Braves 11, D-Backs 7

Atlanta Braves vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Box Score – June 10, 2010 – ESPN.

So, where to begin? Well, as long as we keep winning the weird games, I guess I’m okay with it, but this one blew the earlier one out of the water for strangeness. The D-Backs started Dontrelle Willis, who is clearly suffering from various ailments mental and physical. Willis walked six and threw 95 pitches in only four innings, but allowed just three hits, and actually shut the Braves out for the first three before they got two in the fourth on a sac fly by Infante and a single by Ross. That tied the game after the D-Backs got two runs in the third, one on a double and the other on a passed-ball/strikeout. Like I said, weird.

The Braves beat up on Dontrelle’s relief in the fifth, scoring five runs with two out. Ross hit a ground-rule double to score Chipper, then Hanson helped his own cause — unfortuately, not enough — with a two-run single. Prado hit an infield single, then Heyward drove in Melky to make it 6-2. The D-Backs had no choice at this point but to turn to Blaine Boyer, who walked Zombie Chipper to make it 7-2, then finally got out of it.

Hanson got through the fifth, but was throwing a lot of pitches, more because of deep counts than anything the D-Backs were actively doing. He got one in the sixth but allowed two to reach and was pulled after throwin 121 pitches. He struck out ten and walked only two. The real problem is that the bullpen is suddenly shaky with Moylan overused and Saito out. Bobby hasn’t really settled on anybody between the starters and Wagner. Today’s game didn’t help any.

The Lisp came in and got out of Hanson’s jam, and Bobby decided to go with him for another inning, even letting him hit. It didn’t really work, as Martinez allowed a homer and followed with another run allowed to cut the score to 7-4. Venters, who’s been really strong to this point, came in to pitch the eighth and it didn’t go too well.

He got LaRoche — everybody’s getting poor Adam lately, he needs to adjust his meds — but walked Reynolds. Then he almost lost the game, with an assist from the middle infielders. He got a chopper to the mound for an easy double play — but nobody was at second. Venters double-clutched, then threw the ball behind Prado. Yunel probably should have been covering on the play, but was nowhere to be seen; Venters should have thrown to first to get the sure out. He then got a strikeout, but walked the next man to load the bases for KJ, who doubled past first to tie the game. Bobby finally had to go to Moylan, whom he absolutely did not want to use; Peter got a weak flyout that Melky just got to to end it.

The D-Backs went to their closer, Qualls, but Qualls sucks. Conrad pinch-hit for Ross and after falling behind worked the count to 2-2 and singled. Melky couldn’t get a bunt down and struck out, but Conrad stole second anyway. McCann pinch-hit and drove him in with a single, going to second on the throw. Prado singled to make it first-and-third, and then Heyward hit a pop fly down the left field line that three different D-Backs couldn’t field, making it 9-7. Hinske singled in Prado, and Heyward scored on a sac fly to make it 11-7.

But because nothing is ever easy, Wagner nearly blew the Atlanta Save. He got the first hitter to ground out, then allowed a single, and suddenly lost his control completely, walking the next two men, the second on a pitch to the backstop. Then he struck out the last two to end the interminable game. How often does a nine-inning regular season game go almost four hours?

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  1. what was our avg game time last year compared to this season? all these walks are stretching out these game times

  2. csg

    Well yeah I meant football, womens softball, men’s and women’s volleyball, Education… pretty much anything you want to think off. See besides Vanderbilt, your conference is quite laughable in terms of education and research. While your conference may be the “best” football conference at the moment, you will never however be anywhere near the top academic and research conference.


    To be quite honest, the only thing the SEC schools can brag about is football. Congrats… my hat is off to you and your recent DOMINATION on the gridiron. But there’s more to life than football. Like other sports for both men and women, research and educational standards. I perfectly content with how the big ten schools do in football, I was also happy with how Penn State beat a “superior” SEC team in LSU last year.

  4. Jon, your argument is the equivalent of me saying “Oh yeah, Alabama? Our Fisheries program is one of the best in the nation. Obviously my school is superior.”

  5. “While your conference may be the “best” football conference at the moment, you will never however be anywhere near the top academic and research conference.”

    Thanks for the input!

    /UGA ’05

  6. Is anyone here actually excited about the possibility of Chris Resop being called up? The memories of early 2008 are still burned in my head. Especially that early-season game where Bobby Cox moved Resop to left field mid-inning to allow Royce Ring to come into the game and get out Adam LaRoche and then Cox subsequently brought Resop back to the mound to blow the game.

  7. I was just going to follow up on my post from the last thread by noting that, if Jon is anywhere above the 25th percentile among Big Ten students, the respective academic reputations are complete bunk.

    Also, “unlettered” is a terrific adjective.

  8. I dont care who gets called up really, Id just like to see Bobby use them. There is no reason why Kimbrel isnt getting worked at all

  9. Ring — he was in that chain of lefties we kept trading for replacement lefties, right? McBride-Ledezma-Ring? Is that right?

    They were all pretty awful.

  10. 16 — Yeah, McBride was traded for Fredo…and Fredo and Startup were traded for Ring.

  11. Would that bring up Mitch Jones? He’s the only Gwinnett outfielder worthy of a promotion.

    Cody Johnson has 84 strikeouts in 54 games. Jeez. And a K/BB ratio of 4.94.

  12. I dunno…Mitch Jones has an OBP below .300. But there isn’t really a lot to choose from. Hicks is on the 40 man already, though he’s an infielder who doesn’t hit. With Blanco and Infante back-ups who can play the outfield, he might get a recall.

  13. Id call up Schafer….he’s basically Nate/Melky offensively, but much better defensively.

  14. I’d rather leave Schafer down until he figures out Triple A…instead of using him as a defensive replacement/pinch runner, which I think would be wasting his talents.

    His numbers are a bit higher than the last time I checked about a week ago, so maybe he’s warming up.

  15. We should just trade for Berkman and let Diaz and McLouth fight to the death to see who gets Blanco’s spot when they’re healthy.

  16. The only position players on the current 40 man we could call up are Schafer, Hicks, and Sammons.

  17. Calling Schafer up right now would be a very bad idea. As bad as he’s been going in Gwinnett, I fear his career may be at a crossroads, where he either gets it figured out and turns it around and becomes a major part of this team over the next few years, or he continues to slide down the chute and is never heard from again. And I’m afraid that calling him up now would just assure that he would slide down the chute into obscurity if we ever had to send him back down. Best to leave him be.

    Call up Jones. At least he could be a decent bat off the bench. Melky Cabrera as an everyday OF is making my head hurt, though.

    Also, why the hell are they not admitting that McLouth has a concussion? He was clearly woozy after the play, he had severe headaches, Jeff Porter stayed with him all night to make sure he didn’t go to sleep, and we’re now about to DL him. What is the point of not admitting that he has a concussion?

  18. Does he really have a concussion our are we just hoping he does?
    Not that I want him hurt, but……

  19. Concussions have long-term ramifications, and teams may not want to trade for him for fear that he’ll continue to have symptoms. They’d rather let people think he’s got a bump on the shoulder or something. It’s clear they’re looking to trade him.

  20. Stu

    You’re quite a character haha. I’m content with who I am and my education. In addition, I’m quite confident that my assumption of who you are, where you’re from, and what you do is probably 99% accurate. I understand I’m arguing with a bunch of southerners so clearly no one if any will agree with me because I doubt any of you live above South Carolina.

  21. The Marlins announcers are calling Josh Johnson “JJ”. Does Jair need a new nickname?

  22. Stu is a Vanderbilt grad and Jon K’s primary work utensil is a squeegee. I think I’ll be content staying south of the Mason-Dixon.

  23. There is the obvious (vomit inducing)possibility of J-Jur.
    What abouy JaJu? What about something not involving the letters and/or syllables in his name at all?

  24. Jon K,

    Suh, I am a resident of the Great State of NORTH (By God!) Carolina. My seconds will call upon you in the mornin’!

  25. Marlins just did some work for us against the Phillies. They pulled vajayjay after 8 shutout innings and having retired 17 straight through 8. Nunez allowed a man to reach but then got Utley and Howard to end it. If the gametracker was right, he got him with 6 straight fastballs. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone pitch Howard like that.

  26. Not that I want Medlen to be in the bullpen, but we need Medlen to go back there when JJ is back. Hope Saito can really return in 15 days!

  27. i sure do hope mitch jones gets the call. i’d love to see a hinske/jones platoon in left and a melky/infante platoon in center.

  28. I understand I’m arguing with a bunch of southerners so clearly no one if any will agree with me because I doubt any of you live above South Carolina.

    This is SEC homer central. Save your breath.

    But there’s more to life than football. Like other sports for both men and women, research and educational standards.

    Now I assume your talking about the Pac-10? Conference of champions?

    Very pleased to be 4-4 at this point. This long West Coast swing is brutal. I’m glad I didn’t watch this one though. I hate games like this.

  29. the perfect pitching staff:


    kawakami- 2-3 inning guy
    moylan-rh loogy
    saito-setup man
    wagner- closer
    kimbrel-rh strikeout guy

  30. In defense of Escobar on the Venters error, it looked like he was breaking toward the ball when Venters stabbed it. I think that’s why he couldn’t then get to the bag.

  31. Rusty, if Escobar was running toward the ball, he was running toward second base. That’s why it’s the short stops bag on a comebacker, he’s running to second, and has his momentum toward first. He just froze.

  32. Our old pal Chuck James pitched the first 5 innings of a (7-inning) no-hitter for Harrisburg, the Nats’ AA affiliate, tonight.

  33. @45

    Game tracker was wrong. Those were actually 6 straight change-ups. He throws it in the upper 80’s to low 90’s. He’s actually been very good this year. He’s not nearly as wild as I seem to remember, and that change is pretty nasty.

  34. Is there anyone on here with a more substantial degree than Stu’s? There has to be some highly educated posters here based on the quality of some of the posts.

  35. Oh and Ryan C… your just a white southern hick who can’t resist throwing stones at me. You pretty much are a disgrace to the smarter posters on here. From this point on I will never respond to your mindless drivel.

  36. @51 That’s right. I am quite happy with 4-4 trip. West coast trip in June has always been a disaster for the Braves. I am happy to see the team survived.

  37. kc, I couldn’t agree more. He sat on the bench for 8 innings, came up and had a helluva at bat to get on first, stole second because Melky is incompetent, and scored the go ahead run. Good to have a guy off the bench that can put a good at bat together who also has a little pop.

  38. Tommy Hanson on Angel Hernandez’s strike zone:

    “Survived. That’s a good word, survived. I mean, f—. That’s all I’ve got to say.”

  39. @66 I think the whole team should take a lesson from Conrad on how to steal bases because he is definitely good at it!

  40. Oh and Ryan C… your just a white southern hick who can’t resist throwing stones at me. You pretty much are a disgrace to the smarter posters on here. From this point on I will never respond to your mindless drivel.

    Oh the pain.

  41. It’s just too bad the Rooney’s didn’t bite the bullet and ship his ass to the Raiders where he belongs. They should have. The Steelers are too good for scum like that.

  42. June 10 and we are sitting at the top of the division…feels like old time…yeah…despite the fact that we really haven’t been playing all that well…

  43. #36

    I live in Prague (that’s in the Czech Republic. That’s In Europe. I doubt you knew that). That’s MUCH more North than you. Plus, I’m from North Carolina.

    so, just stop.

  44. chris… I am in Prague next weekend. Always one of my most favourite cities to visit. Probably the most beautiful city in Europe and not just for the old buildings…

  45. What’s wrong with being from South Carolina?
    Thanks for the geography lesson, I thought Prague, pronounced pray goo around here was just south of Versailles, pronounced ver sales, Ohio.

  46. I’m pleased that even after going 4-4, we’ve only ‘lost’ half a game off the division lead. Let’s take 2 of 3 up in Minny and call it a trip. Besides, we owe those guys for cheating us out of the ’91 Series. (I’m looking at YOU, Hrbek!)

  47. I just heard Lou Holtz being interviewed on 680. Nothing special, just listening to he (and almost everyone else) lay the problems with Reggie Bush at the feet of those darned agents ruining it for everyone. It just slays me how College Football Inc. gives out the “We’re shocked, shocked! to find gambling in this casino!” line and have it dutifully reported by the media.

  48. Copa Mundial!

    I have Germany over Netherlands in the final. Any other picks out there?

  49. Anybody here A-Team fans? I’m going to see the movie tonight and I am so pumped for it.

  50. Looking forward to USA v England tomorrow, although I have a feeling that most of the game will be played in our defensive 3rd, which makes for sort of a boring game asthetically, if you like attacking soccer.

  51. Not that I’m too worried about the Mets, but I think they get the Orioles and Indians while we’re playing the Rays and Twins.

  52. The Mets have a terrible road record and have played most of their games at home. (Conversely, we have a great home record and have played most of our games on the road.) Give them time, it balances out.

  53. Big A-Team fan. That guy from District 9 plays Murdoch in the movie. Liam Neeson too. Shouldn’t be totally awful.

  54. @81 sansho… Thanks for the confidence in our german team but…. unfortunately this year they’re just going to make it out of the group stage. They lost a number of key players to injury.

    I think it’s Spain over Brazil in the finals.

  55. Agreed Mac. That pitching can’t hold up for NYM either, like I said not too worried, but wouldn’t be surprised to see them gain on us a bit in the next week if not take over the division lead.

  56. The Braves have played 9 more games on the road than at home. The Mets have played 9 more home games than road games. The Phillies have played exactly the same number of road games as home games. I’d agree we’re in pretty good shape from a schedule perspective.

  57. @89

    Oh well, so much for my pool picks then. I’m ignorant but enthusiastic about the whole thing.

  58. I have Netherlands and Cemeroon in my office pool. I don’t follow soccer. How screwed am I?

  59. 93—Same here. Bafana Bafana!

    94—Steve Tchiengang has me pulling hard for Cameroon, but I understand that they’re quite the longshot.

  60. My total understanding is based on one page scouting reports on each group that I read in Sports Illustrated. So with that huge caveat, I pick England to win it all.

    Asking everyone’s opinion. Will a massive shift in conference alignment and the BCS make the NCAA irrelevant?

  61. Doesn’t the NCAA exist as just a fig leaf/rubber stamp for whatever the hell the BCS and major conferences do anyway?

  62. I think I saw on Yahoo that some simulation they ran picked Spain over Brazil so that’s who I went with. Still probably won’t watch a single game, though.

  63. so McLouth has body aches, soreness all over, headaches, but they just wont say concussion or DL. Why, if he’s going to be out 7 games with a contusion just DL him and let him get some swings at AAA. Can we really not go the extra 8 games or so without his production?

  64. McLouth needs to go away anyway even if he has no concussion. The Braves didn’t give up much of anything for him, but he’s been a huge disappointment. Those few games he played next to Jeffy must have infected him.

  65. Bobby even said the other day he had a contusion on his head, which is what a concussion is, so long as you substitute “head” for “brain”.

  66. So USC Juniors and Seniors can transfer without sitting out any. Wouldn’t it be great if they all left Kiffin for UT?

  67. wonder if the Angels are selling now that Morales is out for the year. Rivera would be nice along with Hinske in LF. Id like Hunter, but his contract isnt favorable. Id like Abreu also, but dont know where he’d fit in

  68. Wow, the South African keeper made two tremendous passes deep upfield late. Can’t believe they couldn’t convert either.

  69. I’d love Hunter and haven’t really thought of him. Maybe they’d take McLouth (to help with the $) plus a nice prospect package. Choo has long been at the top of my list, but not sure how that Korean military service thing is going to work out.

  70. Damn, I just looked at the schedule and even though I’ll be home alone for almost a month while family is out of town, there isn’t a single “Business man special” game I could sneak off to. Guess I’ll have to catch an evening game or two then.

  71. yeah Dusty, I just dont think we could afford $18M for the next two years for Hunter….dont see why they would want to move him and pay for some of the salary

  72. The Braves didn’t give up much of anything for him, but he’s been a huge disappointment.

    Well, they gave up a good chunk of budget room over the next couple of years. That’s what really hurts, although I agree that it eases the pain to see all of the prospects failing.

  73. per mlbtr

    Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reports that the trade market has yet to develop for Resop, who pitched a one-hitter last night. If a team makes the Braves a good offer, they’ll trade Resop, but they’ll promote him if they don’t see a proposal they like. Resop could replace struggling reliever Jesse Chavez in the team’s bullpen.

    It’s hard to pinpoint Resop’s value, but as Dave Cameron of FanGraphs points out, pitchers with 9.9 K/9 with ground ball rates approaching 50% open some eyes. Plus, since he doesn’t have much big league experience, Resop would be more than a rental. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Cardinals, Blue Jays, Tigers or Mets pursue the 27-year-old.

  74. #Braves lineup @ Twins 6/11: Prado 4 Heyward 9 Jones 5 Glaus 3 McCann DH Escobar 6 Infante 7 Ross 2 Cabrera 8… Hudson SP

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