Atlanta Braves vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Box Score – September 11, 2009 – ESPN

So, the starting pitcher went eight innings, striking out seven, and didn’t give up a run. Some people wanted to leave him out there, including both announcers. (I didn’t, I thought he was gassed.) Bobby brought in Soriano… And this time, it worked. Go figure.

Jair Jurrjens wasn’t quite as sharp as Tommy Hanson was two days ago, but he was awfully good. He struck out seven, as I said, but unlike Hanson he walked two, and he allowed six hits. He had two jams. In the second, he allowed a double to lead off the inning, followed by a single, but they held the runner. Jurrjens rallied to strike out the next two, then got a grounder to end it. In the sixth, Prado (playing third) committed an error on a shot by Pujols (it maybe should have been a hit) and the next man let the ball hit him. (Why in the world the fans boo in that situation, I don’t know. Obviously we aren’t trying to hit him, and it only helps their team.) Speaking of letting the ball hit you, Pujols ran into a grounder that would have been a sure double play. He’s automatically out, but everyone else is safe. (I have no idea why that is scored a hit.) The next man singled, but karma, or something, intervened, and the runner from second was thrown out at the plate by Church. (He may have been safe. [That’s five parenthetical statements in this paragraph, six if you count this one.]) Jurrjens got the next man to ground out.

The Braves’ only run came in the second, when McCann hit an infield single and Yunel followed with a ground-rule double. LaRoche struck out, but Infante hit a grounder to score McCann. He was safe at first on an error, but Church hit into a double play, one of three that the Braves hit into in the first four innings. They didn’t threaten much after that, except in the seventh when they loaded the bases with one out, but Chipper (pinch-hitting for Church) hit a hard grounder that Pujols threw out Yunel at home on.

In the eighth, Jurrjens almost gave up a two-run, one out homer, but the park just held it. He had rallied, after the first man reached, to strike out Pujols (for the second time tonight) but didn’t seem to have his best stuff for the most part. Bobby went with Soriano, and it worked really well; he struck out the first man, then got a grounder and a flyout to end it. Easy as pie.