SEC Picks, Week 2

Because I forgot that Auburn and MSU were playing on Thursday night, that’s why. Home teams in crimson.

Alabama 31 Penn State 12
South Carolina 24 Georgia 13
Florida 35 South Florida 14
LSU 23 Vandy 10
Arkansas 23, La-Monroe 10
Ole Miss 20 Tulane 17
Kentucky 38 W Kentucky 14
Oregon 45, Tennessee 0

152 thoughts on “SEC Picks, Week 2”

  1. Try again:

    Yuck… Mets vs Phils with Halladay going up against a guy 0-3? And us sending Minor up against Carpenter? 2 games back isn’t very far, right?

  2. Curious to see this 18-year-old true freshman QB going into Tuscaloosa.

    Of course, I’m way more curious to see the 19-year-old redshirt QB going into Columbia.

  3. Arkansas is not going to Monroe. The game is a home game for Arkansas in Little Rock instead of Fayetteville.

  4. good thing is that the Cards hit lefties just like the Braves. The numbers are scary. However, if we lose this game its going to be a very ugly series IMO

  5. When I was a kid, I liked to watch Condredge Holloway play and I liked Stanley Morgan a bit, but then I realized my basic aversion to orange.

  6. Coolidge.

    But I seem to remember that USC tailback Charles White was on that show.

    BTW, Condredge Holloway was one of the great athletes you’ll ever see. Great running QB with a big arm. Just impossible to get a good shot on him. (And let’s just say that those SEC defenses weren’t nearly as athletic as they are now.) Was considered too small (or something) for the NFL, but he did well in the CFL. He was also quite a baseball player.

  7. I’ll tell you what, if Tennessee doesn’t put up a single point against Oregon I’ll give away my NLDS tickets to someone on here.(The person with the closest guess with UT having zero). Cuz I have so much confidence in my vols that I can put my tickets on the line. Oh don’t forget the score of that game last year Bama fans…13-10…you won’t have a fat man to block this years game winning field goal.

  8. I was feeling all down today about the team and then I come home and find a Black Crowes concert on TV and all is right with the world.

  9. Somebody once asked me what it was like to see a game Between the Hedges & I said, “Well, the first thing you notice is the smell. It smells like 92,000 people have each spilled a half-pint of Jim Beam—and the stadium doesn’t sell any booze.”

  10. #25 oh,yes, Coolidge. I remember the episode where they played in a tournament in Vegas, and Coolidge won big at either craps or blackjack. It was easy for the high school team to pass as adults, since they were all about 28 years old at the time.

    Tonight, we tie the Phils. Go, Bravos!

  11. nate moving up in the order, why not…tonights lineup

    Bobby is apparently as tired of watching Hinske “hit” as I am. .202/.324/.372 since the All Star Break.

  12. Could be tough night for the O…

    Schools were closed yesterday in my town for Rosh Hashanah. We aren’t Jewish but count my daughter as a fan. I’m less of a fan of them opening school and then immediately taking two holidays off.

  13. fwiw, nate and lee have both been hitting the ball well lately. if bobby would realize that melky is HORRIBLE, BOTH OFFENSIVELY AND DEFENSIVELY, then the braves might be ok. otherwise, innings like the one coming up will come with 2 predictable outs.

  14. Melky since the All-Star Break: .260/.335/.397

    Feel free to compare them with Hinske’s stats upstream.

  15. @61-

    I actually commented on that several times. Team had pretty good pitching and a lot of heart. Losing Medlen and Chipper hurt a lot also.

  16. The pitching has held the team up, which has helped minimize the impact of the offense’s occasional slumbers. But as we’re seeing tonight–again–the pitching isn’t holding up anymore.

  17. It can be tough to execute when you look over to the Third Base Coach and he flashes you the GIDP sign. Can’t strike out or god forbid get a hit. But Derek Lee really got the job done there.

  18. He’s got that veteran leadership. The way he professionally runs out those GIDPs… I love his presence.

  19. -87

    Agreed. He’s the only one who is dominant in wins, ERA, and K. And he has the perfect game and CGs to boot, all done in Citizens Bank.

  20. Also, what really impresses me is the great K/BB ratio and the great ERA+ in 220 innings in the bandbox. He’s probably going to pitch over 250 innings.

  21. You can do it Moylan. Get their most dangerous hitter.

    Awesome, great job to strike out Carpenter. I was pretty nervous.

  22. Great idea. Have a .340 hitter sacrifice. Honestly, Bobby, you got a vacation planned for October 4th?

    Edit: At least Omar didn’t try it again. Nail ’em, Heyward!

  23. I am going to tell myself that McLouth is squaring up on the ball, and that he’s about to become an effective major leaguer again.

  24. He’s hitting a lot of balls a long way lately. That’s what Glaus looked like back before he started going off in May.

  25. #32, you prescient fool.

    This is a huge win for the confidence. We have the upper hand in the pitching matchups for the next two days, so let’s ram home that advantage and take the series 3-1.

  26. Tony LaRussa
    Has a hateable face. Run
    And tell that, homeboy.

    69 in this
    Thread may be the dumbest thing
    I have ever read.

  27. Minor isn’t that
    Bad, but not a number 3
    Starter on merit.

    At least not right now.
    He should be pretty good in
    One or two more years.

  28. Dammit. Stop with the fucking haikus.

    Men don’t haiku shit. We kick ass. And kill Cards. And end losing streaks.


  29. 147- What you meant to say was…

    Men don’t haiku sh*t.
    We kick ass and kill the Cards.
    And end losing streaks.

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