54 thoughts on “Tired game thread: May 15, D-Backs at Braves”

  1. Happy Birthday to me (and John Smoltz)!

    The Braves were 4-0 while I was out of town. If they lose tonight, do I have to leave again?

  2. Love the video, Mac. So quaint.

    A couple weeks ago, a friend’s father died & I brought food for people sitting shiva. My pal’s uncle was there. He’s close to 60, a former hippie. He was telling me how he saw The Beatles at Shea Stadium and, before that, Carnegie Hall.

    “OK, you’ve got my attention,” I said. “Was it as ridiculous as it’s been told? Could you hear anything at all?”

    Carnegie Hall, yes, but they only played a half an hour. Shea, impossible. “They were all the way out at second base and it was just girls shrieking at the top of their lungs—again, only for a half-hour.

    “But still, it was pretty exciting to be there, especially around all those girls.”

  3. Yunel is back on the roster, Hicks back on the Gwinnett roster. The Braves put Matt Diaz on the DL with a thumb infection (that sounds nasty) and purchased the contract of Brent Celvlen.

  4. Pat Burrell’s 2010 .658 PrOPS vs .625 OPS. Slightly unlucky, but still crappy. I think he’s done, and I hate to say it because I liked Burrell. He’ll probably get one more shot on an AL team. If I’m the Royals, I pick him up and hope to trade him for prospects at the deadline if he recovers.

  5. Did Hicks get more than 1 AB while he was up?

    I guess Schafer is the guy taking Clevlen’s spot. Did we have to make another roster move to clear space for Clevlen?

  6. With Frenchy at a more Frenchy-like .222/.287/.381 it appears things are making sense again. All those walks and good at bats the Braves have been putting together all season are starting to pay off.

    I like our chances today. Five in a row.

  7. yep, sounds bad…

    Diaz is scheduled to undergo surgery on Wednesday to have a foreign body removed from his thumb, possibly a splinter, which is causing the infection. Manager Bobby Cox expects him to be out a “long time,” Cox said. “It will be weeks.”

  8. So…Clevlen is keeping the roster spot warm for Schafer, right? Jordan should be up in what, a week?

    Don’t want to rush him or anything but I’m pretty sure that anything Clevlen can do, Schafer can do better.

  9. Tough luck for Diaz. Although he’s been awful this year & he’s kind of a weird player, overall he’s been good for us. Get well & come back hitting, please.

    Caught the end of a funny radio interview with Braves scout Jim Fregosi. He was being interviewed by 2 WFAN guys and they were talking about—what else?—Javier Vazquez.

    After explaining the differences in the leagues & how Javy couldn’t be kept, given the Braves budget, the hosts began another question like this:

    “OK, the Braves have a limited payroll and even the Mets, when compared to the Yankees, have a limited payroll… what’s so funny?”

    Fregosi: [Laughing]

    “Jim, what’s so funny?”

    Fregosi: “The Mets will spend 40 or 50 million dollars more than we will on players this year—that’s what’s funny.”

  10. How do you not notice that?

    “Seems to me, I have jagged piece of bat sticking out of my thumb. I should be ok and I’ll just play through it. Schafer tried it. I can do it.”

  11. I think folks who expect Schafer back in a week or two are overly optimistic. It wouldn’t take much to outdo Melky, but Schafer basically hasn’t played in a year and should get a decent dose of AAA before coming back to ATL. I say don’t rush the kid–his development has been rocky enough already.

  12. As long as Infante is ahead of Melky on the depth chart, we can let Schafer grow a little.

  13. @18 – Yes. Perhaps we all need to invest in steel lined batting gloves for young Matty D.

  14. Has Sport South been using this Direct Behind The Pitcher angle all year? I remember they did a few times last year, I hadn’t noticed it used this year.

  15. Diamondbacks lead the NL in homeruns (and doubles) and Joe and Chip are complaining they don’t put the ball in play enough.

  16. OBP is on the big screen at the stadium?

    Can’t be. It’s not important enough to put on the scoreboard.

  17. A walk is now a “good piece of major league hitting?”

    I’d call it a great plate appearance there Chip.

  18. 22 — I think this is the first time.

    18 — Yes, it’s the same infection, apparently he didn’t get it fixed in the offseason.

  19. Man, if Hanson’s fastball is at 95-96 to stay, he’s gonna be pretty awesome.

  20. The Braves will eventually score some runs if they keep this up. Hopefully.

  21. The trivia question about who is the last Braves infielder to lead the team in hr’s and sb’s; Chip suggested Jerry Royster!

  22. Last year I went to a Braves-Dbacks game and the score was 11-1 in that one too. To no one’s surprise, Joseph Reyes started that fiasco. I see Lou Diamond Chavez is doing his best to honor Joseph tonight with his terrific pitching.

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