169 thoughts on “Some offense game thread: Aug. 15, Dodgers at Braves”

  1. It’s funny how the Giants had no problem picking up “malcontent” Jose Guillen, but the “good clubhouse guys” Braves didn’t. Give me a break. How long before stress of so many close games wears out the pitching staff? Oh well, it’s not like we haven’t seen this movie before.

  2. 1. Infante 2B, 2. Ankiel CF, 3. Gonzalez SS, 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus 1B, 6. Hinske LF, 7. Conrad 3B, 8. Cabrera RF, 9. Jurrjens

  3. Honestly, it’s time for the Braves to stop giving Heyward every Sunday off. He’s not Seventh Day Adventist or Jewish, and the only way for him to learn how to play every day is to… well, play every day.

  4. @ as i see it…
    1. infante 2. hole 3.hole 4. mccann 5. hole 6. hinske 7. 7th inning commando 8. hole 9. jj

  5. I, too, wish the Braves had gotten Jose Guillen. I mean, can anyone deny that he is great at playing baseball?

  6. It’s a great day to break out of the offensive slump. Let’s go Braves!!! [/end of cheerleading]

  7. Fingers crossed for a few bombs from the Braves today, because it’s the only way a lineup with this many holes is going to score.

  8. Looks like the Braves are doing their best to not score more than one hand’s worth of runs in this series. Ugly, ugly lineup.

  9. since the break

    Infante – .345/.382/.417
    Ankiel – .246/.325/.362
    AAG – .240/.315/.406
    Bmac- .271/.374/.553
    Glaus – .193/.301/.273
    Hinske – .192/.344/.423
    Conrad – .194/.275/.472
    Melky – .297/.369/.487

    3rd best hitter hitting 8th, I spared showing you August numbers for this bunch

  10. I had to pinch myself after reading Melky’s line to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but yeah, he should be batting third.

  11. Heyward’s knees are sore again, per DOB.

    How can a first-place team field a lineup like that? Wow.

  12. Yeah. I hate that lineup. What’s Diory Hernandez gotta do to get a start, right?


  13. Prado had a pain free BP today, said he may go to Gwinnett for a couple of games. Heyward may need a cortisone shot in that knee

  14. Today in spam: FINNISH COMMENT SPAM! Just deleted this comment.

    Vertaa pikavippi päätös lainojen saada paras käsitellä – Kun verrataan lainat varmista voit käsitellä huolellisesti todellinen vuosikorko sekä tsekkamall piilomaksuja.

  15. I’d rather bat Melky 2nd than Ankiel, and of course move McCann, Glaus and Hinske up to the middle spots.

  16. I’d like to thank Jim Tracy for having Theriot bunt there. If he hadn’t, this game might have been over almost before it began.

  17. According to Chip, Padilla just fielded Infante’s grounder for the “game’s first out” in the BOTTOM of the first inning.

  18. Our best players could be dead. Doesn’t change the fact that the lineup is terrible. Just because it’s the best you got doesn’t mean it’s good.

  19. 25- That greatly reduced the chance of a big inning, and when JJ struck out Ethier, that made it possible for JJ to escape without any runs scoring at all. And Lord knows we can’t afford a big inning, or even a small one.

  20. Not only that, but he has the highest K/9 and lowest BB/9 of his career. I recognize that Dodger Stadium makes people a lot better, but… he’s sucked for six years straight. I refuse to believe that we can’t beat up on him.

  21. The Braves should just get me to play first base. At least I would only make 1 out every time I came up…

  22. @20 Mac, I know my finnish. That’s just a compelling case for bringing Freeman up with a random comment accusing Francoeur’s parents of being Norwegian donkey herders.

    Obviously from a fan. Of the Braves. Not Norwegians.

  23. Poor JJ…so let me get this straight. Heyward’s headfirst slide basically ruins his rookie year, now a defensive play has him sore like a 35 y/o. Now I see why his father didn’t want him to play football. And why is Melky batting 8th?

  24. Starting to like Jim Powell more and more. “One Eephus too many” is a simple and excellent bit of broadcasting that, say, Chip would never stumble upon in a thousand years in the booth.

  25. Drew,

    I like Powell a lot. He and Sutton are good together, except when Don is doing play-by-play.

  26. Glaus got to 450 PAs last night, so his $350,000 incentive kicked in. He gets another at 500 PAs. (Per DOB)

  27. Melky looked like that shitty kid on your little league team getting his league-mandated three innings.

  28. I was confused about what was happening. Melky sucking made me feel grounded again. My world makes sense again.

  29. @80, you forgot “great clubhouse guy”

    /baseball-ese for “she’s got a great personality”

  30. Watching Omar hit since Martin went down, it really makes me wonder why they weren’t hitting 1-2 for most of the year.

  31. Nah, “scrappy” is usually a middle infielder. (Eckstein is the platonic ideal of scrappy.) Keith Lockhart, scrappy; Jeff Francoeur, run producer.

  32. “Worth a run (or two) a game” is usually applied to people who are short of that by a factor of ten.

  33. “Really fills a uniform out”.

    For really fat players when you can’t think of anything positive to say.

  34. This is the first time since August 4 that the Braves have scored 2 or more runs in two different innings.

  35. @106 It’s too bad Chavez is gone. He could have just come in for one batter every time we needed to reek our vengeance.

  36. Down by 8, running on a pitcher in CF, that’s got to be the dumbest baserunning of the year. Thank you man.

  37. How many times do you see this? A guy makes a great play in the field and then comes up fourth in the next inning. So classic.

  38. 121- The Braves scored 10 runs on 10 hits against the Reds on May 20 (Conrad’s first PH GS) and against the Marlins on July 24 (Conrad’s second PH GS- Thanks, Trace).

  39. 132, 135- Get your minds out of the gutter; they’re crowding mine. We’re all just lucky Bethany hasn’t posted lately.

  40. Apparently, Slowey won’t come out for the 8th.

    A combo no-no?

    Game on MLB network. Rauch gets the first guy in the 8th. Five to go.

  41. @141 It would be like Luke Wilson in the Royal Tennebaum’s. He’d have his shoes off, walking around the mound in circles, crying.

  42. From Gamecast

    T Glaus singled to right center, O Infante scored, B Hicks to third.

    I feel like that doesn’t capture the…what happened..of the play.

  43. Melky has been very good for us lately. As Peter pointed out on Twitter, he was probably — gulp — the third-best player in today’s starting line-up.

  44. why is DOB reporting that Glaus is reaching certain incentives? Wasnt the whole offseason spent trying to convince us that they had already factored in all these players reaching their incentives in our payroll? I thought thats how they explained the drop from $92-93 down to $84mil.

  45. csg,

    Agreed that DOB is playing up the incentives too much. Where it “might” make a difference is if we had any decent chance to have picked up any pretty good 1B (say Derrek Lee, whoever) then that new starter would knock out that much cost so part of the payroll didn’t have to be made up.

  46. I think if we could trade Melky now we’d be unloading him for a good value. The problem is the only teams that could talk themselves into it are probably title contenders who wouldn’t want to give anything up we could use.

  47. And then there’s all the waiver stuff I don’t understand that makes it impossible I would think.

  48. Good to get most of the pen guys some rest (the ones that needed it).

    So, going into tomorrow, Venters and Saito have one day of rest. Moylan and Wagner have 2. And EOF pitched today at Gwinnett (his 2nd rehab appearance) Maybe they activiate him by Tuesday or Wednesday.

  49. Somewhere (on EsPN, I think) somebody said something about trades having to be completed within 48 hours of waivers. I thought that was only trades completed pursuant to a waiver claim.

    Like say, if Lowe had cleared waivers a week ago and a contender lost a key pitcher, then we oculd trade Lowe to that contender for minor leaguers or for any Major League player that had cleared waivers.

    Isn’t my position right?

  50. Every team in the division has a losing road record, and nearly every one a winning home record (Marlins are 29-30 in Miami), led of course by the Braves’ absurd 41-16 home mark.

    Upshot of this is that we really have to put a little distance between ourselves and the Phils, and ideally the other division leaders, before we hit the last couple weeks, when it’s three away series in the division before closing at home against the Marlins, who are so far the best NL East team in others’ parks.

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