192 thoughts on “I will believe Hampton pitches when I see it and maybe not even then game thread: July 26, Braves at Phillies”

  1. I predict the Braves score 4 runs in the top of the first. With 2 outs, Hampton comes to bat. He hits a swinging bunt and breaks his big toe on the bag trying to beat it out and goes on the DL without having thrown a pitch.

  2. Over/Under on how many innings he lasts as a starter before getting hurt.

    My friend said 13.5
    Im saying 4.5

    any takers?

  3. Poor Hampton. Even if he pitches great today, he still won’t win with the anemic Braves’ offense going against Hamels. Hamels will probably throw his third (in three trys) complete game against the Braves this season today.

    Also, I’d say there is a 95% chance of a Martin Prado sighting at second base today. Make bad even worse, Bobby.

  4. I wonder if he does get hurt again, will it be like a pulled muscle, or will it be something cool, like

    sliding into second he twists his ankle, or, he trys to bunt nad breaks his finger by holding the bat wrong, or a homerun is hit, the fireworks go off and he gets a concussion from the blast?

  5. pretty smart move here; sacrifice the game against hamels (we just cannot hit him) by pitching the experiment, and try and sneak out a series win with Sunday’s game).

  6. I really hope Hampton does well, all kidding aside. It would be a major boost, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  7. This just in, Hampton out for the season after spontaneously combusting in his sleep.

  8. Well, it’s a 3:55 start, so we can play guess the Hampton injury time!

    I’ll guess 3:37.

  9. I’ll take that Mac, it’d be more than what he’s done the last 3 years, at least we’d get something out of it.

  10. Hopefully he won’t break his arm throwing pickoff throws to first today.

    But seriously, go Braves, and go Hampton.

  11. I predict that Jeff Porter plays second, so he can be closer to Hampton in case anything happens.

  12. Casey Blake to the Dodgers.

    I too predict that Hampton leaves the game early and not because of an injury of any sort.

  13. Casey Blake to the Dodgers? What’d they give up? I can’t access mainstream internet sites because of the filters at my job. Freakin’ Best Buy…

  14. On the season, McCann, a catcher, now has a higher OPS than C. Utley, R. Howard, H. Ramirez, D. Uggla, D. Wright, C. Beltran, R. Braun, A. Dunn, J.D. Drew, Manny, etc. (…he’s even 37 points higher than Josh “Achilles” Hamilton.)

    In fact, at .951, he’s now 9th in all of baseball behind only L. Berkman, C. Jones, A. Pujols, M. Bradley, M. Holliday, A. Rod, P. Burrell, & R. Ludwick…the best of the best.

  15. According to MLBTradeRumors.com, it’s Casey Blake to the Dodgers for minor-league catcher Carlos Santana, pitcher Jon Meloan and cash.

  16. Dan beat me to it.
    Those numbers for McCann are even more impressive than I’d have thought. Thanks for posting that, Douglass.

  17. I got it. He has to leave the park before the first inning because his wife is rushed to the hospital after being cut while framing the lineup card.

  18. I want yall to know I am literally posting from the braves bullpen at citizens bank park. I am waiting to see this for my own eyes. I won’t believe it til I see it. No activity yet but ill let yall know when hampton comes out.

  19. Prado starting at second base. Kelly Johnson, hitting something like .320
    against left handers, has yet to see Cole Hamels this season.

    Bobby continues to try the same thing, starting Prado at second, because you know, it worked so well against the Phillies the other two times the Braves have played them with Hamels starting.

  20. That really is bulletpoint 1A on the “Things Bobby has repeatedly done wrong this year” list.

  21. Though I’m sure it makes ricflair happy.


  22. That’s a fair point about Kelly’s average against lefty’s but the main reason you shouldn’t regularly platoon KJ and Prado in my eyes is Prado’s atrocious defense.

  23. “Getting to Know Brian McCann” on the Fox pre-game show: Brian McCann likes Saved by the Bell, 24, and Mexican food — soft tacos, burritos, and cheese dip.

    Having just come back from eating Mexican food for lunch, I heartily approve the sentiment.

  24. Ok. I can report he walked up the bullpen steps without incident. Also took 10-12 throws from the bullpen mound. So far all without an injury. I’m headed to my seat now.

    On a side note, some dude was riding hampton, yelling all kinds of stuff and roger mcdowell just looked up and goes “het fat boy, whens the last time you laid off a hamburger?”. Pretty classic.

  25. Anyone else blacked out on MLB.TV? Anyone know a way around it?

    I would love to see this game.

  26. I bet on the first pitch of the game, whoever’s leading off will line a foul ball into the dugout and hit hampton

  27. “recently up from the minor leagues where he found his swing batting 6th Jeff Francoeur. He says it some kind of chicken wing thing, I dont know.”


  28. I hereby promise to never say a negative word about Roger McDowell for the rest of my life, unless he commits some sort of crime.

    That’s just awesome.

    Will Ohman with a strong showing in the pregame introductions. Perhaps that performance will net us a better prospect when he’s traded.

  29. Add Bob Davidson to the list of umpires needlessly pissed off by Secular Ebony by heading to first prematurely on a called strike.

  30. Someone needs to explain to this announcer on FOX that the purpose of selling is not to get better this year.

  31. Ohman is definitely getting traded now, if he wasn’t before. Good way to go, though.

  32. Ok, this is his last chance to injure himself before the game starts… don’t give up hope yet

  33. all that stands between Hampton and pitching is 7 warmup pitches and a chalk line–I bet on the chalk line

  34. and he pitches the first pitch without incident. We can no longer say he hasn’t pitched in nearly 3 years

  35. How does Rollins get caught for the first time in ’08 by McCann and Hampton as a battery? Long odds.

  36. re: 57

    You wouldn’t know that from listening to this Fox Broadcast. I understand that in these weekly broadcasts, the networks like to play up the storylines to make the game seem more dramatic and meaningful.

    But this is just ridiculous. That opening segment about how we should be buyers…”I don’t see what you could gain by trading Teixeira”(regardless of how you feel on the issue, cooome on.)…they’re only six and half back, how could they be sellers?…and then just now, they flash a graphic saying that the braves comeback chances depend on how Hampton pitches.

    That’s just shitty, network driven commentary. Oh how I hate playing on Fox.

  37. McCann is awesome. I feel like, despite the lovefest today, that does not get said often enough for a 24 (!!) year old catcher locked up long-term who is in the top ten in the league in extra-base hits and OPS+.

  38. Left-handed McCann gets hit off left-hander Cole Hamels.

    After that, three consecutive right-handers (Infante, Francoeur and Prado) made outs against Hamels.

    Bobby Cox’s brain does not compute.

  39. i’ve never seen a free live video feed. i have mlbtv and the game is blacked out for me. thanks ryan for the link.

  40. That sounded like a sexual reference, “Ryan Howard can play on my team any day of the week”.

  41. I was pretty excited to see Hampton swinging too. I was just hoping he didn’t hurt himself swinging the bat.

  42. 2 on no out. we better get something quick before francoeur gets a chance to kill the rally.

  43. francoeur at least cant hit into a double play…well, i hope not. nice hit infante.

  44. Wow, according to the FOX broadcast Mac is one of only three catchers to have 3 consecutive 20 homer seasons at his age. Which is great until you remember he only had 18 last year.

  45. I think the Fox guy was kidding. He did mention that his career high is 3 SBs.

    Either way, I don’t like him much.

  46. what team am I watching, I love this

    Hamels throw to 2nd was one of the worst throws Ive ever seen. At least 10-15 feet to the left of 2nd base

  47. We are actually out-managing someone. This is FUN again. Buy, and buy now… :)

  48. Hoping they go into the bullpen before Hamels gets it together and no-hits the Braves for the rest of the game.

  49. The TV and radio are almost in sync. Only problem is that Joe is doing the radio. He has taken it upon himself to do both play-by-play and color.

  50. #111 – No, just getting Tex’s value up and trying to mess up the Phils season

    #115 – yes he did

  51. it’s cool. life wouldnt be too easy if someone didnt challenge your thought processes every now and again.

  52. If the Braves sweep this series, they’re not selling…even if it’s still hopeless. They may just stand pat, but they will not sell.

  53. The good news: The Braves will now go on a huge run and win the division.
    The bad news: By the end of the season, UBubba will be a giant prune.

  54. How many runs had we scored of Hammels this entire season before that inning? Anyone know off the top of their head?

  55. If only four of the nine runs were ‘earned,’ does that mean Teixeira didn’t ‘earn’ the home run? Also, one of those errors was Hamels’. I say this because earned runs are stupid.

  56. I think I’d like to retroactively create the Hampton Injury Curse to explain how poorly the Braves had played since he first got injured. I am confident they will never lose a game again.
    Ububba, stay in the shower just in case.

  57. Damn,

    Eaton has nothing on the ball. I guarantee you I could hit the ball into play off this guy. His fastball was just 79 a couple pitches ago.

  58. What’s that well known rule? Oh yeah, never make the first or third out at third base. Good job, Jeff.

  59. If that stupid baserunning error ends up costing us this game, I will personally strangle Francouer.

  60. Cardinal Sins of Baseball according to Francouer:

    1) Not swinging.
    2) Hiding your true feelings.

  61. This is going to be one of those 15-14 type games where every player is used and crazy things start happening.

  62. Pretty predictable on a hot day in Philly. But I bet the Braves don’t score again and lose something like 15-9. It’s not every day and every team that has a nine-run inning and loses.

  63. can you really do anything more than laugh at this??? geez, this team sucks and like I’ve said for the last two weeks – sell, sell, sell…

  64. This park is a bandbox, but 20 PH already is pretty damned impressive for Dobbs.

  65. When you’re 2-8 against this team and they’re sitting up there taking BP, it might be time to send a message and loosen these guys up a bit. But that’s not the “braves way”. Dobbs hit that ball about 500 feet and he was just sitting comfortably waiting a fastball from Boyer.

    Guys like Cost, Mike Redmond and others have always been Braves killers, with no recourse from the Braves. I’d move those guys back every now and then.

  66. The Braves have to be the worst team in the league with the bases loaded.

    Our boy Frenchy leading off the seventh…

  67. The Braves without Frenchy are actually near or over 300 with the bases loaded, but Frenchy is something like 2 for 18. So it just seems like we’re terrible with the bases juiced. It’s just a Frenchy illusion.
    And that was a woefully sad swing Frenchy put on that ball.

  68. Jeff Francoeur at the plate with the bases loaded reminds me of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

    There is no way that this winter is ever going to end as long as this groundhog keeps seeing his shadow. I don’t see any other way out. He has to be stopped. I have to stop him.

  69. This team will NEVER put together a ten win stretch because Bobby pitches his top relievers in every game whether down by two or up by ten. Use your entire bullpen or send them down!!!!

  70. Seriously, when did this game start to go downhill? AT THE VERY INSTANT Francoeur got thrown out at third for no reason. I’m thisclose to blaming him for the Kennedy Assassination. Or possibly the Lincoln Assassination. Why not?

  71. 178 – I have heard that this may be a bigger issue than people are making of it. If he can’t see the seams of the baseball he has no idea what pitch is coming. If this is true, his career is over.

  72. What was wrong with Bobby’s bullpen use today? These are must win games put out your best

  73. sell

    my 7 year old: “Why did Cox have to put in Boyer?”

    not bad for a kid, though a better question would be why didn’t he bring the hook before the lead was pissed away

    Hampton pitched–it was bound to be a weird game

  74. 9 runs in one inning. 3 walks in another inning. and we lose. teixeira and ohman should start saying their goodbyes. let’s hope posada doesn’t make it back so yankees have a 1b/dh spot open

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