San Francisco Giants vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – August 06, 2010 – ESPN.

Well, let’s see. Tommy Hanson doesn’t know how to win. Billy Wagner blew another save, but it wasn’t all his fault, or even mostly his fault. The Braves still can’t get a hit with runners on base, and seem to be trying to blow this. And it’s down to one game.

The Giants manufactured a run in the first, a hit, two stolen bases, and a groundout. Hanson really has trouble holding runenrs, not that he’s allowed a whole lot of them in recent games. Last night, it was three hits and two walks is all, while striking out three. The Giants didn’t get another run off him him in seven innings.

The Braves tied it up in the fifth with a solo homer by Alex Gonzalez; he would make up for it later. Chipper gave the Braves the lead in the sixth with a solo homer of his own; he too would make up for it.

In the eighth, Venters walked a guy, then got a double play and a strikeout. Wagner hit the leadoff man, Aubrey Huff. He then got a groundout, which Gonzalez threw away. A flyout moved Huff to third, then Wagner got another groundout which Chipper botched, allowing the tying run, before an IBB and a GIDP ended the inning.

The Braves never really threatened in extras. In his second inning of work, the eleventh, Moylan walked the first two men, got a groundout, then intentionally walked the bases loaded before giving up a game-winning sac fly. I don’t know what lesson we’re supposed to learn from all this, except that Moylan really should stick to one inning at a time.