White Sox 2

Atlanta Braves vs. Chicago White Sox – Box Score – June 24, 2010 – ESPN.

That was terrible. Derek Lowe did everything he possibly could, throwing seven shutout innings, allowing only five hits. But the Braves got only two hits, and only once did anything like threaten — in the seventh, when Chipper singled, went to seocnd on a groundout, and third on a wild pitch. After Glaus walked, he was stranded. They had only one other hit the entire game, by Hinske in the second. It was their worst offensive performance since the Jimenez no-hitter, and maybe worse considering that the starting pitcher came in with an ERA over five.

Saito allowed a two-run homer in the eighth to lose the game. But the way this team was hitting — over-aggressive, even desperate — if he’d gotten out of it, he would have only have postponed the inevitable. Why Saito, who looked shaky yesterday, was used when the rest of the bullpen was rested is anybody’s guess.

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  1. isnt there a rule in place that Saito has to pitch in the 8th inning?

    is this our late June push? do we feel a 5-6-7 game losing streak? sure hope not

  2. Using Saito in back-to-back games coming off a DL stint was probably a mistake.

    edit: Not that it mattered. This game could have been Isner-long and we wouldn’t have scored.

  3. The next week is the point in the season where either the magic is going to wear off, the wheels will come off, and we will slide into third place for the duration – or we dig in our heels, win two games against Detroit, and stop the bleeding.

  4. Will need someone to step up big, hopefully Kawakami. The match looks to favor us tomorrow with Medlen going against a guy making his debut.

    But then Saturday Kawakami goes against Max Schezer (who is definitely beatable I’ve just lost confidence in Kawakami starts) and then Hanson has to face Verlander Sunday. No offense to Hanson but Verlander been one of the best in the game over the last couple of years.

  5. You could have said just about anyone other than Chip Caray and I would have chosen the other person. The lone exception is Hawk Harrelson.

  6. @5 Alex, here’s the third choice: spend 3 hours hitting yourself in the face with a hammer. . . . and after 3 games of Hawk, the hammer seems like a sweet alternative.

  7. I voted Hawk, because either way I’m going to mute it, and I can’t even stand to look at Chip when the broadcast does those ”in the booth” shots.

  8. 6—That might be a tad melodramatic.

    I voted Hawk. Not even close. Chip Caray makes me hate the Braves a little bit.

  9. Heyward issues wouldn’t be so bad…if McCann and Chipper were consistent power threats, but they are not. I mean Glaus has been great so far, but no one is seriously expecting him to be this good for the duration. If Prado finally hits a bump and Heyward continues to play hurt and to be frank about it, just suck…then well I don’t want to think about it.

    Great they just advertised Strasburg next start…against the Braves in Atlanta on Monday.

  10. I live in Chicago; had my fill of both Chip and Hawk. Hawk is probably worse, although he does tell good stories about baseball in the 60s, especially stories about playing alongside of Ted Williams. Both of them had Steve Stone as a television partner. Stone made Chip a better announcer; Hawk is beyond any help. I’ll vote, reluctantly, for Chip.

  11. I’ll agree that Hawk Harrelson is a bad announcer, but just with his signature “Put it on the board” he’s better than Chip. Besides, I remember when Hawk was a pretty good player.

  12. LOL….the 14-year-old in me is giggling like a baby at Johan’s description.

    I highly, highly doubt Johna would have been stupid enough to rape a woman, but he’s nonetheless a scum bag in my eyes now.

  13. Best ChiSox Booth Tandem: Harry Caray & Jimmy Piersall.

    They were together in the late-70s/early-80s before Harry moved onto Wrigley, but they were hysterical together.

    What was great was that they got on each other’s nerves & argued a bit, mostly over tiny things, like whether or not Harold Baines hustled enough on a play or whether Mike Squires was good enough to play every day.

    One was soggy & the other was loopy—made a great combo. Plus, the Sox had those preposterous uniforms at the time—shirts with lapels, not to mention the occasional shorts.

  14. DOB said McLouth is still experiencing concussion symptoms and they just did the first CT scan.
    That sounds weird. I thought a scan was standard procedure for such a thing.
    Anyone have any medical experience here?

    Also, way may need a new CF after all.

  15. http://bit.ly/cLmCc6

    Apparently, the Twins were/are about to get Cliff Lee for catching prospect Wilson Ramos, relief pitcher Brian Duensing, and a C position prospect..

    If that’s all it takes, then I think the Braves should go after him with one of their pitching prospects (Vizcaino is the one I’d be most willing to lose). They’ll be able to make up for the lost prospect with draft picks when he signs elsewhere, and it’s not like we’re hurting for pitching prospects either.

    But then again, Lowe pitched well today and the offense looks like it’s slowing down.. so maybe we should wait for some offense now. I’m glad I’m not Wren atm. =/

  16. Let’s keep things in perspective. It’s June. It’s not like the Braves were going to go the rest of the year without a losing streak or that they would play. 750 ball for the rest of the season. They caught a hot team on the road. The Braves no doubt have issues and probably aren’t as good as they have been playing. But they are still in good shape even if they fall out of first place. But I am skeptical about the idea that they don’t need help. I still think they need another bat since it looks like Heyward is not Alex Rodriguez yet.

  17. Why do some of you think we have money to take on salary?

    Shit happens.

    I think the Hawks should trade for Chris Paul. Don’t bother getting JJ back.

  18. Getting Jurrjens and Diaz off the DL will be like acquiring guys through a trade.

    I think we need the real Matt Diaz badly (not the guy from April), in particular. We kind of suck against LHPs.

  19. @34

    This makes me like him a little more, which is actually the only time I would ever like him. It seems like he would be a bit more flamboyant on his profile, but he’s pretty low key and down to earth. I like it. Now get him out of the booth…

  20. I voted Hawk. At least he has some good stories, Chip has nothing to say and is horrible at saying it. Easy call.

  21. I’ve said before by all appearances it seems Chip is a good and nice guy.

    He is just abhorrent at his job.

  22. Question: can you participate in the MLB All-Star Game if you’ve been sent down to AAA two weeks beforehand?

  23. Speaking of unpleasant images from South Carolina, I know a guy who phoned in a pledge to a live telethon from “East Schmegma, South Carolina”.

    Yes, they read it on the air. With enthusiasm.

  24. well if MLBTR is correct, which, usually its not…..we are only looking to acquire a LH bat for the bench. No SP, no RH RP, and no RH bat. Maybe Jurrjens and Diaz is what they believe will put us over the top

    meanwhile, Mets are after Lee but not willing to move Niese or Davis for him

  25. 44 — I’ve lived here my entire life and have never heard of that place.

    Not to say that our state isn’t backwards. After all, we were the first to sucede.

  26. #46
    Re: The Palmetto State
    My publisher, a New Yorker if there ever was one—his name is Vinny—told me a story about visiting Charleston once.

    “Beautiful place, beautiful. Gorgeous downtown, really nice people. But, y’know, when they showed me that fort. The fort—you know the one where they started the Civil War?—I found it really unsettling. The people, like I say, they were very nice, very nice, but, well, after I saw that fort, I just had to say, “F— these people.”

    Me: “Vinny, you mean, ‘The War Between the States’?”

  27. @46 – I don’t think he thought it was real. The caller just liked the word smegma.

    Also, GO COCKS!

  28. 47 — I can’t say that Jurrjens’ rehab stint has given me a whole lot of confidence.

  29. In regards to the poll, Hawk’s annoying, yes, but at least he’s a homer. All those annoying phrases and rants would be pro-Braves. Chip, well, we already know how that went.

  30. Is Hawk who was on Peachtree that last game? I’ve been sick the last couple days and only caught bits and pieces of the game, and had no idea who I was hearing.

  31. Jurrjens rehab stint doesnt boost my confidence, but I dont see how he could ever be any worse than KK has been. So no matter what its an upgrade. To what extent, we’ll find out in about 5 days or so

    Strasburg vs Hudson is going to be something.

  32. I have it on good authority, that in the ’82 – ’83 Chapel Hill phone book, that there is a listing for a “Fudgepacker, O. W.”. Don’t ask me how I know.

  33. # 46 EastShmegma is just east of Orangeburg. j/k

    As a South Carolinian, living in Ohio, I am proud that our state is famous for Mark Sanford and being 48th, 49th or 50th depending on who you talk to in everything that’s a ranking of a state’s goodness.

    Folks here in Ohio flock to Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach and Charleston by the thousands, yet they have no clue that there are 2 Carolina’s. I tell them I am from Charleston and they say ‘Oh yeah, I’ve been there. I-77 is a bitch to drive through’. My reply ‘no you mean CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA’ (dumbass)’

    Yes ububba, Charlestonians are famous for their manners and true Southern hospitality, even to New Yorkers.

  34. Jordan Crawford, ay?

    I think this means that Joe Johnson is gone. The Crawfords can hold down the 2-spot, but we still need a GREAT point guard and some scoring inside.

    Problem is, Josh and Al really play the same position.

    Wonder if we could get New Orleans drunk enough to take Marvin and Bibby for Chris Paul?

  35. I’ll also say that the last game I went to was LaRoche’s first game back as a Brave, and not only did he have a great game, Lowe pitched decently and McClouth had that great sliding catch.

    And we didn’t lose.

  36. Has anyone got their hands on an iPhone 4 yet? Are you having issues with this antenna BS? Mine has yet to ship but I’m concerned.

  37. co-worker has one sdp, she hasn’t complained… gizmodo has it down to what causes it, so it SEEMS fairly easy to avoid.

  38. @64 Get Bethany an “A” project:
    The Tigers have played 23 seasons since their last division win. Only six of them have been winning seasons, but 3 of those have been in the last four years. with one WS appearance.
    Have they figured something out?

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