Atlanta Braves vs. Chicago White Sox – Box Score – June 24, 2010 – ESPN.

That was terrible. Derek Lowe did everything he possibly could, throwing seven shutout innings, allowing only five hits. But the Braves got only two hits, and only once did anything like threaten — in the seventh, when Chipper singled, went to seocnd on a groundout, and third on a wild pitch. After Glaus walked, he was stranded. They had only one other hit the entire game, by Hinske in the second. It was their worst offensive performance since the Jimenez no-hitter, and maybe worse considering that the starting pitcher came in with an ERA over five.

Saito allowed a two-run homer in the eighth to lose the game. But the way this team was hitting — over-aggressive, even desperate — if he’d gotten out of it, he would have only have postponed the inevitable. Why Saito, who looked shaky yesterday, was used when the rest of the bullpen was rested is anybody’s guess.