312 thoughts on “Last scheduled horrible late night game of the year: June 9, Braves at D-Backs”

  1. Am hearing that Izzo will indeed take the Cavs job and will announce tomorrow. I’m surprised. And disappointed.

    Any chance the Hawks are diddling around waiting for the opportunity to steal Doc Rivers from the Celtics?

  2. Ah, the post-Lionel, Jheri-curl-era Commodores—Tuskegee’s finest, musically speaking.

    Funny how those ’80s R&B groups all worked that Prince look. (Remember Cameo?) Always liked that tune, though.

  3. Cameo was “Word Up” correct? (showing my age)

    I turned my daughter on to Nirvana and Soundgarden last night, I think I’ll kick her some Ramones tonite and REALLY blow her mind. I just couldnt stand listening to that damn Justin Beaver or whatever his name is.

  4. Agree on Izzo. I thought he was an MSU lifer. I guess Tom Crean would be the biggest name out there w/ ties to Michigan State.

  5. full crew…

    1. Prado 2B, 2.Heyward RF, 3. Jones 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus 1B, 6. Hinkse LF, 7. Escobar SS, 8. McLouth CF, 9. Kawakami RHP

  6. Funny how those ’80s R&B groups all worked that Prince look.

    New Edition. The New Edition era photos of Bobby Brown are awesome. He’s barely recognizable. The BBD guys too.

    Tonight’s the night for KK. It all turns around for him. Lookout 1-8.

  7. after analyzing nate’s at-bat last night, something looked a little different. it seems as though he opened his stance up a few inches which would enable him to turn on that inside pitch.

    prediction: nate’s about to go on a tear.

  8. My fave was the ever-changing look of this funk group called Lakeside. (Remember Coolio’s “Fantastic Voyage”? Sampled from Lakeside.)

    Anyway, each album cover had them in a different themed outfit. One album they were Robin Hood archers, then on another they were Middle-Eastern genies, then they were pirates, & another they were FBI G-Men.

    Guess they ran out of looks, if not ideas. They probably made some bank off that Coolio tune, though.

    Hadn’t thought of Ralph Tresvant in years.

    This is going to sound crazy, but I recently had a road trip with a 21-year old co-worker who had never listened to The Rolling Stones or The Beatles.

    So I played “Some Girls” & “Revolver.” Completely unimpressed.

  9. That would get you left at a truck stop if I was driving. You have the patience of a saint

  10. My first thought when I saw this was to wonder if Mac would:

    a) Hate it
    b) Find it suprisingly catchy
    c) both A&B

  11. The fact that today’s teenagers need outside help to get into Nirvana — or that Nirvana fans have had kids — is mind-boggling to me. I’m 27.

    This year, Kurt Cobain would’ve been *43*.

  12. I’ve never been able to get into Nirvana, but it isn’t because I’m young. Their music is just something that never really got me going. I’ll take AC/DC or Guns n’ Roses over them any day.

  13. If Nebraska goes to the Big 10, apparently Missouri will follow — and then they’ll probably have to go to 16. Which means that the SEC and the Pac 10 will as well.

  14. Yes, I too would take AC/DC…

    For a long walk into a deep forest and leave them there.

  15. I’m pretty sure it would have to be unanimous for a team to join the SEC, wouldn’t it? There’s no way UGA would let Tech back in, if that’s true.

  16. I’d take Nirvana over AC/DC and Guns n Roses, but my musical tastes are all over the place.

  17. RE: Big 12

    It’s going nuts around here. The lodestone to the entire thing is Nebraska. Missouri is probably going, but (as much as it pains me)we’re replacable. If Nebraska leaves though, it’ll trigger the 6 southern teams (replacing Baylor w/Colorado) to look after themselves and jump to the PAC 10.

    I have no clue, but Osborne (the tsar of Nebraska) has hated Texas for years(or more specifically, how the power base of the Big 12 has shifted there over the past few years), and I could now legitimately see it.

  18. I am a high school teacher and high school kids do not even know who Jack White is and he is still rather active, forget the Stones, Beatles or Zeppelin.

  19. Tech back to the SEC would be pointless. The entire expansion business is about money markets and UGA owns the Atlanta area anyway. So the SEC gains nothing with GT. Texas on the other hand…

  20. Tech adds a huge “something”. Joining the SEC would prevent the Big 10 from coming into Atlanta and adding another ~3/4 million to its Big 10 Network footprint.

  21. I just watched The Road. If you haven’t seen it, please don’t — unless endurance tests are your thing. I don’t mind bleak, but I draw the line at exercises in bleakness. Looking for a win tonight, if for no other reason than to stave off existential dread.

  22. Then it’s unfortunate that our starter tonight is Kenshin “Sisyphus” Kawakami.

  23. Did Chip say something about it being a down-year for the Padres, or did I hear him wrong?

  24. kenshin has to be wondering if the Braves really want to score when he’s pitching!

  25. Why is it seemingly every time the Braves load the bases; it’s some combination of McLouth, Cabrera and the pitcher coming up?

  26. Hard to argue with you there, putter. Only the walks McLousy draws because he bats eighth are keeping him from historically significant awfulness.

  27. after seeing Nate miss these fastballs, Im convinced…he wont get better any time soon

  28. I was at Strasburg’s first start last night. There were a few Pittsburgh fans at the park wearing Pirates jerseys. McCutchen, Van Slyke, Clemente… and, yes, McLouth. I wanted to run up to that guy and say, “Please, take him back!”

  29. Wren is going to have to physically remove McLouth from the roster to keep Bobby from playing him.

    Have you ever seen a worse at bat? Oh, yeah – McCann’s against the Dodgers – but I digress.

    Melky, Blanco, Infante – hell, Diaz with his arm in a sling – is better right now. It is managerial malfeasance to put McLouth in the lineup right now.

  30. mlb.tv is really slow tonight! I reduced the quality to its lowest level and that helped a bit.

  31. I guess the two days off were for Nate to re-set and re-work the swing, getting him more open and a little more upright.. And I figure that Bobby will give him about 10 games to get it going in game action.

    But we have to see an end soon.

  32. 55 – I was thinking the same thing.

    Glaus – 3B
    Yunel (if we must) – SS
    Prado – 2B
    McCann – 1B
    Ross – C

    Heyward – RF
    Upgrade – CF
    Upgrade – LF

  33. They say Strasburg is pitching the 28th in ATL. Anyone wanna have a BravesJournal meetup?

  34. do we have an option on Glaus next year? he’s in line for a helluva raise.
    and i’m hoping Freeman is ready at 1B by next year.

  35. @57 – I think McCann stays at catcher. If Freeman improves at AAA and we think Glaus can still play third, I suppose he is our 3B next year. Either way I think it is very important that we resign him.

  36. @59 – no option on Glaus as far as I know, but I’m assuming we’ll have money saved on Chipper’s deal to resign Glaus.

  37. McLouth- would you get your sorry-overpaid ass in gear to give the K-man a much deserved single victory?

    damn. I thought Nate would be a working-man’s (one or two removed) Kenny Lofton (minus minus avg; plus power; minus speed; minus a bit on defense).

  38. After watching Glaus at 1b this year, how could you imagine him at 3b, stabbing one-hop rockets on the line, charging bunts and throwing across his body, cutting off weak grounders behind the pitcher’s mound, in front of the short stop?

    I think he’s a 1b from here on out. He’s less athletic than Chipper, and Chipper’s already a poor fielder.

  39. @68 – probably true. We need his right handed power bat in the lineup though.

  40. at least he swung the bat this time. Im tired of watching him K looking with the pitcher on deck

  41. How on EARTH does McClouth sleep at night? How can he cash his paycheck with a straight face? He is beyond awful.

  42. The problem with the AB was the second and third pitch in the sequence, which were hittable, and both fouled off. Then it was 1-2 and was going to get curves and changes until he walked, or put something in play.

  43. 2009 Jeff Francoeur – June 8th .243/.275/.341/.616

    2010 Nate McLouth – June 8th .180/.299/.287/.587

  44. Parra hit that double to almost the exact same spot where Chipper put a ball last night, which Chris Young had no trouble getting to.

  45. I think Ken’s stuff just isn’t good enough to get guys out. He can’t ever get in to Cruise Control. Every start follows the same script. He starts each inning, pitches to contact, gets an out, then has a ball crushed. Then he has to bear down, try to work guys harder, gets out of a few jams in a game, eventually caves, and ends up with 3 or 4 earned.

    EDIT: Of course I say that as he carves up Ryal. But I think my point is not entirely invalid.

  46. Yeah but 2009 Francoeur was coming off the heels of 2008 Francoeur.

    McLouth wasn’t bad last year (.788 OPS, 20 home runs).

  47. ugalaw, to be fair, Young has to play Chipper much deeper than McLouth has to play Parra.

  48. @87 – Agreed. And that’s what he is. But that isn’t what he was expected to be.

    @85 – I get what you mean. But what I’m referring to is his lack of clean innings. He almost always gives up hard hit balls, in my eyes, because he pitches fat strikes with no one on, and then bears down much better with men on.

  49. For what it’s worth, Wren and McGuirk flew in to Phoenix today and are in attendance. Perhaps there here violate McLouth and then DFA him.

  50. Either Chipper is starting to find his power stroke and he’ll start hitting them out soon, or like many have said, he’s done.

  51. We’ve got a chance here if KK can get thru the 6th. Kennedy has thrown 96 pitches. I like our chances with the D-back’s bullpen.

  52. there is nothing that he can do to EARN a loss in this game….its all on the offense

  53. Are you sure? McLousy bats third in this inning. I’m sure he could do something worth a negative run.

  54. So Kawakami has so far thrown six scoreless innings against one of the more powerful offenses in the NL this year. Not bad for a “fifth starter.”

  55. KK probably has the lowest ERA in modern history for someone who is 0-8. It’s 4.48.

  56. I didn’t know Daron Sutton, the DBacks play by play man, was Don Sutton’s son.

  57. should Nate sacrifice and let Infante hit with two outs

    edit: apparently Bobby thinks so

  58. as i said earlier, this is mclouth’s “turn around” game. too bad it means “turn around and walk away from the game of baseball”.

  59. Can Infante play center? He may be just a singles hitter but still, he is not McLouth.

  60. The DBacks announcers were just talking about Pendleton and how he doesn’t value walks.

    Meanwhile, the Braves have nearly 50 more walks than any other team in the NL.

  61. Bruce Feldman is reporting that USC will be hit with a two season postseason ban and scholarship reductions in addition to “other penalties.” No word yet on if those other penalties will include vacating wins, but it sounds like USC is about to get popped. This will be a major story tomorrow.

  62. I’d almost rather see Blanco in center at this point. At least he can get on base a few times a week.

  63. ian snell is about to be dfa’d. now there’s a right handed pitcher i’d like to see in a braves uniform.

  64. Mark Grace (on Chipper): “If New Yorkers take the time to hate you, you must be really good.”

  65. Off topic, She LOVED the Ramones, and she fell asleep listening to Led Zepplin II on her IPOD. Tomorrow its Pink Floyd while we are at the beach. Any other suggestions?

    Poor KK, He’d be a .500+ pitcher in the AL. What more could you ask out of a 5th starter?

  66. Ramones are actually great babysitting music.

    I would say you can’t go wrong with The Beatles, but that’s been disproven, apparently.

    Edit: Sheee-it.

  67. Unbelievable that Bobby (a) pitched Moylan at all, and (b) let him pitch to the lefty there.

  68. It’s got to be the center fielder’s play, Heyward’s aggressiveness is fine when he’s running through Snitker, not so much when he’s running into people in the outfield.

    Ugh, I’ve had enough, I’m afraid we’ve lost this one.

  69. Hitting the leadoff batter in a 1 run game in the 8th really isn’t the work of genius, csg.

  70. Um, how is that on Heyward? He’s just supposed to assume Nate’s gonna catch it?

  71. Moylan has a 1.6 WHIP. He’s awful and shouldn’t be anywhere near the mound in a 1 run game.

  72. Moylan hasn’t known where the ball is going all season. 15 BB in 25 IP.

    EDIT: 16 BB in 25 IP.

  73. Christ…………… Let’s load em up before you take him out. Great managing by that Cox

  74. BY the way, let me make myself clear. I HATE PETER FU–ING MOYLAN.

    Oh, and I hate NATE FU–ING MCLOUTH.

  75. The centerfielder should take the leadership role in the OF. Gotta’ put that one on McLouth. Moylan has not looked good over his last 3 to 4 games.

  76. I’m not looking forward to the get-away day lineup against a lefthander tomorrow.

  77. I am watching the game as I go to work and the Braves are leading now 1-0 and get to my office and low and behold Moylan has struck again!!

    #220–at least KK will not get the loss….

  78. “Moylan is utterly useless right now. How long before Bobby realizes that?”

    August. I put my money on August 13th.

  79. Heyward should win rookie of the year TODAY if he knocked McClouth out and put that steaming pile of useless goo on the shelf.

  80. Why does Bobby have to wait to October to retire? I will personally make a donation to his retirement fund if old man Cox would leave today. Any sane, half live manager would have stopped using Moylan in that role, weeks ago.

  81. Stu, he sucks. I want him out of the lineup, not permanently hurt. And this game has put me in an extremely angry mood right now.

  82. lineup tomorrow?

    Blanco LF
    Infante 2B
    Cabrera RF
    Ross C
    Conrad 3B
    Hinkse 1B
    Yunel SS
    McLouth CF

  83. @233….agree completely about getting him out of the lineup but that should have happened a month ago anyway

  84. Seriously, I can’t believe I wasted my breath ripping Melky earlier in he year. Melky is Albert Pujols next to effing McClouth.

  85. @238 – Surely Nate goes on the DL tomorrow. Even if it’s not medically necessary.

  86. The worst part of this is we’re GIVING AWAY GAMES. We have the Twins coming up in Minnesota and we’re wasting games we should have been able to close out against bad teams like the Diamondbacks. We’ll be in 3rd place by Sunday at this rate.

  87. Right now McLouth is making the team worse–he’s below average in the field (slightly) and really below average at the plate. At his current rate, he’d cost the team nearly two wins over the course of a full season. That’s amazing. The Braves really can’t get this outfield thing sorted out.

  88. McLouth’s got a pulled suck muscle. Very serious condition for which DL time is absolutely necessary.

  89. As pissed as I am at Moylan, that was not a home run. McLouth misplayed that ball, whether by having it bounce off the heal of his glove or by not calling for the ball. Official scorer, that was no homer.

  90. Jay, McClouth gave up a bullet to the outfield and then proceeded to put more runners on. Yes, we can blame McClouth, Moylan and Cox.

  91. @247 – as bad as Nate is right now, he has been a productive player for at least the last three years prior to this year. A trip to the DL and an extended time in the minors will hopefully help him get back to being productive.

  92. McClouth was productive ONE year. He’s a stiff and he needs to be off the Braves. Period. Don’t want him on the team.

  93. If we’re contending at all by the All Star break, we have to find a competent major league outfielder.

  94. His on base was over .350 each of those three years with an OPS over .800. That’s useful especially when he has a little speed which is something this team lacks.

  95. Terrible clutch hitting early on let the D-backs hang around and when you let a team hang around it usually bites you. That plus letting Moylan pitch in a close game.

  96. Truly Disgusting…. Way to show up with the bats fellas. Why don’t you lineup and just kick KK in the balls. Hey but look on the bright side KK, Mclouth and Melky would probably whiff on the kick

  97. yeah Moylan told the OF’rs to run into each other….amazing thing is they actually did

  98. That sucks!

    A few days ago I thought that people on this site were too hard on Moylan—but not anymore.

    A hard loss, but it happens….

  99. That one hurts–should be 4-3 on this trip right now, if not 5-2. Going to sleep.

  100. Not only do we have to suffer this loss tonight, but we have the inevitable Triple A lineup tomorrow on getaway day against a left-hander.

  101. At least USC, contrary to what Robert predicted, was hit really hard. 2 years probation and 20+ lost scholarships.

  102. braves14

    We had a triple AAA lineup tonight. We’re also forgetting that Chipper Jones has morphed into a useless old man.

    I can’t believe I actually want Chipper to get another thumb injury so we can have Infante instead. Pathetic.

  103. Chip just said “maybe a day off for McLouth” Um… he can take all the time he needs on the DL. This is the excuse we need.

  104. Tomorrow’s lineup:

    2b Prado
    Rf Heyward
    3b Chipper
    1b Glaus
    Ss Escobar
    Lf Infante
    C Ross
    CF Cabrera
    P Hanson

  105. A DL trip is standard for an outfield collision, even more so when the dude that got popped is making Jeff Francoeur look like DiMaggio.

  106. USC doesn’t care… still gets the best recruits and in 2 years the Pac 16 will be the best football conference in the country.

  107. even when the big ten brings in nebraska, and notre dame they still won’t be better than the pac 16. Just too much top dog firepower with USC, Oklahoma and Texas in the same conference

  108. The SEC seems like they will be the ones left in the dust as both the Pac 10 and Big Ten will pick up schools that will put both conferences over the top in terms of football prowess.

  109. Infante might be an option, but if our other choices are Cabrera and Blanco in CF, they suck just as badly as McLouth. I really don’t see how having either of them in the everyday lineup is an upgrade at all.

    Also, that collision is no one’s fault. Sometimes shit happens. It is the CF’s ball, but he probably wasn’t sure he was going to get to it, so he didn’t want to call Heyward off and then have it fall in. There’s no use blaming anybody for that. It happened, we lost because of it, let’s move on. There’s a lot of games to go, and we’re finally getting close to the end of this damn road trip. Let’s win tomorrow and then win at least one in Minnesota, get back home, and get on with this damn season.

  110. @305, now where have I heard that before..

    Big 12 (1996): The SEC is now obsolete. The Big 12 is here!

    ACC (2004): We have a new leader in the South, the new ACC!

    SEC (2010): (to Big 12) I drink your milkshake!

    SEC (2010): (to ACC) Do you mind if we dance with your dates?

    So, forgive me, if I yawn at the new PAC-16/Big-16 Axis.

  111. At least USC, contrary to what Robert predicted, was hit really hard. 2 years probation and 20+ lost scholarships.

    The two year bowl ban kinda sucks but we are rebuilding now anyway. If your not playing for a title, you are not really playing anyway.

    I hear it might be 7 scholarships per year for three years. The team usually hands out two or three to walk-ons at the beginning of every year, so that will go on hold for a while. A minor hit to depth I guess.

    It’s unfortunate, but USC will emerge from this just fine. As I’ve posted here, I figured the NCAA would have to put some teeth in the penalty with the media swarm around it. So they did but it could have been worse.

    The back to back AP titles will stay and that is what is important anyway.

  112. So does this count as a real HR, or has Moylan still not allowed an HR since opening day 2008?

  113. Unbelievable that Bobby (a) pitched Moylan at all, and (b) let him pitch to the lefty there.

    Yeah it is pretty unbelievable that he used his primary right-handed setup man with a one run lead in the eighth to start an inning that had two righties coming up. Also unbelievable: death, taxes, the sun rising in the East.

    With Saito hurt and Medlan in the rotation, there ain’t much to choose from down there from the right side. Chavez sucks, Kimbrel is too wild to use, no one knows what Martinez is. Slim pickings. It’s got to be real odd to have a bullpen where the three best pitchers are all lefties.

    And I guess I should add that everything likely would have worked out if one of the outfielders catches that ball as they should have.

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