97 thoughts on “Gulp. Sept. 19, Braves at Mets”

  1. I didn’t see Lowe’s last start, but caught the highlights on mlb.com. Did he do well because he got a generous outside corner and lived there or was he genuinely good?

  2. Dotel posted a solid 3.38 ERA in 19 appearances for the Dodgers. But he also suffered a costly blown save Aug. 16 at Atlanta, when he was called upon to close a game with a two-run lead. That took place three days after Broxton had been taken out of the closer’s role because he was struggling badly, and Kuo had gotten into a one-out, bases-loaded jam in the ninth.

    Dotel faced two batters that night, walking David Ross to force in a run and giving up a game-winning, two-run single to Orlando Cabrera.

    Did we make a deal I don’t know about?

  3. bobby slowly realizing that melky really sucks…
    1. Infante 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Prado 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Lee, 1B, 6. McLouth LF, 7. Gonzalez SS, 8. Ankiel CF, 9. Lowe P

  4. @6 FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for this lineup, I mean Ankiel isn’t much of a hitter, but I like having a speedy guy in the 8 spot and I like his defense best, this is clearly our best defensive outfield alignment.

  5. I know we all hate the Rockies here but I’m pretty much enjoying Tulowitzki’s assault on the NL. He’s been unreal for my fantasy team.

  6. Missed that the new thread had started:

    On this hypothetical Braves-Rockies trade, the Braves would not do it because they value pitching above all else.

    You are suggesting we trade the youngest, least expensive half of our existing rotation (Minor is still a question mark.), plus the second best starting pitching prospect in our system for two position players who are playing half of their games at Coors Field. I agree the Rockies would not make that trade, but the Braves wouldn’t either.

  7. Well Jurrjens is about to hit arb and will likely get a big raise and with Boras as his agent there’s virtually no chance of signing him through those years. His highest value to the Braves is as a trade chip for what they really need – offense. Playing at Coors or not, Tulo and CarGo are way better than what we’re trotting out at SS and CF.

  8. “On this hypothetical Braves-Rockies trade, the Braves would not do it because they value pitching above all else.”

    No. The Braves, like everyone, value pitching, but considering his age, contract, and position, Troy Tulowitzki is one of the five most valuable players in all of baseball. Young position players have more monetary/trade value than pitchers because they project better and because they don’t have the injury risk. Also, both Tulo AND Cargo have better track records in the majors than any of the three Braves players mentioned here. They’re young, affordable, and already great.

    As for the Braves, Jurrjens is a #3 starter (#2 at his best, backend of the rotation guy at his worst) about to hit arbitration, Hanson is a top young arm who projects to be a top-of-the-rotation guy, and Delgado is a high-ceiling prospect–though not on the level of Hellickson or Teheran. As good as the group is, the Rockies wouldn’t trade Tulowitzki alone for those three because they’d be gutting both their lineup and defense without getting a top-15 player back in the deal.

    To be sure, this is all silly because they wouldn’t entertain trade offers for Tulowitzki anyway, let alone for Tulowitzki and Cargo, and because no one would bother asking.

    Ultimately, in order to field a competitive lineup over the next couple seasons, the Braves will have to deal a couple young arms; there’s no way Minor, Delgado, Vizcaino, and Teheran all will play for the same team, especially one that also already includes Hanson, Medlen, and Jurrjens. Of those seven, expect three–and maybe four–to be gone in the next two years.

  9. @9 – Yes, we have 3 center fielders if you count Melky, so why not start the best defense? You can pinch hit for Ankiel the first time up, if you’re behind, and with the expanded roster still have lots of bench left.

    At least you’ve bought yourself 2 or 3 innings of defense.

  10. 13 – I certainly agree that the Braves will have to trade arms for bats soon, but they would not make the trade you suggest, not now. Certainly, they would not do it with Medlen on the shelf for the next season.

    I am not saying they should not do it; I am saying that they wouldn’t.

  11. Early in the season Lowe was throwing nothing but sinkers and every pitch was around 87-89. He’s really mixing his speeds up now and working both sides of the plate. Its about time

  12. Is anybody else whose listening to Ron Darling talk about Lee Mazilli’s big thighs and tight uniform think that’s a little weird?

  13. oh no, two men on, the heart of the order coming up, no outs… the Mets have us exactly where they want us.

  14. He’s ecstatic that our best power hitter de facto sacrificed? It’s been said a lot, but it needs to be repeated: Chip is not right in the head.

  15. Hmmm…did Acosta serve that one up on purpose? After all, he is still sporting a Braves cap in his Yahoo pic, ha ha.

  16. Wow! I lost my laptop wifi for less than a minute and the comments jumped from “I’ll take a walk here.” (which was my thought as well) to “Holy Shit!”. Way to go, Derrek!

  17. If the scores hold up as they are now, a Braves sweep against Philly means we’re back in first place. A guy can dream, can’t he?

  18. So what happens if:

    Ohio State
    Oregon (or Stanford)
    Oklahoma (or Texas or Nebraska)

    all go undefeated?

  19. Putting Venters back in again is moronic.

    Anyone see what happened to Tyler Colvin? Apparently he was speared by a broken bat scoring from 3rd.

  20. In response to all the Tulo/Gonzo love on BravesJournal today: guys, remember, they play half their games in Coors Field. Gonzalez has struggled to put up a .700 OPS on road games this year, and Tulowitzki is little more than a league-average hitter in the first half. They are amazing amazing amazing this year, but a lot of that has to do with where they play.

  21. @88

    Cargo has been ordinary on the road, true, but he has really picked it up of late.

    As for Tulowitzki, he has posted a 932 OPS on the road. Meanwhile, during the first half he produced a .307/.375/.502 triple slash–a line that includes a bad April. Tulowitzki is also one of the best shortstops in baseball, and might even be the best. All told he will end up being a seven-win player before the season ends. Before the All Star break Tulo was an all-star caliber player; now’s he an MVP-caliber player.

    Tulo’s month may end up being the greatest single month in the history of baseball, and so I’d say–park effects or not–it’s fair to talk about it.

  22. Adam, no question, Tulowitzki has few peers at his position. He may well be the best shortstop in baseball, and he may be having the greatest September in the history of the game. But his offense is inflated by the park he plays in, so you have to take some air out of his stats before you propose trading 3 or 4 of our best 7 players.

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