the side in the bottom of the inning.

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  1. We need to pretend that its June? For the last four years, that was the only month preventing us from going to the playoffs. I say we party like its May.

    Also, NATE MCLOUTH!!!

  2. If only Nate had played like this all year, the Braves might still have a lead in the division. Plus we would have been spared Rick Ankiel and the many starts by Melky in CF.

  3. C McCann
    1B Freeman
    2B Infante/Prado
    SS Gonzalez
    3B Prado/Jones
    LF Diaz/?
    CF McLouth
    RF Heyward

    C Ross
    IF Conrad

    SP Hudson
    SP Hanson
    SP Jurrjens
    SP Minor
    SP Lowe/Medlen

    RP Kimbrel
    RP Venters
    RP Dunn
    RP Kawakami
    RP EOF
    RP Moylan
    RP Proctor

    You know, as much as I’m excited for this year, next year is going to be even better. That’s 22 players that I feel deserve a chance to be on the roster next year just within our organization, with most of the starting spots filled. Throw in the electric talent we have in the minors at this moment, 2011 may be the best year the Braves have had in more than a decade.

  4. Kawakami will be gone.

    Good to see Nate is playing well now. Seems like Lee is heating up as well.

    Let’s just keep winning. It’s as simple as that.

  5. Yeah. The Braves had a three game lead in September and decided to lose two of three to the Pirates and Nationals. No one to blame but the Braves.

  6. If anyone watched the Ala/Duke game on ABC, those announcers were the worst I’ve heard. Listening to those guys on a regular basis could actually make you long for Chip Caray.

  7. We should get Tulo and CarGo. Hanson, Jurrjens, and Delgado. I’m sure the Rockies will go for that.

  8. Ah, being a Tennessee fan has been reduced to moral victories, and not even good ones at that.

    “At least we didn’t quit. “They got out of bed and came to the stadium, good for them. Hey, they made pee pee in the potty.” Shoot me in the head!

    It is so painful to watch. This is Tennessee. Not Vandy (no offense Stu) where we SHOULD win big games, not get atta boys for trying.

    This is the school of Peyton Manning, Al Wilson, Willie Gault, Reggie White, Johnny Majors and General Neyland. This is suppose to be big time football.

    I blame Phillip Fulmer. He let the program tank on his watch. Now he is pushing to be AD, that would be a huge disaster.

    I realize all programs go through periods like this, it just sucks. I figured our down period was the Dave Clawson era, but nope. I like Dooley and think he is a better coach than Fulmer or Kiffin (so far) but the cupboard is bare. It will be three years before the Vols sniff being able to be a top 12 team again.

    By then all the Fulmer guys will get him in the AD slot and he will drive Dooley out and hire Cutcliffe to come in.

    Come on Braves, you’re all I got!

  9. Yeah, if there were free agency in college football, we could get Bama’s second string to come over and be a top ten team.

  10. I’m sure I am just over-sensitive on this b/c I am a Clemson fan – but the refs are letting Auburn get away with murder in the taunting/excessive celebration category (not to mention cheap shots that could be called for late/extra hits)

    Also – anybody seeing that Furman is hanging with South Carolina? 31-19 in the 4th

  11. No, you’re not being oversensitive. Not to mention the play before Auburn’s tying TD, where one of Clemson’s defenders got his helmet ripped off by an OL and there was no call.

  12. Right, and the Clemson OL was wrapping their arms around Auburn’s players on the first drive with no flags.

    I want to know where I can get the zip up-short sleeved-mock turtlenecked concoction Chizik wears on gameday.

  13. And now, Mac’s Arbitrary Top Ten returns, and I don’t care what happens in Lubbock in the second half, Texas isn’t in it.

    1. Alabama
    2. Nebraska
    3. Ohio State
    4. TCU
    5. Oregon
    6. Boise
    7. Iowa
    8. Utah
    9. Arkansas
    10. Oklahoma

  14. Anybody else see where Texas is teaching Frenchy to play first? I thought his only plus tool left was his arm.

  15. I think there’s decent breeze running through Arlington right over 1st.
    You know, to mask the stink of failure.

  16. Wow. Catcher. That could work. Course you’d have to teach him to call a game. Or guess what the pitcher wants.

  17. Mac.

    I must disagree with your top ten:

    1. Alabama
    2. Alabama’s second string
    3. Nebraska
    4. Ohio State
    5. Alabama’s Scout team
    6. TCU
    7. Oregon
    8. Boise
    9. Iowa
    10. Alabama’s cheerleaders

    I think this is a down year across college football (and maybe I’m bitter)

  18. These teams are killing each other. Auburn might not have a team left for next week against the Gamecocks.

  19. I’d never wish an injury on anyone, but as a Georgia fan I wouldn’t be too disappointed if Green blew out his knee. If it hurt his draft stock, we could use him next season when it might matter.

  20. Sorry to any Clemson fans. It doesn’t feel good to win a game like this, I can imagine what it feels like to lose it too.


  21. how did Auburn face adversity? playing at home, at night, where you are suppose to win. Clemson’s QB has been hurt since the 2nd qtr. Thats not adversity

  22. Not to pile on smitty, but should you really invoke Peyton Manning’s name after a disappointing home loss vs. UF?

  23. Oregon has made me a believer. Of course, they’ll probably lose in Tempe next week, but right now I’m putting them in the upper echelon with Alabama, Nebraska, and Ohio State.

    Also, Iowa isn’t done yet.

  24. One of the reasons I always like to root for Peyton Manning is that he was never able to pull one out vs. UF. So every time he beats, say, Tom Brady, I interpret it to mean that Danny Wuerffel is by proxy better. :-D

  25. going to be interesting to see how the Giants react after this game. Boachy pulled Lincecum in the 5th down 2-1 for a pinch hitter. You could see them arguing in the dugout a few innings later.

  26. I really have to question the Braves thinking on the pitching rotation going into the Phils series.

    I know they don’t have a lot of options but the Phillies rejiggered their rotation to get their big three going against us.

    Thus we have:

    Jurrjens vs. Hamels
    Minor vs. Halladay
    Hanson vs. Oswalt

    Monday and Tuesday would appear unwinnable the way that those two have been throwing as of late.

  27. It’s baseball, Ben. Any given day, your chances are about 50/50. I’ll grant that JJ has stunk lately and that Hamels has been a beast, but maybe the bounces go the Braves way that day while Chase Utley, et al hit a bunch of liners “at ’em”. Halladay hasn’t been great this past month, and Minor could have some success against a lineup that has nearly as much trouble vs. LHP as the Braves do. And that’s before we even get to the bullpens. Win the series? Sure, that’s possible.

  28. #21

    If the Braves didn’t do that, we’d be DUMB.

    Tulo and Gonzalez would have to start with

    Hanson and Teheran. Delgado, too. Probably Freeman.

    but it ain’t happening.

  29. @79 Right, the Rockies wouldn’t do that. They’d laugh and laugh and laugh and then ask why Heyward and Teheran weren’t coming their way too.

  30. nate since returning from AAA: 11/33 3 doubles, 1 triple, 3 hr (and 2 more robbed), 5bb 1.136 ops

    melky’s season ops: .674
    mclouth’s season ops: .633

    as bad as mclouth was through july, i bet he still ends up with better numbers than melky.

    i predicted at the first of the year that we would hate melky as much as francoeur. in the middle of the season, when he was pretending to be useful, i retracted my statement. i’m pretty sure now that my melky hate is once again reaching francoerian status.

    on a francoeur note: has anyone noticed that he’s pretending to be useful in texas? this is his 3rd team and it’s the 3rd time that he’s come out shooting. he’ll pretty soon have texas convinced to give him a contract in 2011.

  31. I don’t know how useful he seems to anyone.

    First, no extra base hits yet for a “slugger”. (No walks, either, but no one expected that.)

    Second, only 19 PA.

    Third, even in those paltry 19 PA with no XBH, his splits are horrible.

    RHP: 9 PA, 2/7, one sac fly, one HBP.*
    LHP: 5/9, all singles.

    *Note that one of his to RHP singles was against a guy who was optioned to AAA the next day as punishment. (The other was against Kerry Wood.)

    If anything, he’s underperforming. He’s moderately useful on a 40 man roster as a righty platoon bat, but you would expect your righty platoon bat to have a least a little power.

  32. So far I haven’t heard Melky complain to the media or talk about the “strain” in his relationship with the Atlanta Braves. Until he does something like that, I will always loathe 2009 Frenchy more.

  33. Yeah, as poorly as he hits, he at least seems friendly. If he hustled on a few more grounders, I could see him regaining the Eckstein-like fan following he had in New York.

  34. On this hypothetical Braves-Rockies trade, the Braves would not do it because they value pitching above all else.

    You are suggesting we trade the youngest, least expensive half of our existing rotation (Minor is still a question mark.), plus the second best starting pitching prospect in our system for two position players who are playing half of their games at Coors Field. I agree the Rockies would not make that trade, but the Braves wouldn’t either.

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