Surprised game thread: August 29, Grifters at Braves

Seriously, was anyone surprised that the Marlins have been basically running a con game, crying poverty to get what amount to kickbacks from the local governments while at the same time pocketing millions in revenue-sharing money? First off, this is what the owners do. They always lie about how much money they’re losing, and they always use accounting tricks to do it. Second, they’re PURE EVIL.

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  1. Re: Kimbrel trimming his mohawk.

    How the hell do you fit a mohawk in a baseball hat?

  2. Chip called me this morning and wanted me to let you guys know, that if you play the game the right way, the game will reward you.

    Because the game is a pagan god.

  3. Good play is not enough for the Baseball Law-Giver. He must also feast on a sacrifice (not bunt or fly). I nominate Chip.

  4. In my private mental movie of the way the season ends, the Braves are carrying Bobby Cox around the field in celebration of winning the World Series, and as they move off toward the clubhouse Jeff Francoeur creeps out of the bullpen, grabs Chip by the blazer and says “He wants you too, Malachi” as he drags him back into the corn.

  5. 1. Infante 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Prado 3B, 4. Mccann C, 5. Hinske 1B, 6. Gonzalez SS, 7. Cabrera LF, 8. Ankiel CF, 9 Lowe P

    in 5 plate appearances last night, heyward saw 30 pitches. that’s pretty amazing. kinda disappointed to not see diaz in the lineup. no matter the handedness, he should play in every marlins game.

  6. I think the Marlins are mostly annoying because they still have those ugly teal uniforms. I mean c’mon the 90s were 20 years ago. Arizona finally wised up and cut their horrendous teal and fuchsia act (I’m not sure if I long for or wish to forget a time when that was actually thought to look good), so it’s time you guys took the hint, Marlins.

  7. Apparently, AL teams are actually interested in Troy Glaus?

    Maybe Wren could finagle a Glaus for Ellsbury trade.

  8. The Sox made it clear at the deadline that they aren’t trading Ellsbury; if they ever did, it’d certainly take more than Glaus, who really has no value right now. If we traded him, we’d get a pretty bad PTBNL or cash, IMHO.

  9. How about Glaus + The Fond Thoughts of What Heyward’s Rookie Year Could Have Been if the Braves’ Managerial and Training Staffs had Anything Resembling Competence?

    I bet ol’ John coulda made that deal in his sleep.

  10. Josh Johnson vs. Derek Lowe is the Florida-Vanderbilt of our potential pitching matchups.

  11. Ten home runs allowed in Lowe’s last 11 starts. For a “ground ball” pitcher, he sure lets the ball get airborne a lot.

  12. Lowe had strike 3 on Hanley, but for chrissake you don’t walk Emilio Bonifacio. You can not walk Emilio Bonifacio.

  13. Someone mentioned this the other day…

    Bobby calls for plenty of bunts. How about they practice it more?

    Tommy, get out of the booth and show them how it’s done.

  14. These pitchers need to spend at least an hour a day working on bunts. Pathetic.

  15. For the Brewers. Whom we will trade Lowe to, along with that Japanese fellow the Braves allegedly have down in the minors, and Nate McLouth.

    In my fantasy.

  16. I thought that was a terrible call at first, but on the replay looked like it might have been a tie.

    Edit: The better angle looks out, just barely.

  17. I’ve come to acceptance over Lowe’s mound shortcomings. I’m just looking for improvement wherever we can find it.

  18. Just saw the money shot. Not that it helps. The play shouldn’t have been that close, anyway.

  19. I wonder at what point in the season the quick hook will start getting used. It was obvious pretty early that Lowe doesn’t have it today.

  20. Joe: “Lowe had a high ERA after the break last year, but he was 7-3!”

    2 more years of this.

  21. Damn, I hope the Braves can somehow con someone into taking Lowe in the offseason. He was decent to good for a stretch recently, but he is just not good or consistent enough overall to get this kind of money from a budget constrained team.

  22. Maybe we can fool the Yankees into thinking they need another starter with Vazquez not working out.

  23. Barring a rally, this will be 11 Braves losses in Lowe’s last 13 starts, with a 2-7 record charged to the pitcher in that span. (By comparison, Atlanta is 30-15 in that time frame when Lowe doesn’t pitch.) Evidently, all Kawakami did was bequeath his “certain defeat” role to Lowe.

  24. There’s only one guy on the left side of the infield, McCann hits it on the ground to the left side…and it’s right to the one fielder who starts the double play. Wow.

  25. @27 You reached that conclusion about this game at a saner point than I did, but I’m there, too. Another waste of $434,587.82 on the starting pitcher; Lisp on the hill for “relief;” Melky taking his usual scenic route to balls hit in his direction.

  26. How are the Braves going to make the playoffs when they play 12 games against the Marlins and Nats in September?

  27. I’m following the game on the internet. Any masochists out there mind describing the circumstances of Bobby’s ejection?

  28. @66–nothing special, tossed for arguing a check swing third strike on Hinske–probably just wanted to get away from the dreck

  29. Bobby argued the check-swing 3rd strike to Hinske. To the naked eye, it looked really borderline. Hinske beefed, but was walking back to the dugout the whole time.

    Bobby began squawking & it looked like the 3rd base ump tossed Bobby while he was still in the dugout. Bobby came out & got his money’s worth.

    FWIW, on replay, I thought it was a good call. His hands and his bat crossed home plate.

  30. Our starting pitchers, with the exception of Timmy yesterday, have been bad this week. Hanson on Friday and Lowe today put the offense in a hole before they even came to bat. Jurjenns couldn’t hold a lead in the Wednesday debacle. Even Timmy was below average on Monday in Denver. Let’s hope we can break out of this week’s pattern. We have enough problems; we don’t need what has been a strength to falter.

  31. This looks like the old Miserable Loss type “Starter was terrible falling behind early, team can’t come all the way back.”

  32. what’s the possibility KK gets called up to start in place of Lowe, 100/1? He can’t be any worse.

  33. As guys coming up to bat in the 9th go, Conrad, probably Diaz and Heyward are exactly who I’d want.

  34. anythings possible!
    I’m through being a pessimistic braves fan. TOO many of them out there.

  35. Umps thought it was so nice they wanted to go watch the HR a couple more times before leaving the park. :-)

  36. This team is going to give me a heart attack via Yahoo game updating if they keep doing stuff like this…but I like it!

  37. Maybe that somehow evens out Wednesday’s debacle.

    That was one insane comeback.

    Edit: McCann’s “double” became a HR via replay.

  38. The ball hit off the top of the wall, to the secondary wall, then bounced back on to the field. The first base umpire didn’t know the ground rules and called it a double. To save him embarrassment or something, they went to the booth to review it before calling the inevitable homer.

  39. Poor Medlen was trying to get in on the home plate celebration, but was severely hampered by the huge cyborg arm brace.

  40. The Braves are now a full 4 games better than the next closest team (Yankees) in home record. This is, by the way, utterly weird, as any disproportionate advantage to a new stadium should have worn off long ago. Hurray for anomalies!

  41. The ump mighta just missed it.

    Before replay was instituted, I was at a game where A-Rod hit one about 10 feet over the RF wall, but it hit a metal beam in front of the bleachers & bounced right back onto the field.

    The only guy in the stadium who didn’t know that was a HR was the ump who called it a double. His perspective was the worst one in the park.

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