Braves 9, Pirates 3

Atlanta Braves vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Box Score – September 08, 2010 – ESPN.

Nine runs for Derek Lowe? Sounds like old times. The Braves exploded for eight runs off of three pitchers in the first three innings, making one wonder where that’s been the last few days.

In the first, Derrek Lee finally did something, singling in Jason Heyward with two out. After a walk to Matt Diaz loaded the bases, Alex Gonzalez came up and singled, scoring Prado and Lee, making it 3-0. Lowe pitched into a bases-loaded jam in the bottom of the inning, but got out of it.

The Braves loaded the bases in the second on a double by Lowe, a single by Omar Infante, and a walk to Heyward, chasing Zach Duke. They got one run out of the situation, a bases-loaded walk to Lee. In the third, AAG and Melky singled to start the inning, and Gonzalez scored on an error off a Lowe sacrifice. An Infante infield single scored Melky, and Prado singled in Lowe and Omar. The Braves got their last run in the fifth, in another bases-loaded situation, with Diaz hitting a sac fly.

Lowe gave up three straight hits in the fifth, allowing a run, before getting out of it. He left after a 1-2-3 sixth having thrown 97 and allowed eight hits, but not walking anyone and striking out two. Scott Proctor and Mike Dunn each pitched a perfect inning with two strikeouts. The Lisp, however, did not do well, allowing four hits and a walk, leading to two runs with the bases loaded and two out in the ninth. Bobby brought in Billy Wagner, who struck out the next batter on three pitches to end it.

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  1. The Lisp really didn’t do that poorly. Two infield singles out of his 4 hits allowed were pretty lucky. The only thing that concerns me is that we had 14 hits and 13 were singles. Lowe got our only extra base hit – a double.

  2. From the last thread:

    For us prog rock junkies, Mike Portnoy left Dream Theater.

    That’s too bad; they’re a fine band, and though I didn’t like their last album as much as a few of their previous ones, I think their last decade was a lot better than their previous decade, which says something about their longevity.

    So what was Portnoy’s complaint?

  3. @3: Essentially, after touring with Avenged Sevenfold and Transatlantic, he realized his heart was no longer with Dream Theater. He proposed that the band go on a hiatus, but the rest of members declined, so he split. The whole explanation is here.

    I actually don’t think this is the worst thing for Dream Theater. Portnoy’s influence had become a bit overbearing in recent years which I correlated to their “decline” and so maybe the band will be refreshed by some new blood, though Portnoy was the heart and soul of Dream Theater.

  4. Honestly, I’m not smart enough to be able to discern the difference between a good drummer and a great drummer. (Ububba has forgotten more about rhythm than I’ll ever learn, though I think he’d find me a hopeless student.) So a Dream Theater with John Petrucci will probably sound a lot like Dream Theater to me.

    Still, it’s a shame.

  5. Even being in second place, the Braves’ playoff likelihood percentage or whatever is higher. Is that because they have more home games left? That, by the way, is very encouraging. Philly has 6 more road games than Atlanta does. That’s gotta work in our favor.

  6. @6, he didn’t really care. He just wanted to look smart with the Roth reference.

    I feel a lot better now that there’s an extra game between the Braves and the Giants. Briefly, it was too close.

  7. Ringer,
    Depends on the game & the kinds of people you wanna hang with.

    If it’s a hard-to-find, non-national TV game & you gotta see it with Red & Black folk, the Village Pourhouse on 3rd Ave & 11th is probably the best bet.

    The NYC Bulldog Club has had that place on lockdown the past few years. Been to a couple games there, but my main gripe with that scene is that the people (mostly recent grads, I’d guess) spend more time socializing than they do watching the game. It can get a little full in there, too.

    If it doesn’t matter to you if you hang with a bunch of UGA peeps or not, Mr. Biggs on 10th Ave & 43rd is a decent place. A little closer to Times Square, if you must, there’s Dalton’s on 9th Ave/43rd. A little generic, but attentive staff & they’ll always turn on the volume, if you need it.

    I had a helluva good time watching a UGA game at the Waterfront Ale house (2nd Ave/30th Street) a couple years ago. It’s not really a sports bar, but that’s probably its charm.

  8. @10,

    I think it’s working from runs scored vs. runs allowed also. Well, I guess it depends which site you use. We’ve scored 2 more runs than the Phils (used to be a bigger gap), and we’ve allowed about 40 less. I think the run differential has more predictive value than the actual standings do, so they include it in the formula/simulations.

    The Phillies are like 10 games over .500 in 1 run games, while we are 1 game below .500. The Phillies’ pen presumably still sucks (eh, middle of the pack), while ours is excellent, so you would think we would have any advantage. To a large degree, it comes down to luck, and that luck kept the Phillies close and now has them in front, offsetting their midseason injury problems.

    Back to the original point, I think the percentages are misleading since the teams have changed. The Phillies (pending Rollins news) are mostly healthy, while the Braves (DL or limited effectiveness) are not. The Phillies swapped out an old-looking Jamie Moyer (except that magical night against us) for Roy Oswalt. Our acquisitions have been decidedly mediocre. Plus, we’re spotting them half a game. At Baseball Prospectus, they have some playoff %s with adjustments for player projections that somewhat bear this out, with the Phillies having a small % edge.

  9. I think the percentages are misleading since the teams have changed

    This is the key point. It’s just a mathematical exercise which shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

    A assume the no-game-thread game thread is the new slumpbuster? Worked great today and – like most everything – is far better than Phil Collins.

  10. Today’s game confirmed it: the reason for the slump was the Kawakami wallpaper on my phone. I went with it prior to his last start and didn’t replace it until yesterday. With his departure from my phone, the offense comes back.

    I’m really sorry I cost us first place, guys. It won’t happen again.

  11. billy-jay

    Come on! You have got to be better than that! We are in a pennate race here, phone wall papers are very important his time of year!

  12. If all the other NL teams get disqualified and we play the Pirates in the playoffs, I vote that we start Lowe on the first day. The guy deals against Pittsburgh – he’s 9-0 in 9 career starts.

  13. RE: Portnoy –

    I hope that means he’ll continue to play with A7X when they tour. I saw them in ATL on Saturday, my first time seeing him play live, and hated the prospect of it being someone else playing for them the next time around. Of course, my peace with his decision isn’t hurt by the fact that I’m not a huge prog rock fan. DT has a few songs I like a lot and a lot that I don’t find very interesting, so I guess I’m being selfish, since I want him playing with the band whose stuff I tend to like all of.

    Can’t say he didn’t give them options. It’s a shame they couldn’t just take the hiatus he requested and have him come back refreshed instead. I’m betting that would have been a breath of fresh air in the music they produce.

  14. @18 I’m glad to hear it’s you Billy-Jay. I had to change my office network password from Chipperjones10 about a week ago (yes, I probably caused the knee injury) and I thought it was me. Without revealing my password, however, it might be changing again soon if billy-jay’s fix begins to falter.

  15. Smitty,

    He’s my adopted countryman. I’m a fan, even if he’s done. He’s also the primary reason I hate the AJC blog (related to my Braves fan IQ post the other day).

    That said, I’m afraid to use Omar for my wallpaper in case I cost him the batting title. Dammit, these are difficult times.

  16. JonathanF,

    That’s not a strong enough password, man. You need some special characters. If you were to go that route, you should try something like:


  17. well I changed my password to JimmyRollins yesterday, today it’ll be ChaseUtley, then Ill go with something like HalladayHamelsOswaltVictorino…..I should have this completed for us in about a week

  18. Or some Chipper wallpaper? Since he’s out already, maybe the bad karma will be redirected to an off-the-field target/

  19. AAR,

    It’s a Japanese cell phone. I’m not sure if it has that kind of power. Plus, I’d feel really dirty with a Phillie on it.

    I’ll give it a shot.

  20. Okay, Joe Blanton is now my cell’s wallpaper. This had better be worth having to hide my phone from friends and family for a while.

  21. Thanks Ububba,

    I just found out about the Village Pourhouse through facebook, and judging from the “attending” list your description sounds remarkably accurate, blondes and bowl cuts all around (not that I’d mind the blondes really).

    Thanks for the extra options!

    Glad to see the BRAVES still have a pulse.

  22. Funny to see the Dream Theater news on my favorite Braves blog. The DT news hit me hard last night, having just finished reading ‘Lifting Shadows’ last week and spinning DT discs throughout the Summer (And for the past 17 years). That said, Petrucci, Rudess, LaBrie and Myung are a helluva talented foursome to carry on with, and as long as the new skinsman can keep up with Myung’s acrobatics, the best may be yet to come (Although nothing may ever come close to Disc 2 of ‘Six Degrees’). Very curious to see if the new guy is a contributor to the songwriting process or becomes more of a hired-hand, a la James LaBrie.

    For all those who don’t care about DT, sorry to digress….Go Braves!

  23. If I recall Perez is a Boras client… and I imagine Scott is already trying to reach through a phone to smack him in the head, but at least he’s not Castillo. Sheesh.

  24. Best Age 20 season ever by OPS+ update.

    Rk Player OPS+ Year Age
    1 Ty Cobb 167 1907 20
    2 Mel Ott 165 1929 20
    3 Al Kaline 162 1955 20
    4 Mickey Mantle 162 1952 20
    5 Alex Rodriguez 160 1996 20
    6 Ted Williams 160 1939 20
    7 Rogers Hornsby 150 1916 20
    8 Jimmie Foxx 148 1928 20
    9 Dick Hoblitzell 143 1909 20
    10 Frank Robinson 142 1956 20
    11 Ken Griffey 135 1990 20
    12 Jason Heyward 134 2010 20
    13 Sherry Magee 134 1905 20
    14 Tony Conigliaro 133 1965 20

    Tied for 12th. Moving up.

  25. I guess this is the series where we find out if Derrick (sp?) Lee is truly a bust.

    Did I see that right? Auburn v. MSU tonight? Two Spread Offense disciples facing each other could be interesting.

    Philip Roth references are always welcomed. Before there was Viagra there was Philip Roth. And before that, there was Henry Miller.

  26. DOB

    Wainwright’s made 5 career stats vs.
    #Braves: 5-0 w/ 2.25 ERA and more than 10 support runs per 9 innings pitched 2 hours ago

    #Braves’ Jurrjens vs. #Cards’ Wainwright tonight. Jurrjens’ past 11 home starts (inc. 3 in ’09): 8-0 w/ 1.87 ERA 2 hours ago

    Albert Pujols’ career #s at Turner Field: .364 avg. (36-for-99), 10 HRs, 27 RBI, .463 OBP, .788 slugging 3 hours ago

  27. 41—Leon Washington, Mike Williams, John Carlson, Seneca Wallace … and that’s about it. Is Deion Branch still there? What about Lofa Tutupi (sp)?

  28. Wallace isnt there anymore, but u did better than me. I didnt think Branch was and I could only think of Leon Washington

  29. Greatest all-time Seahawk?

    Brian Bosworth, of course. Oh, wait …

    Zorn-to-Largent was as much a part of my Sunday twilight youth as 60 Minutes. Seahawks always seemed to be one play away from being good.

  30. jeff conine is mr. marlin, doubt he ranks as the actual greatest marlin ever.

    That distinction lies with eric gregg

  31. Dale Murphy is pretty much to the Braves what Steve Largent is to the Seahawks, and he’s not the all-time greatest Brave.

  32. The Eric Gregg game has managed to look worse and worse every time I’ve seen the actual highlights. My memory can’t even exaggerate its badness.

  33. #Braves lineup: 1. Infante 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Prado 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Lee 1B, 6. Hinske LF, 7. Gonzalez SS, 8. Cabrera CF, 9. Jurrjens

  34. Eric Gregg would be a top five umpire today.

    CB Bucknor and Bill Hohn make him look like that guy who told the truth after the “Non perfect game”

  35. 71 – you’re probably right.

    More proof that we are in Hell – Tony Greene was named the Best SEC basketball official. Voting must have been restricted to him Mom.

  36. Eric Gregg. Ugh!

    #71 No way. That Maddux – Livan game (Game 5) is the worst strike zone i have ever seen. No game has come close to that.

  37. “Hinske and Melky in the same outfield makes me very afraid”

    is there a fatter outfield out there? i bet not.

  38. And the Rockies win.

    Yesterday I was going to commend Bobby for rolling out the seldom seen defensive platoon. Melky in center when Hudson and Lowe pitch, one of the lefties when the others pitch. A throwback to the old Blauser/Belliard defensive platoon.

    Today’s lineup kind of ruins it for me.

  39. There were runners on first and third. He must have heard someone yelling that a steal was going on, and somehow he didn’t see the guy running from third; he stepped off the mound, wheeled around to second, saw no one there, turned back and flipped to the plate, but by then it was way too late.

    Crazy play, but so crazy it worked.

    Yay! It’s Ernie Johnson!

  40. The Braves need to go ahead and score 10 runs here so I don’t have to worry about them during the Auburn game.

  41. its kind of scary how similar Heyward and Lee look when standing next to each other, esp since one is about 15 years older

  42. So, we make Brian F. Burres and Jason F. McDonald look like Adam Wainwright.

    Then, we make Wainwright look like McDonald in the 1st inning.

    Go figure.

  43. 111—In fairness, McDonald is pretty dang promising. I’m much angrier about the Burres — yes, I know he’s left-handed, so it shouldn’t have been shocking, but still — debacle.

  44. Will someone please tell JJ to stop throwing batting practice? Or did he take a bet not to throw anything but grooved fastballs?

  45. Unbelievable. I know this is completely irrational, but between this game and the one in Colorado, I’m starting to hate Jair. Seriously.

  46. I kinda agree Stu, but this one is a total team effort. Bad throw from Bmac, but still AAG couldve handle it and its two outs with Wainright hitting

  47. I’m following on GameDay, so these defensive gaffes aren’t really showing up. Thanks for the clarifications.

    Still, Jair — you’re killing me.

  48. The singles, except for Rasmus, were all fairly pathetic seeing eye hits. Obviously Schumaker’s homerun was not. Pretty shocking, Schumaker is the most extreme groundball hitter in the league.

  49. JJ just gave up a home run to a second baseman named Skip. Maybe if he gives up 0 runs for the rest of the year he redeems himself. Maybe.

  50. Stu, well if you havent seen it. AAG actually tried taking a throw while sitting on top of 2B while falling backwards. It short hops him, misses his glove, and squares him up on the side of the head. Both runners advanced while the ball was rolling to the outfield

  51. The Feliz hit was a groundball with eyes up the middle. The others were mostly liners, but the contact was decently solid. Jair just kept throwing fastball after fastball, and his location was belt-high, middle-in. That’s on him.

    It wasn’t clear why AAG was crouching that low. Smoltz speculated that he may have been falling down. McCann’s throw took a funny hop, but Alex was really hunched over.

  52. Jj might be one of those pitchers who just doesn’t do well with a lead. Maybe he becomes too relaxed/aggressive.

  53. First pitch curve ball to Pujols. Second pitch fastball is ripped for a single.

    He’s really not throwing very hard tonight.

  54. Yeah, JJ, throw Pujols a fastball down the pipe. We all know he can’t do anything with it. Argh.

  55. Hanging changeups as the change of pace from the BP fastballs. Jair, if you’re hurt, just admit it.

  56. I love hearing Smoltz talk

    “You can get Matt inside and up with fastballs, you cant throw him anything away and offspeed.”

    very next pitch – high change up away that Matt hits off the CF wall

  57. I was at the Brewers game on Monday… they walked Rasmus to load ’em up. Not a bad idea with Feliz and Molina coming up. Except Feliz hit a single and Molina a grand slam. Hoping for much, much better here.

  58. I’m just going by what they are displaying on the broadcast. All the FB to Holliday were 89. All except the one he nearly threw to the backstop to Molina were 89.

  59. That fastball was 94. I think it’s a combination of bad luck/defense and bad location.

    Also, I think Jair throws a slower 2 seamer too to go along with the 4 seamer.

  60. GameDay has that 94 mph FB to Feliz as his fastest of the night, an 87 mph FB to Schumaker to lead off the game as the slowest, and an eyeball average of 90-91.

  61. Thanks for helping us get out of that by batting the pitcher eighth, Tony LaRussa. Now pull JJ, Bobby.

  62. Nice job Jair. He was able to reach back for some extra velocity there to Feliz and Wainwright. That’s a good sign.

  63. That’s a tough trivia question. Last Brave before Melky to have an assist from each outfield position.

  64. Wouldn’t surprise me if this is the last we see of him this year. Something is wrong with JJ.

  65. OK, until further notice, I officially hate Jair Jurrjens.

    EDIT: Unless he’s actually hurt. I don’t think he is, though.

  66. Game’s over. No one in the stands as usual. Give up a three run lead over Wainwright. Things are slipping away rapidly. Wish we had Wainwright instead of JJ.

  67. The Rockies have too many home games left to hold them off. I guess I will watch the Saints-Vikings.

    JJ is what he is, a 3rd or 4th starter as Mac and the game so eloquently tried to tell me a few years back.

  68. 176- I would normally disagree, but a player who throws our season away rather than admits that he’s hurt has lost all sympathy from me.

  69. 200- Reminds me of the Washington Redskins announcing an ad for season tickets… during the 1940 championship game. The one they lost 73-0.

  70. the saints and the tigers, my 2 other teams, are helping me cope with the suckitude of the braves.

  71. Kawakami found a new way to fail… which doesn’t mean we won’t need him to start with JJ joining the wounded.

  72. Unwelcome optimism alert: We only lose half a game in the standings today. 2-1 or 11-3, a loss is a loss is a loss. 1 game out.

  73. 211- And a starting pitcher, leaving us with two reliable ones. Minor/ Lowe/ Kawakami or Beachy is not my idea of the back end of a playoff rotation.

  74. 217,
    The start before that he allowed 12 baserunners vs the woeful Mets in 5 2/3 innings and the start before that blew a 10-1 lead in Colorado.

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