59 thoughts on “I hate Tigers game thread: June 25, Tigers at Braves”

  1. Re: previous thread on Matt Kemp

    I’d seriously do some chatting with the Dodgers to try to get him.

  2. Kevin Lee, you are awesome. I am in the data gathering stage of my project, so there’s not a lot to show, but you are insuring that my trivia is top notch! When I have a better grasp on the website portion of the project I’ll probably be pestering you guys for your opinions.

  3. What will Kemp cost? Medlen and Melky? Do they have to throw something else in? I have to say that I am interested.

  4. Oh goodness, I could not give you Melky and probably Vizcaino fast enough. Imagine if Wren had turned Vazquez into Kemp pre-season.

  5. Oh Rosenthal, I usually hate your ideas..this one not so much

    “Colletti could dangle Kemp to the Braves, who are deep in young pitching, in need of a right-handed hitting outfielder and in position to exchange a center fielder, Melky Cabrera, who played for Dodgers manager Joe Torre in New York.”

    so what young arms + melky would it take exactly. Do you move Delgado or Teheran?

  6. JJ and Melky for Kemp – sure, id rather it be Vizcaino and Melky, but it may not be enough

  7. It’s a beautiful idea, but I don’t think the Dodgers are that stupid or, frankly, that the Braves are that smart. (And I am a big-time Frank Wren fan!) I think it would take Jurrjens to get the deal done, and I don’t think Wren would do that.

  8. I would even giv Jurrjens at this point. Kemp is exactly the guy we need for a couple of years, Heyward is going to be around for a while, and you can buy a left fielder.

  9. I second the JJ and Melky for Kemp. I’m still not convinced that JJ is quite right yet and may have ongoing nagging issues that keep him from being as successful as he has been.

  10. 10—One (the only) concern I would have about acquiring Kemp is defense. His numbers are pretty awful in center. I would actually make Kemp my left fielder starting next year. ‘Course I’m one of the few who still expects Schafer to be good.

  11. @13, 1/2 a season of defensive metrics is not to be overly relied upon. Kemp can play center.

  12. I’d trade Jurrjens for Kemp. It’s not as if the guys we have now are great defensive center fielders.

  13. I’m with y’all I’m for it but here’s my question. If we acquire Kemp what do we do with McLouth? I don’t think he can hit for left and he’d be owed a ton of money for a 4th outfielder.

    Sorry, Stu I’m in that believe it when I see it with regards to Schafer. He’s got a .546 OPS right now at triple AAA. I at least wouldn’t let fear of blocking him be a deciding factor in any move I could make.

  14. 16—I said I would love to have Kemp. I’m not worried about blocking Schafer. I’d just rather put Kemp in left (next year) than in center.

    McLouth’s a sunk cost.

  15. I’m not sure that McLouth is even going to play again this year. He obviously had something wrong with him already and right now he can’t even walk in a straight line.

  16. Schafer’s got a long road back–his wrist surgery is particularly a slow one when it comes to recovery. I’m not sold he’ll ever be a viable MLBer again, but I think it will be this time next year before we can write him off for sure. I, however, am not too optimistic.

  17. Kemp is sort of like a cross between Yunel Escobar and David Wright. He’s absurdly good, but he comes up short in memorable ways (and like Yunel, he gets caught stealing all the time) and he’s the best player on a fringe-good team that might conceivably be better if he were better.

    I would, naturally, love to have him. I was at his second game in the majors, when he pretty much destroyed us single-handedly, and I have hated seeing him in the visitors’ clubhouse ever since.

  18. The Dodgers wouldn’t trade kemp for future help. As Rosenthal says, if they do it — and I would be pretty shocked if they did — it will be for immediate help. Jurrjens and Melky for Kemp seems like a pretty even deal.

    Does anybody really think the Braves would deal Jurrjens?

  19. You’ve got to give the Dodgers something more immediate than Schafer and Vizcaino. I think Viz is going to be a good one, but he’s at least a couple more years off and who really knows what Schafer is ever going to do again. I think this trade will require Melden or Jurrjens to start.

  20. 1. Prado 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Jones 3B, 4. Glaus 1B, 5. McCann C, 6. Escobar SS, 7. Infante LF, 8. Cabrera CF, 9. Medlen

  21. I think they’d trade Jurrjens and Melky for Kemp. Jurrjens may not be healthy and is a boras client. He’ll get pricey and I dont believe we’d see any discounts from him.

    At least we’re getting insurance $$ for Nate. He’s not that expensive until 2012, but we can buy it out for I believe $1.5mil

  22. not that it matters but the Blue Jays will be the home team for these games in Philly

  23. I’d be more willing to deal JJ than Medlen personally. JJ has been good, but his peripheral stats scare me a little. I’m much more confident in Medlen than JJ. It doesn’t help that JJ wasn’t looking amazing in his rehab starts.

    If this deal can be done with JJ, it needs to be done soon.

  24. @29, JJ has 450+ innings of 122 ERA+, Medlen has 120 at 108. You underestimate JJ’s track record – he’s a really good bet to be very very good.

  25. very well done Meldon. good guy!
    This is not a football game. more scores, please.

  26. This is gonna be a tough inning.

    /edit – thanks for making a liar out of me so far, Pete!

  27. An eight-walk no-hitter is like….. I dunno, but it’s not particularly impressive.

  28. The Rays have the second best run differential in baseball, and have been no hit twice.

  29. Ton of respect for Wagner for committing to his family after this season even after pitching like a monster this season.

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