Atlanta Braves vs. Chicago Cubs – Box Score – July 07, 2009 – ESPN

“Hey, you got your two runs, Javier! Better make them hold up — we wouldn’t want people thinking you didn’t know how to win!”

Vazquez was magnificent again — not an All-Star? I could make a solid argument that he should be starting the game — going seven innings, striking out six, and not walking a man. He allowed five hits, and the Cubs managed to bunch three of them in the second inning to get a run. They didn’t get an extra-base hit, and realistically didn’t threaten after that.

Brian McCann supplied the offense. After McLouth reached on a walk in the first, Slugging Third Baseman Martin Prado (Chipper was out with, as Al Michaels would put it, a groin) bunted him to second, and after the predictable ACHE failure, McCann singled him home. In the third, after the Cubs tied it, McCann doubled with Prado on first, and Prado actually scored. It was weird, you hardly ever see a guy score from first on a two-out double. Well, if you’re watching us.

The Braves had several chances to stretch the lead, but of course they didn’t. In the ninth, they got the first two on (Conrad was bunting after Jeffy hit an infield single, which are the only hits he ever has, and reached thanks to hustle and yet another umpire who wouldn’t call a batter out for running inside the baseline) but Bobby had Diaz, the pinch-hitter, bunt, even though he isn’t really a bunter and was the best hitter on the bench and Blanco and Diory and Jurrjens and Lowe were all available. He failed, McLouth flew out on the next pitch (which would have scored Jeffy) and that was the rally.

Gonzalez gave up a two-out double in the eighth, but Bobby let him face the righthanded hitter Lee, and he got a popup. Rafael Soriano gave up a two-out hit to Alfonso Soriano, and went 3-2 on the next batter, but deflected a grounder to Yunel, who threw the batter out to end the game.

Francoeur sucks. Just wanted to make sure everybody’s clear on that.