D-Backs 2, Braves 1

Atlanta Braves vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Box Score – June 09, 2010 – ESPN.

What a way to lose a game. Leading 1-0 with a runner on and one out in the eighth, Peter Moylan allowed a fly ball that should have been out two. But Heyward and McLouth collided with one another (neither seems to have called for the ball) and it went all the way to the wall for an inside-the-park homer, the first homer Moylan has allowed in over two years. McLouth was hurt on the play and left the game, so there was some good news.

The Braves’ lone run came in the top of the inning, on doubles by Heyward and McCann. This came after the usual parade of stranded baserunners. It started in the second, with a bases-loaded, one-out situation when McLouth struck out, and continued all the way to the ninth with Yunel stranded at second representing the tying run. (Yunel reached base all four times he went to the plate, with a hit and three walks.) The victim of all of this was, of course, Kenshin Kawakami, who went six innings, walking four and striking out eight. “We got absolutely no runs for him,” said Bobby after the game, with no exaggeration.

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  1. Weird that we’re done with the west coast already. Not that I’ll miss it — the window of age when I was glad to have late night baseball has closed.

    Man, I hate the D’Backs. It’s insulting to lose to what I think of as a terminally faceless franchise. Gah. I’m still consumed with ennui from watching The Road yesterday.

  2. I know Kawakami pitched 6 innings of shutout baseball, but it just didn’t FEEL like it… I mean, he’s 0-8, so what more do we need to know? He just doesn’t have the Know How To Winnintiveness that our other pitches have.

  3. How much are we paying Nate McLouth to strike out, leave huddled masses of runs LOB, and take out our best franchise player for the next decade?

    It probably isn’t enough…b/c he’s the league leader in all of those things.

  4. Why does last night feel like an Uh-Oh loss? This was a bad, bad loss last night.

  5. I am glad that Heyward picked up on my urge to hurt McClouth, but it would have been better if he did it after Nate caught the ball.

  6. I haven’t been able to watch any of the games in AZ (except for a play here or there on MLB network), but I’m assuming this line from the AP story on last night’s game pretty much tells the tale: “Atlanta has left 35 runners on base in the last three games, nine on Wednesday.”

  7. @ 7: Well, they still have three tough games left in Minnesota before returning to ATL, so 4-4 doesn’t make me feel that good.

  8. @9 Exactly the way I feel. You could argue that this team could only have one or two losses on this trip easily. They should have performed better.

  9. most people agreed that either a 5-6 or a 6-5 road trip would have been fine. Dont see why thats changing now. Braves lost a one run game, it happens. Outside of KK no one really did their job last night. Melky somehow found a way to make Nate’s AB’s look good. Its Hanson vs Willis today. Braves should have at least 6 or 7 walks in todays game. I like our chances and I dont think Minnesota will sweep us

  10. This is the perfect opportunity to put McLouth on the DL and send him on one of those endless rehab / witness protection programs where we never see him in Atlanta again this season.

  11. Bobby has, via poor bullpen management, given 2 games away on this trip. Chavez in LA and then Moylan last night. Yes, the ball should have been caught, but there’s no way Moylan should’ve been in that game. He’s been struggling mightily lately, and as I posted somewhere in last night’s game thread, if Martinez can pitch when we trail by one in the 8th, he could have pitched when we were leading by one in the 8th.

  12. its time to start giving Kimbrel some of these games also. Bobby doesnt have a single RHP that he trust right now

  13. Well, he mistakenly trusts Moylan. I agree that that would have been a good opportunity to test Kimbrel.

  14. The pitching matchups for the Min series are:

    Hudson v. Liriano
    Lowe v. Blackburn
    Medlen v. Slowey

    All pretty much look like toss ups to me.

  15. stu @ 16,

    Bobby is not mistakenly trusting Moylan. he is mistakenly trusting him on 4 out of 5 days and things like that.

    The guys need rest.

    It will be interesting to see what the Resop move is. To bring him up you have to clear a 40 man spot and a 25 man spot. I think he is too much of a “lottery ticket” with his ML track record to bring anything useful for this year back (although stocking a highly projectable low ceiling middle infielder or 3B right now wouldn’t be such a bad thing).

  16. What about how to play Glaus?

    The foot thing is painful to watch. I wonder if that will keep being a problem.

    Otherwise, if you are the Braves do you want 1 more year? (I kind of do to cover for first and third). Right now his agent and he would have to consider a guarantee of this year’s incentives and a decent (8 to 10) 1 year extension. Too much risk for him to let that go as a RH 1B / DH (look at all the guys at the altar last year).

    Ultimately, the money will probably need to cover left field more than deal with Glaus. Melky and Diaz will both go up again in arb and you take the 2 salaries together and get one real left fielder, maybe.

  17. 18 – Why not bring up Resop and DFA Chavez. Chavez has no business being on either roster right now.

  18. The annoying thing about that collision is that McLouth and Heyward have had several plays in the last couple of days where they coverged on a ball and got it right.

  19. Boy that Soriano decision looks worse and worse every day.

    I think we might see Marek real soon as well.

  20. #23 – do we really have to explain the Soriano decision again, why is this so difficult to understand?

  21. I know Sori makes a lot of money but if you can’t trade someone with his ability (2-0, 1.59, 15 Sv) and get something with some value, you botched it badly. Teams are actually willing to take on high priced assets if they perform. You don’t just have to give them away. Crazy but true.

    Bobby has, via poor bullpen management, given 2 games away on this trip. Chavez in LA and then Moylan last night.

    Ridiculous on it’s face. Using Kimbrel or Martinez last night is far from a sure win. Same for using Wagner for an inning before turning to the back end in LA. As usual you are doing results-driven analysis, which has very little value.

  22. The mistake Wren made was assuming Soriano wouldn’t accept arbitration. When he did the Braves were left with their pants down. He took the first deal that came along.

  23. 27—Just because you say it doesn’t make it so, Bob. Sorry. It’s not results-based; I complain about these decisions as they’re being made. Predictable results follow.

    If you think my comments have so little value, by all means, skim over them and direct your always-dickish replies somewhere else! ITG.

    26—Please explain how it was botched. Getting Chavez? Trading Soriano at all?

  24. Marek has been good. Hopefully he has gotten his confidence up.

    McOut really needs and injury to crop up. Didn’t he have eye surgery this offseason too? Maybe he has a killer stye that will put him on the DL.

  25. He played a game of chicken with Soriano and blinked and we got Chaves instead who is awful.
    We then signed Saito who is okay but old for about the same money, se he botched it.

    So Soriano > Chavez + Saito.
    I know its just my opinion not knocking anybody else’s thoughts or feelings. I just don’t like signing old pitchers with the way Bobby runs them out there.

  26. 32—Actually, Soriano’s making at least a couple million more than Saito will. (Wagner was really the Soriano replacement, handedness notwithstanding.) What are you saying he should’ve done?

  27. The debate is Wagner vs Soriano. It was one or the other for the Braves. They were never going to pay both.

  28. Essentially the Braves traded two drafts picks (the one they gave Boston for Wagner and the one Soriano will certainly net next year in free agency) & Soriano for Wags and Chavez.

  29. If you think my comments have so little value, by all means, skim over them and direct your always-dickish replies somewhere else! ITG.

    A lot of your comments have value and a lot of them are plain wrong. I tend to respond more to the wrong ones because those are the most interesting.

    Lighten up Francis. Posting on an open message board and then getting all defensive when someone calls BS is pretty silly.

    As entertaining as last night’s game thread was (people rejoicing over USC, folks happy Nate was hurt, etc.) I can only imagine if Bobby had started the eighth with Martinez and he had blown the lead. People would have absolutely lost their shit.

  30. True, i got that backwards.
    I wanted to keep Soriano, I would have taken him to arb and signed the deal and gone after Wagner and let Saito alone.

    We were relying on several old guys in our pen to give us many innings and the way Bobby trots them out there it is a dangerous game to play.
    Then again, Sori’s health history is no gem.

  31. 38—For the record, if Martinez had started the inning, I would have been on there (a) wondering why Kimbrel wasn’t used, but (b) defending Bobby, given how overused Moylan’s been lately.

    Calling BS when you don’t know what you’re talking about doesn’t make you the voice of reason.

    39—So, you’d have signed both Soriano and Wagner, and had Hinske as our everyday first baseman?

    Soriano has injury and head-case issues. Wagner’s a legitimate upgrade—the draft-pick thing makes me a little ill, though.

  32. So, Colorado to the Pac 10. With the SEC desperately trying to get the Texas schools in the fold, it would be a great time for VU to try to move to the ACC! Too bad the Board is too proud and stubborn to ever consider it.

  33. Calling BS when you don’t know what you’re talking about doesn’t make you the voice of reason.

    Well I know this is BS:

    Bobby has, via poor bullpen management, given 2 games away on this trip. Chavez in LA and then Moylan last night.

    So that’s what I responded to. Saying Bobby gave the game away because he used Moylan instead of Wild Thing – when it was actually the defense to blame anyway – is just flat wrong.

    Saying the decision in LA to use Chavez against the bottom of the order instead of Wagner (you’ve got to get through at least two innings to win, I’ll save Wagner for Furcal-Kemp-Either) is the equivalent of giving the game away is again flat wrong. I apologize for having a low tolerance for flat wrongness stated with absolute certainty.

  34. Yeah, it is the whole package of problems with the Sori including the picks.

    I just feel that Wren gambled there an lost, but maybe it worked out because if we count Glaus as an addition to the Sori subtraction then it is good.

    What the heck is going on in college sports? Do teams change conferences as much as Bobby change pitchers?

  35. Well, the number of relevant conferences is soon going to match the number of relievers Bobby will use with a lead! I don’t think either situation is ideal.

  36. #44 – That’s a fascinating line. Does that work in your real life? I’m trying to imagine a meeting I could be in where I could drop that line and not be met with eyerolls from around the room.

    What the heck is going on in college sports?

    Exciting times! A Pac-16 with Colorado, Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Oklahomas State. Seems too good to be true. The SEC has the top power brokers in the land, they will probably find a way to screw it up.

  37. HA!

    is the Big East dead now for football? I dont really follow it much but who is still in it?

  38. ATL Thurs lineup. 1. Prado 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Jones 3B, 4. Glaus 1B, 5. Escobar SS, 6. Infante LF, 7. Ross C, 8. Cabrera CF, 9. Hanson P

  39. we actually signed Saito before Soriano accepted arb. If anything we shouldve waited. There is no way Wren couldve paid all 3 and he, like the rest of us, never thought Soriano would accept. We couldnt have afforded Hinske or Glaus at that point, so he had to move him. How many teams were looking for $7mil relievers with health concerns?

  40. Lipka to Orlando (extended spring training) on Monday and Suschak to Danville on Monday. I feel sorry for whoever is still stuck in Orlando.

  41. So what OF should targeting in the trade market? has anybody looked around for a match for the braves? I havent been able to find anything special.

  42. “Atlanta has left 35 runners on base in the last three games, nine on Wednesday.”

    Between this and the bullpen usage regurgitations I swear you boys would bitch about tapping a supermodel five nights a week, because you went home alone on the weekends. You know what 35 runners left on base means? That they’re getting on base all the damned time. That they got unlucky with BABIP. That’s it. The team Frank Wren has put together is as good as any in the NL. They’re leading the division into June, with primary parts (Chipper, Yunel, McLouth, Jurrjens) not contributing to date. And all you can think to do is to bitch about what-if scenarios for pie-in-the-sky bullpen scenarios that never had a chance of being reality?

    Take the split in AZ. Go to Minny and win 2. Come home and keep up the good work. It’s like you’ve forgotten how to enjoy a good team.

  43. check out these 4 slg%’s and their ranks in MLB

    Nate McLouth .282 -4th worst in baseball
    Yunel Escobar .292 – 7th
    Melky Cabrera .308 – 12th
    Chipper Jones .350 – 29th

  44. Wow, and we still have a good record.
    Funny how you can win without your studs doing much. Shows the overall depth of the squad this year.
    Frank has done a good job accumulating backup level talent like Omar, Hinske, and Ross to plug the gaps that have developed. It gives a team great confidence to see guys like that on your bench.

  45. I checked the site looking for those 3 immortal words every Braves Journal reader longs to see: “McLouth to DL”. Unfortunately I still don’t see anything on this.

  46. It’s not time to panic due to taking a micro view of the season. Plenty of time for that in late September. Right now, the macro view is just fine, with success having come despite significant shortfalls from players that were expected to contribute in the pre-season.

  47. Anyone have an idea who Rome’s starters are tonight and tomorrow? I’m trying to decide which game I want to go to, and I’d rather see mildly competent starting pitching than not. I do realize the pickings are now slim.

  48. The Braves’ payroll this year is reportedly 13 million dollars less than it was in 2009. So, yes, the Braves could have afforded to keep Soriano if they didn’t cut payroll. Or Johnson for left field.

    Oh, but they needed that money for “something good.” I guess that ended up being Melky Cabrera?

  49. 68—We went over this a million times in the offseason and during Spring Training. Long story short: No, when accounting for insurance money, incentive money, etc., the Braves are not $13 million under where they were last year.

  50. troy glaus is going to reach all of his bonuses…that adds a significant amount of money to the “payroll”.

    guys, quit complaining. it’s like everyone is turning into jon k…

  51. I hope he does reach all his bonuses, that would mean very good things are going on for this team.

  52. Don’t tell me I can’t bitch–I’m a pro baseball fan!

    Lipka signed for $800,000.

  53. If my math is correct, once Nebraska makes it official to the big ten, the the Big Ten will have Twelve teams and the Big 12 will have 10.

  54. rumor is the SEC wants to add and possibly up to 16 teams

    those 4 being included could be – Miami, FSU, GA Tech, VA Tech, or Texas

    Id be shocked

  55. I would imagine that the University of Georgia might have an issue with one of those schools. The others? If we gotta expand, fine. Bring ’em on.

    When they went to 12, I’d have preferred Miami & FSU to USC & Arkansas anyway.

    Arizona’s Pitcher
    I like Dontrelle Willis, but… here’s to a D-Train meltdown & an ultimate D-Rail.

    Not that I’m too worried with this bunch, but the Braves gotta take pitches, especially early. Willis had a good outing last time, but he’s really fragile.

    At his last game in Detroit, he started bad (wild high), then began to breathe heavy & circle the mound like he was having a panic attack. It was really painful to watch.

  56. He’s squeezing Hanson, but luckily Willis has been so wild that even Hernandez can’t call those pitches strikes.

  57. In fairness to Hernandez, that 0-2 pitch to Hanson was outside. He did get that one right.

    But then, the next pitch—knee-high, middle of the plate—he gets wrong. I give up.

  58. It looks like we are feeling sorry for Willis and want to help him as much as possible.

  59. Are umpires government employees?

    That’s the only thing I can figure for their ineptness and job security.

  60. That ball 4 was another strike.

    Between Willis & Hernandez, this game feels like we’re indulging a crazy man on the subway.

  61. Yeah, I think the umpiring has been awful, but I really think that ball 4 was not a strike. I also think that Hanson is typically pitch inefficient because he nibbles.

  62. “You don’t have to trick ’em. Just get ’em out.”

    As if Chip knows anything about baseball.

  63. Hanson at 75 pitches in 3 innings. I think we can rule out a complete game at this point. I’ll be happy if he makes it into the 6th.

  64. Was McCann’s homer in LA the last one for the Braves?

    Seems like it’s been years since we hit one.

  65. Snitker f***ing idiot!!! The runner would have scored on one leg, and the pitcher was up. Man am I tired of him!

  66. I know it’s been asked before, but can you DFA a pitcher in the middle of a game?

    He’s turned into Steve Blass/Mark Wohlers.

    Can we get an RBI BB, please…

  67. I’m not really surprised what’s happened to Dontrelle, considering his complicated delivery and his heavy workload at a young age for Florida.

  68. I am getting pretty pissed off about not scoring guys from 1st base on doubles with two out.

  69. Tommy!

    Also, @164, it bounced over the fence, so not much anyone could do about that.

  70. And Hanson gets the big hit. If you want a job done right, do it yourself and have McLouth run over.

  71. Mark Grace just said “This crew has gotten about every call right during this homestand.”


  72. @176 I heard it too. I’ve found the D’Backs crew to be disconcertingly dull; I’ll take them over Chip, but they’re annoying nonetheless.

    Nice work Jason.

  73. 166 – Weird. I made the comment about the double with Ross getting held and Hanson coming up in the 4th.

    It just showed up, but I am commenting from my Blackberry.

  74. Watching Blaine Boyer come to the mound in an opposing uniform is even more comforting than Garret Anderson coming to bat.

  75. here is where Tommy should cut down on the pitches and make them swing the bats, dont nibble

  76. I suspect Tommy is done after throwing more than 100 pitches in his last outing as well.

    So, does The Lisp get the 6th (and possibly 7th)?

  77. Boyer was never actually good in the minors…he just had that one good half-season as a rookie in 05.

  78. I don’t understand why Bobby always tries to stretch the starter just a bit farther when he shouldn’t.

    The starter usually gets into trouble anyway with the reliever having to come in with runners on.

    He did it with Kawakami in his last 2 starts too.

  79. “Listen, it’s a fair question to ask: Will Adam LaRoche still be a Diamondback after the trade deadline.” — Chip F. Caray

    Would anyone dispute the fairness of that question? So many needless words from that blowhard.

  80. @206: We’ve got a huge stretch without an off-day and the bullpen is already worn out and tired. Bobby’s gotta use Hanson as long as possible today.

  81. 209 — Except for the thing whole Hanson is 23 years old with 120 pitches thrown today thing.

    And it’s not like Martinez or Kimbrel have pitched a lot.

  82. You shouldn’t put this heavy of a workload on a young pitcher unless the season is on the line…which it’s not.

    And again, just leaving the starter in longer usually just means the reliever’s going to have to come in during a jam (caused by the gassed starter) anyway.

  83. He then claimed that Bobby uses all 25 of those men. Craig Kimbrel would beg to differ.

    Chip is so awful.

  84. David, Martinez has to be up for some reason. We just thought, apparently erroneously, that it might have to do with pitching.

  85. I tuned in late to the game and missed Dontrelle’s 4 IP. I just saw some early inning highlights, though, and wow. Willis looks like absolute hell.

  86. Barbaro Canizares would be more valuable to this team than the 12th pitcher who we never use.

  87. I remember when Boyer was good.

    I think for like 14 or 18 or some odd number consecutive innings in 2005.

  88. I wonder how many leads we are going to blow in the 8th inning.

    As far as I’m concerned, the Braves’ chances of winning this one are close to zero now. Should have taken three out of four, instead we’re going to be 1-3 against this team. That really sucks.

  89. Escobar is like a crazy girlfriend. At times awesome, and at times you want to choke her to death.

  90. 257—Well, that’s overstating it, but I sure do wish he’d sometimes use the guy with the best relief stuff in the system.

  91. lol@ bobby is a terrible manager

    Venters should have been out of the inning, but sure it’s bobby’s fault

  92. that falls on Escobar’s lap. cover the GD bag you idiot

    Or Venters, who inexplicably refused to take the sure-out at first base.

  93. Melky, despite his recent hot streak, is a much better bunter than hitter. And it’s a tie game in the 9th on the road.

  94. No, Joe, the pitcher’s spot is in the 4 hole, and Hinske would come in for Blanco, with McCann staying in the game to catch.

  95. Higher chance of scoring one run which would set up with Wagner pitching the 9th.

    Except Melky sucks.

  96. some guys look good even when they strike out. Melky is not one of those people.

    WOW i thought conrad was out

  97. Reason #3,481 I love Brian McCann: he got to second on the throw. This whole series both teams have been screwing up and not getting the extra base, and here’s the slowest guy in the stadium showing how it’s done.

    Hopefully Wagner can nail this down — and get a win for Moylan after last night’s undeserved loss.

  98. lol “another blown save for qualls.” -chip

    the score was 7 to 7, chip, it’s not a blown save.

  99. Wow, Cox is a terrible manager. How he’s still with the Braves is beyond me.

    Serves Qualls right for acting like a total jackass the other day.

  100. I’d take

    Ohio State
    Penn State
    Notre Dame (possible)

    anyday… over

    Florida State (Probable)
    Miami (Probable with mega conference)

  101. Chip just called the 11th run “ABC Baseball.” How, in what way was any of this inning “ABC Baseball?”

    was it when melky didn’t get the bunt down? was it when the d’backs had 3 guys collide and drop a fly ball? or after the play when the catcher had to cover 3rd bc no one else did?

    ABC baseball? Ok chip.

  102. Well we could count on Yunel to get it done, there.

    Or rather, get it over with.

  103. #296
    Anytime? Put this in your bong…

    Ohio State all-time bowls vs. SEC: 0-8

    Georgia all-time bowls vs. Big 10: 7-0

  104. This is the first chance I’ve had to get online today. Pulling for players to be injured is pretty low. I thought you were better than that, Mac.

  105. I’d take the Big Ten top to bottom, but Florida and Bama are so much better than everyone else that it doesn’t really matter.

  106. Re the “blown save”–yet another illustation of Chip as a blithering idiot announcer.

  107. Shouldn’t you bring in another pitcher now that the save is in order to, you know, rack up a stat?

  108. Ufatubba

    Put this in your cockpipe and suck it

    Apparently you forgot about that Penn State beat down they gave UGA for the 83 title. And don’t come back and tell me that Penn State wasn’t in the big ten then, the fact is your talking about an entire history of a team so each team must be included.

  109. I don’t want to encourage any more arguments about college football, but can someone explain to me what’s going on with all these teams vacating their conferences?

  110. UF great and bama great. But let’s give some respect to teams like Michigan and Notre Dame. Both UF and Bama have had multiple down streches in the mid 90-early 2000’s. Both have come back with a vengance and are at the top of the college football world. At one point in the next 5 years michigan, notre dame or both will be back to the status of a top 25 program. It’s only a matter of time… it happens with UF and bama and it happens with any traditionally great program. Penn State stunk in the early 2000s but they are back to a top 15 program. Every program has ups and downs… UF and bama wont be on top forever.

  111. Man that’s even worse… if they were playing temple and navy back in 82 then your good ole georgia bulldogs should have stompped them since they were clearly the better team…. hmmm guess not.

  112. Nice job, guys! My yard is mowed and the Braves have a win!

    I see that Jon K remains laughable.

  113. csg

    Well yeah I meant football, womens softball, men’s and women’s volleyball, Education… pretty much anything you want to think off. See besides Vanderbilt, your conference is quite laughable in terms of education and research. While your conference may be the “best” football conference at the moment, you will never however be anywhere near the top academic and research conference.

  114. Well, Florida and Georgia are fine, but…yeah. That’s the main reason I don’t see the Texas schools coming to the SEC. Too much academic stink.

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