200 thoughts on “Cub fan game thread: Aug 21, Braves at Cubs”

  1. You know, if only this team had that “Can-Do” Spirit… if only they had that feeling, you know, like the next guy is gonna pick them up. If only they had some kind of bond, some kind of camaraderie, that special something.. some… chutzpah… If only they had some character, then we might start winning games like yesterday’s… Shame, really.

  2. what will the lineup against lhp look like? please get heyward out of the 2 hole. my lineup:

  3. you know Bobby isnt moving heyward and the top 4 are set


  4. Lineup SHOULD be:

    Against righthanders

    A. Gon

    against lefthanders:

    A gon
    Ankiel (occasionally Melky)
    Heyward (occasionally Melky)

    reduces effectiveness of roogies and loogies and gets Heyward’s problems against lefthanders out of the prime OBP spots.

  5. vs RHP


    vs LHP


  6. All I know is that unless this team can figure out LHP soon, we’re not going to have to worry about the lineup for long. This feels like an important day for Lee, yes, even against the cubbies.

  7. I was watching the game yesterday with a cubs fan and when they brought Marmol in, he talked about how Marmol will walk the bases loaded then strike out the side. He was right, minus the bases clearing triple. :) He didn’t even stick around for the bottom of the ninth.

  8. Any lineup, regardless of who’s at the top, should not have Melky in it. It’s hard to understate just how bad McLouth and Melky have been this year, combined. I’ll try anyway.

    According to fangraphs, which takes its (admittedly less stable) UZR ratings into account, Nate McLouth has posted a -1.3 WAR. If he was up right now that would qualify as worst in baseball. Melky Cabrera, with his -.5 WAR, currently sits as second worst in baseball. For the most part, one of these guys has been in the lineup most games this season; it’s not a stretch to say that between them we have fielded an “everyday” player. That “everyday player” has thus cost the team almost two wins, and performed collectively as one of, if not the the worst, players in baseball. Had we fielded even a league average player in lieu of those 628 plate appearances this team would be so much better.

    All of which leads me to beg that we keep Diaz/Hinske in LF and Ankiel in CF.

  9. You know, I was kind of happy for the Red Sox when they broke their curse but Sox fans have since taught me that was a mistake. I hope the Cubs suck until long after I am dead.

  10. ignoring heyward’s poor production against lhp and continuing to fill out the lineup with him in the #2 spot regardless of handedness is not smart baseball.

    even without splits, heyward has been utterly horrible in august with a .558 ops.

    heyward is awesome, but giving him a pass to suck it up in the 2 hole because he’s the savior of the franchise doesnt make sense. he’s done well hitting lower and infante and prado have done well hitting higher.

    i dont get it. csg, you tell me the lineup is set. i ask why?

  11. The weird thing is White Sox fans. Cubs fans were famous for all the curse crap, and still are, while White Sox fans are harder to find than Clippers or Islanders fans. (I haven’t seen a single hot chick wearing a pink White Sox cap.) Even after they won the World Series, as far as I can tell, White Sox fans aren’t particularly insufferable, or numerous.

    I totally agree with billy-jay — Cubs fans are pretty much a mortal lock to go Sox Nation on us. But isn’t it weird that the White Sox, who have been miserable for just as long, didn’t really change at all?

  12. #20 – because its Bobby. Same reason why Chipper wasnt moved from the 3 hole when he was hitting .210 and slg less than his OBP. He’s old school and gets stuck in his ways

    I dont disagree with you at all, in fact, Id like to see Heyward hitting 6th again.

  13. I’d just like to see the team’s three best hitters (Prado, McCann, Lee) hitting somewhere in the first 4 spots, don’t really care in what order.

  14. 26

    though he can’t name any of the players on the team and he isn’t a friend of yours

  15. Ozzie isn’t even a fan of ChiSox…

    and back to Cubs fans…Bill Murray is a fan. He gets a pass for awesomeness.

  16. There are some Chisox fans in Birmingham because the Barons are one of their farm teams. But probably fewer than Cubs fans. I’d guess sixth, after Braves-Yankees-Cubs-Dodgers-Cards.

  17. I know a guy from South Korea who’s a die-hard White Sox fan. Came over for college at Illinois, and the Sox were better at the time, so he picked them over the Cubs.

    I really like Derrek Lee. Still not sure he’s much of an upgrade, but I like having him to cheer for.

  18. Friend of mine is a ChiSox fan. About six years ago, his kids were bugging him to buy a boat.

    He told them he’d buy a boat when the White Sox won the World Series.

    Kid’s a helluva skier by now.

  19. Back to worrying about next year:

    How many HRs can we legitimately expect from Freeman? From Heyward?

    Looking at our projected lineup, it looks like AGon and Diaz are our power bats.

    Can we win with singles, doubles and walks? WIth our pitching, maybe.

  20. I’m not worried about next year until we’re done. And that doesn’t seem to be anytime soon.

  21. One of the reasons you have Heyward in the 2-spot is because he’s the fastest guy on the team. When he’s on base and Troy Glaus and Brian McCann or Alex Gonzalez are at the plate, he gives you better options for avoiding the doubleplay. He is also your best bet to score from 1B on a double.

  22. McDowell, Big Frank, Ventura, Bo, Ozzie. The White Sox were the shizznit in the early 90s.

  23. Any lineup, regardless of who’s at the top, should not have Melky in it.

    This of course is the problem with having a terrible April is that it drags down your numbers for the year and means folks who aren’t paying attention will never update their talking points.

    Hinske on the other hand got off to a hot start, hasn’t really hit since May but no one has really noticed so he gets a pass.

    I enjoy our ‘all arm’ outfield of Melk-Ankiel-Heyward. We should see a lot of it against RHP.

  24. I hate Hinske because he’s got a weight problem and doesn’t even act like he’s ashamed of it.

  25. I am thoroughly impressed with Lance Johnson’s wiki..
    Led league five times in triples. Golly!

  26. How about the fact that Melky playes the outfield like a little leaguer. I don’t mean one of these all-star little league teams you see on TV, I am talking the kid you put in right and hope nobody hits the ball that way.

  27. 54- There’s also the fact that he ACTS like the kid who plays in Little League only because the rules say everyone has to.

  28. something I learned in little league is that no matter where you stick that kid who can’t catch for s***, the ball always seems to find him in the bottom of the 6th and … ball game.
    Pizza didn’t taste as good after the game when you’re sitting next to the little jerk who blew it.

  29. I saw some clown arguing earlier that Vazquez’s shitty season was because he went back to the AL. I’m not denying that going from the NL to the AL is tougher for pitchers, but his dead arm was completely ignored. I wanted to crawl through my phone and punch him.

  30. Vazquez looked absolutely lost, both on the mound and in the dugout afterwards.

    Tip of the cap to you, Mr. Wren.

  31. 58- Vazquez gave up eight hits and four runs before being pulled after the first batter of the fourth inning. Only question is where and how serious the injury is.

  32. @59:

    Except Hinske also plays 1B. You don’t have to move much for that.

    Also: awesome tattoo. What’s Melky got?

    (I’m not entirely sure that I want to know)

  33. Speaking of Javy Vazquez…

    You gotta see this HR Russell Branyan hit off him today. Supposedly, it’s the longest one so far in the new Yankee Stadium. Top deck in RF. A blast.

    In the following video, the ball goes out of the camera’s range, but you can still see how hard he hit it.


  34. Javy has thrown a total of 10 1/3 IP over his last 3 starts (including today), giving up 21 hits (5 HR), 7 BB and 12 ER. Ouch.

  35. Melky actually runs a lot like Jeffy did/does — he looks like he’s running hard, but if you could take a long view you could see he’s not covering much ground.

  36. @62 That is true. Maybe Bobby is still fooled by the name “Melky”. He sounds like he should be a scrappy, speedy little guy, not a bowling ball with a chin strap.

  37. ububba,

    That clip makes me sad. I still like Javy. I do like seeing the Yankees fail, though.

  38. My XM doesn’t seem to want to work for some reason today, does anybody have a radio link for us non-Atlantans ?

  39. Way to be prepared for your job, McCarver. So far we’ve had “Martin” (pronounced in traditional English) Prado and Matt “Dee-az.”

  40. That ball looked really good off of Lee’s bat. I thought it was five rows deep at least.

    EDIT: I muted the TV after the “reeks of class” comment.

  41. Tommy looks like the guy from Modern Family with that beard.

    AAR – I don’t like McCarver, but Jon Miller’s over-enunciation obsession drives me insane.

  42. “Excellent baserunning by Aramis” ? Are you kidding Tim? Prado had him dead to rights at 2nd with a competent throw.

  43. I hope FOX is at least fulfilling a diversity requirement by letting McCarver ruin baseball.

  44. how does Tommy get charged with 2 ER there?

    Diaz booted one, Prado threw one in the OF, and Infante threw one wide of 1st

  45. Both of the Cubs’ runs can be traced to Diaz’s fumbling in LF. If Fukudome is held to a single, Aramis’ single sends him to 2nd and he very likely can’t score on Tyler Colvin’s infield single. I guess those are the breaks sometimes…

  46. Looks like Hanson just doesn’t know how to win. (by win I mean get his team to play defense)

  47. Ford Key to the Game: Braves- Keep Pretending You’re At Home.

    This reminds me of Andy Van Slyke’s quote, “On the road, when you go downstairs for coffee in your underwear, they throw you out of the kitchen.”

  48. “Looks like Hanson just doesn’t know how to win. (by win I mean get his team to play defense)”

    Or hit.

  49. Wagner: “Until I don’t show up next year, nobody’s going to believe me. Brett Favre’s f—–ed it up for everybody.”

  50. he doesnt hold back at all, I like that about him…

    “Me and my family have made plans for retirement,” he said. “I don’t need it anymore. I’m tired of the expectations, tired of the criticism, tired of people who never played trying to tell me how to play.

    “And I enjoy my family, unlike [some others]. So I want to be there for them. I want to get to see them play ball, and be a dad.”

    “I didn’t come into this season just to play it,” Wagner it. “I’ve played at a high level for my whole career, and I expect it. I don’t expect to suck. Even if I decided to play next year, I’m still not going to say, gee, it’s alright if a suck. I couldn’t live with that.”

  51. Chip Carey and Tim McCarver: “If you don’t get to [Tommy Hanson] in the first inning, you don’t get to him at all.”

    Hanson ERA by inning:

    1st: 2.16
    2nd: 8.03
    3rd: 2.62
    4th: 3.86
    5th: 4.15

    I’m so glad these guys take so much pride in their jobs.

  52. wait, are both Chip and McCarver covering this game? How has all television as we know it not imploded and ceased to exist?

  53. fukudome started the inning and grounded out, but walking two to get to Aramis is a horrible idea.

  54. They haven’t hit a ball hard, yet, I don’t think, but this is the price you pay for walks and bad defense.

  55. The Braves are now “credited” with two errors where they really should have four or five.

  56. Tim McCarver getting the Braves franchise names wrong. 1898 was the beaneaters, doofus.

    Nice hit Alex.

    /And now McCarver corrects himself.

  57. Will the Cubs give another game away? And if so, will the Braves be willing to accept it?

  58. Well, no DP, so better than we expected from the Melkiest Man in the World.

    Now it’s the Folk Hero’s time to shine!

  59. Hanson’s command was a little off, but not horrible. He got to nibbling and that killed him in the inning where he walked the first two guys.

    They got some dunkers and the defense has been embarrassing.

    Jeez, are we gonna win this game, too?

  60. Heyward didn’t try to get out of the way, but he was considering swinging, so that’s not all that surprising.

  61. Alex, he was pitching in a seemingly meaningless four run ballgame at the time. Of course he pitched a perfect inning.

  62. Brooks with runners in scoring position this year (counting today): 361/ 465/ 667. All three of those averages would lead the National League by at least 40 points.

  63. Kendrick walks in a run in the top of the 1st. He seems to be getting squeezed. Fine by me.

    And I-Rod singles in two more.

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