40 thoughts on “Season over, finally, game thread: Sept. 28, Braves at Astros”

  1. The more i look at our pitching staff the more i think we need to re-sign Hampton. I cant believe i am even thinking it.
    I would do a one year deal with him if possible.
    I would also go after CC but I know we wouldnt offer up enough for him.

  2. I wouldn’t be upset if Hampton was re-signed to a deal based heavily on incentives. Maybe $1MM – $1.5MM guaranteed, with the salary escalating with IP. Maybe it tops out at 200IP (LOL) – $10MM?

    If someone offers Hampton more than $4MM guaranteed I hope its not the Braves.

  3. Fearless prediction: Perez craps the bed today, and is crucified by the Mets fan base, ala Tom Glavine in 2007.

    Speaking of Tommy, with his & Smoltz’s situations I doubt the Braves will want to bring back Hampton, now that I think about it. Even though the deals would be incentive based I doubt the team would dole out 3 of those type deals. If one/both of Glavine/Smoltz decides not to attempt to play before Hampton signs elsewhere I could see the team trying to bring him back.

  4. For one year i would give him 5 million.
    I do not see us being in the market for any of the big name FA’s as much as we want to, besides not liking the FA OF pool that much, so we should be able to afford him for one year.
    Damn, we need 2 SP and at least one OF and a a LH in the bullpen since Ohman will be gone/ dead-armed next year anyway.

  5. You mean you hate the short porch in left, Mac. ;) I think we all hate that short porch.

    As for Hampton, I think that some team other than Atlanta is going to throw some crazy amount of money at him because he’s a lefty and he seems healthy enough to pitch now. Based on that, I seriously doubt that Hampton will take an incentive-laden contract. He doesn’t owe that to the organization.

  6. Why doesn’t he “owe that to the organization?” We paid him millions of dollars to play Scrabble for three years.

    Whether it’s our decision or Hampton’s, I think he’ll be playing elsewhere next year. He had a bad experience in Atlanta, fans generally don’t like or trust him to stay healthy, so it’s probably best for him and the team if he moves on.

  7. Oklahoma #1 in both polls, of course. Alabama second in AP, fourth in Coaches (after LSU and stupid Missouri). Bama with 21 first place votes in AP.

    Vandy 19th in both polls.

  8. From previous thread…

    The funniest thing I saw all day was Moreno’s over the top celebration when he scored to cut the lead to, just, 31-10.

    If popping up and running off the field at full speed is “over the top,” then I’m guessing you could never watch an NFL game.

    Did he demonstrate toward the opposition? Did he point to the stands? No, he did what he always does: He got off the field as fast as he can.

    Moreno plays the same way whether his team is winning or losing. He’s not a me-guy. If you’ve watched him play for the past 2 years, you’d know that.

    Re: Mets/Fish
    A little Marlin uprising here in the 6th…

  9. Joel Sherman of the NY Post offers his MVP, Cy Young, RoY, & MoY picks, but also his picks for Anti-MVP, etc.

    His NL Anti-MVP? Jeff Francoeur

  10. Chipper still needs to get a hit to beat Mickey Mantle, doesn’t he?

    Watching Sabathia pitching for the 3rd time in a row on 3 days rest, I feel inclined to give him lots and lots of money and go with him, Jurrjens, Hampton and Campillo as a #1,3,4 and 5 respectively and try to muddle through with some combination of Smoltz, Glavine and Hudson for the #2 spot.

    If nothing else, the Braves would be worth watching at least every 5 days.

  11. By the way, if anyone’s interested in seeing a starter-by-committee, take a look at the Cubs pitcher usage today:

    Pitchers IP H R ER BB SO

    A Guzman 2.0 1 0 0 0 4

    C Gaudin 1.0 0 0 0 0 0

    N Cotts 1.0 0 0 0 0 2

    K Hart 2.0 0 0 0 0 1

    S Marshall 0.1 1 1 1 1 0

    M Wuertz 0.2 0 0 0 2 1

    B Howry 0.1 0 0 0 0 1

  12. Chipper walks in his pinch-hitting appearance. Beating Mickey Mantle will have to wait.

    Two-run HR for Braun in Milwaukee makes it 3-1 Brewers. The Mets are six outs from going home.

  13. I think I predicted either 72-90 or 71-91, I can’t remember. It’s somewhere in this vast swath of postings maintained on this website.

  14. Chipper ends the season with an OBP of .4700, the highest non-Bonds total since Jason Giambi in 2001, and the highest OBP by anyone other than McGwire, Giambi, or Bonds since Edgar Martinez in 1995.

    It’s the highest OBP in the NL by anyone other than post-2001 Barry Bonds since Arky Vaughan in 1931, just a tick above Mark McGwire’s .4699 in 1998.

  15. Brewers win! CC Sabathia goes the route.

    Mets fail to score in the 8th. Come on, Fishies, just one more inning…

  16. Congratulations to Chipper. Here’s hoping he gets to defend his crown en route to a playoff appearance for the Braves next season.

    Alright Arthur Rhodes. Let’s go Brew Crew!

  17. One of the better comments from MetsBlog:

    “Great to see Shea go on such a positive note. Seriously, when they tear down Shea the players should just stay in it.”

  18. Another choice offering from Metsblog:


  19. I was looking for a comment that wasn’t risible for the ALL CAPS or spelling, which narrowed the choices way down.

    One out to go.

  20. Yeah, that’s pretty slim pickings. I kinda feel bad for the Mets fans that aren’t insufferable, but other wise I enjoy this more than I should.

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