Omar Infante Statistics and History –

Omar was having an amazing year, hitting .349 off the bench through May 20, when his hand was broken on a hit-by-pitch. He worked his way back and returned August 11, though he did not hit as well as he had in the first half. You can’t really expect .349, of course, and he was still a valuable bench player.

Infante might be the best utility player the Braves have had. (I would rank him with Mark DeRosa and Jerry Royster.) In each of the last two seasons, he’s played six positions, including a credible shortstop, and hit reasonably well, albeit for little power. I call this kind of a player a Nail — as in, a small thing, but for the want of him, pennants are lost.

Doesn’t really shine at any one position, but provides consistent play in a C+ to C- range. That’s immensely valuable… Didn’t ground into a double play in the first half, but into five when he returned, and was probably a step slow as well as hurt.