145 thoughts on “Dead ball game thread: April 29, Cards at Braves”

  1. talk about doing it all yourself

    Gallardo’s line

    7IP 1H 0ER 1BB 9K, 1-3 1RBI on solo hr

    Mil up 1-0 on Snell in the bottom of the 7th

  2. I can’t do it. I can’t root for the Mets even when they’re playing teams ahead of us.

    Does anyone know what’s really wrong with McCann’s eye?

  3. I think his Lasix surgery got “reversed” however that happens, and now he either needs new surgery or time to adjust to his new contacts….

  4. #7

    I can’t either, I just don’t have it in me. Once they’re out of the race and playing spoiler (if that happens), I can root for them. But only then.

  5. On Lasik,

    I havehad one of the best eye refractin specialists in the world look at one of mine. Between the lines on what he would say.

    Typically the eye adjusts after surgery. The WORST problem is if the cornea thins or msshapes at one area (kerataconus). At some point, the thinning rules out any further Lasik type procedures. Therefore, althought it is unlikley, a problem like McCann’s CAN be big.

    IF the problem is like a keratconus, the corrective action is to use a gas permeable semi soft lens (it holds its correct shape rather than the eye’s incorrect shape). Those irritate the front of the eye much more than the “soft lens” out there.

    My guess is he is wearing a “gas perm” to stabilize and adjust for slight keratconus. The “worse at night” is consistent with that. The back of a car looks like a Christmas tree.

  6. Gallardo had 11 k’s and hit a HR for the only run in a 1-0 duel against Snell today.

    Gotta love it when the pitcher helps his own cause (well, unless you’re rooting for the other team… that just sucks).

  7. You wouldn’t believe what’s being said on Metsblog right now. I’m not prude, but it’s really vile. I fear that one of these people will go on a shooting rampage at CitiField one of these days.

  8. This Canizares looks like a hitting machine. I cannot believe some combination of platooning him and replacing him in the inning after he has an AB with Kotchman, if defense is that big a deal. If you have one hitter in your OF (Schafer), you need a bat at 1B. Casey just isn’t they guy, in the context of MLB 1B; he is doing everything he can and playing to his ceoling, and has an OPS+ of 98 (still below average for all MLB hitters).

  9. I missed the game thread being up… so I’ll repeat.

    Well… I hope whoever is closing for the Fish can get his 3 outs today… Fish up on Mets 4-3 going into the bottom of the 9th and I’m headed home from work. If this were a Braves game (even though I have faith in Gonzo), I would be expecting to somehow lose it after I left work and come home to a heartbreaker.

  10. “The key to whole 9th inning is David F***ing Wright,no way around it.Now someone come on here and try to defend him!!!”

    I’d take him off their hands…

    we should publish a book of uplifting comments by metsblog commenters.

    Like this gem: “excuse while i go vomit…what a bunch of pathetic losers..carlos delgado i have no respect for you..you better not be able to walk you fucking panzy. This team is shit.”

    That cheered me up when I saw that.

  11. Marlins win 4-3. Mets had first two guys on in the 9th with walks; Wright struck out with runners on 2nd and third and pinch hitter popped up with the bases loaded. Not a happy time for Mets fans!

  12. The Mets should have scored 8 runs with their offensivve production in that game. They had a HR, 2 triples, 11 hits 5 walks and a HBP and only scored 3 runs. You really have to try to limit yourself that few runs with that amount of offense.

  13. David Wright had 11 men LOB or something, that’s Francoeuresque to double up on french suffixes.

  14. Always nice when the Mets lose a game Santana starts.

    The Met moaning about Wright has been going on since last September. He actually got booed the other night. It’s way early, of course, but right now he’s on pace for 200+ Ks.

    And the only time I root for the Mets is if they’re out of the race & they can do our bidding. Of course, watch ’em go down to Philly now & beat ’em up.

  15. Wright is killing the fantasy team…

    This is why I semi-hate fantasy sports. My brain fights itself.

  16. Wright’s not killing my team, but he’s not living up to his price tag, that’s for sure.

  17. Ethan, know your roots man. A met on a fantasy team is nothing more than trade bait.

    Im fine with having a below avg slugger at 1st. He’s giving us good defense, good obp, and a solid average. Kotchman doesnt look near as bad if KJ, Mac, and Frenchy are producing. We are expecting something out of Kotchman that just isnt there

  18. @29

    Compared to what his backup, Mike Lowell, has been doing…the opportunity cost of playing him has been pretty high so far.

    EDIT: csg, I know, I know… I was stuck with the third pick and felt forced to do it. Once the trade value is up a little though…he’s gone

  19. Digging the White Stripes excerpts Mac – another reason to root for a win streak!

    Also really enjoy his work with the Raconteurs.

  20. Jack White is a BAMF.

    My league’s got room for two 3Bs—there’s a CI roster spot—and I’ve got a shallow bench, so Wright’s not stealing a better performer’s spot.

    Wright and Jimmy Rollins are (by far) my most expensive players, and they’re both awful—but I’m in first place after 3 weeks.

  21. Guess we won’t be hearing any “This is Brian McCann for Woodhams Eye Clinic” ads anytime soon …

    This has a chance of becoming really not funny.

  22. Stu,

    Yeah, I looked the other day. Kinda shocking how bad Rollins’s line is. My team has pretty much been carried so far by Manny and Adrian Gonzalez.

    Kelly was hot…but now, well, we know how that story goes

    EDIT: Just checked. Two more jacks today. Adrian Gonzalez is a bad, bad dude

  23. By the way, I know how we feel about MetsBlog and Mets fans in general, but I think we’ve all felt the way Matt Cerrone feels:

    Personally, in the end, I find I am having a hard time trusting the Mets right now. It’s difficult to let go and in trust a team that has let me down back-to-back seasons the way they have. I mean, every time they get going, like Monday, they then stop dead in their tracks, implode and go to sleep, like last night.

    So, while I want to believe, I don’t know what to believe in.

    Individually, I like the 25 players on the roster; I like the manager; I feel as a team they are capable of winning the NL East. It’s just, I have a hard time totally buying in, and so, while I feel good yesterday morning, and seem at peace, I then wig out today, because I feel jerked around again, while fearing any success will just be silenced anyway, whether tomorrow or the last day of the season.

    In other words, I need this team to inspire me and earn back my trust, so I can get me back to believing; and until that happens I’m going to feel frustrated; and while I do not boo, others probably will, because it’s the only way we, as a fan base, can truly express our frustration.

    I hope the players and manager can understand this, be patient, and work us back in to trusting them.

  24. @38


    re: Jack White

    Jack White and Alycia Keys on the Quantum of Solace theme was really good. Jack White is a baller.

  25. I kind of can relate to what Whatamets says:

    you never lose the game because of the manager, but this one manages (no pun intended) to look like a moron nearly every single game. Never see anyone who has less of a feel for the game than this guy… I guess he’s about as good a big league manager as he was a big league player…

  26. Can we please find a true cleanup bat?

    Or can Kotchman at least just swing for the gaps…not the fence?

  27. I’m not a guitarist, but I know some of the “theory” of guitar work. And Jack White is on the list of “how the heck does he do that?” guitarists.

  28. infante leading off. kelly sits. how long will it take the braves to realize schafer’s speed is being wasted? this lineup needs a jump start. schafer has shown patience and is getting on base. kj is just too streaky to bat leadoff, or maybe he’s just not meant to lead off. i would like to see a lineup where chipper hits 4th until mccann gets back.

  29. In honor of the Braves pitcher tonight:

    Tyler Flowers 2009 Stats:

    .431/.610/1.041 with 4 HR in 59 AB


  30. Great Odin’s Beard! It’s “the Lemmer”! Is Don Sutton ok? Nothing makes me appreciate mediocre announcing like the voice of Mark Lemke.

  31. I’m online tonight, so can anyone fill me in on any Yunels or Prados that take place or other things that don’t come across in descriptions?

  32. Bobby is taking the small ball thing to heart. That’s two hit-and-run plays in two innings. Diaz almost Yunelled at 2B.

  33. So, I guess Kelly better find soft spot on the bench. I don’t think he’s played since he was pulled mid-game on Monday.

  34. Vasquez has got to handle his emotions better. The run was cheap, but no excuse to lose focus and throw meat balls to Rasmus like that.

    That sort of stuff has hurt him in the past.

  35. Yunel is a moron. Omar gets up there and has a great at bat and drives in a run, then Yunel goes up and swings at the first freaking pitch. He needs to be benched for a day or two.

    Ha! A gift! That’s the only way Kotchman can score from second on a single.

  36. The Braves must have bought the idea that the Angels have been good because they are “agressive” on the base paths. WTF

  37. Frenchy showed a quick burst on that scamper home. The team looks focused and sharp tonight.

  38. Vazquez is falling in love with the breaking ball. When he nibbles with that he gets hit. It has been his MO his whole career.

    He aint locating the fastball either. He has had some dumb luck go against him and he has pouted about it out there tonight.

    Not good signs

  39. 67—It’s the fastball they’re hitting.

    Kotchman just Pradoed. They had Pujols at the plate; no idea why he cut it off.

  40. The last run was probably on the defense — Kotchman cutting off an on-target throw from Francoeur to Ross, allowing Pujols to score.

  41. Someone should rape people that think casual use of the term “rape” is acceptable.

  42. Barden’s range at short is Burrell-like. Both hits this inning would have been outs with even an average defensive SS out there.

  43. Dear Braves: If the guy with five walks and one strikeout beats the guy with one walk and five strikeouts, there’s something wrong. If you lose, you’re going against any rational analysis of baseball.

  44. Cox has to get Escobar out of that 2 hole. He is killing them in that spot. Chipper is not getting to hit with anyone on base.

  45. What is the record for most double plays hit into by one person in a single season? Escobar has to be on pace to beat it.

  46. Josh Smith has never fouled anyone, ever.

    And I think Al Horford just blew out his right knee, and he’s gonna shoot the free throws anyway before he goes out of the game.

  47. Jim Rice holds the record — 36 — and second place — 35. Yunel has now grounded into four, the same number as Francoeur. That’s a 31 GIDP pace, which would be a Braves record and tie for a spot in the top ten all time. Andruw was ahead of Rice’s pace for a long while one season, but wound up with 24…

  48. Vazquez, despite the one six-single inning, looks to be pitching pretty well by the box score, and he only has 85 pitches through 7, despite 7 strikeouts. I probably want a guy pitching like that to stay in.


    1 Sid Gordon 1951 28
    2 Joe Torre 1964 26
    3 Frank Bolling 1961 25
    T4 Yunel Escobar 2008 24
    T4 Dale Murphy 1988 24
    T4 Del Crandall 1959 24
    T4 Andruw Jones 2004 24
    8 Hal Lee 1936 23
    T9 Vinny Castilla 2002 22
    T9 Joe Adcock 1961 22
    T9 Hank Aaron 1964 22
    T9 Vinny Castilla 2003 22
    T9 Joe Adcock 1953 22
    T9 Joe Torre 1967 22
    T9 Joe Torre 1965 22
    T9 Fred McGriff 1997 22
    T9 Javier Lopez 1998 22

  50. After Skip died, I figured the Braves would let Chip go frolic with TBS and Ron Darling for good. Guess I was wrong.


  51. Tonight’s Home Depot “Know How” Question of the Game: “What does OPS mean?”

    “In baseball parlance, a lot of times, most people—and Moneyball came up earlier from Chip—slugging percentage was always a very important measuring stick for a guy and how much power he had; on-base percentage, usually something that was applied to guys who led off—how often were they on base?—OPS is a combination of those two statistics: on-base plus slugging. O-P-S. Those two together.”

    -Joe Simpson


  52. It’s too bad Vasquez had that dink and dunk inning because otherwise he’s been great. Our offense still sucks though, they’ve got to get something going.

  53. I’m tempted to start writing emails to them with the dumbest questions possible. “What is batting average?” “Do you have to run the bases counterclockwise every time?” “How many outs are there in an inning?”

  54. But wait, I thought it was essential to have a guy that puts the ball in play in the 2nd spot in the order. What gives? Surely putting the ball in play can’t be a bad thing. Does not compute.


    God, I miss those days.

  56. We should send emails like What does Chip mean when he says “Fists one through the hole?”

  57. @ 102

    In honor of Skip: “My boy plays little league, could you explain the infield fly rule?”

  58. Vasquez was pretty decent tonight. Lot of dink and dunk in the 4 run inning. My problem was the fastball he threw to Ankiel after a steady diet of slop. I can see showing the fastball but he basically grooved it with a 2-strike count. No idea why Kotchman then cut the throw on Ankiel’s single, and he almost compounded it by throwing it down the left field line. I had a brief vision of Chipper pulling his hamstring trying to chase down Dave Duncan Jr. That would have capped off a really sucky inning.

    This one is once again on the offense. Anemic once again.

  59. I’m tempted to start writing emails to them with the dumbest questions possible. “What is batting average?” “Do you have to run the bases counterclockwise every time?” “How many outs are there in an inning?”


    If you’re serious, I suggest the next Peachtree game making the request at the beginning of the game thread, above the video, with the e-mail. Maybe they’d get 20 dumb questions and answer one.

    (Oh good, Greg Norton.)

  60. This message board is getting too internetified.

    Here is a short list of things this blog doesn’t need (in no order):

    1) First!s

    2) +1s

    3) THIS’s

    4) Gadfly

  61. This message board is getting too internetified….Here is a short list of things this blog doesn’t need (in no order):


  62. If this team had ANYONE who could hit, we would be up 10-5 right now. This is the worst offense I have ever seen.

  63. Diaz 0-3 with a walk against a RHP. Brandon Jones must have been called up just to keep KJ company sitting in that comfy spot on the bench.

  64. “Most players play as a mirror of their personality. I assume that Jordan Schafer’s personality is…an aggressive player.”

    -Chip Caray


  65. Vazquez will be waiting in the clubhouse with a taser, backed by Jurrjens.

    Vasquez gave up five earned runs tonight.

  66. I have a motion…I move that Mac bring back the Doghouse for Yunel…do I have a second?

  67. Last night was so much fun…………tonight was the exact opposite.

    Message board was funny tonight.

    Oh braves14…………I second your motion

  68. someone explain this. We have 5 off days in April and now only 4 till the all star break???

  69. I just have to ask

    What is Bobby’s fasination with Kotchman in the cleanup spot?

    When is a veteran going to punch out Escobar for that sh*t eating grin he wears on his face even after he pulls a ‘Yunel’.

    Infante can play a little in LF, right?

    Kawakami has shoulder fatigue, can we get some of that 9 mil a year back to buy a bat?

  70. #142 .. Amen on KK .. I think Wren panicked and jumped the gun a bit with Kawakami .. would have been nice to use that 8 mil on a good right handed bat in LF … or made the trade with St Louis .. slumping KJ for Ludwick .. these Braves have NO NO NO NO pop .. they are weak !!!!!!!!!

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