126 thoughts on “Hopeless game thread: May 8, Horrible Team at Two-Time Defending NL Champions”

  1. this is the game that i hope is our turning point of the season and it has all the makeup to be just that. let me explain myself. if all goes as good as i hope it will:
    1. medlen has a chance today to earn the 5th starter job if he dominates. kk was successful out of the pen last year and medlen has starter stuff. i do understand the argument that bloggers will make about kk’s salary, but i’d be willing to bet that bobby will try almost anything if it puts a W on the board.
    2. the team actually realizes that they can win without heyward.
    3. mccann puts on the glasses and is the immediate impact that he was last year around this time.

    come on, guys…get it going.

  2. This team reeks of the 2008 Atlanta Braves. The worst players are healthy as oxes and your best players can’t get the mail without pulling something.

  3. last thread – “I wholeheartedly agree that Melky sucks. However, I would like to point out he is hitting six points (.185 to .179) higher, with 13 less strikeouts than Nate McLouth. McLouth sucks just as much, if not more than Melky!”

    you cant judge players based on BA alone. Based on your last sentence, you really ignore OBP, SLG, SB ability, and other skills. Melky does NOTHING average, he sucks all the way around

  4. when I asked for Hinske I was happy to see it, however, I was hoping he’d replace Melky

    McLouth, 8; Prado 4; Chipper, 5; McCann, 2; Glaus, 3; Hinske, 7; Cabrera, 9; Infante, 6; Medlen, 1 32 mins ago

  5. @1–You’re right that the spot in the rotation should depend on performance not on KK’s salary which is a sunk cost.

  6. Frank – good point, however, Id rather see Medlen replace Lowe. For some reason, I have far more confidence in KK over Lowe

  7. The point applies more broadly to include Lowe–the best options for the rotation should be based on performance not on salary commitment. If that means Medlen and KK with Lowe as the one out of the rotation then so be it.

    I wonder if Lowe shares Chipper’s thinking about retiring before a contract expires if his performance is not acceptable. One can hope …

  8. Postgame Lowe:
    “It’s a completely different feeling than last year. Last year I felt lost. This year I feel like I can do what you want to do, and give up a touchdown. I’ve always said hitters will tell you how you’re doing, and obviously it’s not very good.”

    Hell yeah, give up a touchdown amount of runs for the other team is what you can do, Sir.

  9. I saw that the over-under on this game is 10 1/2. Honestly, Medlen and our bullpen aren’t bad enough to give up 11 runs…

  10. But Brian, the O/U is for combined runs so that means you ad….


    Yeah, I’ll take the under too.

  11. Ive got my doubts but do you think Hinske can give these guys a spark like Prado kind of did last season? Theyve gotta hit Blanton and Id love to see someone in the lineup other than Diaz and Melky right now

    at least no Utley today

  12. Wow! A big rally!

    Edit: … Shortcircuited by Glaus and Hinske. Of course. They say that you can’t give a good team four outs, but the Braves got five and did nothing with them.

  13. two errors and a hit batsman and cant score. Glaus and Hinske had awful AB’s. How many times can these guys not get the job done with a guy at 3rd and less than two outs?

  14. Kris, hit a home run here and you might have a chance.

    … The scary thing is that Kris had the longest and probably best AB of any Brave so far.

  15. i’m tired of having strikeout king hitting 5th. he’s got to put the bat on the ball…

  16. 5 hits and a lot of pitches are up…maybe this isnt the turning point. maybe there is no turning point.

  17. Medlen’s probably on a pitch count limit. At this rate, he won’t make it through 4.

  18. I feel bad for medlen. He is a tough kid and has battled in that pen all year. But this is a tough spot to get a spot start. Against the phillies in a game where you have to win because you’ve been struggling. Also the last two nights you had no offense at all. So you have to be perfect. I’m rooting for them to score some runs for the kid!

  19. The problem being so many games back is that we aren’t just chasing the phillies. But also the mets/marlins and an improved nationals team. Its gonna be rough

  20. 34—We’re not chasing anybody. We’re lying down and watching them all run away from us. I’m so disgusted.

  21. I sincerely hope JH gets a 2 week minor league rehab assignment. Burning a year of his service time on this bunch is patently futile.

    /although I guess it doesn’t count without a roster move, and he’s clearly not going to be sent down for talent reasons. This team has screwed us across the board.

  22. Wouldn’t he still get service time though if he’s not on the 60 day DL?

  23. @36 I haven’t posted as often as I once did for a myriad of reasons that have nothing to do with baseball, but I share your disgust and have never been so upset with this organization. Liberty Media is the root of the problem; inflexible, bottom-line, corporate ownership doesn’t work in professional sports and has led to half-assed solutions (Melky, Hinske) for fatal flaws in the lineup. I fear nothing will fundamentally change until ownership that gives a damn is at the wheel of the organization.

  24. I was wondering what had happened to “The Pictures.” I think I know where one set of them is.

  25. 43 – What I’d like to do to my radio when the braves are on.

  26. He hasn’t walked anyone and has kept it in the park with a K an inning. I’d say he’s done well.

  27. Mondesi was released for less than what Melky has committed this year.

  28. Besides not hitting they play sloppy baseball every game. Dissapointing for a bobby cox team

  29. And Medlen breaks up the no-no. Now if he steals second and third, maybe he can score on a wild pitch or something.

    … Thanks a heap, Nate. Why do we even bother?

  30. Mclouth must want to get back to the hotel early to watch re-runs of the office

  31. JC said yesterday a strikeout was a “Braves hit”–I think to refine that, a “Braves hit” is a strikeout with a man on first, thus preventing the otherwise inevitable double play.

  32. @57

    RE: Melky dunk tank – I wouldn’t pay a red cent unless the tank had sulfuric acid in it.

    (Not enough to kill him you understand- Just enough to get him onto the 60 day DL. I’m mad, not murderous. Yet, anyway).

    EDIT: Ugh – we’re getting screwed by the umpires now, Polanco was clearly out. I guess letting Medlen hit when he was going to be taken out was the best thing, since he’s not only our starting pitcher, he is our top hitter as well today.

  33. I don’t guess Heyward is available to pinch hit. Maybe we could get someone to walk and look for him to give us a 2 run homer. He can pitch hit for anyone in the lineup as long as he hits with a runner on first.

  34. This is currently the most embarrassing stat line I think I have seen in a braves game in 20 years. The emergency starter has the only hit through 5. I don’t see myself watching on TV anytime soon.

  35. Through five and still within one run.

    Can we quit now and call it a moral victory?

  36. Why was Medlen pulled? For showing up the rest of the team?

  37. Unfortunately when we replaced Medlen we pulled the best hitter in our lineup.

  38. Fine emergency start by Medlen- he kept the ball down, didn’t give up any power, and resisted the urge to strangle his useless teammates. I’m not sure any of us could do the same, especially that last one.

  39. Sadly. When glaus popped out there. I said. I guess that’s a small victory and as good as I could have expected!

  40. Medlen can’t win this one but someone damn well better buy him a steak tonight.

    Also if I gave up four hits in an inning to this Braves lineup I would consider retiring or at least going on the DL.

  41. Words have apparently failed mac. Anybody down his way able to check in on him to make sure he’s OK?

  42. Medlen’s earned a spot in the rotation as far as I’m concerned. Lowe would be going to the pen.

  43. This guy appears to have no control. Not good for a relief pitcher in a close game, especially against the Phillies. Walks kill.

  44. If B-Mac could just get on to load the bases for Glaus it would just be too perfect.

  45. Too bad he swung at ball four. Now Glaus can’t bang into a double play. It’s another Atlanta Hit for Glaus.

  46. we might get a win today, but jeff francoeur will be a loser the rest of his life:
    .243 avg .325 obp

  47. McCann tries to offer Moylan his glasses, since Moylan clearly needs them more.

  48. I don’t know that you have to walk Howard, but I don’t think I’d throw him too many strikes.

  49. Whew!

    I know we usually second guess after a failed move, but should Cox have had Wagner in that situation instead? He would have made a double switch, of course.

  50. You know, I bet Moyer and Contreras have lots of fun in the clubhouse, sitting there, drinking martinis and reminiscing about the Bay of Pigs invasion.

  51. I think Cox has finally realized that Cabrera, if he absolutely has to be in the lineup, should be treated as a pitcher.

  52. At least Melke can bunt. That’s the second good bunt I’ve seen from him. So there – you guys who say Melky can’t do anything well!

  53. Heyward doesn’t get the hit, but it’s a good sign that Bobby used him there; Bobby was talking about not using him to pinch-hit in case he had to go on the DL retrospectively.

  54. McCann is semi-intentionally walked, because Cox is the last person in the National League to twig to Glaus’ futility.

    Edit: Even blind pigs find occasional acorns.

  55. Still kinda miffed Bobby gave up an out when we had one of our best hitters up. Especially against this guy. Baez is awful.

  56. And of course the Fox game switches back to Yankees-Sox with one out in the ninth. Screw Fox.

  57. The bullpen deserves a lot of credit, too. Although it’s a bit disturbing that this is only Wagner’s 4th save five weeks into the season.

  58. That’s more a factor of the way the games have been won than anything else. A lot of lopsided or comeback games.

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