Cardinals 11, Braves 4

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – September 09, 2010 – ESPN.

You thought things couldn’t get any worse. But they did!

The Braves actually led 3-0 after an inning. Jair Jurrjens got the Cardinals in order, then Omar Infante singled and went to third on two Cards errors, and came home on a Jason Heyward single. Derrek Lee‘s first homer as a Brave made it 3-0. The next two Braves reached base, two. They would have only four hits the rest of the night.

The Cardinals erupted for five runs in the second off a clearly not-right Jurrjens, capped by a two-run homer from the legendary Skip Schumaker. He loaded the bases with nobody out in the third, but somehow got out of it, but in the fourth allowed a run on a sac fly, then a solo homer to Albert Pujols, making it 7-3 and chasing him.

The Cardinals scored a run off of the Lisp, then two runs off of Scott “Why Am I In The Major Leagues?” Proctor, and a run off of Kenshin Kawakami. It was basically just pouring it on. The Braves got a run in the ninth on an Eric Hinske groundout, and who cares?

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  1. I do, but all of them involve a time machine and undoing the July/ August trades. Does anyone have one I can borrow? I’ll return it so that you’ll never know it was gone.

  2. Maybe I should not have bought playoff tickets this morning. I just could not help myself, though…

  3. Sell Heyward. Injury prone baby imo. Back in my day we filled our bodies with lead parts just so we could get back ou-

    Dammit Rob Dibble, what did I tell you about getting on my computer?

  4. You’d think at age 58 I wouldn’t get depressed seeing the Braves lose in September and drop a game out of first place, but man I AM DEPRESSED. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t love this damn team so much.

  5. @15
    me, as well. the saints and auburn both won tonight and i’m still in the frickin’ dumps. this sucks.

  6. Rasmus would take at least Minor and Delgado, I’d think. Would you do that? I probably would–though I’d rather deal Jurrjens. I can’t imagine the Cards would want Jurrjens after tonight though.

  7. So I watched most of the AU-MSU game, why should I believe the Boise would wilt if they had to face those teams every week? There wasn’t one decent QB or receiver on that field tonight. I guess you could argue that those teams are the bottom half of the league, but…wow, just brutal.

    Anyway, it looks like we have run out of pitching. Bad news since our offense isn’t exactly fearsome right now.

  8. in 2 games, cam newton has thrown for 5 touchdowns and 320 yards. he has ran for 240 yards and 2 touchdowns. he’s been sacked once and has thrown for one interception. how can you not call that good?

  9. Well, most of those numbers were put up against a school that may not, technically, exist, and tonight he basically single-handedly let Mississippi State hang around for four quarters when Auburn should have been able to put in the scrubs at halftime.

  10. Like most SEC outfits, the majority of talent on those teams is on the defensive side of the ball. Of course, if MSU had a decent QB they coulda won. Their D kept them in the game—they gave Auburn’s O-line fits in the 2nd half.

    Still, I never seriously thought MSU would come back.

  11. I don’t think the trades have anything to do with it.

    This is just a hell of a time for a pitching slump.

  12. It looks like Auburn is failing at the same things they failed at last year. They don’t appear to be a better team despite having better pieces. No clock management, they disappear in the second half, no consistent offense if they can’t get the home run shot… And the defense is atrocious.

  13. I thought Auburn showed some improvement, especially on the D-line, and the tackling was better, still not good enough, but better. I think Auburn doesn’t win that game last year. They would have lost it late. I’m an Auburn fan, and I am picky, but I thought it was a good win for Auburn. MSU was loaded for bear and Auburn lost its best Offensive lineman in the 2nd quater and looked to be protecting his replacement by playing things somewhat close to the vest.

    BTW, I have a much more realistic expectation level and have not bought into some of the Herbstreit/Robert Smith predictions. Auburn has to fix ALOT of stuff, especially on Special Teams. I was happy to get out of there with a W.

  14. Trading for Rasmus would not be like trading for Drew. Rasmus, for one thing–and perhaps this is the most important thing–is a cost controlled young slugger for four more years. He’ll probably be a 4-win player next year (at least), which would make him, Heyward, McCann, Freeman, and Prado one hell of a nucleus.

  15. 27- The Farnsworth/ Ankiel trade certainly (Blanco would be an actual CF, something this team has lacked since, and we’ve got enough marginal bullpen guys without the Professor), and probably the Gonzalez/ Escobar deal (we’d have a SS who knew not to field balls with his face). Derrek Lee didn’t cost us anything we’d use this year, but he’s been no better than Glaus at getting meaningful results.

    Playoff odds forget
    The Braves team that won eighty
    No longer exists

  16. Randy,

    I’m 54 and I feel the same way you do. I think I need therapy.

    I’m not much for “clutchness” but I will say that this was the biggest game of JJ’s career and he came up very short. Remember last year when people were doubting JJ’s ability to be an ace due to his lackluster peripherals and someone, I believe it was “Coach,” called us idiots for not recognizing JJ as a true ace.

  17. @19, The only team I’d feel comfortable taking over Boise State in a one game shot would be the national champion Alabama Crimson Tide.

    Only a handful of teams would I rate a pick’em between them and Boise, among them Ohio State, Florida, Texas, TCU and Oregon. I’d give the edge to the Broncos in any other matchups, though they could certainly lose a number of them.

    Cutting to the chase, I think they’d lose one or two in the SEC, and perhaps win every other conference (defeated PAC-10 Champ Oregon and MWC Champ TCU last year).

    They are a legitimate Top 10 team at worst, with one of the best (if not the best) QBs in the nation.

  18. Slumps happen–and the Phillies may have one as well….

    That said, I am left pulling for Bobby to get 2500 and hoping for the best. No more trades please….its time to win with we have….

  19. I dont think Auburn has had a problem with tackling this year, they just cant cover anyone. I have no clue why Miss St went away from the running game, esp after watching those two QB’s putting the ball in the air. Two huge plays – if that Miss st corner catches the bubble screen Auburn loses. If the wide receiver doesnt drop that pass late in the 4th quarter its in OT. Auburn did nothing to win that game, Miss St did everything to lose it. Auburn had plenty of opportunities and did nothing with them. I dont think they’ve improved that much either

  20. @41, to be clear, I’m speaking of the current season only–not previous years (Florida, for example, would’ve soundly beaten Boise State last year)

  21. if Medlen wasnt out for all of next year, I could see the braves dealing JJ for maybe someone like Rasmus. I just dont think the braves will go into 2011 with Huddy, Hanson, Lowe, Minor, kk with Redmond and Beachy following them. Teheran and Delgado may be ready by 2012 and Medlen should be back with KK off the books. Yeah, Im looking forward to 2012

  22. the reason I like David Ross – no excuses and he says what everyone already knows. Doesnt sugarcoat anything, kind of like Wagner

    “We have to pitch better, we have to hit better, we have to field better. We have to do the things that got us here.” – David Ross

    “We’re feeling good. Just didn’t have the luck on our side. We’re just going t to keep going.” – Jurrjens

  23. “[Baseball] breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone.” –Bart Giamatti

  24. McLouth was quoted:
    “We’ve rebounded well all year.”
    Make that “they,” Nate. “They.”

  25. I blame Bethany’s car. All this bad play started when she talked about that new Dodge she was eyeballing.

  26. Ya know, that was some ugly football last night in Starkville.

    Does MSU just do that to people, or are both teams that frustrating combination of talented but inept?

  27. Ahhh, we can always count on Mac to figure out a way to (legitimately) blame Frenchy for our bad play. I apologize to Bethany’s Charger.

  28. The only thing that
    Could make September worse would
    Be a Coach sighting.

    Jair Jurrjens: Sir,
    You are dead to me. I have
    Nothing else to say.

  29. BTW, in case it’s not posted elsewhere (saw it earlier on Braves twitter feed)… the 10/2 game is the ‘honor Bobby’ game and has moved up to 4:10, with hopes for fans to be in seats by 3:30 for some ceremony.

  30. Hopefully Minor pitches better tonight. If he doesn’t, you have to start wondering if he’s running out of gas in his first full professional season.

    He threw 140 innings last year combined in college, the minors, and the AFL. He’s thrown 147 so far this season, and ideally you’d want him to get about 170 (the 30 inning increase to help build stamina without overworking him).

  31. @67 Here here! Do we have to live thru that again?

    Also what’s up with JJ? Guy looked like a stud last year and this year, you never know whats coming.

  32. It will take a lot to get Rasmus. All MLB CFs ranked by OPS.

    avg obp slg ops
    C Gonzalez .337 .374 .614 .988
    Colby Rasmus .276 .360 .514 .875
    Torii Hunter .294 .372 .494 .866
    Vernon Wells .270 .327 .518 .844
    Andres Torres.272 .349 .482 .831

    Capitol Avenue Club was saying a young starter (JJ or Minor) + a top prospect not named Teheran. I think it would have to be at least that much for a young, cost controled 800+ OPS CF.

  33. “#73 – I think it would have to be at least that much for a young, cost controled 800+ OPS CF.”

    Nate posted 3 straight .800+OPS seasons before we traded for him. At least we didnt give up anything more than payroll space. Id be reluctant to give up Minor + a top prospect.

  34. I have been waiting on Coach and Cheif, even they feel sorry for us.

    Yeah I would think it would take getting kidnapped by Somali pirates to keep Chief off this board these days. These last few games are right in his wheelhouse.

    Auburn did nothing to win that game, Miss St did everything to lose it.

    I know right? There was no winner last night, just one team that did a little bit more to lose.

    Like most SEC outfits, the majority of talent on those teams is on the defensive side of the ball.

    I guess. It makes it a little easier to play defense when none of the QBs involved can throw straight. There did not seem to be many players with good hands on either side of the ball with all the dropped passes and interceptions.

  35. Front offices of
    The NFL never seem
    To agree with you.

    (Other than in this parenthetical, I vow to never again comment here in anything other than haiku form until the Braves reclaim first place in the East or the regular season ends.)

  36. Stu – trapped in a haiku prison until two years after Mr. Blanc buys the team.

    I’ve been teased before, but this team is reaching sdp levels of frustration.

    Smitty – are you going to the Duck Shoot tomorrow night?

  37. Yuck… Mets vs Phils with Halladay going up against a guy 0-3? And us sending Minor up against Carpenter? 2 games back isn’t very far, right?

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