178 thoughts on “PURE EVIL and lame: Sept. 5, Braves at Marlins”

  1. So about the Lowe/KK problem… was Smoltz part of the organization on 8/31? Imagine Smoltzy cranking it up one more time for Bobby down the stretch.

  2. From the previous thread:

    @17: “Only teams I really hate are the Dodgers, Yankees, and Marlins.”

    I dislike those teams, but I hate the Phillies more, because I have to live in the Philly area and am inundated with them.

    Example: Last night, on the local sports cable station, Ricky Bottalico said this, and I’m quoting almost verbatim: “Phillies are only one game out . . . that’s a virtual tie. When they play [two weeks from now!!!] and the Phillies take the first game, it will be tied. But it’s nice that they are getting some distance in the Wild Card race. You know what would be interesting? If the Phillies passed the Braves and then the Braves didn’t make the playoffs. That would be a great way to send Bobby Cox off . . .”

    This suggests to me that “Buttalico” is as classy a commentator as the organization he covers–and that he and other Phillies fans are scared of the Braves. I also catch a whiff of this idea that the Braves have been out of line by playing well enough to challenge the Phils. Ever since the Phillies won the WS two years ago, their fans have a huge sense of entitlement–like many Red Sox fans developed after 2004.

    One of my favorite bands is the Canadian group Sloan, and they have a song that says, “It’s not the band I hate–it’s their fans.” So, maybe I hate Phillies fans more than the team. Nah . . . I hate them both.

  3. Wow, Mac.

    The Marlins are a pissy bitch organization. I hope they aren’t mad we won last night, they might throw a temper-tantrum.

    I have to say, I never like the Marlins, but they are catching the Dodgers and Mets on my levels of dislike.

  4. arodys vizcaino pitched last night. i thought he was shut down for the year. anyone have new info on him?

  5. I’ve had no love in my heart for the Phillies since their fans threw batteries at the Braves’ players after Philadelphia won the 1993 NLCS. I think the Braves got hit when they were boarding the bus or something.

  6. He’s pitched a couple times. I think they were going to try to rest the arm to avoid surgery, and it looks like they have, at least to this point. (He did avoid surgery, right? Am I making that up?)

  7. 1. Infante 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Prado 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus 1B, 6. Gonzalez SS, 7. Cabrera LF, 8. McLouth CF, 9. Minor

    i’m actually glad to see mclouth getting a start. i hope he can do a little rebounding and bring some stability to a very unstable position. we know he can at least take a walk.

    glaus is starting as well. lee really cant be defended right now, so i hope this is a wakeup call to him.

  8. I’m not surprised to see Lee sitting against the righty, but I’m VERY surprised to see Glaus instead of Freeman.

  9. 4—He was just shut down for a couple of months, which I believe was the plan all along.

    6—Right, he hasn’t had surgery.

  10. Loria should be booted from MLB after what he did to the Expos and what he is currently doing to the Marlins. I find it difficult to hate them based on they’ve been through (but I still manage some strong dislike).

    Yankees and Red Sox are quite deserving of eternal hatred. Phillies haven’t been worth caring about except for the last couple of years. I’m willing to bet that given two or three years, they’ll resume their rightful place with the Mets sniffing the Braves’ collective butts and hoping they can score a wild card berth.

  11. @10, You know, I used to hate Sox fans as much as you guys, but after visiting Fenway and talking with some really cool fans, I’m reconsidering. The Yankees and their fans are hands down the worst.

  12. I used to feel some sympathy for them (Red Sox fans) for being the Yankees’ bitches and for going enough time between championships for completely new life forms to evolve and go extinct, but man, they got snobby really quickly after they won. Screw them. I hope they get used to being the Ray’s bitches for the next century.

    This is also why I hope the Cubs never win in my lifetime. I’m positive Cubs’ fans will be insufferable.

  13. yeah, Im kinda glad to see Nate and Glaus back in there. Ankiel should never start against a LH’r again. There is no reason not to start Melky and Diaz in that situation. Lee looks done, hopefully Bobby has recognized that or this gets Lee’s attention

  14. @2: I hear you. I used to like the Cubs, before I lived in Illinois. Now I can’t stand them, all because of their insufferable fans. One of my favorite memories is of sitting on my front porch after the Bartman game, watching all the Cubs fans exit the bar across the street, silent, heads down, as if leaving a funeral.

    @12: Cubs fans are already insufferable. I can’t imagine what a WS win would do to them.

    And yet, I hate the Marlins most of all. More than the Dodgers, more than the Cardinals. Pure evil indeed.

  15. my baseball hatred is focused on just a few…Larussa (not the team) Mets, Phillies, Red Sox, Ted Lilly, umpires, and Yanks. For me, every other team is tolerable. I hate playing the Marlins, Nats, Col, and St Louis, but I dont actually hate their teams.

  16. Why is this game starting so early? Do the Marlins think it will help attendance? Instead of getting 2,500 they’ll get 2,600?

  17. I feel ill. Let’s try to keep this at 3 runs, ok Minor? Stop grooving pitches to an aggressive team.

  18. I only watch Braves’ games, so tell me how is Bonifacio not the next Ty Cobb? He must hit .600 against us.

  19. Eleven Marlins batters, five extra-base hits. Maybe we’d better just plan on a three-man playoff rotation.

  20. A dozen years ago, I interned with a professional sports team, a part of a five college-kid group working in various departments. Three of us, myself included, ended up parlaying the gig into full-time jobs somewhere in the big four sports. One member of the group was a supremely arrogant, generally loathsome individual. In a symphonic marriage of person and organization, he was hired by the Marlins.

    They are detestable, from the top down. I loathe some teams, but the Marlins are the only one whose right to exist I call into question, which dates back to the 1991 expansion and their subsequent behind-the-scenes efforts to prevent my hometown from getting a team via expansion or relocation.

    I hate the Marlins with the fire of a thousand suns, far more than the Mets and Phillies combined.


    12:02 p.m. CDT.

  21. I seriously just tuned in thinking the game would be starting soon. Instead, it’s 6-0 Marlins. I’m confused and angry, though on the bright side I can go on with my day now.

  22. And yet, we can’t score against a major league debut pitcher whose ERA was pushing 4.00 at AAA. Wait..wrong game…. that kid is pitching in the double header… STill… I’m kind of disgusted…

    Why would you trot out a lineup with Glaus and McLouth in the middle of a pennant race

  23. Why would you trot out a lineup with Melky Cabrera AND Nate McLouth in it? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it really is scary that the Braves seem not to understand just how bad these guys have been. I appreciate how effective the scouting is, and how they have managed, with their uniquely good talent evaluation to build an impressive system time and again. But there is something wrong when you fail to recognize that Melky Cabrera and Nate McLouth should never be in the game at the same time. The point is to limit your liabilities, not pretend that they don’t exist.

  24. And another thing- why does Bobby keep batting our worthless 1B fifth? He knows they’re not hitting, which is why he constantly switches from one to another, so why isn’t he concluding that they need to bat 7th or 8th?

  25. The Marlins announcers have said that the Braves have disabled the camera in their dugout, that someone must have hit it. That leaves McLouth out as a suspect.

  26. The Marlins announcers just implied that one of the Braves hit the camera in the dugout with a bat. Is that true?

  27. So, is Minor’s plan to make them run the bases ’til they get exhausted? Because I don’t think it will work.

  28. The fifth inning will be like the old joke, where the grounds crew will be dragging the warning track.

  29. Nate just had a big smile on his face at second base after his double, getting up to .170 on the season will do that for you.

  30. Minor has had a bad day, but for me, the primary issue remains the lineup’s deficiencies. They will not do much in the postseason with such awful production from 1B, CF, and LF, and with an almost complete inability to hit lefties.

    If it was me, I’d probably platoon Diaz and Hinske in LF, let Ankiel play CF so at least we get something approximating league average defense, and commit to either Lee or Freeman at 1B. Glaus and McLouth are done, and Melky sucks at all facets of the game. But really, there are just too many replacement-level guys (or worse) getting run, and that includes some of the players who we probably consider “obvious starts.”

  31. So you know what is total BS at this point in the pennant race? The fact that Philly:

    1. Had an entire game gifted to them on a blown foul ball call.
    2. Had three extra home games and three fewer road games than any other team in baseball.

  32. We could still make a game of this.

    edit: They have to intentionally walk McCann here, don’t they?

  33. He’s probably not going to hit the ball hard enough for a triple play, at least.

    I’ll third the affection for Sloan.

  34. I don’t want to remember what happened to McLouth the last time he was in this situation, in this park.

  35. I’m still pulling for Nate. I hope he can come around.

    Pulling back a grandslam?!? Ugh. Painful.

  36. And right as I praised Maybin’s defense, he threw to the wrong cutoff guy to allow 2 runs to score on a sac fly.

  37. Of course, it is amazing how many of these fans are actually rooting against their own players….

  38. We’re rooting for them, CapTang. It’s just that with many of them, we know not to expect what we hope for.

  39. Farnsworth on to make sure we dont keep the lead. Nate hit that one a long long way. Its probably a HR anywhere outside of here and Citi

  40. Too bad for Louth on that one. Nothing like a go ahead grand slam to help out your confidence.

    The job in CF is there for the taking… So somebody take it already.

  41. im sure this is the only place where a bat can land in the stands and have less than a 50/50 chance of hitting someone

  42. this stadium is a f!@#$ circus. bats flying into the half empty stands, rain delays, cf wall made of egg cartons, advertisements left and right like a minor league park…..

  43. I was watching the game in early innings and my takeaway is that Melky is one of the slowest, (or laziest) outfielders I’ve seen in a Braves uniform. How that guy was able to play CF for a world champion team is beyond me.

  44. Nate deserves better luck, better karma, better something, for the class with which he handled his demotion.

  45. This is like a minor league park with all of the advertisements. Of course, there’s a minor league sized crowd.

  46. So, we have Wagner, O’Flaherty, Proctor, and Dunn left in the bullpen. I’m not sure Dunn’s available after throwing 3 innings in the last 2 days.

  47. #131—There’s got to be a number of minor league towns that would support MLB better than Miami.

  48. The problem isn’t Miami. The problem is Huizenga, Loria, and the rest of the scumball owners and front office personnel that the Marlins have employed. They could probably have run the Yankees into the ground by now. On the other hand, a new ownership group could breathe life into the fan base quickly, the way that Tampa Bay’s ownership group has.

  49. South Florida isn’t the greatest sports town. I have doubts that they would support a successful team.

  50. They support the Canes, Heat and Dolphins when they’re winning — and they did the same during the Marlins’ two championship seasons. They’re a total frontrunner town, but, well, so is Atlanta.

    It’s still silly to have an open baseball stadium during the South Florida monsoon season.

    EDIT: Good job, Derrek!

  51. They supported those Marlins teams during the postseason but I’d like to see the regular season attendance figures. Total front running town, yeah. I think the only thing they are genuinely passionate about is the Dolphins.

  52. did Melky think he had any sort of shot at getting him at second? the only thing Bonifacio does well is RUN.

  53. I left when the score was tied, came back to find out the game was lost. A big-time missed opportunity to gain a game on the Phillies, who are losing right now to the Brewers.

    What did Melky do?

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