Chris Resop vs. Stan Belinda. Also, SEC Picks, Week 3. Also, game thread: Mets at Braves.

Chris Resop Statistics and History –

Seasons with Braves: 2008
Notable Stats: 5.89 ERA, 1.418 WHIP
Notable Achievements: Had Wun big fan.


Stan Belinda Statistics and History –

Seasons with Braves: 2000
Notable Stats: 9.82 ERA, 16 H/11 IP
Notable Achievements: Wasn’t charged with any runs in five postseason games against the Braves.

I did some shuffling of the seeds, kicked out Dave Campbell who really didn’t belong… These two guys had very brief Braves careers, but they were extremely bad.

Home teams in crimson.

Alabama 40, North Texas 9
Kentucky 33, Louisville 26
LSU 51, La-Lafayette 12
Georgia 45, Arkansas 41
Vandy 38, MSU 16
Ole Miss 56, SE Louisiana 10
USC 23, Florida Atlantic 9
West Virginia 18, Auburn 17
Florida 60, Tennessee 0

115 thoughts on “Chris Resop vs. Stan Belinda. Also, SEC Picks, Week 3. Also, game thread: Mets at Braves.”

  1. No matter what he did with the Braves, to me, it’s always going to be more about what Stan Belinda did for the Braves.

    He’ll always have a warm spot in my heart—and Frankie Cabrera’s…

  2. would anyone not take GT +5 tonight? I dont think Miami wins straight up, but there is a reason why I stopped betting

  3. csg,
    That’s one of those spreads that doesn’t make sense on the surface. Which means you have two choices: 1) trust the oddsmakers or 2) trust your eyes. The oddsmakers are right a lot more often than I am (and the general public).

  4. Florida won easily last year and wasn’t out for bloody vengeance. 60-0 is not a joke; I don’t see Tennessee scoring at all, and even if The Tebow leaves at the half to heal lepers, Florida’s second unit is better than anything Tennessee has.

  5. Resop embodies something that I hate about modern baseball, ie the radar gun era, where mph are valued higher than control or off speed pitches. Resop could throw 120mph fastballs, but he had no other pitches and he couldn’t locate anything. How does that sh…stuff belong in the majors? Meanwhile kids who throw 85mph with great makeup are left aside.

  6. Nasa, same reason cute girls with huge tracts of land get more of a shot in showbiz than an average looking girl with acting chops… IF they can at least fake acting skill for a couple flicks the boss stands to make a boatload of money (see Tara Reid). If they can manage to figure out how to make that 100+mph get to a strike zone for at least a season worth of relief work till everybody figures out how rarely it IS in the strike zone it has a good chance of netting wins/money.

  7. I guess the only remaining question is whether that will be the last time Chris Resop is compared to Tara Reid.

  8. theres a point to getting things right. Look at Chizik at Auburn. He’s doing the right things and has his players focused and the fan base excited. Kiffin was doing the same thing, but went out of his way to call out three of the best coaches in football. There’s a smart way (chizik) and an idiotic way (Kiffin) to handle your business.

    Auburn was at -7.5 last I checked

  9. I’m hoping that while I’m at Sunday’s game Tommy H will lock up the ROY… maybe with a no-hitter… that would be nice.

  10. Crompton’s mother attends my church. Nice folks, They have been getting death threats the last couple of weeks. Way uncool.

  11. 22……..really?? is your church in Alabama??……i’m appalled that the church folks are sending death threats. sounds like some kind of inquisition

  12. #24 – I think he was saying that the Crompton family has been receiving threats from people and they have told the Church about it

  13. I’m liking North Texas to hang with Alabama throughout the game. Look for bama to have to rely on busted calls by the refs, and a last second field goal to get the win

  14. Funny thing about Chipper is that he is the Braves nominee for the Hank Aaron award as NL’s best offensive player. You can go to the MLB website and vote for him. Maybe fans are confusing Chipper’s 2008 season with this season. Actually, this really makes no sense.

  15. Maybe I’m naive, but what kind of sick f**K sends death threats to a college kid because of his performance in a football game. I can sort of understand the teenagers vandalizing the lawn because they were probably drunk, but really, are their lives so empty or are they so ignorant that they cannot recognize how bad that is? Or, I guess more likely, are they so drunk they don’t know what they are doing?

  16. I got my picture taken with Resop in Pittsburgh in ’08 because at the time he was kind of Braves Journal Public Enemy #1 (“Poser Era”). For some reason at the time I thought it was funny. I saw him pitch in Atlanta against the Mets a week or two later (Braves had a big lead), then I think he was deported.

    At that Mets game in May of 2008 two bizarre things happened:

    1.) Resop did not give up a run.
    2.) Jeff Francoeur hit a home run.

    Oh and then the world ended.

  17. We really have pull a Rockies 2007 to have any wet dream of a hope. That being said…I’m still enjoying the win streak

  18. 60-0…that might be the halftime score. Urban was pissed at Georgia last year and beat them by 39. He really hates Lil Lane, and last year’s Georgia squad was a lot better than anything Tennessee has.

  19. The defense wasn’t. As Smitty says, this UT defense is really, really good. It will be gassed by the second half, though, because the offense will struggle to eat clock.

  20. Georgia handed the game to Florida last year. As crazy as it sounds, Georgia actually outgained them, but 4 turnovers, mostly in its own end, was the main story there, not Urban’s revenge.

    Hell, if Urban & His Orange Jort Crew were so angry, his ’07 squad should’ve offered some resistance in the very game that had them so upset.

    I mean, they had 53 minutes to overcome a 7-0 lead that so horrified them. The challenge was offered, and they gave up 5 more TDs.

  21. Additional Moylan note: Nobody has ever had more than 73 appearances in a season without giving up a home run. Seventeen games to go, you have to figure about ten more appearances.

  22. BTW, until Santos’ PH HR last night, wasn’t it about 50 innings since a Brave pitcher gave one up?

    I thought I heard the Mets radio guys talking about it.

  23. Like a lot of teams, Adrian Gonzalez and John Lackey stand at the top of the Mets’ 2010 wish list.

    But I keep hearing/reading that Fred Coupon is really going to earn his nickname this offseason.

  24. Re: Paranto

    He was just called back up by the Astros. I went to a Astros/Cardinals AAA game here in Austin. He was Round Rock’s closer, promptly loaded the bases, but some how got out of it by striking out Troy Glaus. Loading the bases just like old times.

  25. Pitch black and just pissing down here near the stadium. Should clear in an hour – maybe less.

    edit – whoops, rain is moving to the NW (very unusual) so at least an hour, maybe more.

  26. If it gets rained out, dunno if they’d make this game up.

    Only one shared open day left for the teams—Sept. 24, right after they play 3 in Flushing.

  27. I once again took the season over bet for Braves wins. It was 83.5. If this game gets rained out they better make it up

  28. Tom, we’ve only got to go 7-9 in our other games for your bet to be won, even if this game is never played. I think we can manage that given seven games with the Nationals and three more with the Mutts.

  29. Georgia gave the game away even though they surrendered 5 yards per carry, 11 yards per pass, and lost by 39 freaking points. You’ve taken your UGA myopia to a new level, ububba. Bravo.

  30. We don’t need your recap Mac. Just post a new thread that says “ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE!” maybe throw in one of those hippy Dylan videos too, that would be fine.

  31. I’m glad they didn’t take your advice Spike. I hate walking the bases loaded.
    Edit: I guess it didn’t matter much. At least there’s not a runner on 3rd with 0 outs.

  32. Jeremy,
    There’s nothing I wrote about last year’s Jax game that wasn’t true.

    If you’ll notice from my previous post, I wrote “as crazy as it sounds,” which kinda takes the final score into account.

    My post was in response to the notion that Florida’s coach had some kind of revenge in store for Georgia after the ’07 game. I’m saying it was a bogus story line.

    BTW, I just had a new eye exam last week & I’m still myopic, but not because I’m a Georgia grad.

  33. Here come Bobby again. Just can resist of putting in Sori with a four-run lead.

    Good to hear Yunel didn’t go crazy.

  34. Keep hope dead. Right now, I’m considering 90 wins as the magic Wild Card number. The Braves would have to go 12-4 over the last 16 games to reach the 90 win mark.

    The Giants have to win 11 more to reach 90.

    The Rockies, who remain hot, only have to go 7-8 over their last 15.

  35. Caught the Fish, will probably pass the Giants but no, the Rockies are out of reach unless this Braves team can miraculously keep winning every game.

    There is no hope, only a miracle can save this season and God is a Cubs fan.

  36. The funny thing is I haven’t watched the Braves at all during this win streak, so I guess I will just continue to not watch

  37. from ESPN: “Diaz was hit by a pitch in the second and is tied for second in the National League with 13 total, including nine times since Aug. 17 — a span of exactly one month. He has been hit four times in the last three games.”

    How good has Jair Jurrjens been?!
    In his last seven starts, he’s given up more than two runs just once (3 runs in 7 vs. CIN) averaging 7 innings per game in that span. Love this guy.

  38. Jurrjens is an ACE, no question about it. The right hander knows how to pitch. So enjoy watching the Curacao kid pitch for our Braves through 2012.

  39. @105 Coach, JJ’s development to me is actually more impressive than Hanson’s. Remember JJ and Hanson are same age. JJ is Boras’s client, right?

  40. ububba, c’mon. You said UGA handed the game to Florida. That implies they were ever in possession of it to give away. They weren’t.

    But yeah, the revenge storyline is/was bogus. Tennessee is going to get their asses kicked because they suck and Florida is really good. Not because Lane Kiffin is a douche.

  41. Nate McLouth is hitting .413 so far during September and .349 since August 1st.

    On the other hand, Chipper Jones has batted exclusively in the three hole all season long.

    Chippers batting average as follows monthly:

    April .322 BA

    May .312 BA

    June .247 BA

    July .284 BA

    August .247 BA

    September .152 BA

    From August 16th to September 16th .133 BA

    Is Cox aware of this? I doubt it.

  42. Yes, Jurrjens agent is Scott Boras. I’m fairly sure that JJ is eligible for free agency after the 2012 season.

  43. Jeremy,
    I implied nothing of the sort. Florida won & good for them.

    The game was 14-3 at halftime & Georgia turned the ball over 4 times in its first 5 2nd-half possessions, resulting in 28 points.

    We may have different definitions for “handing another team a game,” but when you consider a self-destruction that includes an unforced INT, an unforced fumble (on a toss sweep), 2 missed FGs & a regrettable onside-kick attempt, that one easily qualifies in my book.

  44. @111 Wren has a good relationship with Boras now. Giving $60M to Lowe will do that. I think the Braves will do everything to keep JJ and Hanson for as long as we can. The two are our cornerstones for years to come.

  45. Apparently I missed the whole “wun” ordeal… it’s quite interesting… it reminds me of Jason Shiell…

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