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  1. From prior thread:

    Fun fact: Derek Lowe pitched a no-hitter on this date 8 years ago. Any chance he finds the magic again tonight? (And by magic, I would accept 7 innings, 2 ER).

  2. I could see Lowe giving up 2 runs in 7IP tonight – and then we’ll lose 2-1. That’s just the way it’s going.

  3. unfortunately, I dont see Lowe getting through this lineup with much success at all. Careers vs Lowe

    Holliday 32AB 18H
    Ludwick 10AB 6H
    Molina 15AB 5H
    Pujols 20AB 7H

    this is the type of game that the Braves shouldnt win, but if they do it may be a big boost for the team. They have their work cut out for them tonight

  4. lowe is going to be a stud for us tonight. i have that gut feeling…
    melky is also going to hit a homerun and steal home. chipper, who has completed 42 hours of yoga since the jordan debacle, will be like silk out at 3rd scooping, lunging, and diving for balls.
    heyward will scale the fence and rob pujols of a 450 foot homerun, then hit w/o a bat in his hand and slap a 93 mph fastball over the fence.
    troy glaus will make 8 errors on 2 plays allowing 4 runners to score (unearned of course) in 2 seperate innings.
    we’ll win 12-11 and derek lowe’s line will be:
    7ip 0k 8bb 12h 11r 0er

  5. Look, all this is D, Lowe’s fault.


    If Lowe hadn’t signed the ridiculous offer from Wren, and then fallen old all of a sudden, Wren wouldn’t have had to dump Vazquez for the Yankee’s pupu platter offering (although Arodys might turn out OK), which would have led to Leche remaining in the Bronx.

  6. same lineup as last night…even hudson. apparently even bobby knows that lowe-down sucks and he has chosen to pitch hudson on back to back nights. this will be interesting.

    on a side note: i smoke crack

  7. Seat Painter, of course it’s Derek Lowe’s fault. We didn’t really need that detailed an explanation- we’re pretty sure he’s responsible for everything else that’s wrong with America and several Canadian provinces.

  8. yes Joe, thats exactly what John is saying. Throw it where it starts in the middle of the plate and falls away. The hitter has to think the pitch is a strike at some point

    nice job Lowe and Yunel there in the 1st, just need 8 more like it to compete

  9. I don’t think we’ve hit a home run in a week now.

    Hey, good baserunning by someone in a Braves uniform…by Glaus, no less

  10. i dont know if i’ve ever seen someone almost get thrown out at home after the ball was cut off at the mound…hilarious.
    anyway, WAY TO GO MELKY!

  11. The rest of the lineup is not doing so well, but the pitchers are on fire in the last 3 games.

    (On fire being a relative term.)

  12. You may be on to something here with the Melky-bashing threads, Mac.

    He went 2 for 4 last night, too.

  13. There is a reason the braves keep Yunel around, and that catch was an example of why.

  14. So, Salty’s been sent back to the minors. Of all the guys in that trade, who’d’a thunk he would have been the one not to pan out. Of course, Max Ramirez has been called up to replace him, but that’s another story.

  15. Tyler Flowers, Max Ramirez, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia walk into a bar… where they take turns sticking pins into a Brian McCann voodoo doll.

  16. LaRussa with that crazy pitcher batting 8th thing – If Carpenter can outhit Ryan, you really might be overvaluing defense.

  17. @40 – that just seems counterintuitive – I get that having a player of some skill batting in front of your number 1 hitter has value, but surely that would be outweighed by the difference in AB’s over the course of the season, and the corresponding black hole from 7 to 9. I am far from an authority though. How does it work?

  18. Well St Louis is going to hit some. Let’s hope he can at least keep them to solo shots.

  19. @47

    More at bats for the 8th hitter vs the 9th hitter isn’t as big of a deal as it would at first appear since a good number of those 8th slot appearances will end up being taken by pinch hitters.

  20. @52, but wouldn’t that be true regardless of 8 or 9? It would seem to cancel each other out.

  21. I think what he’s saying is that the number of PAs wouldn’t be as different (with pitchers getting more PAs) as they seem because pitchers get PH for anyway.

  22. Credit though – 1 run through 5 is pretty danged good improvement for Lowe.

  23. @53

    Definitely. If there is an advantage one way or another it’s got to be pretty small. I thought you were saying that batting the pitcher 8th would lead to more pitcher at bats over the course of a season and I was responding to that. Sorry if that’s not what you meant.

  24. It was, and I think the “smallness of difference” point you make is probably the most important one.

  25. I vote leave them both where they are. I’m disappointed with Glaus (wasn’t too pleased with the signing in the first place and hate the fact that he’s wearing Andruw’s number which should go up next to Spahn’s a few years down the line) but it’s way too early to do anything drastic. I don’t really get the Melky hate either. Diaz earned a starting job with his performances over the past two seasons and I’d obviously reather have Vazquez than Melky but the fact that Melky plays way too often for a 4th OF is not his fault. It’s not the player’s fault that he sucks. It’s the manager’s fault for playing the sucky player and the GM’s fault for signing the sucky player and/or not sending him in the minor leagues where he belongs. Be mad at the Braves for being too cheap to pony up for Vazquez or for being too cheap to pay someone enough to take Derek Lowe off their hands but I think we should lay off Melky (and Glaus) for at least a little while longer.

  26. Oh good lord. In the words of Homer Simpson, ‘scuse me while I kiss the sky.

  27. Umpire is starting to squeeze Lowe. Then Lowe gives in and makes a terrible pitch.

    Bobby should have had O’Flarety up to pitch to Rasmus.

  28. This series has not helped my arguments that Brian McCann is the most valuable catcher in the NL.

  29. Remember that time back in June ’06 when we lost 10 striaght games? Let’s see if we can pass that one.

  30. we’ve had 2 plays this inning that arent errors but good defensive teams make and its cost us 3 runs.

  31. 82 — Actually, Prado would be at 3rd and Infante at 2nd…and the team much better defensively.

  32. I wonder if that sequence made hit the pitcher 8th believers out of Jim and Don. They were going on about how hitting the pitcher 8th screws the 7th hitter because he’ll be pitched around. You saw/heard the rest. I’m fully in agreement that the benefit is most likely very small but even if the advantage is only one a year, it’s still worth doing in my mind.

  33. 86- I think Ross is a more of a defensive upgrade of McCann than Prado is over Chipper or Omar over Prado. Also, I like Ross’s bat over Omar’s.

  34. 91 — I don’t. I think that infield defense is more important than catcher defense, and that there probably wouldn’t be much offensive difference between Ross and Infante.

  35. You could fill in basically any noun there for a true statement. One run, One dollar, One coke, etc.

  36. Hey, guys– I’m watching on GameCast, which has the Braves listed as having one out. Is that a mistake, or did someone get out?

  37. That cell phone company is really going to get their money’s worth for sponsoring pitching changes this series.

  38. same amount of hits as the cards and they have two errors but lead this game, thats my powerless braves

  39. Chip – yep, he hit a weak grounder to start off the inning. I guess Gamecast decided that we should be able to guess that McLouth did nothing special

    cmon Heyward draw a walk

  40. Heyward hasn’t had a hit in a while… why not pull him for Diaz once the lefty comes in?

  41. Great managing, TLR. I don’t know how anyone held us down the other 6 games without using a pitcher for every hitter.

  42. @110

    Because MLB likes to make them $$$. Every time someone changes pitchers mid inning, an MLB team gets paid to run an add or three.

  43. Sammons is good enough to be a tolerable backup catcher (If for no other reason than the bar is so low)

    Both Diory and Thurston have been pretty brutal with the stick in the bigs.

  44. Sammons has been pretty brutal with the bat in Triple A, and hasn’t shown much defensively.

  45. 123 — Yeah, whatever happened with all of that talk about easing Heyward in and not making him face all of these tough lefties?

  46. I’m just wondering, is there anyone out there who can tell me what teh NINETEEN NINETY TWO FIRING ORDER IS FOR MY PICKUP!?!!?!???!

  47. just to recap

    Nate cant get a runner in from 3rd with one out
    Melky cant catch a fly ball that hits him in the wrist
    Chipper cant turn a DP
    Heyward cant get the bat off his should with the bases loaded

    this team does have to be perfect in order to win

  48. -124 I thought Sammons had pretty good defensive rep. You’re right though about the bat; I didn’t realize it was that terrible. Not really a good answer anywhere.

  49. Like Mac has said in the past, catchers often get a good defensive reputation if they can’t hit, just because people rationalize that they’re good at something.

  50. sucks that we have no one to run for chipper, not that it will matter. When was the last time Bmac got a hold of one?

  51. 136- I follow the logic of the premise, but that doesn’t make the reverse any more true. Just because he can’t hit doesn’t mean he is automatically bad behind the dish.

    He’s a career .990 fielder in the minors and has thrown out over 30% of basestealers.

    Why do you think he’s bad defensively?

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