Barbaric game thread: July 10, Braves at Rockies

Barbaro!“Hello, I’m Gwinnett first baseman/DH Barbaro Canizares. Is my defense really that bad? Hard to believe. And if it really is that bad, how did you not know this when you signed me? Don’t you people have scouts? Is it something else? Is it my breath? Anyway, please enjoy this video, featuring a young Casey Kotchman.” [Not really. I think.]

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  1. Does anyone know if any details/timing, etc. has been released for the Greg Maddux ceremony prior to next week’s game vs new york on friday? i bought tickets for this game months ago, just to see this ceremony, and am just wondering what time i should arrive to be sure and see it all….

  2. From the last thread, #63.

    wOBA is basically linear weights on a per-PA basis. It correlates with runs scored 93%, better than any metric we’ve got to my knowledge.

  3. I really thought Kotchman would be better than this. He hit .296/.372/.467 as 24 year old regular at the major league level. I don’t get it. I guess there’s no rule that says your career year can’t come when you are 24.

  4. #4- Nope. Eddie Matthews’ came from 21-23. Al Kaline at 20.

    By the way, I am sure you knew that- I only posted this to be the first person ever to link Kotchman, in any way, with either of those guys.

  5. Well, holy crap!

    I need reliable confirmation before running naked down my office hallway; DOB says Stenchy’s starting in RF.

  6. My Met fan friends (forgive me – I’m from NJ) are telling me we’ll love Church. They are headed to the GW Bridge to jump.

  7. One Down – at least 2 more to go. Anderson then Kotch. Now that we have all of these left handed batters. I think Barbaro has to come up to platoon at 1B

  8. The impossible dream…

    Not really sure what to make of Church. Honestly, it’s nearly irrelevant.

    He did get a concussion last year (?) and tried to play through it, so that could have dampened those stats. I’m assuming new Shea is killing the power this year. OBP is obviously a Neal Armstrong-esque step up.

    How’s his defense?

  9. Dix, via text: “Wtf mets. Wrens a genius! Let’s sign kolb and trade him to Philly”

  10. Is this serious? This has to be a joke right? I mean, Ryan Church is actually good, isnt he?

  11. I envy ububba quite a bit right now.

    Actually, I always do, but even moreso with this news.

  12. I cant believe it, i just hope it does not come back to haunt us.
    I hate trading within the division.

  13. Not really sure what to make of Church. Honestly, it’s nearly irrelevant.

    He’s not Jeff Francoeur that’s good enough for me.

    If true, this is the best sports day I’ve had in a long while.

  14. Barkeep, drinks all around.

    FWIW, I actually mentioned Ryan Church as a possible replacement for him. Didn’t figure the Mets would be dumb enough to take Francouer.

  15. I just ran outside and screamed with joy, UNCONTROLLABLE JOY! My wife said, “what’s wrong?!” I screamed, “THE BRAVES JUST TRADED JEFF FRANCOEUR!!!!” My wife responded by giving me the stink eye.

  16. church actually makes less than francoeur. we actually MADE money on a francoeur trade. how is this possible? man, church makes our lineup look much better. hopefully, he will find his power stroke again.

  17. You have got to be f—— kidding me!!! How f—— dumb are the Mets????? It reaches new heights!!!!!

  18. I have to think at some point today Wren said to Omar “I know you don’t smoke weed. I know this…”

  19. I just left work and I am now going to begin drinking. I don’t know if this is sad commentary on my life or not, but I can’t remember being this happy.

  20. That’s exactly what I thought, Mike. This is going to be a disaster. For the Mets, that is.

  21. he looks to be a platoon guy. his splits are atrocious this year. maybe this is a way to get diaz more playing time as well.

  22. I cant believe it, i just hope it does not come back to haunt us.
    I hate trading within the division.

    It’s the best of both worlds, actually. Addition by subtraction for us AND we weaken our biggest rival. Apparently we sent cash too which is the only real loss.

    Minaya must have been really impressed with those three doubles last night.

    I don’t think this is far from the truth. Again, Omar is a buffoon.

  23. I can’t believe it! What did the Mets think they were getting out of this?! I know Ryan Church was always in the doghouse (according to the tools on SNY), but this is ridiculous!

  24. Church is hitting .310/.360/.424 against RHP this season. A Church/Diaz platoon will do just fine.

  25. Just a sample of what’s on Metsblog:

    “dave27 says:
    July 10, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    Is it still 2007? “Frenchie” has no upside. He’s strikeout machine. He is awful. And Church is outstanding defensively.

    The Braves will stop dicking around with Church like Jerry never could and he will be a perennial .280, 25, 80 type player.

    Way to do the Braves a favor and take this basket case off their hands. Oh wait, the Braves won 15 straight division titles by trading talented players inside the division…I keep forgetting.”

    EDIT: Actually, more positive responses have come in.

  26. This from MLBTR:

    good god, frenchy had 3 doubles last night and it might have been a sign of new hope. Church has no power, is a downgrade on defense, is left handed, and is 5 years older. MAkes no sense.

    Some people will never get it.

  27. Some folks on the Fox Sports Facebook page are none too happy about the trade. One asking why Church and not Hawpe or Jay Bruce…

  28. If he turns it around in NY, I will eat my foot. A player who has struggled for 1.5 years getting traded to NY is a recipe for disaster.

  29. Man, the Braves front office is just a bunch of morons, huh?

    That’s a fair assessment of a team that has given parts of five seasons and 2600+ PAs to a rightfielder that can’t hit. At all. I’ll stand behind that.

  30. It frankly doesn’t even matter if Ryan Church finds it again or not. If he does, we have our additional power bat. If he doesn’t, we didn’t lose any money on this deal…we didn’t lose our ability to do something else at the deadline. God, is Omar Minaya an idiot!

  31. I haven’t felt that good since Archie Gemmill scored against Holland in 1978!

  32. Hanson optioned to Gwinnett, too?

    EDIT: Oh, just for more bullpen help with Vazquez not being able to pitch. He’ll be back for his July 20th start.

  33. I really, whole heartedly believe that church is not the replacement for frenchy, that in all actuality he is the replacement for ACHE. There is another trade coming for either a rf or cf. Church and Diaz scream a bobby wet dream platoon.

    ohh. and minaya is an idiot.

  34. 24 years ago today, the Coca-Cola Company bowed to pressure and announced it would resume bottling the original formula. It’s just a great day in Atlanta companies finally realizing that they’ve made huge mistakes.

  35. Take a look around you. Study the light as it enters the room. You will want to remember this moment forever.

  36. Hanson has been optioned, presumably to get some work in over the break. He’ll be eligible to return on July 20th. Luis Valdez was called upon to take his spot.

  37. I am disappointed. I think he should have been cut.

    I bet Mrs. Stenchy will hate living in NY.

  38. @67- Where I heard about the Frenchy trade is the equivalent of a large closet at my on campus job. Place got a little brighter, though.

  39. Isn’t this the worst punishment possible for Frenchy?

    He rooted for the Braves as a youngling and rooted against the Mets no doubt.

  40. Just made a venture over to metsblog…

    ” rel=”nofollow”>I enjoyed myself

  41. Worst punishment possible would be if Chipper impregnates Frenchy’s wife tonight and names the baby Stenchy.

  42. Omar Minaya’s calling this a “change-of-scenery trade.” Said the trade talk began yesterday afternoon.

    Fave quote: “We love the amount of games Francoeur plays. He plays every day.” (!)

    Also: “We’re able to get a RH hitter, a Gold Glove RF in a big ballpark like ours, a guy with a good arm. He’s 25, there’s an upside because of his age, and he’ll be a good fit when we get Beltran back in CF.” (WTF?)

    Met announcer Howie Rose in his pre-game tonight: “What’s got to concern you about Francoeur is the precipitous drop in power the last few years. Also, we’ve seen him a lot and he’s not very patient, doesn’t work pitchers. He doesn’t walk very much.
    “Yes, with the vast expanses of Citi Field, his arm will help. Still, the Mets are going to have to get more out of him offensively than the Braves have gotten out of him the last two years.”

    Good luck, fellas.

  43. The Sports South Facebook page is like Braves Journal, except everyone there thinks the exact opposite of what we think here. And they don’t understand statistics.

    A girl tried to tell me that Andruw Jones was worse than Francoeur AND we “put up with him” for longer.

  44. 84,

    It’s true. Fans like me are the reason we haven’t been winning divisions these past few years.

  45. #79
    Unlike the radio voices from The Bronx, the Met announcers at least try to tell the truth.

    And what’s going to give me ongoing cheap thrills for the immediate future is hearing Met fans calling up WFAN every day, complaining about Jeff Francoeur.

  46. There’s no reasoning with some people. According to FB, he’s a class act with all his best years in front of him.

  47. Could someone please link to this Facebook page? I’m intrigued but unable to find it…

  48. The Mets have lost five of their last six, and now they add insult to injury by making a bad trade. Incredible. Did Minaya succeed Phillips?

  49. YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!! Thank God for the Mets.

    This is the second best day of my life (which says a lot about me, but it says a whole lot more about Jeffy)! Can’t wait for the Mets fans to turn on him. My prediction is he’ll be out of baseball at 27.

  50. Other fans on FB are saying that Frenchy will be under less pressure to succeed in New York…

  51. I just saw the headline and let out a whoop of joy–my wife thinks happy hour started a bit early this afternoon.

    edit–Wonder if the Mets plan to flip him to the Royals.

  52. Over at Neyer’s page, one can read comments like…

    …The Mets lost little in Church, but might have gained a lot with Francoeur.

    …I usually dislike what Minaya does, but I love this gamble

    and my favourite:

    …he was a significantly better prospect coming up through the ranks than Church was.

    I guess every team has the fans it deserves.

  53. This is a stroke of genius by Wren that has me speechless. I want a do over on my Talking Chop confidence poll vote for this week now.

  54. Have you read this gem, Rob?:

    I hope Frenchy comes back, with the Braves ready to make the playoffs and he himself hits and hits and is the reason the Mets beat us, and knocks us out of the playoffs, and I hope he rubs it in, ( I know he won’t) and just in case anyone wants to say it, I am a big Braves fan and hate the Mets with a passion, he is a great guy and deserved better than being shipped off to that Team!!!

  55. Schurholtz just turned to wren and began yelling

    ” Were not worthy.. were not worthy ”

    Omar Minaya looks at his stadium full of fans and says

    ” I learned everything I know from steve phillips “

  56. Does this mean they won’t play “Spotlight: Jeff Francouer” anymore during rain delays?

  57. “You have no idea how your life is gonna improve as a result of this. Food tastes better. The air seems fresher. You’ll have more energy and self confidence than you ever dreamed of.”

  58. Do you all realize how lucky we are that jeffy did not agree to the contract that McCann did?

  59. Poll on Metsblog:

    I like it (40.0%, 1,101 Votes)
    I am not sure (37.0%, 1,021 Votes)
    I hate it (22.0%, 602 Votes)

    How dumb can a fan community possibly be?

  60. See, I’m just the opposite. Trading Francoeur makes it much easier for me to be a Braves fan. No longer is there a perpetual fundamental disagreement with the organization.

    Plus, there’s that whole winning more games thing, too.

  61. Things will be different now. I admit whenever I looked at a Braves boxscore for the first time I would naturally look towards Francouer’s line (because God knows he was always in there) and expect – hope even – for his standard 4000 line. Keep piling them up Jeffy, maybe some day you’ll cause this incredibly stubborn team to give up on you. And now it’s here. No more rooting against our own players. It’s a truly wonderful day. I’m checking the half season rates for Extra Innings and MLB.TV.

    To push him off on the Mets and get a useful player back…it boggles the mind.

  62. @116

    Maybe we’re trading Kotchman for Justin Morneau, dare I dream?


  63. Not sure that we got a useful player back, but I am sure that we will not have irrational reasons to stick with he same guy in rf next year.

  64. 127,

    A team with no one I hate on it? That sounds fantastic. I mean, KJ is having a bad bad year, but at least he’s being a good teammate and working hard.

  65. From the post in @124,

    .182/.206/.242 line with the bases loaded in 2008. I was trying to figure out the OBP. Gotta be a sac fly or two, right? I can’t envision a scenario in which Francoeur walks with the bases loaded.

    Maybe if the pitcher refused to throw a pitch 4 straight times and the ump enforced balls for the 20 second delays or whatever. But I’m pretty sure a pitcher would get yanked after doing that twice.

    Even a HBP seems unlikely, since you can’t take the base if you swing.

    (the piling on might be my favorite part)

  66. A team with no one I hate on it?

    Yeah, I’m sure I’ll find somebody but right now I’ve got nothing. I have a mild affection for the Angels so it’s hard for me to even turn on Kotchman and Garret as most have. It’s a little disconcerting.

  67. Watching Mets game on MLB.TV. Mets announcer called Jeffy for his reaction. Jeffy said that he was shocked by the trade (you think the guy has a problem with reality). He then went on to say that he looks forward to starting over in NY and getting doubles in Citi Park and showing off his arm. God I am glad he is their problem now.

  68. Serious question: Will I enjoy watching Frenchy fail in NY? I’m honestly not sure. Of course, I don’t really want him to succeed for obvious reasons, so…

  69. BBTF’s Transaction Oracle Discussion :: Mets – “Acquired” Francoeur

    The funniest line is Dan’s comment responding to a question if it’s still a good trade if Church retires tomorrow:

    “Retired tomorrow? This is a good trade for the Braves if Church died yesterday.”

  70. “I am amazed that Dayton Moore only did the second-dumbest thing today.”


  71. 139,

    Very funny!

    Another contender for best FB post:

    screw frank wren..first smolzie..then jeffy?i mean really?! how could you do something like this..i feel terrible for him besides the fact i can’t quit crying and shaking. this will make the braves lose a HUGE fanbase..

  72. Turned on the radio an hour or so ago to hear the reaction, and the vast majority of people had no freaking clue, of course. My favorite call:

    “Do Mets fans go to Citi Field to see Ryan Church play? No. So why would we trade Frenchy for him when people come to see him play?”

    So because this town is filled with hormonal teenage females and dumbasses who think that where a player’s from is the single biggest consideration as to his level of play, we should keep the biggest black hole in our lineup? Makes sense to me.

    Also, someone called to say that he thought the fans would turn on the Braves and start cheering for the Mets next weekend. (Might’ve been the same guy later in the call. I think I passed out after that first comment. Not sure.)

    I also really love all these people claiming he’s a standup guy when he’s very clearly a dick. I’m not sure where the “standup guy” thing keeps coming from.

  73. @143,

    Well, we should come up with something quick, since it takes management about a year to do what we want them to do. I think it’s time to keep reminding them how much ACHE belongs in Philly or Kotchman in Florida.

  74. Sounds about right @ 145.

    I know sooner or later someone is going to go to McCann or Chipper for a reaction. Anything out there yet?

  75. McCann might have mixed emotions. I can’t imagine that Chipper isn’t dancing in the aisle of the bus on the way to the ballpark, though.

  76. 145 – But Don Sutton says we have no idea what we are talking about and he is glad the Braves don’t listen to us.

  77. I only have time to jump on here for a moment, but I wanted to register my joy too. A couple hours ago my phone starting buzzing as friends of mine–not even Braves fans, just people who appreciate my hatred for Francoeur–starting texting me to give me the good news.

    Oh, happy day indeed.

    And screw the Frenchy faithful. We just gave our biggest rival the trojan horse while ridding ourselves of the albatross.

  78. Are the Mets actually planning to use Francoeur in the major leagues?

  79. I’m a Mets fan. I literally cannot believe they just traded for Failcoeur. How can one player make me dislike an entire team? Particularly an entire team that I liked, up to 20 minutes ago? Hopefully Minaya and “Frenchy” (vomitx1000) are hit by a bus on the way to Citi. Seriously just kill me.

    Scene: a bar on Madison
    Minaya: Boy am I hungry!
    Wren: Can I interest you in this shit sandwich?
    Minaya: No, no, I couldn’t possibly.
    Wren: Look, it has a little gold foil thingie on the toothpick.
    Minaya: It does look better…
    Wren: It hit .293 like 6 years ago…
    Minaya: What?
    Minaya: Ok, I’ll take it. But let’s make it fair. Have a BLT.

  80. Wally, if you need any help with new pejorative nicknames down the road, or want me to update some of my many Francoeur photoshops with some Mets threads, just drop me a line. I’d be happy to do it.

  81. I wish MLB Audio would make tonight’s game available already. I want to tune in in time to hear Cox cry about the loss of his boy.

  82. They’re playing Jeff’s interview on SportSouth–he’s honestly doing a good job holding it back, but I can hear tears in his voice.

  83. I knew something was up when there were so many posts on the game thread already.

    I laughed uncontrollably and my wife shushed me since she had just put down our 2-year-old. Ha!

    One of the best Braves highlights in the past few years.

    Time for Braves14 to make another cartoon/video (I think that’s who was making them).

    I just can’t believe they not only got rid of their worst player, but dumped him on their biggest rival. Awesome.

  84. Wow…that’s an incredibly stupid thing to say. Then again, if they’re buddies he’s going to try and make him feel better. Free pass.

  85. He’s just badmouthing the deal and Ryan Church. Have you ever felt like you were the only sane person in the world? I’m getting that feeling taking in the coverage both on Atlanta radio and now on SportSouth. He also actually just said that we would need Chipper to step up to fill Francoeur’s void in the lineup while I was writing that!!! Sweet Jesus, have some perspective!!!

  86. “I guess every team has the fans it deserves.”

    Oh come on, have you not been reading the outraged Francouer lover comments?

    “Is there any way we can talk Omar into taking Chip Carey?”

    You are hilarious.

  87. There are a lot of really dumb Braves fans out there according to that Sports South poll.

  88. I wish I lived in the area so I could see Jeffy’s interview

    Bonus bridge-burning quote: “They’re going to have to change up a lot of signs. I know everything,” Church said. “I’ll definitely fill them in.”

  89. That’s a plus, because we likely won’t have to change any of ours for Jeffy. I doubt he’s even aware that there’s a coach that stands by third base during the game.

  90. @130–at least they’re dumb enough that they can’t find their way over here to BJ

    wonder if they put OBP on the scoreboard at Citi

  91. A Church/Diaz platoon will do just fine

    Yes but that means Diaz can’t platoon with the Glide in LF. Not that Cox has been doing so on a consistent basis …

  92. Francoeur’s logic is “How am I supposed to hit a homerun if I don’t swing?”

  93. I wish Jeff Francoeur as much success with the Mets as he’s had with the Braves over the past two years.

  94. sportsguy33I want to sell my HD-DVD player and Six Flags stock to Omar Minaya. Does anyone have a contact for him?

    From Bill Simmons Twitter Feed!!

  95. Must be a lot of fans tuning in to hear the Braves first Francoeurless game. MLB Audio hangs up my computer every time I try to load up the game.

  96. You know. All of you were dog cussin Prado last year and the year before. I hope Frenchy hits 300 with 30/100+ on you. Just not on the Braves. Go Bravos!!!! and good luck Frenchy. I predict that you will be missed.

  97. We traded Francour for ANOTHER Left handed hitter ????? And boy he has alot of power (2 HR’s) and our three best minor league hitters Heyward, Freeman and Shaefer all hit left handed .. HEY WE NEED SOME Right handed hitters someday … strong LH putchers will eat our lunch !!!!!

  98. I have no idea where this post went. Last thread?

    Diaz was royally screwed on 2 called strikes there. The 1st strike call was worse, especially after Ubaldo had thrown 3 nowhere near.

    Lowe better get the same zone.

  99. I’ll be in the StL for the AS game next week. If anyone else will be there, let me know. Downtown will be awesome and there will be some great parties. Be good to throw back a few (or a lot) with some Braves fans.

  100. When I saw the trade reported I first (or rather after picking myself up off the floor a couple times) thought that even if Church was secretly dead this was a good trade. But Dan Szymborski did the joke with more flair.


    Wow, just wow…

  102. Only because he probably has the one ML right fielder we wouldn’t take for him.

    Seriously though, outside of Teahen and maybe DeJesus, there is no one on that team I would want. And outside of Hosmer and Moustakas, the farm is pretty bare

    EDIT:excluding the obvious pitchers

  103. I think GA was safe, but he should have gotten out of the box faster.

    Also, Ubaldo has some serious heat.

  104. Well, at least a couple of people from DOB’s blog got over here, I guess. Also, I am still unwilling to admit that Frank Wren is a genius. But I think admitting that he’s a genious is a good compromise.

  105. The Colorado announcers are saying Frenchy was an All Star twice… I’m pretty sure that’s wrong.

  106. This umpire hasn’t exactly been bathing himself in glory, but then again what umpire has recently? Incidentally, my favorite call from last night was the one where Conrad was out because the umpire was too damn lazy to get into position and make the call.

  107. @209–actually Betancourt may be even worse than Stenchy and he’s owed something like $10m over the next season or two–as painful as it is to say it, the Mets made a better trade than the Royals

  108. Pitches at the bottom of the zone are ALL balls, except the ones 3 inches outsie… Then the low ball is a strike…

    I think his zone must be parallelogram. Or a rhombus….

  109. If the man consciously employs a rhombus-shaped strike zone, I don’t even think I could be mad at that.

  110. It’s mind boggling to me that anyone is still defending Jeffy on a professional level.

    He is bad. End of story.

  111. Ha – I would like to see the resulting strike zone shape from any umps called balls and strikes. I bet we’d see some pretty interesting shapes.

  112. Chippers comments on trade were telling. He didnt sound to broken up about the move. Mets are the biggest spaz knee jerk team with their moves. Sheffield made the biggest dog a play last night in RF.

    It goes to that embarassment of series’ with Boston and NYY. that lit a fire. Somebody in the organization has put the word out they are tired of this BS. The bobby cox coddling of players has been pulled.

    I dont like the fact church as some Trent Green in him.

  113. they were made during the pre-game show with jerome in locker room. Paraphrasing here but
    “We didnt think it would happen because he was the home grown boy. But Frank Wren and John S have a job to do and that is make this team better. We will see if this makes us better.”

  114. Now the Mets have the “Mets’ version of Jeff Francoeur” (David Wright according to Joe Simpson) and the actual Jeff Francoeur.

  115. I was just looking at his numbers, reflecting on the horror of the Francoeur era.

    Do you realize that Francoeur hasn’t played a full month with an OPS above .780 since July 07?

    Since his fluke rookie year, he’s only OPS’ed .800 for a full month 3 times out of 22 total months of play. (July 06, April 07, and July 07) During that same time, he’s put up a full month of sub-700 OPS in 10 different months, nearly half of the possible months…including 7 of the last 9 months. He also has put up 4 sub-600 OPS months in the past season and a half.

    I know this isn’t news to anyone here, but my god, it’s even worse than I realized.

  116. Church interview was funny. Dude was in total shock. It was like someone shot his dog, then asked him if he could date his sister.

  117. Well, today they traded his best friend. And he’s a catcher, so he probably has some nagging injury thing of some sort going on. I’m sure he’ll be fine. Going to St. Louis might actually be good for him if he’s depressed about Jeff leaving, although I’m probably reading too much into that.

  118. Nice play by Prado there at 1st.

    EDIT: Apologies Mac. Knew that. Probably the post-Jeffy euphoria.

    EDIT II: Probably the last thing he gets blamed for.

  119. Incidentally, Hernandez and Conrad didn’t actually play that much together at Gwinnett. Hernandez was injured for the first couple weeks of the season, so they might’ve played a month together tops.

  120. Church’s slg% 444 away from citifield and .278 at home

    Frenchy better find that potential that people are talking about of he may become Tony Pena Jr. That .350 slg % may end up being like .230 or so

  121. Francoeur by the months:

    July 05: .413 ba; .413 obp+.913 slg = 1.326 ops

    August 05:.312 ba; .364 obp + .514 slg = .878 ops

    Sepbtember 05: .247 ba; .287 obp + .452 slg = .739 ops


    April 06: .216 ba; .230 obp + .371 slg = .601 ops

    May 06: .280 ba; .295 obp + .496 slg = .791 ops

    June 06: .248 ba; .278 obp + .413 slg = .691 ops

    July 06: .297 ba; .330 obp + .515 slg = .845 ops

    August 06: .266 ba; .322 obp + .459 slg = .781 ops

    September 06: .245 ba; .297 obp + .427 slg = .724 ops


    April 07: .306 ba; .367 obp + .541 slg = .908 ops

    May 07: .279 ba; .319 obp + .396 slg = .716 ops

    June 07: .287 ba; .313 obp + .352 slg = .665 ops

    July 07: .330 ba; .371 obp + .519 slg = .890 ops

    August 07: .275 ba; .315 obp + .433 slg = .748 ops

    September 07: .283 ba; .345 obp + .434 slg = .780 ops


    April 08: .273 ba; .305 obp + .464 = .769 ops

    May 08: .236 ba; .306 obp + .373 slg = .679 ops

    June 08: .206 ba; .270 obp + .314 slg = .584 ops

    July 08: .220 ba; .286 obp + .293 slg = .578 ops

    August 08: .206 ba; .264 obp + .268 slg = .532 ops

    September : 08: .286 ba; .333 obp + .418 slg = .752 ops


    April 09: .277 ba; .307 obp + .422 slg = .729 ops

    May 09: .229 ba; .243 obp + .284 slg = .528 ops

    June 09: .253 ba; .316 obp + .368 slg = .684 ops

    July 09: .240 ba; .240 obp + .360 slg = .600 ops

  122. “They’re going to have to change up a lot of signs. I know everything,” Church said. “I’ll definitely fill them in.”

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHA how in gods name did we get this lucky? THANKS FRANK!!!

  123. If Church suddenly retires tomorrow, is this still a good trade for the Braves?
    4. Dan Szymborski Posted: July 10, 2009 at 06:52 PM (#3249536)Retired tomorrow? This is a good trade for the Braves if Church died yesterday.

  124. I never would have believed that Wren could get a potentially useful player in return for Francouer. Inflicting him on a division rival is icing on the cake. Nicely done.

  125. I live in NJ, and I have been hearing the WFAN radio thoughts and callers, they are THRILLED they feel they got a steal, although, I watch alot of Ryan Church, he is outstanding.

    My best friend, he coaches baseball at Toms River South, he is a Phillies Fan, TRS is the premier Baseball high school, he is a genious at baseball, told me, we got a steal.

    Im just nervous, what if frenchy wakes up and haunts us?!

  126. Church’s road numbers are pretty decent. Cannot believe we got anything more than a bag of baseballs for Frenchy

  127. Did I do that right?

    It was hard to see Frenchy crying like that, but that’s part of baseball. I feel like this is the end of the movie. The villain’s dead, the princess has been saved from the castle, whatever.

    But if the Daily Show found something to talk about this year, surely we can find something to talk about after Francoeur. Diory? Kotchman? Oh, who cares. It was a good day.

  128. I am so happy, but yet, so sick, to think, what if he turns it around and haunts us, ugh, but we did get alot in return.

    On SNY right now, LOUD MOUTHS they are calling it a boom that its a one sided trade?

  129. Francoeur hasn’t got a clue as to what awaits him in New York. For a guy who has played his entire career sheltered in Southern stadiums and surrounded by apathetic yet adoring fans, playing in New York is going to be something that will make Jeff’s head spin. It’s going to be a long summer for Frenchy.

    This is one of those moves that screams to me “beginning of the end.” The roller coaster is leaving the station. Although, in Francoeur’s case, the beginning of the end was probably a couple years ago.

    If he continues with his Belliardian numbers, he’ll find himself in AAA Buffalo. The Mets won’t hesitate to send him down to “refine” his swing. At season’s end, he’ll probably be non-tendered because the Mets aren’t going to be interested in paying his arbitration-bloated salary for a guy with a sub-zero VORP.

    He’ll probably latch on with someone for spring training and maybe earn a starting spot, but nobody else will have the patience the Braves had if he doesn’t produce.

    Certain dumb fans are quick to hate this move because of what a “great guy Jeff was.” I won’t dispute that maybe he was a guy you would love to go have a beer with. But a player’s personality isn’t what wins ballgames and a respected guy in the clubhouse isn’t what wins championships.

  130. I am guessing everyone is right. I dont want to go soft here! This is a good thing for us, we are getting rid of someone who didnt produce, and we added a much better bat, albeit not a superstar. but it does upgrade our lineup.

    Whatever you feel about him, he did seem very upset to leave, you almost gotta feel for him for how bad he felt.

    When I left my high school as a coach to another high school, my first year coaching at hte new school, we played the old school, to make a long story short, we played my school, very difficult, I see how frenchy feels.

    But I AM THRILLED we got the auto out out of our lineup, but do fear him being a stud for the Mets.

    Most likely he wont, sorry to sound so nervous, should be celebration time!

  131. can we still make fun of jeffy to, i mean it will be even more fun now that he is a Met..i like Diory for the win of whats left

  132. I love listening to WFAN here in New York, classic. They feel they got Mickey Mantle in right field.

    Boy are they confused\

    But I am shocked Bobby let them pull the trigger

  133. KJ or Norton. Seriously how much of a downer is it to have the “DL’ed cause their suckos” on the bench every night. I saw norton tooling around the dug out in Denver. Huh? To me that has to kill morale – gosh knows Mike Hampton was that snake oil around everybody for 3 years.

  134. I think Frency deserves to continue to be made fun of. But Mac is right, Diory, and Kotchman will now be the focus of our hate

  135. i stumbled over here. colin cowherd is right about msg board guy. they need a life.

    people never deserve all the praise they get. but they rarley ever deserve 100% of the hate.

    good luck jeff.

  136. Diory’s timeframe here directly corresponds with Infante’s return.

    Speaking of which, does anyone have a clue as to when Omar will be back?

  137. It’s only a procedural move to get another arm up, he’ll be back after the ASB to start.

  138. 286

    He pitched yesterday. He was optioned so he could get a start in the minors during the all-star break and so we could get another reliever for our last two games.

  139. BTW, this is one of the longest threads of the season. Lots of people loathed Jeffy!

  140. It would be the eighth… and no, we don’t. Blanco was the only bench player we had tonight, because Escobar and Kotchman are hurt and Bobby won’t use Ross.

  141. I’m glad we’re not pitching one of our trio of Gonzo, Moylan and Soriano, but Acosta for more than one inning scares me. I wonder if Cox will put in Nunez if we’re still ahead in the 9th.

  142. That sucks for Sanchez and Uribe. I almost hope he walks a guy and still gets the no-hitter now.

  143. It seems like any time we have a relief pitcher hit for himself he can’t get anybody out the next inning.

  144. We definitely have a thin bench tonight. Apparently Chipper isn’t 100% and Diaz has strep throat.

  145. I wish Acosta would throw his fastball more often than his slider, seeing as how hard that he throws.

  146. The color analyst for the Rockies should team with Chip….He talks too much, stated Francouer was a two-time all-star, stated Bobby Cox is at his best when managing the bullpen…but really he just talks too much and is not knowledgeable. Where’s Jeff Huson?

  147. Really hope someone can prevent EOFs arm from falling off this season because he has been pretty solid after the shaky start.

  148. did you guys know that someone else can pitch the 8th aside from gonzalez. i thought it was te law.

  149. Has McCann always been this much of a pull hitter? It seems like lately everything is going to right.

  150. Unreal catch by Aaron Rowand from Adrian Gonzalez’s bat for the second out to save Sanchez’s no no

  151. I am amused that in our Braves Journal fantasy league, where for some reason we have a no hitter AND perfect game category, that ‘Gold and Baked’ had Sanchez on the bench tonight. Ooooops.

  152. Braves win, jeffy traded,mets suffer & a no hitter is thrown….all is right in the baseball world

  153. My only regret is that I was like THIS close to picking up Jonathan Sanchez in my fantasy league for tonight.

    I added the kid the Rockies have going on Sunday instead. Oops!

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