One of the most underrated players in baseball. Even his own team doesn’t seem to hold him in that high regard, though that appears to be because he’s a bit of a punk. But what we have here is a gold glove-level shortstop who hit .300 (okay, .299) with medium-range walks (.377 OBP) and power (.436 SLG). He’s entering his prime, assuming his age (27 in 2010) is correct. If he could get through the season without an injury, we’d really be talking.

Continues to be a weird player, probably the weirdest on the team now that KJ is gone. Oddly, Yunel was great against righthanders (.327/.392/.472) and terrible against lefties (.232/.343/.348). Don’t ask me why. Despite his defense, which is legitimately outstanding, doesn’t actually seem to be that great of an athlete, and is a remarkably bad baserunner. Walked just about as often as he struck out — except in June, when he walked only twice and struck out eleven times… Hit .340 in high-leverage situations.

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