Welcome to New York game thread: July 9, Braves at Mets

New York City (motto: “Hey, I’m From New York!”) is the largest city in the United States, a bustling metropolitan area of eight million souls, and more than twice that number of actual people. While all New Yorkers are united in their desire to tell everyone that they are from New York, they may for simplicity’s sake be divided into two groups: People from the outer boroughs who want to become successful enough to get a place in Manhattan, and people in Manhattan who want to become successful enough to get a place out somewhere nice. This being said, New York is home to people from cultures all over the world, and also actual space aliens, who landed in Central Park in 2005 and are still waiting to see the Mayor. New York is the home of the United Nations, where diplomats of all nations come together to park wherever the hell they want to. New York has many nicknames, including “The Big Apple” (the result of an ill-advised sponsorship agreement with the computer manufacturer), “The Naked City” (New York insists that the incident has been expunged from its record) and “The City That Never Sleeps” (but New York says that its doctor will get the dosage right any day now).

New York is home to more major professional sports teams than any other American city. The teams in the metropolitan area include the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball, the Knicks and Nets of the NBA, the Giants and Jets of the NFL, and three hockey teams. The city’s relative lack of large open space has put limits on the growth of many amateur sports, but a thriving street and playground basketball scene offers many opportunities to get shot.

New Yorkers are justly proud of their local cuisine, with the exception of the restaurants people actually go to, which are “all touristy”. Cooking styles from all over the world are known in New York, and the city is proud that even regional delicacies may be purchased at any time, day and night, except for the hours of 11 AM-1 PM and 5 PM-8 PM, when you can’t get a table. Most New Yorkers now subsist entirely on delivery food.

New York’s economy was recently devastated by the 1-2 punch of the mortgage crisis, which badly damaged the city’s financial sector, and the cancellation of the original Law & Order, leaving the city with only two versions of the franchise, down from a high of 17 in 2004. Also hurting is Broadway, as people have come to realize that they might have better things to spend $300 on than a pair of tickets to see someone singing about being a French peasant for two hours.

Popular hobbies in New York include spitting, pooper-scooping, waiting “on line”, making fun of tourists, and ignoring the world around you. The official animal of New York City is the Giant New York Rat, justly beloved for its efforts to keep the population of New Yorkers under control.

277 thoughts on “Welcome to New York game thread: July 9, Braves at Mets”

  1. Mac,

    Look out; New York will put a hit out on you now. I assume it was intentional that you excluded the Mets from the list of teams in the metropolitan area.

  2. I think it’s amazing (TM)that all of the listed major hobbies can be enjoyed in the bleachers of Shea Stadium.

  3. Mac, you’re wasting time doing what you’re doing if you’re not writing for a living.

    I can’t wait for the write-up of South Florida, where I’m from.

  4. South Florida, where major hobbies including seducing other cities sports stars to come live in exotic tax free topless Cuban model luxury….

  5. That lead belongs under an “actual humor” heading. Brilliant. The truth that hits closest to home for me is the refrigerator of a college roommate who lives at Bleeker and Broadway. It has never contained a vegetable. The orange juice is two+ months past its due date. The only other occupants are butter (not sure why he needs this) and light beer (he was plumping up from all the take-out).

  6. I’ve been in Charleston SC the past week. My folks don’t have the internet but they do get PTV and FSS. Awesome!

    I may change my name to Jonny.
    My next child will be named marTEEN.
    The family dog will now have to answer to Heap.
    Just renamed my son Omar.
    Love watching this resilient team play the game.
    Can’t wait for Heyward to come back.

    And Mac – love the New York write up. Hope the write up about the adapted home state of Ohio is just as funny.

  7. So what’s the latest on Heyward’s thumb? I read that he was thinking about playing in the ASG. Does that mean he’s definitely back for June 15?

  8. Prospects make more sense than overpaid vets anyway. With Lee will Texas beat Yanks?

  9. As long as he goes to the American League (or I guess really somewhere other than the Mets and Phillies), I really don’t care. It really wouldn’t be good for baseball to have Lee go to the Yankees, but stuff like that has been happening for awhile now, so it’s probably not as big of a deal as people make of it.

  10. If Heyward cant play before the Allstar game, the Braves shouldnt give him clearance to play. Well, depends on how the BP goes I guess. I was thinking he’d be eligible the last game before the break, I think Im wrong on that

  11. Ooh, tough, a rookie All-Star? Nah, I’d give the clearance to play as long as he’d cleared medically.

  12. Since he’d be guaranteed to play in the game (voted in as a starter and all), I think there would be some value to making it a sort of rehab start for him. He probably wouldn’t be playing the entire game, anyway. I have no problem, and I think in certain ways it might actually be better than him coming back cold.

  13. forgot Bobby used Heyward to PR on the 26th. DL stint started on 27th, 15 days puts us to July 12th


  14. Mariners didnt want the Yanks offer due to health concerns. However Lowe is out for the season with back surgery

  15. so I was browsing baseball-reference.com all day at work, and I noticed something that I didn’t remember:

    in 1999 Chipper Jones didn’t make the All-Star team despite eventually winning the MVP award. From what I have gathered Matt Williams and some dude named Ed Sprague were the NL 3B.

    1) Why did Chipper not make the team?
    2) What is an Ed Sprague?

  16. Okay – place your bets! Does Chipper bat righty or lefty against Dickey? I put the odds at 60:40 in favor of righty.

  17. allstar game and everything about it (see below)

    1. 4 hour HR derby
    2. voting for players (see Yadier Molina .226AVG)
    3. everyteam having to have a player (see mark redman 5.49 era)
    4. winner getting home field adv

    is a joke

  18. Trivia question: Roy Oswalt is one back of the Astros’ all-time wins record. (And may be traded before he gets a chance to tie it.) Who is the Astros’ all-time wins leader?

  19. Didn’t Ed Sprague put a hurtin’ on the Braves in the ’92 series? I seem to recall him getting a big hit for the Blue Jays in at least one of the games.

  20. If it’s not Niekro, it may be Mike Scott or JR Richard (who was awesome before his stroke).

  21. Ed Sprague was the Pirates’ lone rep in the ’99 ASG because Jason Kendall destroyed himself. The Braves’ reps that year were Brian Jordan and Kevin Millwood, neither of which started.

    That’s right, two reps. For a 100-win team. And neither were the eventual NL MVP. That’s some good votin’, baseball fans!

  22. Also, Jeff Bagwell being made a fool of by Pedro in the 1st inning of that ASG was about the most obvious thing to happen, ever.

  23. I’ll answer my own question: Ed Sprague hit the home run that beat the Braves in Game 2 of the ’92 Series . . . off Jeff Reardon.

  24. D.N. Nation has it. Ed Sprague was a moderately useful 3B – a little better, career wise, than Wes Helms – having a career first half with Pittsburgh. The Pirates’ rep was going to be Kendall, until he blew up. At that point, Sprague got the call as the backup 3B and lone Bucco rep.

    Ed Sprague was the worst defensive 3B I have ever seen play.

  25. Chipper’s out with back spasms.

    New ATL lineup: 1. Prado 2B, 2. Cabrera RF, 3. Infante 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus 1B, 6. Hinske LF, 7. Escobar SS, 8, Blanco CF, 9. Hanson RH

  26. Would have preferred Brooks Bomber at third and Omar in right, but hopefully it’ll be just fine and they hammer that knuckleball around.

  27. Yeah, you really have to hurry that throw to first with the Glausaurus running.

  28. Reason why I don’t think WAR is a very good stat: It says that Jeffy is the fourth-best position player on the Mets. Heck, it says he’s above replacement level.

  29. @65, Well, it is a cumulative, rather than strictly comparative stat. If you’ve played a lot, you will have a higher WAR than a comparable player with fewer innings.

    Having said that, I am not a fan, especially for in-season values.

  30. Dickey’s knuckleball is not as good as Wakefield’s. Is 7o+ mph a little too fast for a knuckleball?

  31. Ron Gant: “Gregor Blanco is hardly ever going to strike out.”

    (three seconds late)

    Ron Gant: “Gregor Blanco will strike out some.”

  32. Thirteen Ks in 60 PAs is too many, especially for a singles ‘n’ walks guy like Blanco.

    Hanson’s well on his way to becoming a decent hitter… for a pitcher, of course.

  33. I don’t expect great analysis or anything, but a basic knowledge of the players’ strengths and weaknesses — like that Blanco strikes out at about the same rate as Jeffy — is a pretty minimal expectation.

  34. If the Prado continues to bat once per inning, I think we’ll all be happy with the result.

  35. Here comes our old friend. He looks good in that uniform.

    @84 But Hanson is hitting only 90 on his fastballs…

  36. Dear Chip: 5 for 30 is not a slump. That’s just Jeffy’s standard hitting skills.

  37. Gant playing the ‘steroids testing’ card is a little surprising. We all remember you came up as a second baseman Ronnie. Then one year you showed up at Spring Training looking like a cartoon superhero…

  38. Melky always looks surprised when he makes contact. Appropriate, since most of us probably do too.

  39. Interesting that the Mets were playing for one run instead if the big inning though.

  40. No cable for me – perhaps the defense was playing back looking for the double play and Reyes thought he could steal a hit?

    /but if that’s how they are going to play with 2 on none out in the heart of the order, I am totally fine with it.

  41. Reyes showed bunt twice before the actual pitch he sacrificed on. I think it was more due to the fact that he apparently can’t hit righthanded pitching to save his life at the moment.

  42. Know your audience boys. We really don’t care that the Mets haven’t had a no hitter and we certainly aren’t interesting in reminiscing about all the Mets past “greats”.

  43. I swear, I’m not sure you could get more stupid packed into a single announcing booth.

  44. Sam, don’t forget Brian Jordan. Gant isn’t going to win an Emmy, but Jordan is a stuttering mess.

  45. Gant, commenting on Joe Simpson being on vacation (which is why he’s there), just asked Chip if he thought Joe “had as dark a tan as I do, yet?”

  46. Jordan is a worse commentator. He’s Mark Lemke bad. But I think he and Lemke are both *smarter* than Gant.

  47. KING OF THE OUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jordan surely is smarter than Gant — he’s probably quite intelligent, considering some of the things he’s accomplished in the business world. He just can’t talk, which is a problem when you’re trying to be a broadcaster.

  48. This is frustrating. Can’t even try to run the pitch count up on this guy. He’s not going to get very tired throwing 75.

  49. @118 Is pitch count even an issue for Dickey? He can throw 140 pitches with no issue.

  50. @120 Doing so seems so inexplicable that I wonder if McCann got confused by his waving the runner at third.

    Edit: Or McCann just assumed the throw was going home.

  51. #125 – That’s what I thought too. For us, he would have loaded up for the plate and thrown it to the screen.

  52. I have no idea why Hanson threw a fastball 1-2 to a switch-hitter hitting from the wrong side. Hinske should have caught it, but Reyes would never ever hit any breaking ball to the outside.

  53. Hanson isn’t a very good pitcher yet. He’s not the brightest bulb, in my opinion.

  54. As opposed to last year, Hanson seems a lot more erratic and error-prone this season – hanging curves, losing his mechanics, serving up meatballs to opposing pitchers, etc. Some of this might be the effect of teams getting a better read of Hanson now that they’ve seen him a number of times, but to me it really seems like Hanson’s a little off so far this season. On the plus side, his stuff is still really good, so there’s nothing obvious preventing him from being dominating.

    Edit – Wow, Yunel. He is amazingly adept at destroying any good will he may have accumulated. Effortless.

  55. well look on the bright side; we’ll have an all-star double play combo tomorrow with yunel riding the pine

  56. Yunel is aggressively pursuing his ticket out. Like George Costanza, except no bodysuit.

  57. I know there’s the longer-term health of the club to think about, but if I were Bobby Cox, I would have Yunel in street clothes right now and tell him he’ll have to convince me to start him on July 15.

  58. If I were you, I’d hit it a lick next time up, Yunie. You’d better pray we win.

    /buy Melky a big steak dinner if this holds up.

  59. And if this were a football team, Yunel would be duct-taped to a goalpost after the game.

  60. Alright, where’d we get the Melky impersonator?

    And the Infante impersonator, for that matter?

  61. Dickey got a little tired and started leaving the knuckle up. Knuckles up in the zone get crushed.

  62. Gant’s grasp of physics is really shoddy. You mean a harder a ball is thrown, the shorter distance it will go when hit b/c the batter has to “turn it around”? And that the lack of spin on a knuckler is a major factor is how far it goes when hit? Seriously?

    Also, Melky and Infante HRs on back to back pitches? This is Fate’s way of saying “suck it, Mets”.

  63. So Chip spends all game saying that Hank White is the only righthanded hitter on the Mets bench, and it turns out that they have another righthanded hitter?

  64. I noticed that too, Mac. Apparently Nick Evans was a late call up today, but you know, that’s the sort of shit announcers should know.

  65. Where did this Venters guy come from? I never heard of him until his callup this year. Was he supposed to be this good?

  66. Apparently, Bobby agrees with me about Hicks being a worse hitter than a good-hitting pitcher.

    Dan: No, he wasn’t. BP said he didn’t throw hard enough to make it as more than a LOOGY. The Braves moved him from the rotation to the bullpen, and he added velocity when he could stop pacing himself.

  67. Ron Gant: “Even when Prado strikes out, he’s going to put the ball in play.”

  68. Who was the marketing supergenious that decided the Mets hispanic outreach would be “losmets?”

  69. @212 – Knocked around in the Braves organaization for 7-8 years. I guess he made everything click when he started throwing that hard slider across the plate. Others have noticed that maybe Wags has helped too.

  70. @219…the Marlins, the Phoenix Suns and some other teams also use los and then whatever their team name is

  71. i dont have much confidence in Saito right now. He hasn’t looked good since the injury.

  72. I don’t think Yunel had a chance to turn the DP. Still, probably best to kill him anyway, on principle.

    Also, Saito is looking pretty dicey.

  73. That was a weak feed from Prado. Escobar was right to not risk throwing it away.

  74. He may not have made the DP, but he had a chance to make the throw. That was not a hold your throw situation.

  75. As much as the Mets’ fans are booing Jason Bay and calling for his head, I thought he was having an Andruw Jones or Jeff Francoeur-like season. But his OPS is only a smidgen below .800. While that is not what they’re paying for, it doesn’t seem worthy of the treatment.

  76. Great write up, Mac. I’ve been living on takeout for about a month… :)

    I’m definitely tired of Yunel. What an awful awful game for him.

  77. Sam, that’s the very reason he needs to throw it. The hitter wasn’t close, so clutching it makes you wonder whether he’s really tuned in to the situation.

  78. Damnit Francine! The guy before you walked, with TWO WILD PITCHES, and you make an out on the first pitch!

    Just wanted to say that, for old times sake.

  79. Frenchie hit the snot out of Saito’s pitch… lucky it was right at Prado. As they showed on TV, the ball hit Prado’s glove so hard it stuck in the webbing.

    Also, it appears Melky grows stronger with booing. For that reason, I suggest lusty, supportive booing from the home crowd when the Braves get back to Atlanta.

  80. In all fairness, Francoeur beat the hell out of that ball. IT just happened to be right at Prado.

  81. Saito was clearly off tonight to allow a hard liner to Sir Swingsalot. Good thing it was hit to Prado instead of Escobar, who would have dropped it the way he’s playing tonight.

  82. I don’t think even a psychic octopus would have predicted seven hits tonight for Cabrera and Infante.

  83. How could Melky be shaken up landing on that sleep number 35 that he carries around?

  84. I like the way Diaz is swinging it since coming back. Same ol’ hittin’ fool.

  85. Omar is hitting .400 since being named an all-star, seven singles and one homer.

  86. So I guess Prado will be translating for Melky and All Star after the game……

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