Braves 2, Marlins 0

Atlanta Braves vs. Florida Marlins – Box Score – September 04, 2010 – ESPN.

Jair Jurrjens faced Josh Johnson tonight, and Jair delivered a gem to keep the Braves alone in first place. Jurrjens went seven innings and allowed only three hits, all of them singles and two of them of the infield variety, while striking out seven and walking three. The Marlins’ most serious threat came with a single and error leading off the first, but the runner never got to third.

The Braves, meanwhile, were leaving baserunners strewn all over the place, but fortunately Alex Gonzalez wasn’t having any of that. In the second, Melky Cabrera led off with an infield single, and Gonzalez drove him in with a double, then getting to third. AAG was then “caught stealing” home on a blown bunt. In the sixth, after Brian McCann led off with a double he was — you guessed it — still there with two out, but Gonzalez came through again with a single to score him. The Braves were 1-12 with runners in scoring position and left nine men on base, plus grounded into two double plays.

Jonny Venters threw a 1-2-3 eighth inning. Billy Wagner added some excitement by allowing a one-out single in the ninth, but got a strikeout and popup to end it.

Useless home plate umpire Doug Eddings, in addition to the usual randomly generated ball/strike calls, ejected Chipper in the first inning. You may have heard, but Chipper isn’t playing because his knee is currently a plate of spaghetti, but Eddings threw him out of the dugout. He’s a real man, that Doug Eddings.

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  1. btw, no team has ever lost 10 games straight and made it to the playoffs. Braves and Phils are just fighting for the division and wildcard IMO

  2. According to MLB Network the Braves hold the record for longest losing streak by a division winner at 11 in 1982.

  3. huh, thought they talked about that earlier this year when the braves were sitting at 9…nevermind then

  4. If my memory is right, the 1983 Braves went on a losing streak which kept them from winning the NL West….

  5. The Brewers suck. They’ve had a great farm and great talent on paper for the past six years or so, and they’ve only made the playoffs once (behind Sabathia) and only finished second twice. That’s a crappy division and they crap the bed every year. I hate drafting their players and I hate when they face our rivals. They treat underachieving like an achievement.

  6. they should trade us Gallardo, Braun, and Fielder for Lee, KK, Ankiel, and we’ll even throw in Nate

  7. Eh, I only hate them because they make me look bad as a fantasy manager and baseball blogger — a few years ago, I used to predict that the Brewers and the Indians were both on the verge of a breakout that never came.

    I don’t actually hate them, in the way I hate the Yanksox or the Philmets.

  8. AAR, why do you think the Brewers had a great farm? I think they are very good in developing hitters, but they are really lacking in the area of developing pitchers. In a way, they are the exact opposite of us.

  9. Only teams I really hate are the Dodgers, Yankees, and Marlins. I never thought anyone could catch the Dodgers, but the Marlins are rapidly approaching that level.

  10. Only teams I really hate are the Yankees and Red Sox. Although I’m in line with what someone said here (don’t remember who) that my hatred for the Yankees probably stems more from jealousy than the actual players/fans etc.

  11. 2011 TP manager, C.Jones hitting coach. Not that I think TP will stick but someone ELSE has to be the hit coach.

    Yanks,Marlins,Rockies,Mets all belong in the hate column. In that order.

    dogers,dbacks suck too.

    a certain team in the NL east from PA shall not be mentioned.

  12. I used to think I hated the Yankees until I started dating this hot girl who was a Yankees fan, then I realized I didn’t hate them as much as I thought.

  13. I really, really hate the Phillies, because of their park, their players (esp. Victorino and Howard), their money and because they are our main rival right now. With the Mets, it is kind of a love-hate thing, thougt 2/3 is hate. Their front office is so dumb, I just can’t take them seriously. They still have some players to hate, esp. that animal they call their closer, but now that Francoeur is gone I couldn’t care less about them. I know it’s unfair but I just hate hate hate the guy, because he is such a douche and was such a dissapointment for us.

    Oh, and freely adapted from a great American citizen whose name I don’t know, the thing I hate the most about the Mets is this “puke orange” on their jerseys.

  14. Capuano was a pretty good pitcher they developed, and Doug Davis and Dave Bush have both had really really long careers. If Ben Sheets had ever stayed healthy at the top of their rotation, their staff could have been fine. But they were always decimated by injuries — Sheets, Weeks, Capuano, Geoff everloving Jenkins.

    I think Thome lags on the 1B/DH HOF depth chart behind Frank Thomas and Jeff Bagwell, not to mention Albert Pujols. HOFer? Sure, I guess. He’s probably got a better case than Fred McGriff, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Fred get in. But I don’t feel too strongly about him.

  15. @17: “Only teams I really hate are the Dodgers, Yankees, and Marlins.”

    I dislike those teams, but I hate the Phillies more, because I have to live in the Philly area and am inundated with them.

    Example: Last night, on the local sports cable station, Ricky Bottalico said this, and I’m quoting almost verbatim: “Phillies are only one game out . . . that’s a virtual tie. When they play [two weeks from now!!!] and the Phillies take the first game, it will be tied. But it’s nice that they are getting some distance in the Wild Card race. You know what would be interesting? If the Phillies passed the Braves and then the Braves didn’t make the playoffs. That would be a great way to send Bobby Cox off . . .”

    This suggests to me that “Buttalico” is as classy a commentator as the organization he covers–and that he and other Phillies fans are scared of the Braves. I also catch a whiff of this idea that the Braves have been out of line by playing well enough to challenge the Phils. Ever since the Phillies won the WS two years ago, their fans have a huge sense of entitlement–like many Red Sox fans developed after 2004.

    One of my favorite bands is the Canadian group Sloan, and they have a song that says, “It’s not the band I hate–it’s their fans.” So, maybe I hate Phillies fans more than the team. Nah . . . I hate them both.

  16. The Brewers either have a substandard training staff, or they’ve had terrible luck, because they can’t keep a prized pitcher healthy, going back to Teddy Higuera. Eldred, D’Amico, and Sheets all missed multiple entire seasons and never fulfilled their potential, and now Gallardo may be headed down the same path. They’ve almost always had a legitimate ace, but he’s usually been hurt or struggling to return.

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