Braves 12, Marlins 3

Florida Marlins vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – August 28, 2010 – ESPN.

Keep doing that, and we’ll be fine. Well, you don’t have to score 12 runs every game, but score some, okay?

Infante led off the bottom of the first with a double. For a change, this time, Heyward walked and then the next two guys couldn’t get the runners over. Just for variety. Lee lined out to end the inning, and at this point, it looks like more of the same. But the Braves sent eleven men to the plate in the second, and finished Ricky Nolasco‘s night at two innings. Diaz led off the inning with a homer, then Gonzalez and Melky singled. Tim Hudson put down the sac bunt (Chip wouldn’t shut up about the bunt) to move them up, then Omar reached on an infield single to score AAG. Jason hit the ball off of the first baseman — slow motion replays were needed to confirm, the ball just seemed to materialize out there — to load the bases, and Prado drew a walk to make it 3-0. McCann did not hit a grand slam, instead only doubling to clear the bases, making it 6-0.

They just poured it on. In the third, Prado doubled home Infante and Heyward to make it 8-0. A sac fly in the fourth made it 8-1, but Hinske (entering the game for Lee, who tweaked his back) led off the bottom of the inning with a solo homer to make it 9-1, and Diaz scored on an error on a fly ball later in the inning. (I thought Hudson should have gotten an RBI and it ruled a sac fly-error, but nobody asked me.) That made the score… 10-1. Uh-oh.

Fortunately, Hudson was on the mound. He was outstanding, striking out thirteen in seven innings and allowing just the one run, walking just one. He didn’t even need the ground balls, not that he didn’t get them. Prado added two more on a homer in the seventh; O’Flaherty and Farnsworthless pitched an inning each and allowed a run each.

21 thoughts on “Braves 12, Marlins 3”

  1. who all gets called up in a few days?

    Nate, Barbaro, Thurston, Dunn, Freeman, Glaus, Marek, KK

    what # will they typically stop at? 32-33?

  2. Couldn’t Barbaro and Thurston be put on the 40 man on Aug 31? It looks like we have 39 on the roster and Chipper and Medlen are only on the 15 day DL. If they’re moved to the 60 day DL wouldn’t that open up 2 more roster spots?

  3. Sammons is no longer on the 40; Boscan never has been. One of those will likely be added and called up. Boscan has hit about 100 pts better so it might be him.

  4. The Braves have no faith in Timmons, and Boscan is awful. Also, they’re not competitive players; Boscan is a catcher, Timmons a corner infielder. Neither will be called up. If the Braves were to call up a catcher, it would be the reliably horrible Sammons.

  5. Sammons .480 ops is the prototype for reliably horrible, but the third catcher role is just there for an emergency fill in. His value would not be what he does, but his freeing up Ross to be a RH ph.

  6. Did Andrew Miller use to throw high 90s, or am I making that up?

    He looks like he should be a pirate. Or a Pirate. I can’t decide.

  7. 13- As long as he doesn’t appear on a postseason roster and bring on Joe Ayrault flashbacks, that’s great.

  8. heyward’s obp is at .385. i remember when many here told me there was no way in hell he could have a .400 obp in his first year. he might get very close.

  9. The Braves took Sammons off of the 40 man roster earlier this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they picked another catcher to replace him. Orlando Mercado has a pretty good OBP.

    I agree with Mac that they will probably call up players who have already been up this year plus Freeman and probably a 3rd catcher. They probably won’t call up anymore than that because they would have to pay more players a major league salary.

  10. gotta love bobby’s rules…

    ATLANTA — Craig Kimbrel didn’t get the word he was being promoted from Gwinnett until late Friday afternoon. But before he made the 37-mile drive to Turner Field, there was something he had to do.

    With G-Braves teammate Lee Hyde doing the honors, Kimbrel had his Mohawk trimmed before leaving Coolray Field.

    “I thought I’d better not take a chance,” the young reliever said.

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