152 thoughts on “Backstabbers game thread: Phillies at Braves, June 7”

  1. Joe Sheehan over at BP seems to have a pretty ridiculous way of selecting all-stars

  2. I’ll have to say that I haven’t totally given up on Frenchy, but I’m not far from it. The problem is that we don’t have anyone in the organization that is an adequate replacement (Norton and B. Jones stink and our other guys have no power.)

    If we want to make a trade, now is not the time. We need to sell high – when Frenchy goes on a tear. He keeps showing signs of this, but then he regresses back to normal. I still think he can turn it around and either be valuable in a trade or serve as an above average corner outfielder for years to come, but time and patience is running out. I stil say the best option right now is to let him share time with one of our other outfielders. Getting Kotsay back will make this more feasible. An outfield of Blanco, Anderson/Infante and Norton is pretty scary.

  3. Can’t say I’m sad that I missed last night’s debacle. (I was at Yankee Stadium, where it was ex-Braves night, as KC’s Kyle Davies & Ron Mahay tamed the locals.) I’m sure the shock would be more lasting if I’d lived that KJ moment.

    As it was, I had my own “WTF!” moment in my little Dominican bar after the game, checking the internet on my Nokia. And I just watched it on mlb.net & there are no words. Just gotta suck it up & try to win the next 2.

    BTW, The O’Jays are amazing. People remember them for their great pop hits—“I Love Music,” “The Backstabbers,” etc.— but their other material is terrific, too. Really stands the test of time. (My fave: “Living for the Weekend.”)

    I hearby nominate The O’Jays as “the bad-luck busters.”

  4. I was at last night’s game.


    Can someone comfort me? I am not only still stunned, but I swore in front of a 4 year old kid when Kelly dropped the ball :(

  5. is there really a difference in Kelly’s drop and the two errors Chipper made the other night against Cincy? This team is the same as the last two years – just finding ways to lose. They really need to bounce back and win these next two.

  6. No, but he did everything he could to make a case for it. He also picked Martin over McCann.

    I just mostly disagree with his opinion that the all-star game is a career selection when I think it should be a season to season selection.

  7. the all star selection is a joke. I kind of hope that this stupid fan voting system screws Chipper over this year. We really need something to get him pissed off and really continue this streak that he’s on. The guy is hitting over .400 and all you hear about on ESPN is David Wright, Mets, Yanks, and Joba

  8. frenchy is not going anywhere. he’s young, he’s stupid, he’s not that good (yet), but he’s cheap. he is going to stay right where he is whether we like it or not. i expect him to be somewhere in between his 2nd year number and his 3rd year numbers before the end of the season. he really chaps my ass right now though!

  9. Not that anyone has done it lately, but a comparison of Francoeur to Andruw is an insult…to Andruw.

  10. When are we going to call up Schafer? I say during the mega road trip coming up.

  11. Yeah, maybe a comparison to early Andruw is an insult. However, today’s Andruw might as well be my ex-wife…got fat, lazy, and did nothing except sit around spending my money while not doing anything around the house to try to “earn” it.

  12. I don’t think we’ll see Schafer until September, if at all. He only has a handful of PAs above Myrtle Beach. It’s more likely we’ll acquire a corner OF with a decent bat.

  13. What happened to Eric Campbell? I haven’t heard or seen anything about him this year.

  14. Campbell had some disciplinary issues and was suspended by the team. He’s currently at Myrtle Beach sucking a lot.

  15. If Kotsay’s back doesn’t improve — if he needs surgery again — they may not have much choice but to bring up Schafer.

    Right now, comparing Francoeur to Mondesi, or Jordan II, would be an insult to Mondesi or Jordan. Over the last seven games, he does have two homers and two doubles, but only three other hits, so his line is .233 .281 .500. Over the last 28 days, his line is .231 .291 .398. Those are backup catcher numbers, for a team that has a decent backup catcher and not a rodent.

  16. I don’t think it would be good for Schafer’s development to bring him up soon. It’s sort of comparable to when Francoeur was brought up, though I think Schafer’s a much better player now than Francoeur was then.

  17. I think Frenchy needs to go on the DL. The faster Bobby sees it, the better it is for the team.
    Campbell is finally finding his stroke. Always been a favourite of mine. Hope he gets his head out of his ass this time.

  18. did anyone just see zambrano beat the shit out of those water coolers? i wouldnt be shocked to see that the cubs have to put them on the dl. what a loss.

  19. Also, if somebody from Comcast could explain to me why I don’t get the game tonight on Extra Innings, I would greatly appreciate it. Well, if the game is going to be like last night, maybe for my sanity, I’m better off.

  20. The Braves need these next two. I don’t feel confident about them going to Wrigley against the team with the best record in the majors (39-23), with the best home record (26-8) and them (the Braves) with the worst road record (7-21) and winning that series.

  21. Tbh, I think playing the Cubs will be good for us and we could easily sweep that series.

    A big problem we’ve had away is that we know we’re better than the teams we’re playing and aren’t bearing down as much as we should. With the Cubs we should approach it as more of a playoff series, like with the 4 games at home to the Mets and this Phillies series.

  22. SS Escobar
    2b Johnson
    3b Chipper
    1b Teixiera
    C McCann
    RF Francoeur
    CF Blanco
    LF Anderson
    P Reyes

    What will it take for Bobby to give Francoeur another day off?

  23. On this Saturday, I propose bringing back the Atlanta Braves drinking game after last night. Post all recommendations, rules, and regulations.
    (Note: Chip is off tonight, thank the higher powers, but feel free to add any Chip related rules for the remainder of the season).

    Every time you hear the phrase….

    “Closer by committee” – take a drink.

  24. Other highlights:

    “…trying to pull the ball…”

    “…couldn’t get the bunt down…”

    “…he swung at ball four…”

    “…maple bats…”

  25. Good one Escobar. Gets a gift handed to him on what should have been another first-pitch out and he goes and gets himself caught stealing on the very first pitch to Kelly Johnson.

  26. Braves gave that inning away. Caught stealing and a strike out swinging at ball four…

  27. Mac –
    Howard was tossing it to the pitcher and threw it in the general direction of the Braves dugout. Then Escobar got thrown out as Dan said.

    I’m getting the game on MLB.TV through Peachtree.

  28. bleh I’m not even close to getting over yesterday.
    I still just can’t believe it. So demoralizing.

    I think only a good winning streak or Francoeur heating up can get me feeling optimistic about this season again.

    I’m not even sure which one of those is the more unlikely…

  29. Oh yeah, I forgot some of the Chip classics:

    “In Chicago…”

    “Fisted to the right side…”


  30. Something bothers me about Chip referring to the game of baseball as “our sport,” as if he created and/or owns the game.

  31. My favorite is Chip Caray screaming at the top of his lungs “swung on and belted” a Braves’ flyout to about fifteen feet in front of the warning track.

  32. I tell you, Francoeur almost has it. Just give him another 1,500 major league at-bats playing everyday and he’ll be an all-star.

  33. Yunel seems to be the key non-.400-hitting Brave, not named McCann, that is.

    Escobar ‘s an upgrade both offensively and defensively over my man Renteria.

  34. Rescobar just replaced Renteria, and I’m sad that Skip didn’t even mention it

  35. Another ‘Simpsonism’…

    ‘Keeping your hands inside the ball.’

    Take a drink.

  36. Who’s on radio with the Perfesser? If it’s Chip, he’s being uncharacteristically unannoying.

    Can anybody hit? Jeez.

  37. With our stellar lineup, the Phils now have all the runs they need if they walk Chipper, McCann and Escobar.

    Frenchy and his outfield chums suck, and Tex is not far behind them.

  38. Has anyone ever gone Delgado as quickly as Howard? Is there some sort of disease that’s struck the NL East first basemen? As bad as Teixeira has been he’s a lot better than Howard.

  39. It’s pretty depressing that in a 2-0 game in the 6th inning it feels over.

  40. 48 — funny. As a kid, my brother and I used to make fun of chip’s grandpa for the same thing…. “It could be.. It could be… but it’s a pop up to the SS”

  41. Chipper is absolutely carrying this team on his back. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    Thank you, Chipper.

  42. Boy, did we ever need that.

    My mlb.com audio is about an inning & a half behind, so I’m trying to keep up with Gameday. Further annoyance.

    Let’s just win this damn game.

  43. Why does anybody pitch to him? I’ve never seen anything like what he’s got going, and I’ve been a baseball junkie since the early ’50s.

  44. Coop, shhhhhh, keep it quiet. It’s the only chance of winning the Braves have it seems.

  45. Eight batters, two runs.

    Who are our outfielders of last resort? Can we reasonably expect our pitchers to hold the opponents to less than three runs a game?

    Chip has morphed back to his usual self, I’m sorry to report.

  46. I think the lack of activity in the pen meant he had to hit for himself.

    Quite why there was no-one up is a different story. Perhaps they though Francoeur would hit into a double play.

  47. I voted “his father’s” on the poll because I’m guessing his dad had something to do with Frenchy turning down the McCann-esque contract he was offered

  48. Jo Jo’s been great, but I agree, braves14. I’d sure hate to see him lose.

    Wow. I’ve recaptured my bad old days mindset, and the impotence of negative thinking bears fruit.

  49. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again even if it doesn’t work. This is not the first time this has happened.

  50. Why didn’t he bring in Ring to pitch to Utley? Bobby want to make sure he only gets to pitch to 1 batter?

  51. As of right now, Royce Ring averages 1 run per 2 innings. For a better comparison, that’s 1 run per 6 outings. I don’t think he gets enough credit for that.

  52. Besides we gotta score one more run to make sure it is a one run loss, this isn’t quite depressing enough yet.

  53. Off topic, but I was wondering if anyone knows where I can see the contracts of assistant coaches in the majors? I found a list with the managers, but I was wondering what pitching and hitting coaches made.

  54. Say hello to 5.5 games out. This team sucks aside from a few bright spots, but unfortunately the black holes are doing their best to absorb the bright spots.

  55. Maybe if the team falls far enough out of contention, the Braves can trade Teixiera for a ton of prospects.

  56. 5.5 games out.

    Blanco, Anderson and the pitcher spot offer NO hope of a homerun. Such a powerless outfield.

  57. The Braves could include their outfield with Tex for a couple of good prospects, and I’d be happy.

  58. I’m afraid we’d have to GIVE prospects to get someone to take our current outfield.

  59. “Stockman has only been used in these types of situations, but that may have to change.”
    — Pete you are my hero, can we get Bobby a tape of this ninth inning ?

  60. Mac, if the firing squad were made of Braves outfielders, they’d probably miss.

  61. I wish Brandon Jones would start hitting so we would have an outfield option with some power.

  62. Just joined the game in time to see Lidge get the final out….We are now 5 and half out…this is beginning to really suck….

  63. The Phillies are just a better team. They have been for over 2 years. None of this is surprising.

  64. But it was impossible to ignore the fact that Friday night likely won’t be the last time the Braves count on Rafael Soriano and then find that he’s deemed himself unable to pitch.

    How dare he tell anyone that his elbow hurts? I seem to remember the Braves didn’t like it when Davies tore his groin after not saying anything about it.

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