Marlins 7, Braves 6 (10 innings)

Atlanta Braves vs. Florida Marlins – Box Score – September 05, 2010 – ESPN.

Great job, Melky.

Mike Minor had his first rough start. He gave up a run in the first, two in the second, and three in the third, capped by a two-run homer. He pitched the fourth, and managed not to give up four runs, but still, the Braves were in a colossal hole, 6-0.

They got a run back in the fifth when Nate McLouth actually had a hit, singling in Alex Gonzalez. They then tied it up in the sixth with five runs. Brian McCann walked with the bases loaded to make it 6-2. Troy Glaus, getting the start at first, singled in Jason Heyward. Melky drew another bases-loaded walk to make it 6-4, then two runs scored on a McLouth sac fly, both McCann and Diory Hernandez (running for Glaus.)

Meanwhile, the Braves were getting great relief pitching. Moylan gave up a double and a walk in the fifth but got through it, and Farnsworth, Venters, and Saito all pitched perfect innings. The Braves had a chance to take the lead in the ninth, but Heyward chopped out to first on a 3-0 pitch with two on and two out, and after Derrek Lee (the Braves’ third first baseman of the game) doubled with two out in the tenth, AAG hit a liner that somehow lodged in the pitcher’s glove.

Eric O’Flaherty, in his second inning of work, gave up a leadoff single to Emilio Bonafacio. It was well-placed, so with Bonafacio’s speed it turned into a double. And then Melky completely misplayed it, so it turned into a triple, and then the next batter hit a long fly ball for a game-winning single. Nice job, Melky.

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  1. Brewers just squandered runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out in the top of the eighth. I trust Milwaukee’s bullpen less than Melky’s defense.

  2. Melky Cabrera plays awful defense and is posting a .260/.325/.366 triple slash for the year. On a playoff team, he should neither be an everyday player nor get even semi-regular at bats.

  3. Melky’s fielding on that play wasn’t any worse than the 0-2 meatball O’Flaherty left up there for Emilio F. Bonifacio to hit hard.

    I hope Logan Morrison’s OK. For his sake, but also for mine. If the Phillies get the Marlins without Sanchez OR Morrison, I’m going to be sad.

  4. Defense was the difference in this one. The Marlins made a terrific play on the McLouth sac fly (that each and every recap but this one will mention), Uggla made a great catch on a line drive and even Badenhop caught two bullets.

    And we, well, we had Melky.

  5. Between that sweep in Denver and today’s game, we should be way more than 1 game up on the Phillies.

  6. I’m guessing Mac wasn’t watching that part of the game. You can sometimes tell — like, when complaining about an umpire or lamenting an incredible defensive play by the opposition would be warranted — when he’s summarizing based on GameDay’s play-by-play. :)

  7. The Marlins play the Phillies six times in the next ten days. We can hope that the Braves gave Florida a shot of confidence.

  8. four innings vs the fla bullpen after the rally 0 runs. That doesn’t happen to the phillies.

    Our offense is going to cost us a playoff spot

  9. 23, nothing beats a good nap Mac, but even Gameday should have told you that something strange happened, since TWO runs scored on one sac fly. I’m watching baseball for almost 20 years now, but I can’t remember having seen that before.

  10. My college roommate and I have a bet — a bottle of Caol Ila on the pennant. He’s from Philly and had a poster of Lenny Dykstra with “NAILS” printed across the bottom in the dorm room (Dykstra stories encouraged here). I’m from outside Knoxville and had a Murphy autographed ball. PLEASE, I want that bottle of Caol Ila.

    PS – @28 – Melkydrama.

  11. That was a tough one, especially since Bobby managed the hell out of his (uncelebrated) final game in that embarrassment of a stadium.

  12. The Phillies smell blood in the water and they are going to overtake us.

    Probably, since, as currently constructed, they have the better team. Might be able to hang on against the Pads/Giants loser though.

  13. @32 You are right, we are probably going to the playoffs either way, I just hate the freaking Phillies.

    My current hope is that Nate becomes less of a black hole and we can see less of the Melkster. It would also be nice if one of the 4 first basemen we have would actually do something.


    God, some of you sound like the Phillies are General Sherman coming to burn our homes. However, we are still winning the war and we need to start acting like it.

  15. Oh, and apparently Colby Rasmus has requested a trade, and Pujols has said it’s best he goes elsewhere.

    Do you think we can offer all our current center fielders for him?

  16. Or the Braves’ 2008 AAA team, as the case may be. On active PP roster:

    Wil Ledezma
    Charlie Morton
    Chris Resop
    Garrett Jones

    Currently third in the Useless Ex-Braves Power Rankings behind the Royals and Mets.

  17. McLouth had a pretty good day at the plate. Aside from his actual hit, he smoked two other balls (the HR Maybin caught and a liner that Uggla made a great diving play on in the 9th(?) inning). So that was encouraging. Really, the Marlins played very good defense today. I can think of 3 or 4 plays that could be “Web Gems” or whatever.

  18. I would gladly trade Randall Delgado and Arodys Vizcaino for Rasmus today. No, seriously. Get it done, Wren.

  19. 41- In fact, the top three Web Gems tonight were all by the Marlins- the Uggla dive, which was in the 9th inning, the foul pop by AAG caught by Sanchez in the 6th, and the Maybin catch.

  20. Wonder why Rasmus wants to leave? There’s no way we could get him, right? We’re too far down in the pecking order. Unless we’re talking about an offseason deal.

  21. I would trade one of them, and I bet one of them would be enough. Alone. Also, if Pujols says he goes, does he go? Does Pujols have that kind of pull in the Cards organization?

    Maybe he’s like Bobby Cox for Atlanta. If he doesn’t want to deal with someone, he should be traded. Maybe we can trade a terrible player for Rasmus, just like the Escobar trade, only in reverse!

    Apparently, Pujols is REALLY ticked about some of the comments Rasmus has made.

  22. 46—A lot cheaper than what? Most organizations still realize that he’s elite, I’m sure.

    44—Yeah, good point. So, get on it this offseason, Wren.

  23. Repurposed Bill James joke (originally Art Howe/Bobby Doerr):

    Melky Cabrera has a .691 OPS, and has played the outfield like Willie Mays. Willie Mays was one of the greatest outfielders ever, but he retired several years ago, when he started playing the outfield like Melky Cabrera.

  24. @55, Rasmus and the GM both denied it, but Tony decided to go to the press and not only confirm it, but add that he did it last year too. Swell fella. And since the initial report came from “sources” in the Cardinal organization, I think you can infer that LaRussa was in back of the initial story after getting called out in the press for not playing Rasmus. Really, a dick.

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